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Stuck Mojo

From: Atlanta, GA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Metal Allegiance Playing Bloodstock Festival

Bloodstock's 2016 festival will take place at Catton Park, Derbyshire on August 11th - 14th and now three more bands have been added to the lineup. The festival's organizers comment:

"The Metal Allegiance project joins the bill! You never know who’ll show up on stage at a Metal Allegiance show, but the line-up confirmed so far includes Testament’s Alex Skolnick, Death Angel’s Mark Osegueda, Anthrax’s Scott Ian & Charlie Benante, Russell Allen from Symphony X, Gary Holt from Slayer & Exodus, Mike Portnoy of Twisted Sister/numerous other projects, plus Metal Allegiance leader, Mark Menghi. Who else might step into their ranks for the day? You’ll have to be at Bloodstock to find out!!"

Mike Portnoy adds, “I'm so excited for Metal Allegiance to make their UK debut at one of the most metal festivals on Earth! The perfect audience to share this brotherhood of metal with."

Also joining the 2016 line-up are Atlanta’s Stuck Mojo and New Orleans metal outfit Goatwhore. This trio of bands joins the previously announced Mastodon, Twisted Sister, Slayer, Behemoth, Anthrax, Gojira, Dragonforce, and Satyricon. More...

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Video Of Adrenaline Mob's Live Debut Posted Online

Professionally filmed footage of the live debut from Adrenaline Mob, the new band featuring former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy, Symphony X vocalist Russell Allen, Stuck Mojo/Fozzy guitarist Rich Ward, guitarist Mike Orlando and bassist Paul DiLeo (of Nena fame,) has been posted online. You can check out the video, which shows the band performing the classic Black Sabbath song, "The Mob Rules," below. The video was recorded on June 24th at The Hiro Ballroom in New York City. More...

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Mike Portnoy's Adrenaline Mob Posts Album Teaser

Adrenaline Mob, the new progressive metal act from Mike Portnoy, has posted a short sampler online to promote its impending debut album. You can check out the album teaser in the player below. The new group also features Stuck Mojo/Fozzy guitarist Rich Ward, Symphony X vocalist Russell Allen, Sonic Stomp guitar player Mike Orlando and bassist Paul DiLeo.

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Mike Portnoy Reveals New Band Details

Former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy, who left the band last year, has revealed some details about one of his new musical endeavors.

Portnoy has announced that he has formed a new group named Adrenaline Mob, and that the band also features Stuck Mojo/Fozzy guitarist Rich Ward, Symphony X vocalist Russell Allen, Sonic Stomp guitar player Mike Orlando and bassist Paul DiLeo. The quintet will make its live debut in New York on June 24 and are currently working on a debut album.

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Halcyon Way Cancels Tour With Stuck Mojo

Atlanta based act Halcyon Way has canceled the band's upcoming European tour with Stuck Mojo. The band commented on the cancellation:

"Guitarist Jon Bodan was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma, a form of cancer. After weeks of intense testing, it was the opinion of Jon’s doctors and everyone involved with the tour that the best course of action was for the band to not take part in the tour. This will allow Jon to quickly begin an aggressive treatment program.

"All of the members of Halcyon Way would like to thank the fans and the members of Fozzy, Stuck Mojo and their management team for all of your support and understanding. We hope to make the trip to Europe in the near future! At this time, the band is looking forward to Jon’s speedy recovery and playing Florida Power Fest in December with Blind Guardian!"

Halcyon Way released the sophomore album, “Building The Towers”, through Nightmare Records in North America on October 12th, 2010.

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Amorphis Confirms Festival Appearance

Finnish progressive metallers Amorphis have announced their participation in the upcoming 2010 edition of the Aalborg Metal Festival. Aalborg Metal Festival 2010 is set to take place November 5-6, 2010 at Studenterhuset in Aalborg, Denmark. Other notable acts scheduled to appear include Immolation, Napalm Death, Katatonia and Pestilence.

