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Band Photo: Testament (?)

Formed: 1983
From: San Francisco, CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Testament news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Testament Add More Tour Dates

Testament have added more U.S. tour dates, one date in Korea and one in Canada. Confirmed dates are now as follows:

July 12 Key Club - Hollywood, CA
July 13 Galaxy Theatre - Santa Ana, CA
July 14 Nevada Empire Ballroom - Las Vegas, NV
July 15 Venue of Scottsdale - Scottsdale, AZ
July 16 Reflections - Victorville, CA

July 21 Earthshaker Fest - Rieden, Germany
July 22 Metalcamp Fest - Tolmin, Slovenia
July 24 Carling Academy Islington - London, England
July 25 Bradford Rio - Bradford, England
July 26 JB's - Dudley, England
July 28 Metalway Festival - Jerez, Spain
July 29 Metalway Festival - Gernika, Spain

August 05 Busan Rock Festival - Busan City, Korea

Oct 14 Brave Words 6-Pack Festival, Le Medley - Montreal

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Blind Guardian Confirmed For Earthshaker Fest

BLIND GUARDIAN, GOREFEST, MENDEED and JUSTICE have been confirmed for the 2006 edition of the Earthshaker Fest, set to take place July 21-22 in Kreuth. The festival billing is shaping up as follows (in alphabetical order):


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Testament's New Material "Pretty Old-School"

Steve Saks of LivingForMetal.com recently conducted an interview with TESTAMENT/DRAGONLORD guitarist Eric Peterson. A few excerpts from the chat follow:

LivingForMetal.com: After the CD "Live At The Fillmore" you released "Demonic". How was that era for the band?

Eric: "We toured our asses off for 'Demonic' and built our names up again, stayed out there for five months straight then we came back and it was just me and Chuck [Billy] standing looking behind us with everything on fire. I summoned up and ended getting Dave Lombardo [SLAYER] to work on the stuff with me then got Steve DiGiorgio [SADUS], wrote the record and invited James Murphy [DEATH, OBITUARY] back to play some leads on it...and there you have 'The Gathering'. And since then there has been a lot of internal things like Chuck's cancer and me breaking my leg touring, all kinds of shit. But it wasn't until the last year when we put the original line up back together...I mean I've always been writing ever since."

LivingForMetal.com: How many songs do you have hidden away? Like a billion? (laughs)

Eric: "I have so many, it's like..."

LivingForMetal.com: How do you write them anyway, and what do you keep them on?

Eric: "I have them on ProTools or four-track, boom boxes whatever I can record them on. The newer stuff is on ProTools. Now more than ever we are getting ready here. Hopefully we'll be recording in the fall, that's what I'm shooting for."

LivingForMetal.com: And that's for the new TESTAMENT album?

Eric: "Yeah, and it's gonna be with the original lineup."

LivingForMetal.com: Even with Louie [Clemente] on drums?

Eric: "Yeah, we're gonna get Louie to come back to do some songs. The drummer situation, we are probably gonna use a couple of drummers 'cause we've had people that are in our lives and a part of TESTAMENT so it wouldn't be fair to not have these people play on it. Probably Jon Allen from DRAGONLORD and SADUS will play on it, who's also been a part of TESTAMENT and toured with us. Just the way we do things now, we don't tour extensively so it's kind of hard to keep steady players. Like if something comes up and someone's not available we'll go, 'Let's see if this guy's available.' Yeah it's gonna be killer, the new material is sounding pretty old-school."

LivingForMetal.com: Has Alex [Skolnick] written a lot of material for the new TESTAMENT album as well?

Eric: "Yeah, he's got some riffs that he's been sending me and they sound pretty TESTAMENT, just really cool stuff. Like that 'Apocalyptic City' kind of vibe. Good chord progressions with octaves over it."

LivingForMetal.com: You guys were great together. I'm glad everyone's back and doing well.

Eric: "Actually, I just recorded some stuff last night with Jon Allen, a few new songs and there's this one song...I don't know. Me and Jon couldn't get past the beginning we kept stopping it and playing the beginning. I mean we're seriously both going, 'This is what METALLICA should be writing.' (laughs). It sounds really good the song, I'm not just saying it cause we're doing it. I mean all of the songs that we got are killer, but this new one to me is like, 'If this one doesn't hit home then I don't know what will.' It's got the really good essence of TESTAMENT and mixed with the drumming with Jon Allen and a little bit of 'Lombardo' kind of busy in style."

