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Band Photo: Marduk (?)

Formed: 1990
From: Norrköping, Sweden
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Marduk news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Devian Signs To Century Media Records

Century Media has announce the recent addition of Swedish melodic Death/Black Metallers DEVIAN to the label’s diverse roster. DEVIAN was originally founded by former Marduk members Legion (Vocals) and Emil Dragutinovic (Drums) after their departure from the Black Metal commando in their strife to come up with a new breed of wretched Scandinavian Metal. Together with guitarists Joinus, Markus Lundberg (both members of Sargathanas Reign) and bassplayer Tomas Nilsson, DEVIAN form an unstoppable organic extreme Metal machine driven by a raving hunger and deadset determination.

Bandleader Legion comments on the signing with CM as follows: “Speaking for the whole band, I want to say that we’re psyched, to say the least, about initiating the DEVIAN onslaught on such a killer label as Century Media. We are all fans of the label and the music they’ve put out during the years. Having worked with them for some releases during the Marduk years, I know they always did a job well done to a fault. We couldn’t have found ourselves a better label home.”

DEVIAN have finished tracking their upcoming debut album at Sweden’s Art Decay Studio, whereas mixing duties were handled by sound-wizard Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman (At The Gates, Arch Enemy, Dimmu Borgir, etc.). DEVIAN’s debut will be entitled “Ninewinged Serpent” and is tentatively set for release via Century Media Records by October 2007.

Legion adds the following about the album: “It’s a pummeling blackened death thrasher, where we really tried to challenge ourselves and bring fresh elements to the music compared to our efforts in previous projects, and I’d say we managed to achieve that. What at first looked to be mine and Emil’s continuation of “World Funeral” grew into a much more multifaceted sound and we loved taking it in that direction and really making it all it could be. It’s no-bullshit raving metal straight from the heart charged with uncontrollable anger, haunting melodies and bone crushing heaviness. It’s got a lot of power and soul and we are all extremely proud of what we’ve managed to achieve.”

You can visit the band’s newly created myspace profile to check out a preproduction medley (more tracks are expected soon).

Here is the DEVIAN line-up:
Legion - Vocals
Joinus - Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Markus Lundberg - Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Tomas Nilsson - Bass Guitar
Emil Dragutinovic - Drums

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Marduk Support Acts Announced

Just Say Rock Productions are pleased to announce the support acts for the upcoming MARDUK tour in Australia. The main national supports are;


Appearing as support acts for single shows will be;


ICICLAN are a new act from Tasmania. They are the brainchild from Matthew Chalk, the former front man from PSYCROPTIC, while THE FUROR have supported BEHEMOTH and NILE on previous tours.

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Metallysee Booking Agency Explains Cancellations

Metallysee Booking Agency, the long-running Belgian company which was recently blamed for a string of European tour cancellations by such bands as FINNTROLL, DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER, MARDUK, ENSLAVED and UNLEASHED — has released the following statement:

"For all of those that have been writing in with their hate mail, let me take a moment now to explain the recent mishaps that have been happening at my company, Metallysee Booking Agency.

"First of all, my name is Johan De Mesmaeker and I am one of the owners of Metallysee. I have had this company for more than 22 years, and during that time I have put many bands on tour in Europe. Many who have gone on to become bigger acts and many that have gone on to other booking agencies.

"During the past year, I had to take a leave from running the day-to-day operations of my company due to personal reasons and in my place was my (former) employee named Henk Mol (of Vain Productions). Together with my business partner Gina, Henk was responsible for putting the tours together and making sure that things functioned as they should. Well, as we know now, things didn't happen exactly this way.

"With my sister not knowing anything about the business (or the bands), Henk was pretty much in control of everything. In the case of the Earthshaker Roadshock tour, he, and HE ALONE, made the cost of this tour so high that it was impossible to continue that tour. Some bands were contracted to be paid more than they should have, while other bands were contracted to be paid when in fact they should have been paying us tour support. The same was the case with the MARDUK tour.

"In order to keep my company alive, I had no choice but to cancel these tours to avoid myself going into bankruptcy and to be able to continue in a business that I've been involved in for many years.

"In the case of Henk Mol, on the eve of the Earthshaker tour he conveniently 'quit' his position (and even has the NERVE to go back to some bands on our roster to tell them how he 'left' Metallysee and is in the process of starting his own booking agency and would like to book their tours from now on).