The Aalborg Metal Festival 2010 is as follows:

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Halcyon Way Announces Tour With Stuck Mojo

Atlanta’s Stuck Mojo and Halcyon Way are teaming up together for a European tour in October/November 2010. The currently announced dates are as follows:

10/25 Sala Totem, Pamplona, SPAIN
10/26 Sala Live, Madrid, SPAIN
10/27 Sala Salamandra, Barcelona, SPAIN
10/28 Ninkasi Kao, Lyon, FRANCE
10/29 Schuur, Luzern, SWITZERLAND
10/30 Rockstüble, Pforzheim, Baden-Würt, GERMANY
10/31 Viper, Vienna, AUSTRIA
11/1 Posthof, Linz, AUSTRIA
11/2 Duerer Kert, Budapest, HUNGARY
11/3 Marty´s Club, Ceske Budejovice, CZECH REPUBLIC
11/4 L.A. Cham, Cham, GERMANY
11/5 Alte Zuckerfabrik, Rostock, GERMANY
11/7 K17, Berlin, GERMANY
11/8 Logo, Hamburg, GERMANY
11/9 Bastard Club, Osnabrück, GERMANY

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Former Soulfly & Stuck Mojo Members Form New Band

Former Soulfly bassist Bobby Burns, who only left the band last week, has announced that he has formed a brand new group named Killer In The Workplace, which also features former Stuck Mojo frontman Bonz. You can check out a video message from Burns below, in which he discusses leaving Soulfly and forming Killer In The Workplace. More...

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Sunday Old School: Stuck Mojo

Rap metal is a genre that has long been the subject of much criticism within the heavy metal community. Most fans when thinking of the term, tend to be reminded of the late '90s/early Century nu-metal genre and bands like Limp Bizkit. However, before the nu metal phase came into effect, there were a handful of bands that dared to mix heavy metal music with hip-hop frontmen, following the example set by Anthrax and Public Enemy.

One of the earliest of these bands was the Atlanta based Stuck Mojo, who could shred with the best and featured influences as wide as Black Sabbath to Run D.M.C. The group was formed in 1989 by guitarist Rich Ward and continued for a further six years before they were able to release their first full length album, "Snappin' Necks" in 1995 through Century Media Records. The band wasn't well received at first, with some critics labelling the band as Rage Against The Machine clones and even facing prejudice as a result of their African-American frontman Bonz. However, they were better received in Europe, where they won the MTV Europe Award for Best Live Act. The band released a second album the next year entitled, "Pigwalk" which, while not receiving many more favourable reviews, helped to expand their fan base across the globe. More...

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Rich Ward Discusses New Fozzy Album

Rich Ward, the guitarist for rap metal legends Stuck Mojo and heavy metal band Fozzy, was recently interviewed by Australia's PyroMusic.net. When asked about the forthcoming new Fozzy album, "Chasing The Grail" here's what he had to say:

Rich Ward: "The record is really cool man, it's one of the best records I've ever written and I'm really fired up about it. So in any case, I came off tour in late November with Stuck Mojo in Europe and ever since then I've been working on this record and just finally finished, putting the final touches on it. (Chris) Jericho wrote all the lyrics and it was nice because I had the lyric sheets to work off of to start with, because unless I have something really that I want to talk about, something that's either impacting my life or experiences that I've gone through or just topics of interest. Sometimes lyrics are difficult for me, it's like, what do you want to write about? When I'm writing, usually it's about heartache or I hate the president, or something, and it's like, I don't want to write another song about how the president's stupid, just like, good grief. There's so much territory, there's so many paths that are so worn down, you just want to find something fresh to write about. And Jericho's got a really cool mind, and he likes lots of kind of fantasy stuff, he reads a lot of fiction books, so it's really cool to get his lyric sheets. And of course I have to do some arrangement stuff sometimes to make his prose fit into the song structure, but it's been fun. I love writing and recording, it's one of my favourite things to do. And then today I have a keyboard session to work on some big, nasty Hammond B3 Organ stuff on some of the material, some of it has kind of a classic, DEEP PURPLE on steroids kind of feel. There's going to be a couple of songs that are going to have a bit of that. And then I start tracking guitars tomorrow, so fun, fun."

