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Formed: 1993
From: AZ, United States
Last Known Status: Disbanded

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Sunday Old School: Fight

It’s a new year, and for some people, it means a new beginning. A new beginning was exactly what Rob Halford was aiming for in 1992 after leaving Judas Priest, one of the biggest and most influential bands in the history of heavy metal music, and formed a new band named, Fight. The name encapsulated the attitude of the band, which aimed to bridge the brand of heavy metal popularised by Priest and their contemporaries such as Iron Maiden and Saxon, with the fresher, more "street" sound of young, exciting bands of the time such as Pantera and Sepultura. Halford recruited Racer X drummer Scott Travis into his new group, after getting to know him from his time in Judas Priest, along with bass player "Jay Jay" Freeman and guitarists Brian Tilse and Russ Parrish, the latter of which would go on to form Steel Panther.

After spending a year perfecting their sound, the quintet finally released their debut album, "War of Words" through Epic Records in September 1993, which received a very positive response from metal fans and peaked at number 83 on the Billboard album charts. The album contained a number of instantly recognisable tracks, from the pounding title track to the machine gun speed opener, "Into the Pit" to the catchy finale, "Reality – A New Beginning." More...

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Rob Halford Speaks On Gay Teen Suicides

Rob Halford, the lead vocalist of heavy metal icons Judas Priest as well as his own band, Halford, was asked about the recent attention given to homosexual teenagers taking their own lives as a result of homophobic bullying. In the interview with About.com, Halford said:

"I think more than anything, it's a picture of the way life is. You have all this sexting going on, and cyber bullying going on. It's absolutely heartbreaking when people are driven to the point where they are taking their own lives. I'm pleased that talented people like Ellen Degeneres and Neil Patrick Harris are speaking out. They are far more articulate than I am.

"The most imporant thing is to show the love and support that is out there for everybody, whether you're being bullied or not. It's important to look after each other and to nurture each other, especially in your school years. I saw bullying when I was a kid growing up in school. It has always been there. It's a very peculiar thing. It's a shame that it takes horrible tragedies like this to bring the spotlight back on. It has to stay there now. It can't just fizzle out in a couple weeks, like things tend to do in the media.

"Programs need to be installed in schools, or reinforced. Parents need to keep an eye on their kids a little bit more. The social interaction that's available 24 hours a day has to be utilized in a strong, educating, promotional way to let people who are going through those periods of their lives know that there's always somebody you can talk to. Don't feel alone. There's a way we can help each other get through these types of difficulties."

Read the full article at About.com.

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Metal Legends Discuss "Brutal Legend" Video Game

In a new video posted at GameTrailers.com, Motorhead frontman Lemmy, Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford and heavy metal mainstay Ozzy Osbourne discuss the forthcoming new video game, "Brutal Legend" which all three have lent their voices to. You can check out the video below. The game is in stores now and also features the voice acting talents of Jack Black, Tim Curry and Lita Ford. More...

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New Brutal Legend Trailer Posted Online

A brand new trailer for the forthcoming video game Brutal Legend has been posted online. You can check it out below. The new video game is influenced strongly by heavy metal and stars metal loving actor Jack Black as the main character as well as some of the biggest names in heavy metal including Judas Priest singer Rob Halford, Motorhead mainman Lemmy, metal veteran Lita Ford, the legendary Ronnie James Dio and Ozzy Osbourne, who will play the role of the "Guardian Of Metal." More...

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Rob Halford Launches Metal God Records

Legendary heavy metal singer Rob Halford (Judas Priest/Fight/2wo/Halford) has announced the birth of his brand new record label, Metal God Records. "It’s been a long desire of mine to be a co-owner and participate in the operation of a label focused on supporting the Rock and Metal communities," explains Rob Halford. "The infrastructure we have been assembling at Metal God Entertainment now allows myself and other artists to benefit from Metal God Records global physical and digital distribution networks, promotion and marketing services, apparel products and a broad range of Artist & Repertoire services."

The first release the label will issue will be Halford Crucible World Tour - Live In Anaheim DVD & Blu Ray in Fall 2009. To help promote all things Halford, the man himself will be appearing at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) between June 2nd and 3rd.

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Fight Posts "Christmas Ride" MP3 Online For Free

Fight, the first band Rob Halford formed after his departure from Judas Priest in the early nineties, has posted an MP3 online entitled, "Christmas Ride" for a free download. You can download the song at this location.

