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Formed: 1992
From: Albany, NY, United States
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Skinless News

Below is our complete Skinless news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Skinless Enters The Studio

New York's most brutal death metal maniacs from Skinless have entered the studio to record a new album.

After reforming in the Summer of 2013, Skinless is recording the band's first new album in over eight years. The group is preparing seven new destructive anthems at Edie Road Studios in Argyle, NY with engineer Tom Case and will then send it off for mixing to Dave Otero (Cephalic Carnage, Primitive Man) and then mastering at Audio Siege Studios in Portland (Obituary, Nails).

The album is planned for a Spring 2015 release via Relapse Records with tentative song titles including "Serpenticide," "Skinless," and "The Beast Smells Blood." Artwork will be handled by Ken Sarafin.

Guitarist Noah Carpenter commented on the upcoming material: "Finally, for the first time since 2006, Skinless is in the studio hammering out a new album. We can't wait to get this out to the fans and hear some feedback. These songs have the Skinless heavy groove but we added guitar solos and some different elements to bring it to the next level. The album cover has just been finished and it's easily our best one yet. Lots more info coming in the next few months."

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Skinless Re-Signs With Relapse

Relapse Records is extremely proud to announce the official re-signing of recently reunited New York death metal legends Skinless, who also recruited the confusingly named Dave Matthews as a new guitarist last week.

Formed in 1992, in Albany, New York, Skinless has released four full-length albums and numerous EPs throughout a 20+ year career. After disbanding in 2011, the group is now back together with the classic "Progression Towards Evil" lineup (vocalist Sherwood Webber, guitarist Noah Carpenter, bassist Joe Keyser and drummer Bob Beaulac) plus the recent addition of Dave Matthews on second guitar.

Comments vocalist Sherwood Webber: "Relapse Records! I'm sure it's rare for a band to speak so highly of their label after a thirteen-year relationship. It's an honor to have such a team to work with. Relapse's support and friendship is beyond appreciated. The Relapse experience is hard to explain, but you can notice immense camaraderie between all the bands on the roster. It's been one of the great privileges I've had in the music business to be a part of the Relapse family. Thanks guys, tell the world it's doomed!"

Adds founding guitarist Noah Carpenter: "We're proud to be a part of the sadistic Relapse family once again. Skinless is far overdue for a new album so that will be our priority for the next year. Basically we're going to put the Progression, Foreshadowing and Trample albums into a blender, add some guitar solos and serve up the heaviest Skinless release yet."

The group will soon begin writing a follow-up to 2006's "Trample The Weak, Hurdle The Dead," which is expected to be released in late 2014. You can also catch the band live:

12/14/2013 Denver Black Sky @ The Gothic Theatre - Denver, CO
01/17/2014 Upstate Concert Hall - Clifton Park, NY w/ Section 8, Stigmata, Overcast
01/18/2014 Upstate Concert Hall - Clifton Park, NY w/ Stigmata, Section 8, Wartime Manner, The Final Sleep, Born Low

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Dave Matthews Joins Skinless

Reunited death metal assassins Skinless are pleased to welcome new guitarist Dave Matthews to their rambunctious ranks. Matthews will join founding guitarist, Noah Carpenter, in full-on axe combat yet to be experienced by mere mortals. Comments Carpenter:

"Yeah, yeah....his name is Dave Matthews, but I assure you he's much more metal than that crappy acoustic guy. It's good to have Dave on board. We've known him from the local Albany metal scene for almost 20 years. Dave and I also play together in the thrash band Armor Column and I thought he'd be an asset to Skinless as well. Dave is an excellent musician.

"We wanted to add guitar solos and more dual guitar attack to the new Skinless material. It also allows us to play the guitar harmonies from the previous albums that we haven't been able to do live. He's been rehearsing with us since we reunited but he wasn't quite ready for the 70-minute set at Delaware Death Fest recently. He'll be joining us on stage at Denver Black Sky in December. We're ready to crush!"