LivingForMetal.com: How was it playing with Dave on "The Gathering"?

Eric: "That was a blast. He was going through a rough period in his life, it kinda brought him back into drumming. I had a lot of good riffs and it wasn't something that we were trying to do...I bombarded him with riffs and he was just like, 'Whoa,' so he was kinda forced to play. He'd be playing like standard metal beats and I'd go, 'Dude, just fuckin solo through the whole song, go nuts!' So that's where a lot of the cool stuff came out, a lot of the rolls and all that stuff."

LivingForMetal.com: What kind of game plan are you looking at for the new TESTAMENT record, recording this fall?

Eric: "Recording in the fall would be nice, that's my wish list. There's a lot of stuff coming up, I have DRAGONLORD who are gonna tour the States and we're playing Japan in September and Alex has got stuff going on too."

LivingForMetal.com: Yeah everybody's got lives now.

Eric: "Yeah, everybody's got stuff they're doing. I think once we get together and we put this TESTAMENT record together and we're done with it we're all gonna be like, 'OK! We got something here.'"

LivingForMetal.com: Any idea how many songs you are planning to have on it?

Eric: "Probably 10, But we'll have some bonus tracks for Japan or something like that. I mean there's a lot of material being written so we're trying to get enough to write so we can at least get half or more for the next record after that...so we're not sitting around for another five years."

LivingForMetal.com: Oh, OK.

Eric: "So that's what we're kinda doing, we're trying to write more than we need so if things pick up we can turn around and go into the studio and get a head start."

Read the full article at Livingformetal.com.

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Testament Part Ways With Management

The following announcement has been issued via the official TESTAMENT website;

"Testament have parted ways with management company Thrill Entertainment Group. We would like to wish Phil Arnold all the best. For band bookings, contact Chuck Bernal at Artists Worldwide. For other inquiries e-mail: testamentmgmt@testamentlegions.com."

In other news, Testament have announced two live dates for California, due to take place in Hollywood and Santa Ana. Their tour schedule is now as follows:

12 - Key Club in Hollywood, CA
13 - Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, CA
21 - Earthshaker Fest in Rieden, Germany
22 - Metalcamp Fest in Tolmin, Slovenia

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Nevermore Guitarist Drops Off European Tour Dates

NEVERMORE guitarist Steve Smyth (ex-TESTAMENT) has issued the following statement:

"It is with deep regret that I will not be able to perform at any of European festivals over the next week with NEVERMORE, as I am now in hospital being treated with dialysis. The total kidney failure that I thought was a few months away has already happened. I am extremely disappointed with this situation, but there is nothing I can do. I wish the guys in NEVERMORE all the best and hope that as many of you fans as possible give them your support in Europe."

As previously reported, Smyth was diagnosed with end-stage kidney failure last fall, the result of a congenital birth defect. Says Smyth. "JAG PANZER guitarist Chris Broderick will fill in for Smyth on the upcoming dates as he has done on the recent U.S. tour.

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Onslaught To Play One-Off UK Date With Testament

Reformed classic British thrash outfit ONSLAUGHT will play a one-off date with TESTAMENT and XENTRIX at Bradford Rio's on June 3. This will be the only U.K. date that TESTAMENT will be playing with ONSLAUGHT and XENTRIX. It will be ONSLAUGHT's last U.K. appearance before going off to record their new studio album.

ONSLAUGHT will enter the studio the first week of July to begin recording their fourth CD, "Killing Peace", tentatively due in September via an as-yet-undisclosed label. The band's current lineup includes Sy Keeler (vocals), Nige Rockett (guitars), Steve Grice (drums), James Hinder (bass) and the group's latest addition, guitarist Alan Jordan (ex-MIRROR MIRROR, FRANKENSTEIN). Songtitles set to appear on the album include "Destroyer of Worlds", "Pain", "Tested to Destruction", "Burn", "Shock and Awe", "Prayer for the Dead", "Twisted Jesus", and "Killing Peace".

