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Band Photo: Testament (?)

Formed: 1983
From: San Francisco, CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Testament news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Testament In "Writing Rehearsals" For New Material

Testament "writing rehearsals" got underway the weekend of April 14, 2007. Alex was back east due to shows with the Alex Skolnick Trio. The band leaves for Mexico/South America this week. Yopu can check out some pics from the rehearsals on this MySpace post.

The band previously reported that they had six songs completed earlier in the year. Tracking is scheduled to begin in June.

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Epica and Kiuas Added To Bloodstock Open Air 2007

Dutch Gothic Metal Band EPICA and Finnish Metallers KIUAS are the latest additions to the line up for this years Bloodstock Open Air. To recap, bands confirmed so far are:

In Flames
Lacuna Coil
Arch Enemy
Dream Evil
Rise To Addiction
Beyond All Reason

Many more bands to be announced.

As previously reported, the open air leg of this year’s Bloodstock has moved from July 6-7 to August 16-18. The rescheduling also means that the annual indoor part, usually held in September will not be taking place this year. Despite the confusion and disappointment, the event which takes place at Derbyshire’s Catton Hall boasts its strongest line-up yet.

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BOA Changes Dates, Indoor Fest is Cancelled

The open air leg of this year’s Bloodstock has moved from July 6-7 to August 16-18. The rescheduling also means that the annual indoor part, usually held in September will not be taking place this year. Despite the confusion and disappointment, the event which takes place at Derbyshire’s Catton Hall boasts its strongest line-up yet with Swedish royalty In Flames and Arch Enemy alongside thrash legends Testament and Italian goth metallers Lacuna Coil. Other bands confirmed are Dream Evil, Wolf, Korpiklaani, Memfis and Rise To Addiction.

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Testament Update On Recording Sessions

Four of the five original members of influential San Francisco '80s thrash band Testament are back in the practice room working on songs for a new album. Singer Chuck Billy, bassist Greg Christian, and guitarists Alex Skolnick and Eric Peterson are being joined by ex-Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth drummer Nick Barker, and so far they've got six new songs. Tracking is scheduled to begin in June. "Working hard with Nick on some new ideas and some cool old-school styles [that are] coming together really killer," Peterson said in a statement. "It's been a long time coming," Billy added. "This new album is like a good wine: You throw in the grapes and crush."

As part of their current world tour, Testament will play five U.S. shows, starting March 26 in Dallas and ending March 31 in Santa Ana, California.

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Testament Release More Tour Dates

Testament have updated their tour schedule, which now includes the following dates:

03/26/07 Granada Theatre - Dallas, TX
03/27/07 Scout Bar - Houston, TX
03/29/07 Rialto Theatre - Tucson, AZ
03/30/07 The Orpheum Theatre - Flagstaff, AZ
03/31/07 California Metal Fest: Galaxy Theatre - Santa Ana, CA

04/01/07 Modesto, CA - Fat Cat Music House
04/19/07 Torreon, Mexico - Salon Ferrocarrilero
04/20/07 Monterrey, Mexico - Café Iguana
04/21/07 Mexico City, Mexico - Circo Volador
04/22/07 Carolina, Puerto Rico - Arena
04/25/07 Sao Paulo. Brazil - Via Funchal
04/26/07 Curitiba, Brazil - Hellooch
04/27/07 Rio de Janiero, Brazil - Canecao
04/29/07 Buenos Aires, Argentina - El Teatro Flores
04/30/07 Santiago, Chile - Teatro Caupolican

07/03/07 RUSSIA - Voronej @ 100 Streams
07/04/07 RUSSIA - Saratov @ Club Vostok
07/05/07 RUSSIA - Russia @ Apelsin Club
07/06/07 ENGLAND - Derbyshire @ Bloodstock Open Air Fest
07/07/07 NETHERLANDS - Leeuwarden @ Waldrock Fest

08/17/07 FINLAND - Oulu @ Jalo Metalli Fest
08/18/07 NORWAY - Nottoden @ Metal Days Fest
08/19/07 SWEDEN - Goteborg @ Musikens Hus
08/21/07 DENMARK - Kolding @ Godset
08/22/07 BELGIUM - Antwerpen @ Hof Ter Lo
08/23/07 HOLLAND - Deventer @ Burgerweeshuis
08/24/07 NORWAY - Bergen @ Hole In The Sky Fest
08/25/07 GERMANY- Gemunden @ Up From The Ground Fest
08/31/07 ITALY - Rimini @ Velvet

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Testament Guitarist Talks About Upcoming Album

Peter Atkinson of KNAC.COM recently conducted an interview with TESTAMENT guitarist Alex Skolnick. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

KNAC.COM: What's been your impression of Nick [Barker, new TESTAMENT drummer] so far?