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HalfordMusic.com Goes DRM-Free, Stream Fight Album

HalfordMusic.com is now DRM-Free and has discontinued using DRM licensing on its WMA and WMV files and will no longer support these licenses. If you have purchased any WMV or WMA files from HalfordMusic.com, visit halfordmusic.com and log into your account. Visit your download library, and download and replace your WMV and WMA files with the new DRM-free files (the file names have not changed).

For a limited time, you can listen to Fight's "K5 The War Of Words Demos" online in its entirety for FREE with a high quality full-stream at MetalGodShop.com.

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Two Fight Songs Available For Free Download

Metal God Entertainment and Rob Halford have this week released the previously announced "Into The Pit" 4-disc Fight retrospective, featuring the band's three audio recordings re-engineered for release: "War Of Words - Remixed & Remastered," "Mutations - Remastered," "A Small Deadly Space - Remixed & Remastered" plus a two hour DVD, "Fight Live In Phoenix," a 24-page full-color booklet and custom-designed digi-box.

Fight's first audio singles, "Never Again" (from "A Small Deadly Space - Remixed & Remastered") and "Straight Jacket Mix" (from "Mutations - Remastered"), will be available for a limited time as free audio downloads in 192k and 256k MP3s, FLAC and WMA formats at HalfordMusic.com.

"Never Again" will also debut as a bundle of five de-constructed and pre-mixed stems at HalfordMusic.com beginning June 2, 2008. Professional and non-professional engineers are invited to download and enjoy the stems, mix the separate audio tracks for personal use or remix "Never Again" for playback and a vote by The Metal God's audience. Upload details, etc., are available at RobHalford.com/remix beginning June 2nd.

Also, beginning June 2nd iPod and Zune users will be invited to download two free videos: "Into The Pit" and a live performance of Fight's best charting single "Little Crazy," taken from the new DVD "Live In Phoenix." Visit RobHalford.com for more details.

Fight's "Into The Pit" 4-disc, retrospective was released via online retailers such as Amazon.com, HalfordMusic.com and North America retailers on May 27, 2008, and will be released at European Union retailers June 13, 2008 and United Kingdom retailers June 30, 2008. "Into The Pit" is also available at digital service providers such as iTunes keyword Fight, your preferred digital service provider and from HalfordMusic.com.

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Fight Box Set, Halford DVD Details Announced

Metal God Entertainment and Rob Halford have announced the release of two custom-designed digipaks with exclusive new DVD content for 2008.

Due May 26, "Into The Pit" is a four-disc collection from FIGHT which includes FIGHT's original recordings re-engineered for release: "War Of Words - Remixed and Remastered"; "Mutations - Remastered"; "A Small Deadly Space - Remixed and Remastered"; as well as a new DVD release "Live In Phoenix" featuring rare and unreleased FIGHT footage.

"Into The Pit" will debut in a numbered digipak edition, original Rob Halford autograph and 24-page booklet. Worldwide release begins May 26 at local and online retailers.

"Halford Live At Rock In Rio III", a 5.1 DVD, also includes HALFORD's debut recording, "Resurrection – Remastered", and is scheduled for release on September 23, 2008. 13 cameras are fixed on one of metal's most diverse bands of the decade as The Metal God delivers one of his best live performances in front of two-hundred thousand-plus Brazilians.

HALFORD's 2001 double-live CD "Live Insurrection" makes its debut in Blu-Ray Hi-Definition 5.1 Surround Audio September 23, 2008. "Live Insurrection – Remastered" Blu-Ray will feature a custom-designed digipak, original Rob Halford autograph and 20-page booklet including rare pictures and exclusive liner notes. "Live Insurrection" will dazzle Metal God music fans possessing the latest in 5.1 Blu-Ray technologies.

Visit iTunes.com — keywords Halford and Fight — www.HalfordMusic.com or dozens of international digital service providers for videos, MP3s, CD-quality FIGHT and HALFORD downloads.

U.S. iPhone consumers may customize FIGHT and HALFORD ringtones at iTunes beginning May 1, 2008.

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A Heavy Metal Christmas Song Round-up

Yet another way you can tell metal is on the rise (commercially) is by how many metal Christmas songs are out this year. I don't recall another year that I have heard of more than one or two metal renditions of Christmas songs. This year, however, I've seen postings for more than half a dozen of them - some old, but some new as well. So I've decided to compile a list of these metal Christmas songs so that fans of this sort of thing can listen to and download them while they're still online.

Personally, I'm a sucker for metal Christmas songs, but only if they're done well. I figure if I've got to listen to something, it might as well be heavy or at least have a rock or metal edge to it. Granted, some of these songs are not ultra-heavy, but I find them to be fun expressions for the holiday season by metal bands. Others are parodies of Christmas songs or Christmas itself, and these are usually heavier than the actual Christmas carols.