ONSLAUGHT recorded three albums in the late 1980s - including the underrated "In Search of Sanity" (1989, Polydor), featuring ex-GRIM REAPER frontman Steve Grimmett - before calling it a day.

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Final Lineup For Metal Camp Festival Announced

This year's Metal Camp Festival is set to take place on July 21- 23 in Tolmin, Slovenia. The organizers have announced the addition of SOILWORK and very promissing Swedish newcomers SCAR SYMMETRY. Also appearing on the main stage are German Power metallers MYSTIC PROPHECY.

The Talent Forum Stage is being introduced for the first time this year. Bands set to play there include Blind Petition (AUT), Asterius (GER), Subhuman (ITA), Bleak Origin (CHE) and many others. For more information, visit the Metal Camp official page.

Below is the complete list of confirmed bands: More...

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Steve Smyth On Kidney Failure: "I Will Fight This"

NEVERMORE guitarist Steve Smyth (ex-TESTAMENT) — who was recently diagnosed with end-stage kidney failure (the result of a congenital birth defect) — has posted the following message on his official web site:

"Hi, everyone. Just wanted to clue everyone in as to my situation, and why you will see me in very limited fashion onstage with NEVERMORE in the coming months.

"Around mid-October 2005, I was in a London hospital, undergoing arthroscopic surgery for my right knee, which turned out had been badly sprained during our last headlining show in Athens, Greece two days earlier.

"During my stay at the hospital, numerous blood tests were done, one of which revealed that the level of protein in my body, better known in medical terms as creatinine, was raised well beyond a normal level, 4.9. Normal is 1-2. I was advised by doctors there to see my MD as soon as I got back home, which was following our tour with OPETH in the U.S., around late November 2005.

"After several blood tests, urine tests, and ultimately, X-rays, ultrasounds, and CT scans, doctors came to a few conclusions about my condition. It was revealed that I was born with one kidney, and because of a congenital birth defect, I had an obstruction on my ureter, which was causing my solitary kidney to 'eat' itself over the years, to a point where it is now 85% destroyed. Now, as of late April 2006, I am facing 'complete renal failure' within 6 months. This is called end stage renal failure, or CKD, of which I am on the edge of Stage 4-5. I have had 'stent placement' surgery, around 3 months ago, and that seemed to help things for a bit, but things haven't really changed either. More...

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Decapitated Confirmed For Metal Camp Festival

Poland’s DECAPITATED have been confirmed to appear at this years METAL CAMP festival. Metal Camp takes place between July 21-23 2006 in Tolmin, Slovenia. DECAPITATED will play on July 22nd. Already confirmed are DIMMU BORGIR, SAXON, TESTAMENT, AMON AMARTH, MY DYING BRIDE, HYPOCRISY, EDGUY, GOREFEST, among many others, with more to be announced soon. For more information go here.

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Testament Taps Sadus Drummer For Upcoming Shows

Sitting behind the drums for some of the upcoming shows will be SADUS drummer Jon Allen, who will be filling in for original TESTAMENT drummer Louie Clemente while Louie is busy taking care of other matters. However, both guitarist Alex Skolnick and bassist Greg Christian have signed on for the forthcoming dates, TESTAMENT's manager - Phil Arnold of the Thrill Entertainment Group - told blabbermouth. "We'll do more shows this year, some with Louie some with Johnny Tempesta [HELMET, ex-ROB ZOMBIE, EXODUS]," Arnold said.

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Nevermore Confirmed For Gods Of Metal Festival

Nevermore have announced that they will be playing this year's installment of the Gods of Metal festival, which is set to take place in Italy on June 3-4. The festival also features Stratovarius, Dimmu Borgir, Sonata Arctica, Testament, and more.

Nevermore have also been confirmed for the Live N Louder festivals in Mexico City, Mexico on October 7th, Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 12th and Sao Paulo, Brazil on October 14th.