Adds vocalist Sherwood Webber: "Adding Dave is a great introduction to the new chapter of Skinless. Being in the band now feels like a return to the earlier days with everyone having a focus on complete brutality. It's a new era for us, but a return to the original spirit of Skinless. I'm excited to have Dave in the band, his work ethic and talent are beyond question and will help us create the best record in the bands history." More...

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Skinless To Headline Delaware Deathfest

New York death metal act Skinless has reformed after a 2 year hiatus to headline the third day of the Delaware Deathfest this October alongside label-mates Dying Fetus, Exhumed, Ringworm, Howl, and Call of the Void plus Suffocation, Deicide, Broken Hope, Brutality, and many more.

The 2nd annual Delaware Deathfest takes place October 4-6 in Wilmington, DE at Mojo 13. Commented vocalist Sherwood Webber:

"We’re back, the classic Skinless lineup has always had an undeniable live chemistry and it’s time to unleash the beast again. We’re all old buddies and if we have the opportunity to destroy some stages around the world again, it feels right….who knows what’s next?!? In keeping with the old Skinless credo of not giving a fuck…we’re back to destroy….we can’t let Exhumed have ALL the fun! Also….. if you ever told me that we’d be playing with Brutality when I was 15 years old listening to the Screams Of Anguish tape in Noah’s Camaro, I would never have believed it, this is awesome!"

Guitarist Noah Carpenter adds: "This is the lineup that put Skinless on the metal map, so it's great to be back. We won't be the road dogs of the past, but we'll be playing some select festivals and drinking all their beer. So sit back, slip on your absorbent undergarments, and let the mayhem begin......again!"

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Maryland Death Fest IX Day Four

Fatigue had definitely begun to set in by Day Four. Through the beer belly, muscle ache (everyone’s hotel was up the hill), blown-out senses, and heat I thought could only happen in the south, I persevered though badly worn. The venue was getting pretty rough also. Everyone was tired, but still partying hard. Inside it was sticky and stinky like it had not been before. But that didn’t stop anyone from enjoying the rest of the great lineup on the last day of the mighty MDF.

Bright and early in the afternoon (although it seemed like night in the main room), hometown boys Visceral Disgorge began the festivities. They brought to mind the early works of death metal. Trauma and gore galore, this band encompassed the snarl inhaled low growls, din-destroying high tuned snare, gallop picking guitar done by Eric.

Bad acid Trip’s singer Dirk Rogers opening question to us was, “Is everyone drunk?,” and by just the sight of the crowd through the hours it was obvious that we all were. Crazed rock riffage and grindcore led this band to a energetic frenzy. Dirk was like Ian Curtis and Johnny Rotten; a twisted love child onstage. This band had true dynamic ranging from guttural blasts to hardcore breakdowns to strange, psychotic circus dementia. More...

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Video From Skinless' Final Performance Posted

Live footage has made its way online featuring the final concert performance from death metal acrt Skinless. You can check out the footage in the player below. The video was taken during the band's appearance at this year's Maryland Deathfest event.

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Skinless Comments On Final Performance

Death metal battalion Skinless will play its last show at this year's edition of the Maryland Deathfest in Baltimore. Vocalist Sherwood Webber, drummer Bob Beaulac, guitarist Noah Carpenter, and bassist Joe Keyser are prepared to scathe listeners with tunes off "Progression Towards Evil" and "Foreshadowing Our Demise" for one last time.

Commented Webber of the band's final performance: "This is death metal, so things can’t live forever, and here... we have an end! I’m stoked the guys at the Deathfest thought of us to do the show. It makes sense and we’re all down to do it. I know Noah announced the band's demise a couple weeks ago, so it will be like seeing a ghost, then going to see Ghost ha!"