Skolnick: So far it's been great. I wasn't that familiar with him before, but a lot of drummers I know are familiar with him. He sounds great. He's a really good guy to work with. He seems like this big, intimidating, hardcore metal drummer, but he's actually a sweetheart to work with and honored and blown away that he's working with TESTAMENT.

KNAC.COM: When I spoke with Chuck [Billy, vocals] earlier, he mentioned that you had worked on some new material with them during the rehearsals.

Skolnick: It was mostly the old stuff, because he [Nick] was about to do his first gig with us, ever. But we did look at some new ideas. And I brought in an idea of mine that is a little more complicated than things we did in the past as far as timing and stuff, but he did a great job on it and I'm really excited to see where it goes. But what's cool is he can keep a solid groove, which that was a concern of mine because I'd heard the DIMMU BORGIR stuff and I thought it was amazing, but I wasn't sure that he could keep a solid groove. There's some musicians, not just drummers but guitar players too, that can play all over the place but have trouble playing simple and he can play simple. He's great, he's one of these guys who can do both, and that's important. There's gonna be parts where you want him to go off and use all his resources, but there's other parts where you just want it to be solid and establish a groove, and because he can do that I think that's going to be a big plus for the band.

KNAC.COM: How will you approach the writing of the remainder of the album, will you work it all out as a group or just bring all your various parts together and try to make them fit?

Skolnick: I think we're going to get together and put the parts together. I've always come up with parts on my own, and I also like add to other people's parts. But it's hard for me to be in a room full of people and be creative on the spot. That's a step in the process the makes more sense once there are ideas to work with. We're still at the point where we're creating a lot of ideas in our separate camps. We have put some of them together and it's starting to sound good. But the camps will come together as the project gets closer. And in the meantime we'll be spending a lot of time together on the road, so we'll be able to look at some new material there as well.

KNAC.COM: Given how much metal has changed since you were with the band, and how the band's sound evolved after you left, and Eric's [Peterson] black metal dabblings with DRAGONLORD and whatnot, are you excited about the prospect of bringing all the pieces together, or could it be a recipe for disaster?

Skolnick: (Laughs) It's going to be a very different record because of all that. But I'm more excited about it than nervous. I know we can't try to re-create the past, I don't want to. We need to make an album that sounds like today. And I don't think it should be that hard to do because we are living today. It's not 1989, and I'm much more excited about what we can come up with now. I think the best thing to do is have fun with it and see where it goes.

KNAC.COM: Since much of what you've been doing is so radically different from TESTAMENT, has it been difficult to get back in TESTAMENT writing mode, or is that something that never left your system?

Skolnick: I don't think it really left my system. I was actually sort of surprised. A lot of ideas come about and it's a very similar process to the way I did it the first time around. But at the same time, I find I do have to separate myself from some of the other music I do because it is such different frames mind, not just musically, but physically. The way I touch the instrument is different if I'm playing TESTAMENT music than if I'm playing with my trio. With my trio I have more of a modern jazz approach, it's a lighter touch, it's much more sensitive, it's a quieter volume and it's a very different tone, it's much more acoustically toned. With TESTAMENT, there's a sense of dynamics, but the dynamics come more from a volume that's already cranked and it has to do more with how you strike the chords, the balance between open rhythms and closed rhythms and different types of grooves using a metal tone. But it's fun to compare the differences and similarities.

Read the full article at KNAC.com.