"Now while I don't absolve myself from any responsibility of these recent errors, the fact remains that before I took my leave, I have been doing the No Mercy and X-Mas tours (for example) twice a year for the past nine years that were completely successful. As most of you know, some of these tours had up to 8 and 9 bands and they always went to the [end] and everyone was always paid in full.

"In conclusion, I hope that this answers some questions that people have been asking. Slowly, I will rebuild my company and continue to book tours for the European market.

"To the bands that these problems have affected — FINNTROLL, AFTER FOREVER, DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER, TAROT, MACHINE MEN, ALL ENDS, MARDUK, ENSLAVED, MELECHESH, KEEP OF KALESSIN, GOATWHORE, PANTHEON I, UNLEASHED and BELPHEGOR — I offer my sincere apologies and will make every effort in time to compensate them for their losses. To the fans, labels, managers and my longtime promoter partners, I also offer my apologies."

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Marduk Mainman Talks About The State Of The Band

Tormentor Erich of Holland's Lords of Metal e-zine recently conducted an interview with MARDUK guitarist Morgan Steinmeyer H?kansson. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

Lords of Metal: Morgan, what can you tell us about the title "Rom 5:12"?

Morgan: It is a chapter from the bible. At first we didn't know if we would use the title but it grew on us during the process of the album. Although "Rom 5:12" is not a concept album the overall theme is death, and especially death in the Baroque period. With this album we wanted to give an impression about death in that period of time. In the end death will always be there. There is even a phrase in the chapter that says it all, it goes like: "Therefore, just as sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin, and in this way death came to all men, because all sinned."

Lords of Metal: In the first song "The Levelling Dust" singer Mortuus sounds like he is choking or strangled or something. What did you do to him?

Morgan: You don't have to do a lot to get him like that. This is what I like so much about him as a singer, he uses his voice for more then just for singing, it is not just an instrument. He wants to give an expression by inflecting his voice.

Lords of Metal: On "Cold Mouth Prayer" we hear ex-MARDUK singer Joakim Gothberg again. Wasn't it strange to record with him again?

Morgan: Not at all. We kept contact through the years, so it did not felt like a stranger passing by. It was the idea of Mortuus to ask him. He always liked Joakim's style, and when those two where together it felt like magic. It felt like being united in blood.

Lords of Metal: It seems that MARDUK knows this special place where good drummers are waiting for you. How did you find this new one?

Morgan: The new drummer is Lars, and he lives about two hours away from us. We noticed him for a while and we have this ideology for the band. We want the band members to be committed to MARDUK for one hundred percent. We tell them what to do and what we expect, and then you have to step up to it. Lars agreed and joined us. When all band members work like this, it will make you better, you can develop your skills, the confidence in the band will grow and in the end this it what counts. If you do not work like this, it won't work.

Lords of Metal: And so it is fair to conclude that after seventeen years of MARDUK, after ten records and numerous tours, the band is still very alive?

Morgan: Oh yes. It all comes down to dedication, and that's why MARDUK had so many changes in the lineup. People have to work for the band, they must have this vision and the will to triumph, as long as this will is there it is good and we can continue, and I for sure still have that will and my vision.

Read the full article at Lords Of Metal.

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Marduk Announce Australian Tour in August

MARDUK will march across Australia in support of their tenth studio album, Rom 5:12, in August. 17 years, ten album releases and dozens of European tours later, the band will head Down Under for six dates:

August 13 – Perth, Australia @ Amplifier Bar
August 16 – Adelaide, Australia @ Fowlers Live
August 17 – Melbourne, Australia @ Hi-Fi Bar and Ballroom
August 19 - Melbourne, Australia @ Hi-Fi Bar and Ballroom (U-18’s only)
August 22 – Brisbane, Australia @ Phoenix Club
August 24 – Sydney, Australia @ The Factory

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Excess Of Evil Tour Cancelled

The "Excess Of Evil" European tour has been cancelled. The trek was to run this month and feature Marduk, Enslaved, Keep Of Kalessin, Goatwhore, Melechesh, and Pantheon I. Here's a statement from Enslaved:

"We are not entirely informed and convinced as to why the tour is cancelled – we were promised an immediate statement from the touring agency (Metalysee) several days ago, but nothing has arrived. At this point, with few days left for the intended tour start, we could no longer wait and we are issuing this, to be honest, half-informed statement. We are normally booked through Goldstar Music in Norway, let us stress over and over again that this tour and its demise is not their workings, this was a one-off collaboration with another booking agency.

