"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Flowing Tears

Formed: 1994
From: Wadgassen, Germany
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Flowing Tears News

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More Bands Confirmed For Metal Female Voices Fest

The 2009 Metal Female Voices Festival will take place on October 17th in Wieze, Belgium. The current bands confirmed for the festival are as follows:

Amberian Dawn
Flowing Tears
Manic Movement
Kivimetsan Druidi

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Flowing Tears Posts New Song Online

A new Flowing Tears track is available for full streaming via Ascendance Records' MySpace page! The song, entitled "Colossal Shaped Despair," is from their new album "Thy Kingdom Gone," which was released on October 20th.

The track listing for "Thy Kingdom Gone" is as follows:

01. Orchidfire
02. Pain Has Taken Over
03. Rain Of A Thousand Years
04. Grey
05. Thy Kingdom Gone
06. Words Before You Leave
07. Miss Fortune
08. Colossal Shaped Despair
09. Kismet
10. For My Enemies
11. Souls Of The Neon Reign
12. The War We Left Behind

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Flowing Tears Reveals New Album Tracklisting

German gothic metallers, Flowing Tears, have revealed the cover artwork for their new album, " Thy Kingdom Gone," which was created by Seth Siro Anton. Flowing Tears have also announced the tracklisting for " Thy Kingdom Gone."

The final tracklisting of " Thy Kingdom Gone" is as follows:

1. Orchidfire
2. Pain has taken over
3. Rain of a thousand years
4. Grey
5. Thy kingdom gone
6. Words before you leave
7. Miss Fortune
8. Colossal shaped despair
9. Kismet
10. For my enemies
11. Souls of the neon reign
12. The war we left behind

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Flowing Tears Completes New Album

German gothic metal band, Flowing Tears, have issued the following update on their new album:

"It took a while, but there’s great news finally:"

"After some really busy and hard working months the work on the new album is finished. We just finalized the mix. Sorry for not keeping you all updated during the production, but we were that much into it that we apparently just forgot to do so…"

"Well, time for some facts to be revealed then: the album will be entitled “THY KINGDOM GONE.' It will be a concept album containing 12 songs." More...

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Flowing Tears Enter Studio

German female-fronted gothic metallers FLOWING TEARS have issued the following update:

"We can announce a major update on the upcoming studio album: after some very creative months, we're almost done with the songwriting. There are 12 songs so far, not sure if all of them will find their way to the album or if some new ones might come up at last minute, but we're close to the end of the writing mode. Studios are already booked and the production will start in May. A release is scheduled for autumn.

"We don't want to reveal too much about the material yet, but I can tell you it sounds much more atmospheric than we used to sound on our last few albums. Some of the songs have that certain mood that reminds me of what we did on albums like 'Jade' or 'Joy Parade' while still having the power of the stuff from the 'Razorbliss' era. Way less synths this time and way more guitars. There's heavy stuff, there's trippy stuff — and there's some serious doomy stuff. Terribly pessimistic lyrics, by the way.

"There's no working title yet, but some of the songs that are finished so far are entitled 'Pain Has Taken Over', 'Words Before You Leave', 'Until The End' and 'For My Enemies'."

FLOWING TEARS released a live album, "Invanity - Live in Berlin", last October via Ascendance Records, a new label funded by Lee Barrett (founder of Candlelight Records; former member of EXTREME NOISE TERROR, currently in TO-MERA) and A&R'd by Sam Grant (writer, promoter, broadcaster, interviewer for Sonic Cathedral online).

FLOWING TEARS' latest studio album, "Razorbliss", was issued in Europe in March 2004 through Century Media Records. The follow-up to 2002's "Serpentine" was recorded at Woodhouse Studios in Hagen, Germany with producer Waldemar Sorychta (THE GATHERING, LACUNA COIL, SENTENCED, MOONSPELL) and was the band's first to feature vocalist Helen Vogt, who replaced Stefanie Duchêne in 2003.

