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War Curse

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Band Photo: War Curse (?)

Formed: 2014
From: Cincinnati , OH, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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War Curse Reveals New Music, New Members

Ohio thrash act War Curse is pleased to announce that bassist Jason Viebrooks (Heathen/Grip Inc) and vocalist Blaine Goron have joined the band as permanent members. The group has already started to record new music and has revealed a short trailer video for the song "Serpent." Check it out in the player below.

Guitarist Justin Roth commented "We are damn proud of the way the new album is shaping up. We've taken our musicianship and song writing to another level since the release of 'Final Days,' and really pushed ourselves and each other to step outside of our comfort zones. It finally feels like we're firing on all cylinders with the current line up and we hope the fans agree when they get their hands on this stuff."

In further news, the band has also confirmed it will play Full Terror Assault Fest and will be touring Europe later this year with Solstice.

Check out the clip here: More...

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Dewar PR Releases Free Compilation

Dewar PR is celebrating a fourth anniversary by releasing a new compilation for free download. The 24 track compilation features a plethora of death, doom, black and thrash metal.

Grab your own free copy right here, and you can also stream all 24 songs below. The full compilation's track listing is as follows:

1. Castle Freak-Human Hive 02:47
2. War Curse-Final Days 05:19
3. Franks Enemy-Bring Our Drones Home 02:13
4. Heavy Temple-Love you to Death (Type O Negative cover) 05:44
5. Weoh-Ne Sorga 04:45
6. Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus-Immaculate Deconception 04:06
7. Stone Healer-Unconditional 08:18
8. Horse Head-Destroyer Television 05:05
9. Sicada-Sledge 03:58
10. Zoxim-Solace 06:16
11. Malphas-Legions 04:18
12. The Black Lantern-I Know You Don't Know 02:27
13. Invidiosus-Neurotic Misery 05:17
14. Siderian-The Small House 05:03
15. The Conquering-The Bloody Fields of Thezric 03:55
16. Infernal Altar-As the Lion Devours the Lamb (Unmastered) 04:40
17. Edge of Haze-Reach 04:42
18. Seraph In Travial-Bring Forth D 07:31
19. Killer Refrigerator-Autoerotic Refrigereration 01:31
20. Ghost Horizon-Pale Apparition 03:54
21. A Light Within-World Through the Window 04:47
22. The Beast of Nod-Hyperanal Hemorrhaging 04:42
23. ORCumentary-ORCtogenarian 07:06
24. Wisteria-Return to Nibiru 05:50 More...

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Static Tension Recordings Releases Compilation

Static Tension Recordings is celebrating the label's one year anniversary by releasing free compilation "Brain Damage."

Containing tracks from the label's first year in business, the album features everything from thrash (Reign of Fury, Biotoxic Warfare, Lucis Absentia, Tormenter) to black metal (Dead River Runs Dry, Curezum) and more.

You can download/stream the compilation for free through Bandcamp here or listen in below. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Sharp Weapons - Eat Another Chord
2. Reign Of Fury - Harbinger Of Decay
3. Curezum - The Top
4. The Wolf Council - The Day I Cleared The Debt
5. A Light Within - Between Shores
6. Curse of the North - Sleep While You Can
7. Dead River Runs Dry - Revenge Upon Fate
8. Biotoxic Warfare - Proclaim The Gospel Of Lies
9. Tormenter - Critical Stasis
10. War Curse - Severed Crosses
11. Biotoxic Warfare - Baptized In Blood
12. Allfather - Blood Red Sunset
13. Lucis Absentia - Colossus More...

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War Curse Signs With Static Tension

Originally due out in January, old school thrash outfit War Curse is now releasing the physical edition of "Final Days" debut on January 22, 2016.

The digital edition is already available via Bandcamp and can be heard below, while the cassette and CD versions will drop through Static Tension Recordings.

"Final Days" is highly recommended for fans of old-school Kreator, Megadeth, Havok, Testament and Metallica. The track listing is:

1. Dawn Patrol
2. Blue Line of Injustice
3. Severed Crosses
4. Final Days
5. New Chemical Warfare
6. Drudge More...

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Dewar PR Offering Free Metal Compilation

Dewar PR is excited to announce the release of a free November digital download compilation. This month's installment features a total of 15 tracks across a diverse range of the metal spectrum. Listen in below, or download your own free copy over here.

This compilation features brand new tracks by two black metal projects - Void Ritual and Dhampyr. The Void Ritual track, titled "Nachzehrer," is the first new material that the band has released since a split with Barshasketh in early 2015. The Dhampyr track is a trippy instrumental version of the forthcoming track "A Model in Heart Failure." The complete track listing is below:

1. Void Ritual-Nachzehrer 05:09
2. Dhampyr-A Model In Heart Failure 09:21
3. Osmium Gulliotine-Martyrdom 05:07
4. Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus-Let Them Perish 05:35
5. Myopic Empire-S.O.B. 05:03
6. We Deserve This (Feat Molitoth)-Pacific 03:41
7. Chugger-Rust 04:20
8. Extirpate-Unconventional Currency 03:51
9. Thorns of Sin-The Truth Awakening 04:01
10. A Light Within-Page #18 Grin 06:21
11. Infernal Altar-Forgotten Tomb 06:19
12. War Curse-Final Days 05:19
13. Will Z. feat Alice Artaud-The Empress 02:58
14. Possessor-Night of Venom 02:04
15. Caveat-Doge 06:47 More...

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War Curse Releasing "Final Days"

Old school thrash outfit War Curse is set to release debut "Final Days" on December 4, 2015. The album will have an official release on cassette with a CD pressing to follow in the coming months. The digital version is already available via Bandcamp, iTunes and major streaming services.

War Curse was formed in late 2013 by guitarists Justin Roth and Joshua Murphy, and drummer James Goetz. In 2014 the decision to pursue the project led to the recruitment of vocalist Tarek Puska, and a bassist named Death Metal Doug (who wasn't to last long).

Two bassists later, Eric Payne completes the line up and War Curse is melting faces around the Midwest, sharing the stage with notable bands like Raven, Viking, Unleash the Archers, and many more. With no plans on slowing down, War Curse will be heading back into the studio in early 2016 to record a follow up to “Final Days.” More...

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War Curse Premieres "Blue Line of Injustice"

The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it." - George Orwell

"The song “Blue Line of Injustice” is a direct reflection on the unfortunate society we’re living in," explains Cincinnati thrash act War Curse.

The band continues, "The value of human life varies greatly depending on socioeconomic status and the neighborhood (or country) in which you were born. Look no further than the streets of New York City and the death of Eric Garner for proof that justice isn’t always served. When a man is choked to death over suspicion of selling a cigarette, and his killer not only walks free, but maintains his job as a member of law enforcement, there is a problem.

"People are fed up, and our hearts are with them. Until everyone, regardless of profession, is held to the same human standard, and accountability for one’s actions is equal and acceptable across the board, there will be no peace in the streets. We’re heading down a very ugly path in America right now and it’s the duty of every citizen to voice their opinion in a civil, intelligent, but ferociously non compromising manor when it comes to the systematic abuse of power.

"This song, this album, and this band is devoted to speaking the inconvenient truths that need to be heard. If we offend a few people along the way, that’s fine. At least we’re standing up for our beliefs and being heard, and to us, that’s what being a musician is all about." More...

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