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Testament's Peterson Working w/ Barker On Material

Bay Area bashers Testament have been out of the loop for a while, but the band is working to change that. Guitarist and main songwriter Eric Peterson has recently been working in a Northern California practice space with ex-Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth drummer Nick Barker on songs for the band's first album of original material since 1999's The Gathering. "It's feeling pretty good so far," commented Peterson. "Nick's playing has sparked some fire in me like [Slayer drummer Dave] Lombardo did back in '99 when he played for us on The Gathering." Not only are Testament back, they're back with the crux of their powerhouse '80s lineup: Peterson, guitarist Alex Skolnick, bassist Greg Christian and singer Chuck Billy. Next week they'll leave for a tour of Australia but plan to resume work on the new album when they return.

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Nick Barker Is Still A Member Of Benediction

Long-running British metallers BENEDICTION have released the following statement to BLABBERMOUTH.NET:

"A lot of questions have been asked about [the status of BENEDICTION drummer] Nick Barker [formerly of DIMMU BORGIR and CRADLE OF FILTH]. Yes, he is still BENEDICTION's drummer, and yes, he is helping TESTAMENT out on drums on their tour and album. This was discussed between us and it is no problem to either band. Put yourself in Nick's shoes — one of your favorite bands of all time asks you to use your drumming skills on their tour and write on their new album; it is a chance of a lifetime! It was talked about on both sides and Nick had our full blessing on this. On some of the festivals in Europe this year he will be playing sets for both bands on the same day! If you know Nick, then you will know that there is no problem with stamina! How many bands do various members of NAPALM [DEATH] play with on top of their own NAPALM DEATH thing? Frank Healy and Dave Hunt from BENEDICTION also play and record with other bands (ANAAL NATHRAKH, MISTRESS, CEREBRAL FIX). The loyalty within the band is also strong so we have no problems about these things happening. Nick could have left BENEDICTION if he wanted. We said we would understand if he wanted to join one the most legendary outfits in the world. He wanted to stay as a part of BENEDICTION. That speaks volumes. BENEDICTION is a unit, not a single person. Our live shows this year will let the music do the talking for us."

BENEDICTION's new album, "Killing Music", will be released later in the year via Nuclear Blast Records, with whom the band recently re-signed. The CD will mark the recording debut with the group of drummer Barker, who was most recently a member of BRUJERIA and who played with ex-FEAR FACTORY guitarist Dino Cazares in the short-lived DRIVEN BY SUFFERING (working name).

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Benediction Post Update

Benediction gave the following update via their website:

At the moment, the band are taking a short break from eachother before starting on the recording on the new album. In the meantime, Nick Barker is helping bay area legends Testament out with some live shows and maybe playing on the new album by them as well.

Frank Healy is doing a few shows with the reformed Cerebral Fix and writing and playing on their new album. He has also finished writing material for another band called The Burning Deities.

Dave Hunt is doing a new album with Mistress and also some live shows with Anaal Nathrakh.

There are a few lyrics that need sorting out on the new Benediction and also choosing which tracks threy will include on Killing music. At the moment there are too many songs !!!!

Benediction will also be playing at some european festivals this summer. Go to the Tourdates pages or to the myspace pages to see the details of these shows.

New merchandise is also beeing finalised and will be put up on both myspace site and this one. Some photo’s will be sent to both sites over the week. More festival appearances are in the contract stage and will be forwarded to both sites once they are confirmed.

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Benediction Gives Update On Band Members, Album

Long-running U.K. extreme metallers BENEDICTION have issued the following update:

"A lot of you are asking what is going on with BENEDICTION. Well, here goes:

"On the new album front, we are fine tuning the guitar fill and lyrics and trying to decide on the final track listing. We have way too many tracks for one album, so once we narrow them down, we will go straight into the studio and record the fucking thing. We are also waiting for the record producer to book us in. We have waited this long so we do not mind waiting a little longer until his current projects are fulfilled.

"In the meantime, some of BENEDICTION have been doing other music-related stuff:

* Nicholas Barker is helping out TESTAMENT on their live dates and more than likely the new TESTAMENT album as well.

* Dave Hunt is doing vocals with MISTRESS and ANAAL NATHRAKH and will record albums and do some live shows with both bands as well. ANAAL NATHRAKH will definately be assaulting your senses in a dangerous live environment this year.

* Frank Healy is playing bass in the reformed CEREBRAL FIX and will also play on their new album. He played on one of the John Peel sessions for ANAAL NATHRAKH which appears on the 'When Fire Rains Down from the Sky' reissue. On top of that, he is putting a band together called THE BURNING DEITIES. He has written all the music for this band and will showcase the songs live after BENEDICTION's album is completed.