PyroMusic: How is the new Fozzy material shaping up compared to previous releases?

Rich Ward: "It's just as heavy, it's probably... well actually there are moments on the record that are really, really heavy and then there's a couple of moments on the record that are a little more like... did you have the first Fozzy record, the self-titled one that had all the covers on it?" More...

Read the full article at PyroMusic.net.

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Stuck Mojo Guitarist Discusses "Country Road" Song

Stuck Mojo/Fozzy guitarist Rich Ward recently did an interview with Hard Rock Magazine France during which he was asked about the Stuck Mojo song, "Country Road." You can read an excerpt below:

Hard Rock: Can you tell us more about the 'Country Road' song? Is it a cover of the classic John Denver song? I must admit that I don't really know this traditional country song, but listening to it on the internet, the only strong similarity I could find between both songs would be the steel pedal guitar playing, since both the lyrics – except for a small part of the ending chorus – and the melodies have nothing to do with John Denver's song, at least not exactly. So, is it your own version of this song or has it nothing to do with it? Was it a song that just inspired you and from which you drew a few elements to write a very specific song? It really sounds different from the rest of the album, it even doesn't sound as if Lord Nelson was singing it. Is it Rich on the vocals?

Rich Ward: "I took the chorus from the original John Denver song and built an entirely new song around it. I sing the first verse and Lord Nelson on the second verse. The idea for recording the song came from a request that my mother made over 10 years ago. On some level, I'm sure my Mom was proud of me for teaching myself to play guitar and for sticking with it, but she never understood the music I chose to play. You know, in her mind NOISE! For the longest time she would ask me, 'Could you just play a song I know?' I asked her what song she would like for me to play and she said, 'How about Country Road by John Denver?' I agreed to learn and play it for her the next time I came home for a visit. So for the next 7 or 8 years, every time I would come home, she would ask me if I had learned the song. After all these years, I finally realized that for my Mom, it was more about living up to my word, my commitment, than it was about playing the song for her. Keeping your word means a lot to my Mom and I'm glad that I can finally keep my promise and play her the song she loves so much. As for Lord's connection to the song, his mother died of cancer when he was young, so he wrote the second verse as a tribute to her."

Read the full article at this location..

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Stuck Mojo Posts Tour Documentary Online

Rap metal legends Stuck Mojo has posted a two part video online documenting their October 24th show in Berlin, Germany. You can check it out below. Stuck Mojo's new album, "The Great Revival" will be released on November 28th via Napalm Records. More...

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Stuck Mojo Announces New Album Title, Tracklisting

Atlanta based rap metal legends Stuck Mojo has announced that their forthcoming new album will be entitled, "The Great Revival" and is set for a November 28th release via Napalm Records.

The tracklisting for "The Great Revival" is as follows:

1. Worshipping A False God
2. 15 Minutes Of Fame
3. Friends
4. The Flood
5. Now That You're All Alone
6. There's A Doctor In Town
7. The Fear
8. There's A Miracle Coming
9. Country Road
10. Invincible
11. Superstar Part 1 (The Journey Begins)
12. Superstar Part 2 (The World Of Egos And Theives)

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Details Of New Stuck Mojo Album Revealed

A spokesperson for Stuck Mojo has issued the following update:

"I spoke with (founder/guitarist) Rich (Ward) on Sunday, August 31st, as he was getting ready to board a plane to the UK to do some mixing at Andy Sneap's studio. He's had his recording "blinders" on for the past few weeks, so he's been a tough guy to reach.

"Rich will be holed up at Andy's for the next eight days, putting in some seriously long hours to get as much accomplished as possible in the relatively short timeframe. More...

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Stuck Mojo Secures Australian Record Deal

Stuck Mojo have struck a new, two record deal with Australian based Riot Entertainment. The first release will be the bands latest effort, "Southern Born Killers."