"You can expect to see the sickest Skinless show ever," he promises. "Last year's reunion show was killer. It was everything a Skinless show should be about the finality of the MDF performance will definitely make it.......final! The final nail! Everyone in the band are still great friends. I live in Denver and we all have a lot going on in our lives now. We did way more than I ever expected. It was a lot of drive that made it happen; hard fucking work! I’d like to personally thank everyone that got behind us: Relapse, Ted Etoll and Step Up Presents, and most importantly the metal fans all over the world! I’m over-the-top stoked for the show. If you can’t be there, there is always the miracle of YouTube. You never know what the musical future holds for all of us...keep a look out! Everyone take care, and always...stay brutal!"

Skinless will be performing at thef estival on Sunday, May 29th in the main room at 6:45pm.

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Maryland Deathfest To Go On At Sonar As Planned

The Maryland Deathfest organizers report that "Sonar will be re-opening before MDF, and technically they already have."

As previously reported, the venue of the Maryland Deathfest was up in the air when Baltimore's Sonar nightclub failed to renew their liquor license and closed its doors.

The organizers futher commented: "These last couple of days have been incredibly confusing and stressful, but we are currently back to the regularly scheduled program. And don't worry, beyond plan B is a plan C, because that's how we roll. See you in a couple of weeks."

As such, the set times that were previously announced should now hold.

Here's the updated flier: More...

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Maryland Deathfest 2011 To Change Venues

The ninth annual Maryland Deathfest has announced the final lineup and set times for the event. However, not long after announcing these details came word that the Baltimore venue, Sonar, unexpectedly closed its doors today. The festival organizers claim to have a backup plan that should involve little to no inconvenience to ticket holders (even those coming from out of town) and will be releasng more details soon.

Until then, the announced lineup and set times are as follows:

Thursday, May 26th
Entrance opens at 4 pm

WITCHAVEN - 4:45 - 5:15
SHITSTORM - 5:30 - 5:55
NOISEAR - 6:10 - 6:40
MIASMAL - 6:55 - 7:30
LACK OF INTEREST - 7:45 - 8:20
FLESH PARADE - 8:35 - 9:10
EXTORTION - 9:25 - 10:00
BUZZOV*EN - 10:15 - 11:00
TRAGEDY - 11:15 - 12:00
CATHEDRAL - 12:15 - end More...

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MD Deathfest Cancellations and Replacements

The Maryland Deathfest organizers have announced that Death Breath and Devourment have canceled their scheduled appearances at the event this year and replacements have been named.

Death Breath has issued the following statement regarding their cancellation:

"Production difficulties with the complexity of the band being spread all over the world made an error in the schedule, so we simply had to cancel as we felt we couldn´t achieve a good performance. To do a one off show is actually more difficult than we thought. We are very sorry for this and wanna say thanks for understanding to the fans and the promoter."

Devourment canceled as the result of a member in the band attending to family matters.

As a result of these cancellations, In Solitude (Sweden) will be making the band's first U.S. appearance, and Skinless will be playing the act's last ever show, and with the original line up. In Solitude will be playing on Saturday, and Skinless will be playing on Sunday.

The final Deathfest schedule was to be released this Friday, April 29th, but these changes have delayed those plans. Expect a complete schedule next week.

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Headline News

Skinless To Go On Hiatus

American death metal veterans Skinless have announced that they have decided to disband after nineteen years. A statement from guitarist Noah Carpenter reads as follows:

"We know that many of our fans are restless and wondering what is happening with Skinless, and for the last few years we haven't even known either. I'm not going to go into a deep, detailed description of what has transpired since the Trample album, but we were plagued with lineup issues once again. The frustration of 1 step forward and 2 steps back forced me to just put the band on hiatus and try to recharge the batteries for a while.

"In June 2010 we reunited the old lineup (from the first 2 CDS) for a show in New York, and I had anticipated that we'd end up writing a new album in that formation. When the time came for serious discussions about moving forward with the album a couple of the guys told me they didn't have the 'fire' and/or time to dedicate to the project. For several months afterwards I continued to work on new material and jammed with potential new band members. But, much like the other guys, I concluded that I didn't have the 'fire' either, and my inspiration was more directed towards my other band Armor Column. More...