* Daz is busy with Rewy on the fine tuning of the album for BENEDICTION. It's all about guitar riffs after all!!!"

BENEDICTION's new album, "Killing Music", will be released via Nuclear Blast Records, with whom the band recently re-signed. The CD will mark the recording debut with the group of Barker, who was most recently a member of BRUJERIA and who played with ex-FEAR FACTORY guitarist Dino Cazares in the short-lived DRIVEN BY SUFFERING (working name).

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Headline News

Steve Smyth Receives Kidney Transplant

Following successful kidney transplant surgery in December, guitarist Steve Smyth (Nevermore, Dragonlord, ex-Testament, etc.) issues the following statement:

"The time has finally come to share a very important piece of news, directly related to my health. On December 12 th, 2006, I had a successful kidney transplant! After 6 straight months on dialysis, changes to my lifestyle and diet, and a very thorough search for a suitable donor, by early August 2006, we had a preliminary match. Several rounds of blood and tissue typing tests had to be subsequently performed to ensure we were a perfect match for transplant; the main reason for my hesitance in saying anything publicly during those months.

The donor shall remain nameless, but my gratitude to him for his selfless act of kindness and friendship will endure forever! Thank you so much, you have no idea how much this means to me! I am now on the road to recovery, as they say. This is mainly requiring a lot of adjustment to medications I will be on for the rest of my life, a small price to pay to be free from dialysis, and the restrictions it places on a person, both mentally and physically. I had no idea how much freedom I took for granted before all of this hit. 2006 was a big revelation of the frailty of human life for me, something I will not take for granted again.

Where does all this lead to next? I’ve been advised by my doctors that I will not be able to travel in any capacity for the next 6 months, as I have to adjust to immunosuppressant drugs to fight any possible form of rejection of the kidney, and my body needs time to recover from this operation, as well as dietary and lifestyle changes. All things that only make one stronger!

Obviously, my health must come first, but of huge importance to me is my loyalty to the rest of Nevermore, and as soon as I am deemed fit and ready to hit the road again, I will. I’ve already written 4-5 songs in various stages for the next Nevermore record, when the time comes to do one.

My immediate plans are to finish The EssenEss Project, my instrumental debut album collaboration with bass player/composer Steve Hoffman, and special guest drummer, Atma Anur, and find a suitable label to release the album, and get this album heard, finally! It’s been a long road, most recently delayed by my health issues. I am glad to finally be getting this on to the mix stage within the next month. For more updates on The EssenEss Project, please check in at www.theessenessproject.com and our related forum. We have lots of news upcoming, as we confirm the next phases of the record, including mixing duties, mastering duties, and artwork, and finally, what label will release it. Interested parties in this last area, please contact me at: steve@stevesmyth.com

I am also set to launch my internet guitar lesson business within the coming weeks. This will be a “live via webcam” lesson, all things that would happen in a regular live lesson with me will remain intact; written and audio/video examples, and direct focus on your goals as a musician are my aim. If you are interested in pursuing lessons with me, please contact me at: steve@stevesmyth.com with INTERNET GUITAR LESSONS in the title. I will include you on a mailing list due to go out this week, with full details on the lessons, how they will be run, cost, scheduling, etc. I look forward to teaching you!

Please stay tuned to www.stevesmyth.com or www.myspace.com/stevesmyth for further updates, or my forum on Ultimate Metal, as all further updates will come from any of these locations. I told everyone I would fight this, and be back! Bring on 2007, I’m ready!"

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Testament Announce "The Spitfire Collection"

Testament's classic late '80s/early '90s period has been well documented over the years by several compilations. However, the group's latter era has thus far slipped through the cracks as far as compilations go. In February, this will change, as 'The Spitfire Collection' will be issued.