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The Blackout Argument "Decisions" Album Details

After the spring MCD-releases “Munich Angst” and “Munich Valor” on Bastardized Recordings and their very successful tour with BOY SETS FIRE in May, THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT have now finished the works on their highly anticipated debut album “Decisions,” to be released September 10th, 2007 on Lifeforce Records.

Here is what guitarrist Christoph Zehetleitner had to say about the album:

"We are totally excited about finally having “Decisions” out in September! Since we started in 2006 everything went so fast and although we already made some amazing experiences with the band, we regard the release of our debut album as the first huge milestone in our history."

"We put in everything we had to make a killer album. The songs on “Decisions” are quite diversified, there’s tough hardcore songs, very catchy rock tunes but also some special tracks that underline the album concept. A good mixture of of all I would say. The final mix/master turned out amazing! Kohlekeller did a great job and gave “Decisions” a brilliant and powerfull sound that underlines both, the melodic and the heavy side of The Blackout Argument."

"To round everything up we asked Aaron / Sons of Nero to create the artwork and the result by far exceeded all our expectations. “Decisions” was always meant to be a concept album about making decisions and dealing with the consequences which is now perfectly displayed by Aaron’s dark and arcane comic-style art."

"We are more than happy with how “Decisions” turned out and can’t wait to hear the people’s reactions on it!"

“Decisions” features guest-appearances by Geert van der Velde (ex-Shai Hulud / Miscreants), Byron Davis (God Forbid) and Benni Buss (Flowing Tears). The Artwork created by infamous US design studio Sons Of Nero (Job For A Cowboy, Madonna, Unearth, etc.).

The album was recorded at Suiseidl Studios, mixed & mastered by Kristian “Kohle” Kohlmannslehner at Kohlekeller Studios.

THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT will be touring on their “Autumn Arrogance Tour 2007” in late September. Tour dates to be announced soon.

Here is the complete tracklisting for THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT's "Decisions":

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The Blackout Argument Signs To Lifeforce

Lifeforce has announced the signing of one of Germany's most exciting hardcore acts to their ever growing roster, THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT.

The band was formed from the remains of perished underground acts PAINT THE TOWN RED (Join the Teamplayer / Thorp Records) and FLYSWATTER (Eat the Beat / Roadrunner) in early 2006. Their unique version of melodic hardcore delivers a perfect balance of heavy guitar riffing, blaring screams, shouts and excellent singing vocals. Their songs are filled with creative melodic lead-guitars and vary from faster-paced tracks with heavy breakdowns to catchy mid-tempo-style tunes. THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT manage to strengthen this setup with great songwriting skills.

The band commented on their signing to Lifeforce Records: "We are more than happy that we are given the chance to work with an amazing record label that is able to push this band to the next level. Signing to Lifeforce Records reinforces us that all the hard work and dedication was not in vain. We also feel honored to now be a part of such an incredible roster of both, promising new and well established bands from all over the world. We are so much looking forward to releasing our debut album “Decisions” in September.”

In August 2006 the band released their debut EP entitled “Munich Angst” on Engineer Records which is about to be re-released through BASTARDIZED RECORDINGS in April 2007. The same month and label will give birth to THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT’s second release: “Munich Valor”. The new EP has been written and recorded in only 6 weeks. Both EPs will be released in a limited 2xCD-packaging.

September 2007 will see the release of THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT's first full length and Lifeforce Records debut "Decisions". The songs were recorded at Suiseidl Studios in Munich and mixed and mastered by K. Kohlmannslehner at Kohlekeller Studios. The album has guest-appearances by Geert van der Velde (ex-Shai Hulud / The Architect), Byron Davis (God Forbid) and Benni Buss (Flowing Tears). The artwork was once again created by Justin Kamerer (Angry Blue).

You can check out some of The Blackout Argument's material on their MySpace page.