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Origin Recruits Skinless Vocalist

American extreme metal outfit Origin has announced that Skinless vocalist Jason Keyser has taken over the role as the band's new lead singer. Keyser will be making his debut with the band on the forthcoming North American tour with Vital Remains, Hate Eternal and Abysmal Dawn. The tour dates are as follows:

June 15 - Emo's – Austin, TX
June 16 - Sorority House – Amarillo, TX
June 17 - The Marquis Theatre – Denver, CO
June 19 - The Clubhouse – Tempe, AZ
June 20 - The Key Club – Hollywood, CA
June 21 - Slim's – San Francisco, CA
June 22 - The Alley – Sparks, NV
June 24 - Studio Seven – Seattle, WA
June 25 - Rickshaw Theater – Vancouver, BC
June 26 - Lake City Bowl – Kelowna, BC
June 27 - The Distillery – Calgary, AB
June 28 - Pawn Shop – Edmonton, AB
June 30 - The Exchange – Regina, SK
July 1 - Royal Albert Arms – Winnipeg, MB
July 2 - Station 4 – St. Paul, MN
July 3 - The Annex – Madison, WI
July 5 - Reggie's Rock Club – Chicago, IL
July 6 - Peabody's – Cleveland, OH
July 7 - Wreck Room – Toronto, ON
July 8 - Les Foufounes Electriques – Montreal, QC
July 9 - The Palladium – Worcester, MA
July 10 - Santo's Party House – New York, NY
July 13 - The Oasis – Charleston, SC
July 14 - Firestone Live – Orlando, FL

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Enemy Reign Announces To Open for Nile

Denver, CO extreme metal band ENEMY REIGN will play a hometown show with death metal bands Nile, Immolation, Krisiun and Dreaming Dead on Monday, January 25, 2010 at the Bluebird Theater [3317 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO]. View tour poster here.

In related news, the band will release their "Means To A Dead End EP" in Europe through Neurotic Records. The EP was recorded by Dave Otero at Flatline Audio (Cephalic Carnage, Martriden, Cobalt et al) in 2008 and, until now, was self-distributed through the ENEMY REIGN online webstore. The European version of this EP will contain one newly recorded exclusive bonus track entitled "If The Truth Hurts...Suffer," as well as exclusive art work. More...

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Enemy Reign To Release EP In Europe on Neurotic

Colorado-based extreme metallers ENEMY REIGN will release their "Means To A Dead End" EP in Europe through Neurotic Records. The EP was recorded by Dave Otero at Flatline Audio (Cephalic Carnage, Martriden, Cobalt et al) in 2008 and, until now, self-distributed through the ENEMY REIGN online webstore. The European version of this EP will contain one newly recorded exclusive bonus track entitled "If The Truth Hurts...Suffer." The European version will also have exclusive art work and other bonus materials. You can check out the cover here.

ENEMY REIGN features the lineup of former Skinless vocalist Sherwood Webber alongside drummer Andon Guenther (Deadspeak; creative director, programmer, and co-creator of Sick Drummer Magazine), guitarist Nick Guenther (Becoming The Enemy, Masakado) and bassist Cassie Begay (Throat Culture/Throcult, Deadspeak).

In conjunction with the EP's European release, the band will appear on the 2010 edition of the Neurotic Deathfest featuring Bolt Thrower, Carcass, Dying Fetus, Insision, Lock Up, Napalm Death and Origin (among many others), followed by a tour throughout Europe (dates TBA).

The band is currently working on their as-yet-untitled debut full-length. Further details are to be unveiled soon.

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Enemy Reign Confirmed For Neurotic Deathfest 2010

Colorado extreme metallers ENEMY REIGN were recently added to the illustrious Neurotic Deathfest 2010 lineup! The Neurotic Deathfest is Europe's premier indoor death metal event. Originally known as the Rotterdam Deathfest (2004 and 2005), the organizers changed the name to Neurotic Deathfest in 2006 when they decided to move the festivities to a new venue and city.