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Testament Confirmed For MetalMania 2006 Festival

Veteran San Francisco Bay Area metallers TESTAMENT are the latest confirmed band for the MetalMania 2006 festival, set to take place March 4, 2006 at Spodek in Katowice, Poland. The festival billing is shaping up as follows (in alphabetical order):


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Trans-Siberian Orchestra To Perform On GMA

TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA (featuring TESTAMENT guitarist Alex Skolnick) are scheduled to perform live on Good Morning America on Wednesday, December 14, and on Live With Regis And Kelly on Thursday, December 15. Check your local listings for broadcast times in your area.

A posting on Skolnick's official website states: "FYI: just so everyone knows, this will not be a showcase for Alex (or any other individual musician involved). Don't expect long guitar solos. It will be quick, edited versions of the TSO songs, designed strictly for the purpose of appealing to a morning show TV audience."

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Testament Confirmed For Atarfe Vega Rock Festival

TESTAMENT and NUCLEAR ASSAULT have been confirmed for next year's edition of the Atarfe Vega Rock festival, set to take place March 10-11, 2006 at Nave Medina Elvira in Atarfe, Granada, Spain. The festival billing is now shaping up as follows (in alphabetical order):


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New Sadus Track Online

A brand-new SADUS track, entitled "Sick", has been posted online at www.myspace.com/sadus. The song comes off the long-running San Francisco Bay Area thrashers' upcoming album, "Out for Blood", due in early February via Holland's Mascot Records.

The follow-up to 1997's "Elements of Anger", "Out for Blood" was recorded at Trident Studios in California with producer B?rge Finstad (MAYHEM, BORKNAGAR, VINTERSORG, EXTOL), engineer Juan Urteaga and manager Rob Lewis. The album features a guest appearance on one track by TESTAMENT frontman Chuck Billy.

With regards to the upcoming CD, SADUS bassist Steve DiGiorgio (SEBASTIAN BACH, ex-DEATH, TESTAMENT) had previously said, "Eleven new songs, some bonus crap and a cool behind the scenes video are all comprising the fifth album.

"Man, I know it's so cliché to say this...but this is by far our best-sounding shit... Holy crap, we're psyched for you to get some of this shyssa (scheiße)! Hopefully the wait will be worth it when you get infected from the contagious brutal aggression found through all the varying songs. Some raging bear vocals to be found on one courtesy of crazy Chuck Billy [TESTAMENT].

SADUS worked on the new album with producer Børge Finstad (MAYHEM, BORKNAGAR, VINTERSORG, EXTOL), engineer Juan Urteaga and manager Rob Lewis. Songtitles set to appear on the follow-up to 1997's "Elements of Anger" include "Sick" and "Out for Blood".

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Sadus' New Album Featuring Testament's Chuck Billy

Veteran San Francisco Bay Area thrashers SADUS have completed work on their new album, "Out for Blood", tentatively due early next year via Holland's Mascot Records.

Commented SADUS bassist Steve DiGiorgio: "Just wanted to say that finally, our new album is fucking done! No one knows how long I've been dying to type those exact words. So here it is, new SADUS 'Out For Blood' — eleven new songs, some bonus crap and a cool behind the scenes video are all comprising the fifth album.

"Man, I know it's so cliché to say this...but this is by far our best-sounding shit... Holy crap, we're psyched for you to get some of this shyssa (scheiße)! Hopefully the wait will be worth it when you get infected from the contagious brutal aggression found through all the varying songs. Some raging bear vocals to be found on one courtesy of crazy Chuck Billy [TESTAMENT].

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Testament Post 3 Tracks From "Live In London"

Three complete tracks from TESTAMENT's upcoming live CD, "Live in London" — "Into the Pit", "Practice What You Preach" and "Over the Wall" — have been posted online at EagleRockEnt.com.

Due on November 1 via Eagle Rock Entertainment, "Live in London" is the documentation of a dream that long-time die-hard TESTAMENT fans have been waiting for: the reuniting of the band's "classic" lineup. Featuring vocalist Chuck Billy, guitar virtuosos Eric Peterson and Alex Skolnick, bassist Greg Christian, and original drummer Louie Clemente (along with TESTAMENT and WHITE ZOMBIE alumnus John Tempesta as a second drummer), the band rips through classic TESTAMENT fan favorites in this show, shot in London earlier in 2005. This CD is the companion CD to the "Live in London" DVD.