All we know is that the tour is cancelled and that we feel disappointed, bitter and at the same time vengeful. We are disappointed because we looked forward to performing top notch shows, being part of a high class package and meeting the fans, the friends; the scene. Bitter because we were already stretched to the limit to do this tour – we were ready to go out and do minimalist shows, with a session keyboard player (as Herbrand Larsen couldn't go due to personal reasons. We feel vengeful because we know we will come back and do these shows tenfold stronger. Our booking agent Goldstar has told us they are already working on rescheduling several of the shows this coming autumn.

As always, there will be speculations as to why this happened. Again, we regret to say that this was never really "our" tour so we lack some insight into the "whys" and "whos" and "whens". We can only state that we were ready to go, no injuries, no imprisonment, no primadonna acts; none of the usual industry clichés. We have heard rumours about why the tour was cancelled, but we choose not to repeat them until an official statement is issued from Metalysee/ Marduk. We hope other sources of information (web boards, forums, magazines) will remain equally patient/ respectful for the official version.

We'll be back with more info should it appear, along with any eventual re-bookings of these shows. A heartfelt thank you to all the people being ready for the shows in France, the UK, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany and Austria– we will return."

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Marduk Comments On European Tour Cancellation

Swedish black metallers MARDUK have commented on the cancellation of their "Excess of Evil" European tour — which was also scheduled to feature KEEP OF KALESSIN, ENSLAVED, GOATWHORE, MELECHESH and PANTHEON I.

In a posting on the group's web site, MARDUK writes, "MARDUK's European tour together with, among others, ENSLAVED and KEEP OF KALESSIN, is cancelled. The booking agency Metallysee have once again showed their true face and screwed everything up. The band nor their management or any of the other bands involved have been informed about whats going on. Then news reached the band from other sources. It seems that all the tours that Metallysse have booked are cancelled.

"MARDUK will change booking agency and have a full European tour booked for later this year. More news regarding that and tour plans for other parts of the world will be presented within the nearest days."

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Marduk Announce Polish, Austrian and Greek Dates

Swedish black metallers MARDUK have announced the following dates for September:

Sept. 07 - Warschau, Poland @ Progresja
Sept. 08 - Poznan, Poland @ Eskulap
Sept. 09 - Wroclaw, Poland @ Madness
Sept. 10 - Krakow, Poland @ Loch Ness
Sept. 12 - Prague, Czech Republic @ Exit Chmelnice
Sept. 13 - Vienna, Austria @ Planet Music
Sept. 14 - Pecs, Hungary @ Jugendhaus
Sept. 15 - Zagreb, Croatia @ Club KSET
Sept. 16 - Sarajevo, Bosnia @ Dom Mladih
Sept. 17 - Belgrade, Serbia @ SKC
Sept. 18 - Skopje, Macedonia @ Youth Cultural Center
Sept. 19 - Athens, Greece @ An Club
Sept. 20 - Thessaloniki, Greece @ Mylos Xylourgeio
Sept. 21 - Sofia, Bulgaria @ Sredec Hall
Sept. 22 - Bucharest, Romania @ Sala Preoteasa

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Marduk Announce Australian Tour Dates

Swedish black metallers MARDUK will embark on a headlining tour of Australia in August. Confirmed dates are as follows:

Aug. 13 - Perth, AUS @ Amplifier Bar
Aug. 16 - Adelaide, AUS @ Fowlers Live
Aug. 17 - Melbourne, AUS @ The Hi Fi Bar
Aug. 22 - Brisbane, AUS @ Club Phoenix
Aug. 24 - Sydney, AUS @ The Factory More...

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Goatwhore Announces Headlining Dates and Euro Tour

Goatwhore will be hitting the road on March 23rd for a three week long run with 1349, Nachtmystium and Averse Sefira. They will follow the tour with two weeks of headlining dates before heading to Germany for their first ever European tour, “The Excess of Evil” with Marduk, Enslaved, Keep of Kalessin, Melechesh, and Pantheon I.