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Flowing Tears To Start Writing New Songs

Flowing Tears have posted the following message on their web site:

Right now we're about to start writing new songs and developing our vision of the next album. We will take all the time we might need to explore some exiting new ground without any pressure of a deadline in mind, and we're sure this process will enable us to deliver some great new material… that will be our focus for the first half of 2005. We'll keep you posted about the progress of our work… Nevertheless, we'll play a few well chosen festivals and shows during these months, so check the tour dates section from time to time! A few shows are already announced - some more will follow...

Flowing Tears' most recent album, "Razorbliss", was released in March 2004 through Century Media Records. The follow-up to 2002's "Serpentine" was recorded at Woodhouse Studios in Hagen, Germany with producer Waldemar Sorychta (The Gathering, Lacuna Coil, Sentenced, Moonspell) and is the band's first to feature vocalist Helen Vogt, who replaced Stefanie Duchêne in 2003.

Upcoming Flowing Tears shows:

Feb. 27 Tilburg, NETH - 013
Apr. 30 Liège, BEL - Soundstation

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Headline News

Flowing Tears Founding Members Killed In Accident

On October 20, two founding members of the German goth metal band Flowing Tears, Björn Lorson and Christian Zimmer, died in a tragic car accident, according to a posting on the group's web site. "Even though they already left the band in '95 and '96 (Björn after the first demo tape 'Bijou' and Christian after 'Swansongs'), Flowing Tears may never have existed if they hadn't been," the band write. "We will keep you in our minds and hearts. These days we take a breath to listen to the tunes of songs such as 'Flowing Tears & Withered Flowers' or 'Waterbride' — while mourning about two young people who had to die much too early. Rest in peace guys — we will never forget you!"

Flowing Tears kicked off a European tour with SAMAEL late last month. The band are touring in support of their new album, "Razorbliss", which was released in March through Century Media Records. The follow-up to 2002's "Serpentine" was recorded at Woodhouse Studios in Hagen, Germany with producer Waldemar Sorychta (The Gathering, Lacuna Coil, Sentenced, Moonspell) and is the band's first to feature vocalist Helen Vogt, who replaced Stefanie Duchêne last year

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Flowing Tears To Join The Gathering For Mini Tour

The German Gothic metallers FLOWING TEARS have issued the following update on their official website:

"We will join THE GATHERING for the German dates of their semi-acoustic tour in March. Expect some special nights with a set featuring both Flowing Tears classics, some songs we never played live before, and some brand new stuff - all of them dressed in a trippy semi acoustic shape. Considering that the upcoming album "Razorbliss" (due March 22nd through Century Media) is by far our most heavy one we did so far we think it´s a nice way to celebrate the "softer" side in Flowing tears during these shows for which we´ll be joined by our friend and 5th bandmember in the background David Buballa on keyboards."

Upcoming Flowing Tears live dates include: More...

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Flowing Tears Set Release Date For New Album

The German Gothic sensation FLOWING TEARS will release their "Razorbliss" album on March 22nd through Century Media.

The band are said to have a “heavier edge” since vocalist Helen Vogt replaced the departed Stephanie Duchene. Flowing Tears guitarist Benjamin Buss comments: “It was like we've never rehearsed with someone else. With Helen it just clicked, it was pure magic! She really kicked our butts.”

Flowing Tears’ line-up is rounded out by bassist Frederic Lesny and drummer Stefan Gemballa.

"Razorbliss" was engineered by producer Waldemar Sorychta (Tiamat, Lacuna Coil) and features the following tracklisting: More...

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Mercury Tide Replace Flowing Tears at Rockanova

Stefan Gemballa, the drummer for Flowing Tears, was injured during a show with his side project, Red Aim. He was struck by a falling speaker and rushed to the hospital. As a result, Flowing Tears have had to cancel their appearance at Rockanova on December 12. Mercury Tide will be their replacement.

Flowing Tears had been slated to peform with special guest Johan Edlund from Tiamat. Flowing Tears, as well as Johan, regret the cancellation.

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