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Formed: 1989
From: Norway
Last Known Status: Disbanded


Formed in 1989, Cadaver released two albums (Hallucinating Anxiety , In Pains ) before disbanding in 1993. Reformed (and renamed Cadaver Inc.) in 1999, the band released their third album, Discipline in 2001. Touring efforts put them on the radar for US fans - a nationwide trek seeing them alongside Morbid Angel. Coupled with their highly controversial web site, still under investigation by the Norwegian government, the band piqued US extreme music fan's curiosity.

Dropping Inc from their name, Cadaver, featuring vocalist Apollyon, drummer Czral, bassist LJ Balvaz with founding member/guitarist Neddo, signed to Candlelight Records and are poised to continue the onslaught they have long delivered.

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Magenta's "Art and Accidents" To Get US Release

Described as The Human League meets Sisters of Mercy, dark eclectic band Magenta's latest album, "Art and Accidents," will finally see a North American release on April 10 via Vendlus Music.

Fronted by vocalist Vilde Lockert, MAGENTA was formed in Norway in the summer of 1995 by Anders Odden, whose experience includes stints with bands such as APOPTYGMA BERZERK and CADAVER, as well as recording for SATYRICON, live guitarist with CELTIC FROST and guesting with MINISTRY. Over the years, the band has released a series of albums and singles, as well as a video with MORTIIS, and the current lineup was completed by guitarist Daniel Hill in 2006. Hill’s arrival signalled the start of a new dynamism and creativity for the band, which has culminated in the release of “Art And Accidents” on the All This And Music Too label on February 9.

The band has steadfastly refused to be stereotyped and likes to work outside of the conventional genre definitions, using elements that include rock, pop, metal, trip hop, electro, techno, industrial, new wave, gothic, acoustic, psychedelic, trance and film music. Odden best summed it up his creation like this: “MAGENTA is my playground where I can be as diverse and melodic as I want. Not being tied to any particular genre definition means we don’t have to restrict ourselves too narrowly, and allows us all to make the kind of music we feel like making at any given time. We all have a lot of musical experience in many genres, and as individuals we work with amazingly diverse types of artists, both in the studio and live, and each of us brings something a bit unique to the mix.”

“Art and Accidents” includes guest appearances by GOTHMINISTER, Jonas Groth and Stu Manx from GLUECIFER, and Angel and Geir from APOPTYGMA BERZERK, and is complemented by the release of two specially commissioned videos by Sandra Jensen for the track “Darkest Dream.”

Here is the “Art And Accidents” track listing: More...

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Headline News

Ved Buens Ende Split Up

The resurrected VED BUENS ENDE (Norwegian for "At the End of the Rainbow"), the Norwegian avant-garde metal band that split up in 1997 after releasing only one full-length album (1995's "Written in Waters") through Misanthropy Records, has once again called it quits. An official statement on the matter is expected soon.

Ved Buens Ende's most recent lineup consisted of the following musicians:

Carl-Michael "Czral" Eide (AURA NOIR, CADAVER, DØDHEIMSGARD) - Guitars, Vocals
Yusaf "Vicotnik" Parvez (DØDHEIMSGARD) - Guitars, Vocals
Einar "Esso" Sjursø (BEYOND DAWN, INFERNÖ, VIRUS) - Drums

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Celtic Frost Announce New Touring Guitarist

The Emperors return! On the eve of next week’s European warm-up shows, prior to their June 3 Rock Hard Festival debut, Swiss metal pioneers CELTIC FROST have announced the addition of Norwegian guitar player Anders Odden to their touring line-up. Odden, who has played with Apoptygma Berzerk, Satyricon, Cadaver, and Mayhem, auditioned for the group in April, and returned to Zurich, Switzerland, CELTIC FROST's base, last week for dedicated tour rehearsals. A life-long CELTIC FROST devotee, Odden will be performing with the band for their summer festival performances ( full band itinerary here).

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Cadaver Call It Quits

Norway's Cadaver have called it quits. Here is an official statement from the band's website:

Cadaver have decided to split up after 15 years of underground service, and 4 studio albums. We would like to thank our fans for all these years and all the people who supported us. Thank you all!

Anders Odden, Carl-Michael Eide, Lasse Johansen and Ole Jørgen Moe.

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April 20 Confirmed As Cadaver's 'Necrosis' Release

Candlelight Records confirms April 20 as the US release date for the new album from Norway's Cadaver. Titled Necrosis , it is the fourth full-length album from the popular technical death metal band.

Signing with Candlelight Records in late 2003, Necrosis is sure to see Cadaver's US fanbase and overall personnae expanding ten-fold. The track listing for Necrosis is as follows: Necro as Fuck, Decomposed Meal Skin, Evil is Done, Odium, Awakening, Goat Father, Unholy Death, The Etching, Cleanser, Heartworm.

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Candlelight Signs Cadaver and Khold

Candlelight Records announces the addition of Norway's CADAVER and KHOLD to the label's growing worldwide roster. France's Blut Aus Nord, Poland's Niya and England's Mithras also join Candlelight, signalling the label's most aggressive artist acquisition period in its ten-plus year history. All are scheduled to release new albums in the coming months.

Norway's CADAVER date to 1989. The now popular death metal band released their full-length debut Hallucinating Anxiety via Earache Records in 1990, followed by In Pains in 1992. Growing sales and interest, however, could not hold back the rising interest in black metal thus Cadaver would separate in 1993. Reformed (and renamed Cadaver Inc.) in 1999 by founding band member Neddo, the band completed their contract with Earache in 2001 releasing their third album, Discipline . The band would tour with Morbid Angel, Extreme Noise Terror and visit the US for the first time in support of the record, quickly regaining the interest and support they had in 1993. Signing with Candlelight, the band - currently featuring vocalist Apollyon, drummer Czral, bassist LJ Balvaz with guitarist Neddo - drop Inc and prepare for the release of their fourth album, Necrosis . The album is confirmed for US release April 20.

Formed in 2000, KHOLD come to Candlelight with already two previous albums recorded to their credit. Masterpiss of Pain and Phantom (Moonfog) both received high accolades via metal magazines and fans worldwide - no doubt initially inspired by interest from the members, including vocalist/guitarist Gard (Old Mans Child), drummer Sarke (Old Mans Child) and bassist Brandr (Red Harvest), other band associations. The band has been likened to an "updated Bathory or Darkthrone." The band are currently completing their label debut, with release expected in May.

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Cadaver Complete New Recordings

Norwegian extreme metal veterans Cadaver have completed the recording of their new album with Norwegian producer Bjorn Boge (Mayhem, Arcturus, Borknagar, etc).

At the moment, the band (Neddo - guitars, Apollyon - vocals/bass, Agrezor - drums, Balvaz - guitars) are trying to decide what the title of the new album will be (According to Neddo, it's either going to be called Necroism or Necro As Fuck), and are now pursuing to shop the album around for a stable record deal (as the band and Earache have parted ways).

The tracklisting for the new Cadaver album is as follows: More...

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