Consisting of tracks from such Spitfire/Testament titles as 'The Gathering,' 'Demonic,' 'Live at the Fillmore,' 'First Strike Still Deadly,' and 'Live in London,' the fourteen track set chronicles an era that ultimately saw the original Testament reunite for a successful 2005 tour. As a result, 'The Spitfire Collection' features both live versions of such Testament classics as 'Practice What You Preach,' 'Over the Wall,' and 'Souls of Black,' as well as such oft-overlooked studio tracks as 'Careful What You Wish For' and 'The Burning Times.' With such bands as Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax introducing the world to thrash metal during the 1980's, Testament was one of the few second wave thrash bands to make a strong impression on the charts - resulting in such renowned releases as 1988's 'New Order,' 1989's 'Practice What You Preach,' 1990's 'Souls of Black,' and 1992's 'The Ritual.'

The New Order
Souls of Black
Practice What You Preach
Hatreds Rise
The Burning Times
John Doe
Careful What You Wish For
Down for Life
Riding the Snake
Over the Wall
The Preacher
Into the Pit
Trial by Fire
Disciples of the Watch

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Testament Announce New Tour Dates

Veteran San Francisco Bay Area metallers TESTAMENT have lined up the following dates during the coming months:

Jan. 27 - San Francisco, CA - the Independent
Feb. 07 - Melbourne, Australia - the Prince Hotel
Feb. 08 - Sydney, Australia - the Manning Bar
Feb. 09 - Canberra, Australia - the Anu Bar
Feb. 11 - Perth, Australia - the Capital
Mar. 23 - Budapest, Hungary - Almassy MK Hall
Mar. 24 - Katowice, Poland - Hala Spodek
Jul. 26 - Subotica, Serbia - Hellwood Festival
Aug. 25 - Gemunden, Germany - Up From The Ground Open Air Fest

TESTAMENT is now tentatively planning to enter the studio in early 2007 to record the long-awaited follow-up to 1999's "The Gathering", due before the end of next year.

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Testament Singer, ex-Exodus Frontman In DDP

TESTAMENT singer Chuck Billy, former EXODUS vocalist Steve "Zetro" Souza have joined forces in a brand new project called DUBLIN DEATH PATROL (DDP). The band, which also features such other San Francisco Bay Area notables as Phil Demmel (guitar; MACHINE HEAD, ex-VIO-LENCE) and Willy Langenhuizen (bass; RAMPAGE, LAAZ ROCKIT), is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on its debut album, due in 2007.

The group's complete lineup is as follows:
Chuck Billy (TESTAMENT, RAMPAGE, GUILT) - Vocals
Steve "Zetro" Souza (LEGACY, EXODUS) - Vocals
Andy Billy (SACRED DOG, RAMPAGE, GUILT) - Guitar
Greg Bustamante (RAMPAGE) - Guitar
Steve Robello (OUT OF CONTROL) - Guitar
Willy Langenhuizen (RAMPAGE, LAAZ ROCKIT) - Bass
John Souza - Bass
Danny Cunningham - Drums

For more information, visit their MySpace page.

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Testament Add Perth Date To Australian Tour

Veteran San Francisco Bay Area metallers TESTAMENT have added a Perth date to their upcoming Australian tour. Confirmed dates are as follows:

Feb. 07 - Melbourne, Australia @ the Prince of Wales Hotel
Feb. 08 - Sydney, Australia @ the Manning bar
Feb. 09 - Brisbane, Australia @ the Waterloo Hotel
Feb. 11 - Perth, Australia @ the Capital

TESTAMENT is now tentatively planning to enter the studio in early 2007 to record the long-awaited follow-up to 1999's "The Gathering", due before the end of next year.

In a spring 2006 interview with LivingForMetal.com, TESTAMENT guitarist Eric Peterson stated that the upcoming CD will feature the band's original lineup. He said, "We're gonna get Louie [Clemente] to come back to do some songs. The drummer situation, we are probably gonna use a couple of drummers 'cause we've had people that are in our lives and a part of TESTAMENT so it wouldn't be fair to not have these people play on it. Probably Jon Allen from DRAGONLORD and SADUS will play on it, who's also been a part of TESTAMENT and toured with us. Just the way we do things now, we don't tour extensively so it's kind of hard to keep steady players. Like if something comes up and someone's not available we'll go, 'Let's see if this guy's available.' Yeah it's gonna be killer, the new material is sounding pretty old-school. . . Alex's [Skolnick, guitar] got some riffs that he's been sending me and they sound pretty TESTAMENT, just really cool stuff. Like that 'Apocalyptic City' kind of vibe. Good chord progressions with octaves over it."