“We would like to send our thanks out to all the guys from God Forbid, Mnemic, Arsis, The Human Abstract, and Byzantine for making the January thru February "Chains Of Humanity" Tour a complete success!! A big thanks goes out to the guys in God Forbid for making the whole tour possible!! Hope to see you all on the road soon and in the meantime STAY SICK, STAY FUCK!!”

Here are the Goatwhore tour dates: More...

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Marduk and Devilish Impressions To Tour Russia

MARDUK and DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS have announced "Sword In The East Tour 2007" dates. At Moscow's show Devilish Impressions will play with MARDUK, DARK FUNERAL and BELPHEGOR.

The MARDUK, DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS tour dates are as follows:

04.04.07 - Minsk (Belarus) "Arena"
05.04.07 - Kiev (Ukraine) "DK Svjatoshin"
08.04.07 - St-Petersburg (Russia) "Orlandina"
10.04.07 - Krasnodar (Russia) "Orbita"
11.04.07 - Rostov-on-Don (Russia) "Podzemka"
13.04.07 - Rjazan (Russia) "Planetary"
14.04.07 - Moscow (Russia) "Tochka" * with MARDUK, DARK FUNERAL, BELPHEGOR

"We've previously informed that on that tour we will be supported by S.Winter on drums (Aeternus; ex-Gehenna, ex-Forlorn) but due to unpredictable circumstances, namely visas problem, we've had to change the line-up again. It is official now that the drums will be taken over by Cloud of Polish technical death metal bands - Sceptic and Thy Disease" (Quazarre)

Devilish Impressions finally got their page on myspace.com, which you can check out here.

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Keep Of Kalessin Cancel Summer Breeze Appearance

Norwegian black metallers KEEP OF KALESSIN have issued the following update:

"We're sorry to announce that due to circumstances out of our control Keep Of Kalessin is unable to play the Summer Breeze festival this year as previously announced. We wish the festival the best of luck and hopefully Keep Of Kalessin are able to play there next year. Keep Of Kalessin is confirmed for the Bjørnegildet Studentfestival in Oslo, Norway on february 15th. ENSLAVED, with whom Keep Of Kalessin is touring in May, will also play the same night. More info on http://gildet.realistforeningen.no/."

Upcoming Keep Of Kalessin live dates with MARDUK, ENSLAVED, MELECHESH, GOATWHORE and PANTHEON I on The Excess Of Evil European tour are as follows: More...

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Pantheon I Added To The Excess of Evil Tour

PANTHEON I have been added to the "Excess of Evil" tour alongside black metal heavyweights such as Marduk, Enslaved, Keep Of Kalessin, Melechesh and Goatwhore. The tour dates are below:

May 10 - (D) Germany K 17 Berlin
May 11 - (D) F Haus Jena
May 12 - (D) Eastclub Bischofswerda
May 13 - (CZ) Fleda Brno
May 14 - (D) Backstage München
May 15 - (D) Batschkapp Frankfurt
May 16 - (D) Roxy Saarbrücken
May 17 - (CH) Z 7 Pratteln
May 18 - (IT) Estragon Bologna
May 19 - (AT) Spielboden Dornbirn
May 20 - (FR) La laiterie Strassbourg
May 21 - (FR) Locomotive Paris
May 22 - (FR) Antipode Rennes
May 23 - (UK) Carling academiy Islington London
May 24 - (D) Turock Essen
May 25 - (NL) Plato Helmond
May 26 - (BE) Biebob Vosselaar
May 27 - (D) Markthalle Hamburg

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Marduk Parting Ways With Drummer Emil Dragutinovic

Swedish black metallers MARDUK have posted the following update:

"MARDUK will be entering the Endarker studio during Dec 2006 - Jan 2007 to record the upcoming album. This will be the last one to feature drummer Emil. Replacment will be announced later on. The album is set to be released early April 2007 and will be followed by a massive tour. Stay tuned for more news further on."

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Marduk's "Blood Puke Salvation" DVD Trailer Online

Swedish black metallers MARDUK have uploaded a trailer for their upcoming DVD, entitled "Blood Puke Salvation", at this location (8 MB). Due on September 25, the DVD will contain over 90 minutes of live material filmed in Tilburg, Holland and Antwerpen, Belgium during December 2004. Also included will be promotional videos for "Throne Of Rats", "Steel Inferno" and "The Hangman Of Prague", plus a photo gallery, behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and a section entitled "Deathmarch" with exclusive hand-filmed live material from over 20 cities from the "Deathmarch" tour. You can check out the DVD cover artwork at this location.