Founding member Rich Ward says: "If you're lucky enough, sometimes in your career you can end up working with your friends. Those who are extraordinarily lucky, will have the opportunity to work with friends who are among the best in the world at what they do. Today, I am happy to announce that I am once again one of those extraordinarily lucky people, as STUCK MOJO have signed an exclusive, multi-album Australian deal with Riot Entertainment!"

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Volbeat Will Not Tour The U.K. With Stuck Mojo

Danish metal act Volbeat have posted the following message:

"Last week it was announced on various websites that VOLBEAT were to tour the UK with STUCK MOJO in October 2008.

"These UK dates will not include VOLBEAT. VOLBEAT were never asked to play the UK with STUCK MOJO and the dates were announced without our consent.

"At this very moment we are laying the final touch on what is to be our third album, currently slated for a pan-European release in September. We look forward to returning to the UK in conjunction with this release."

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Volbeat Add U.K. Dates To European Tour

Volbeat have now added some shows in Great Britain as part of their European tour with Stuck Mojo. Check out the full schedule below.

1 - Manchester, England - Music Box
2 - Nottingham, England - Junktion 7
3 - Glasgow, Scotland - Cathouse
4 - Leeds, England - Rio's
5 - Wolverhampton, England - Little Civic
6 - London, England - Underworld
8 - Paris, France - La Scene Bastille
9 - Rijssen, Netherlands - Lucky & Co Podium
10 - Hamburg, Germany - Grobe Freiheit 36
11 - Antwerp, Belgium - Hof Ter Lo
13 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paradiso
14 - Offenbach, Germany - Capitol
20 - München, Germany - Backstage Werk
21 - Pratteln, Switzerland - Z7
22 - Strasbourg, France - La Laiterie
23 - Cologne, Germany - E-Werk
24 - Berlin, Germany - Columbia Club
25 - Osnabrück, Germany - Halle Gartlage

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Volbeat Announces European Tour

Danish metallers Volbeat will be heading to Europe for an October tour. Support will come from crossover legends Stuck Mojo. The dates can be seen below:

8 - Paris, France - La Scene Bastille
9 - Rijssen, Netherlands - Lucky & Co Podium
10 - Hamburg, Germany - Grobe Freiheit 36
11 - Antwerp, Belgium - Hof Ter Lo
13 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paradiso
14 - Offenbach, Germany - Capitol
20 - München, Germany - Backstage Werk
21 - Pratteln, Switzerland - Z7
22 - Strasbourg, France - La Laiterie
23 - Cologne, Germany - E-Werk
24 - Berlin, Germany - Columbia Club
25 - Osnabrück, Germany - Halle Gartlage

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Stuck Mojo Jumps at More Shows

Crossover metal act Stuck Mojo have just announced the addition of three more tour dates on their North American trek, with even more shows being added soon.

Currently on the road in support of “Southern Born Killers,” recently re-issued by Napalm Records, the genre-blending Atlanta natives are also promoting their newest material. The band’s eighth full-length album is scheduled for release later this year.

The newly announced shows are:

June 8th - Virginia Beach, VA – Gil's Bar and Grill
June 14th - Maplewood, MN – The Rock Nightclub
June 17th - East St. Louis, IL – Pop's

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More Bands Added To Stuck Mojo U.S. Tour

Rap metal legends Stuck Mojo have posted the following update:

"Stuck Mojo, when first starting out, received some high profile tour opportunities to open for some great bands; some of it was luck, some of it was based on shear talent. We have never forgotten those experiences and today, in the spirit of those times, we give bands the same opportunity by having them come tour with us! When you come see us on tour this June, make sure to check out a couple of bands you might not normally be familiar with or have had the opportunity to see! Stuck Mojo proudly welcomes HATEFIST from Seattle and VENDETTA from the UK as our tour support! Take some time, check out their links below and come pit for them when we come to a city near you!!"

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