"Live in London" track listing:

01. The Preacher
02. The New Order
03. The Haunting
04. Electric Crown
05. Sins of Omission
06. Souls of Black
07. Into the Pit
08. Trial by Fire
09. Practice What You Preach
10. Let Go of My World
11. The Legacy
12. Over the Wall
13. Raging Waters
14. Disciples of the Watch

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Sangre Eterna Formed, Demo Tracks Online

SANGRE ETERNA, the new Oakland, California-based metal band featuring drummer Chris Kontos (MACHINE HEAD, TESTAMENT, ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT, VERBAL ABUSE, IRON VEGAN) and bassist Sean Smithson (SACRILEGE BC, GRINCH, THE UNCALLED FOUR), have launched their official MySpace page at this location. Currently available for streaming on the site are four recently recorded demo cuts from their "Swine of the Times" EP: "Trapped", "Swine of the Times", "Ceremony" and "Niraya".

Commented Kontos: "The time is prime for some crushing metal from the Bay Area... and NOT just a project, 'scrap metal' I call it... with this guy from this band, and that guy from that band. No, thanks! This is a real band - one with guts, drive, heart, and we are damned ready to bring it out raw and fast to you."

SANGRE ETERNA's curent lineup is completed by guitarists John Forcina and Ryo Shibata, along with vocalist Karl Fisher.

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Firewind Working With New Vocalist

FIREWIND, the Greek power metal act led by guitarist Gus G. (DREAM EVIL, ARCH ENEMY), have posted the following message on their official web site:

"As many of you know by now from other online sources, Chity Somapala [vocals] has decided to leave FIREWIND due to 'personal reasons.' But this doesn't mean that FIREWIND stops right here! We're already working with an incredible new vocalist and have eight brand new songs that kick ass!!

"Due to Chity's sudden departure, our plans for an extensive European tour this fall had to be cancelled. But we will be back on the road as soon as the new album is completed.

Although nothing's confirmed by now, we're looking at entering the studio in late January/early February 2006.

"More details and new singer info to follow soon."

FIREWIND's third album, "Forged by Fire", received its long-overdue U.S. release in July via Magick Records (a division of Cleopatra Records).

Somapala originally joined FIREWIND in early 2004 as the replacement for Stephen Fredrick. Chity appeared on "Forged by Fire", which was produced by band leader/guitarist Gus G. and mixed by Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden. Guest musicians on the album included former MEGADETH guitarist Marty Friedman and ex-TESTAMENT/DEATH axeman James Murphy.

Gus G. recently toured with ARCH ENEMY on Ozzfest 2005 as the group's touring guitarist after Christoper Amott bowed out of that band in order to "fully concentrate on his studies at home in Sweden," according to ARCH ENEMY axeman Michael Amott.

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Dragonlord Announce US Tour Dates

DRAGONLORD, the San Francisco-based black metal band featuring Eric Peterson (guitar, vocals; TESTAMENT), Gian Pyres (guitar; ex-CRADLE OF FILTH), Derrick Ramirez (bass), Lyle Livingstone (keys) and Jon Allen (drums; SADUS, ex-TESTAMENT), have lined up the following U.S. dates during October/November:

Oct. 29 - Jimmy Z's - Everett, WA
Oct. 31 - The Bluebird Theater - Denver, CO
Nov. 04 - The Reverb Room – Toronto, ONT
Nov. 05 - Foufounes Electriques – Montreal, QC
Nov. 06 - Continental – New York, NY
Nov. 09 - Whisky a Go Go - Los Angeles, CA
Nov. 10 – Boardwalk - Sacramento, CA
Nov. 12 - The Pound SF – San Francisco, CA

DRAGONLORD's sophomore album, "Black Wings of Destiny", will be released in the U.S. on October 25 via Escapi Music. The follow-up to 2001's "Rapture" (Spitfire Records) was recorded and mixed by Fredrik Nordström (HAMMERFALL, DIMMU BORGIR, ARCH ENEMY) at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden.

DRAGONLORD performed on July 23 at the Earthshaker Fest in Geiselwind, Germany, where they showcased some of the new material and filmed footage for an upcoming DVD.

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