As previously reported, limited-edition CD/DVD boxsets of MARDUK's classic "La Grande Danse Macabre" and "World Funeral" albums were released by Regain Records in June. More information is available at this location.

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Devils Whorehouse To Record New Album

After a lengthy hiatus, DEVILS WHOREHOUSE - the [MISFITS inspired] "horror-death rock" side-project of MARDUK guitarist Morgan Hokansson - has decided to record a follow-up to their highly acclaimed 2003 effort, "Revelation Unorthodox". Rehearsals for the upcoming album have begun but nothing has yet been decided with regards to a recording date. The band has also been offered an opportunity to make music for various film projects. The group's lineup will be more or less the same as on that on "Revelation Unorthodox" except that Morgan will be handling the bass duties as well. The upcoming CD will be released through Blooddawn Productions/Regain Records in Europe and a yet-to-be-determined label in the U.S.

Zwedda - Vocals
Hrafn - Drums
Morgan - Guitar/Bass

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Marduk Confirmed For Polish Black Metal Festival

Swedish black metallers MARDUK have been confirmed for the Black Metal Festival, set to take place August 13 at Stodola in Warsaw, Poland. Also scheduled to appear on the bill are ENSLAVED and MAYHEM.

As previously reported, MARDUK have set a September 4 release date for their new DVD, entitled "Blood Puke Salvation". The DVD will contain over 90 minutes of live material filmed in Tilburg, Holland and Antwerpen, Belgium during December 2004. Also included will be promotional videos for "Throne Of Rats", "Steel Inferno" and "The Hangman Of Prague", plus a photo gallery, behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and a section entitled "Deathmarch" with exclusive hand-filmed live material from over 20 cities from the "Deathmarch" tour. Check out the DVD cover artwork at this location. Limited-edition CD/DVD boxsets of MARDUK's classic "La Grande Danse Macabre" and "World Funeral" albums were released by Regain Records last month. More information is available at this location.

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Marduk Announce Release Date For DVD

Swedish black metallers MARDUK have set a September 4 release date for their new DVD, entitled "Blood Puke Salvation". The DVD will contain over 90 minutes of live material filmed in Tilburg, Holland and Antwerpen, Belgium during December 2004. Also included will be promotional videos for "Throne Of Rats", "Steel Inferno" and "The Hangman Of Prague", plus a photo gallery, behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and a section entitled "Deathmarch" with exclusive hand-filmed live material from over 20 cities from the "Deathmarch" tour. Check out the DVD cover artwork at this location.

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Marduk Plan Limited-Edition CD/DVD Box Sets

Limited-edition CD/DVD boxsets of MARDUK's classic "La Grande Danse Macabre" and "World Funeral" albums are being released by Regain Records in June. The details are as follows:

MARDUK "La Grande Danse Macabre" limited edition CD/DVD box-set edition (limited to 3,000 copies). Brand new luxurious limited edition reissue of this black metal classic. Comes packed in a clapbox, including;

* remastered version of "La Grande Danse Macabre" + bonus song digipack CD
* "Live Essen, Germany 2002" DVD
* alchemy metal pin

"La Grande Danse Macabre" Remastered CD: More...

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Marduk Announce DVD Title, Working On New Material

Swedish black metallers MARDUK have posted the following message on their official web site:

"MARDUK are now putting the final touches on the layout for the upcoming DVD and are also finished the mixing of it. The title has been set for 'Blood Puke Salvation'. The DVD will contain over one and a half hour of live material filmed in Tilburg, Holland and Antwerpen, Belgium during December 2004. What so far also have been confirmed is that the promo videos for 'Throne Of Rats', 'Steel Inferno' and 'The Hangman Of Prague' will also be included as well as a tremendous photo gallery, behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and a section entitled 'Deathmarch' with exclusive hand-filmed live material from over 20 cities from the 'Deathmarch' tour. Release date is still to be set, but it will most likely be out by the end of May. Apart from that we can also mention that Morgan [H?kansson, guitar] and Mortuus [vocals] are currently demoing new material for the next full-length album."

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