Other confirmed bands are as follows (in alphabetical order) :
Beneath The Massacre
Bolt Thrower
Defeated Sanity
Dying Fetus
Dr. Doom
Enemy Reign
Insidious Decrepancy
Human Mincer
Lock Up
Napalm Death
Six Feet Under
Viral Load More...

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Complete Auditory Assault Festival Lineup Revealed

More bands have been announced for the two-day Auditory Assault Festival, which will take place on May 16 and 17, 2009 at Club Europa in Brooklyn, NY. Here's the latest lineup

Saturday, May 16th:
GADGET (Sweden)

Sunday, May 17th:
SULACO (New York)
PIGSTY (Czech Republic)
JIG-AI (Czech Republic)
MARUTA (Florida)

You can buy tickets here and get more information on the festival here.

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Skinless Announces European Tour Dates

SKINLESS has announced a number of European tour dates in support of their latest release, "Trample The Weak, Hurdle The Dead."

The quartet will kick-off this week-long European trek on September 19th in Germany with an appearance at the NRW Deathfest. SKINLESS will also be appearing at the ZXZW Festival in the Netherlands during this run. A listing of confirmed SKINLESS tour dates can be found below.

Here are the latest European Skinless tour dates:

September 19 Werlmerskirchen, Germany AJZ Bahndam
September 20 Ostend, Belgium Velokot
September 21 Tilburg, Netherlands ZXZW Festival (Club Extase)
September 22 Hamburg, Germany Logo
September 23 Prague, Czech Republic Black Pes
September 24 Vienna, Austria Escape
September 25 Munich, Germany Backstage
September 26 Delemont, Switzerland Sas Musi Club

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Skinless Reveals New Album And Touring Plans

Death metallers Skinless has posted the following update online:

“Hey everyone, we’ve been laying low in 2008 after some pretty intense touring for the Trample The Weak…” album. We’re finally ready to start working on material for a new SKINLESS release in 2009. We’re heading to Europe very soon for a short tour and we expect to be back there next spring for a more extensive invasion. Also in the battle plans for 2009 are North America/South America and beyond”

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Skinless Announces European Tour Dates

SKINLESS has announced a number of European tour dates in support of their latest release, "Trample The Weak, Hurdle The Dead."

The quartet will kick-off this week-long European trek on September 19th in Germany with an appearance at the NRW Deathfest. SKINLESS will also be appearing at the ZXZW Festival in the Netherlands during this run. A listing of confirmed SKINLESS tour dates can be found below.

SKINLESS will also be taking part in the New England Death Fest being held this weekend in Providence, RI. SKINLESS will headline the first day of the fest, Saturday August 9th, and label-mates DYING FETUS will headline the second day.

Here are the SKINLESS tour dates: More...

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Fierce Allegiance Heads Out w/ Vital Remains

Fierce Allegiance just departed on a U.S. tour with Vital Remains, Skinless, and Infernaeon. There are a few off-days due to cancellations that the band could use some help booking. You can contact them on their MySpace page if you can help out.

May 17 - Cleveland, Ohio @ Jigsaw w/ Vital Remains, Skinless, Infernaeon
May 18 - Louisville, Kentucky @ Mayhem in May Festival w/ Vital Remains, Incantation, Skinless, Infernaeon, and 30 other bands!
May 19 - Fayettsville, Arkansas @ Old Post Office w/ Vital Remains, Infernaeon, Vore
May 20 - Sauget, Illinois @ Pops w/ Vital Remains, Infernaeon
May 21 - Springfield, Missouri @ Outland Club w/ Infernaeon (Prosthetic)
May 22 - San Antonio, Texas @ Underground Club w/ Infernaeon
May 23 - Dallas, Texas @ Red Blood Club w/ nfernaeon
May 25 - Houston, Texas @ Meridian w/ Infernaeon
May 26 - Metairie/New Orleans, Louisiana @ The Bar w/ Infernaeon
May 27 - Tallahassee, Florida Beta Bar w/ Infernaeon

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