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Testament To Work On New Studio Album

TESTAMENT guitarist Alex Skolnick has issued the following update:

"Just back from a whirlwind of shows, starting with ALEX SKOLNICK TRIO on the East Coast (touring with new projects by Dave Ellefson [ex-MEGADETH] and Marc Rizzo [SOULFLY, ex-ILL NINO], respectively) followed immediately by TESTAMENT on the West Coast and Europe (hottest summer in 100 years over there!).

"After a few days home, went to Pittsburgh to rehearse with the amazing modern dance company Attack Theatre (www.attacktheatre.com) which incorporates live music, multi-media and dance (AST's Matt Z was also there playing drums; between this, the trio and Jim Steinman's DREAM ENGINE project, we're turning into a 'package deal'). We then flew to Düsseldorf, Germany to showcase at an international dance conference and perform a concert in Dortmund, Germany at a medieval church. It was exciting to step (no pun intended) into the dance world; looking forward to more collaborations with them. More...

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Scariot Change Album Name

SCARIOT, the Norwegian metal band led by Død (a.k.a. Daniel Olaisen; BLOOD RED THRONE), had changed the projected title of its recently completed new album to "Momentum Shift" from the previously announced "The Grand Design". In addition, the group has announced that it has inked a deal with FaceFront Records to release the CD sometime in the fall.

"Momentum Shift" was mixed at Top Room studios in Norway. Drumming duties on the album were handled by Asgeir Mickelson (SPIRAL ARCHITECT, BORKNAGAR) while the bass tracks were laid down by Steve DiGiorgio (TESTAMENT, SADUS, DEATH).

SCARIOT's last studio album, "Strange to Numbers", was released in 2003.

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John Tempesta To Fill On Testament's Tour

Drummer John Tempesta (ex-WHITE ZOMBIE, TESTAMENT, EXODUS, HELMET) will rejoin his former TESTAMENT bandmates on August 25 when the band play the Kaliakra Stadium in Sofia, Bulgaria. He will be filling in for Louie Clemente, who has been absent from the recent dates due to medical reasons.

Commented John: "It should be a lot of fun to play some thrash again!"

Filling in for Louie during July/early August is Paul Bostaph (ex-SLAYER) — a former member of TESTAMENT for a brief period starting around February 2004, who had also previously played several live dates with the group in 1992 and appeared on the band's 1993 live EP, "Return to the Apocalyptic City".

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Nick Barker Jams With Testament

Former CRADLE OF FILTH/DIMMU BORGIR and current BENEDICTION drummer Nick Barker joined TESTAMENT on stage for a special rendition of the Bay Area thrash classic "Over the Wall" during their headlining appearance at Rio's in Bradford, England on Tuesday, July 25. Watch a low-quality video clip of the performance at YouTube.com.

TESTAMENT was forced to cancel its July 26 show at JB's in Dudley, England due to "time and mechanical issues with the tour bus they are using," according to an official statement from the band. The group is scheduled to perform at the Metalway Festival in Jerez, Spain on Friday, July 28.

As previously reported, TESTAMENT drummer Louie Clemente is unable to perform with the band on the upcoming shows in July/August due to "medical reasons." Filling in for Louie is Paul Bostaph (ex-SLAYER) — a former member of TESTAMENT for a brief period starting around February 2004, who had also previously played several live dates with the group in 1992 and appeared on the band's 1993 live EP, "Return to the Apocalyptic City".

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Soilwork Frontman Honored To Sing With Testament

SOILWORK's vocalist Bjorn "Speed" Strid got the chance of a lifetime last weekend as he performed a song with legendary Bay Area Thrash icons Testament at the Earthshaker Festival. "We had an awesome time at Earthshaker (Fest In Germany) and Metalcamp (festival in Slovenia) this weekend. Thanx for awesome support...I personally wanna take the time to thank Chuck Billy and Testament for asking me and giving me the honor to perform "Into The Pit" together with them on stage at the Earthshaker Festival--it was truly a dream come (true), wow! Thank you so much, I'll carry it with me 'till the end."
SOILWORK's next North American appearance will take place this fall when they return for a five-week tour that will take them coast to coast starting October 5th. Also appearing on the bill will be Darkest Hour, Mnemic and Threat Signal.

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