Without further ado, here's the list: More...

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Download Fight's "Christmas Ride" For Free

"Christmas Ride" MP3 — which was originally released by Epic Records as a promo CD single (with Rob Halford's holiday greeting) in 1994 — has been made available for free download via www.halfordmusic.com. Simply add it to your shopping cart, check out (no payment necessary at checkout unless you are purchasing something else) and download it from your download library.

"Fight: War Of Words - The Film" — which documents a key moment in heavy metal history when singer Rob Halford departed JUDAS PRIEST in 1992 to pursue a solo career — will be screened tomorrow night (December 18) in London, England at the following venue:

7:30 p.m screening:
Odeon Covent Garden
135 Shaftsbury Avenue

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Fight Reveal London DVD Screening Details

The following press release is in regards to the London DVD screening for War Of Words - The Film, starring ROB HALFORD and his first solo band FIGHT:

Attention UK Fight and Rob Halford Fans!!! Register for free tickets to London screening!

Fight - War Of Words - The Film
Tuesday, December 18th: 7:30 PM Screening
The Odeon Covent Gardens, address is as follows:
Odeon Covent Garden
135 Shaftsbury Avenue

Conversation with Rob Halford follows the screening. Free poster to all attendees!

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Rob Halford and Members of Fight, Halford Signings

Singer/Songwriter Rob Halford, vocalist of Judas Priest, will make a special appearance to sign autographs and meet fans at J&R Music and Computer World in New York on Friday, November 16 at 5:30PM. Halford will be joined by Halford guitarist Metal Mike Chlasciak to celebrate the release of "Halford Metal God Essentials Volume 1" featuring two new Halford tracks and a bonus DVD. Halford will also bring Fight bassist Jay Jay and guitarist Brian Tilse to sign the band’s new release "K5 – The War Of Words Demos," a companion audio release to Fight’s new DVD release.

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Rob Halford Announces Fight Film

Compelling, stark and aggressive "War Of Words - The Film", starring Rob Halford and his first solo band FIGHT, unleashes upon legions of metal maniacs November 20 in North America, November 30 in the United Kingdom and Europe, December 3 in Australia and New Zealand and December 19 in Japan.

After nineteen years, more than a dozen global concert tours and dozens of gold and platinum awards as the defining vocalist of JUDAS PRIEST, Rob Halford departed the band in 1992 to pursue a solo career immediately releasing "Light Comes Out Of Black" supported by members of PANTERA. The track rocketed to the top of radio playlists, and later that summer Rob would assemble his own band FIGHT and place most of its new tracks from "War Of Words" in heavy-radio rotation while aggressively ushering in a new sound for the metal communities.

"Fight War Of Words - The Film" brilliantly documents a key moment in heavy metal history combining behind-the-scenes, hand-held and pro-shot footage of FIGHT's original 1992 K5 rehearsal and demonstration-recording sessions; 1993 Amsterdam recording sessions of the original "War Of Words" Epic/Sony audio release, and pre-tour interviews climaxing with a full-length 5.1 concert filmed at 22 venues in 20 select cities during FIGHT's first five months of its "1993 - 1994 Nailed To The Road / War Of Words World Tour".

Rare audio and film footage of FIGHT's earliest concert performances in Europe, United Kingdom, USA, Mexico and Japan have been restored. Stereo and 5.1 Dolby surround mixes have been produced by Roy Z. 5.1 Dolby surround encoding and mastering for DVD and The Metal God's theatrical premiers handled by industry giant Technicolor.

"Fight War Of Words - The Film" will theatrically premier at 5.1 Dolby Surround Digital cinemas in:

New York: November 14
Hollywood: November 20
San Francisco: November 28
Detroit: November 28
London: December 18

Tickets may be purchased at www.DandEEntertainment.com on November 2.

Rob Halford will attend select premieres for a 30-minute conversation on the assembling of FIGHT and songs written for "War Of Words". Tickets are limited for this rare opportunity to experience "Fight War Of Words - The Film" in 5.1 Dolby Surround Digital cinema and participate in a rare conversation with The Metal God, Rob Halford, as he relates his experiences of his first solo band.

Movie-sized posters of "War Of Words - The Film" will be distributed to all in attendance after the performance.

Rob Halford is uniting the original members of FIGHT — Brian Tilse, Russ Parrish, Jay Jay and Scott Travis — in Hollywood, California at 5:00 PM Tuesday, November 20, 2007 for an exclusive autograph session of "new product only" at:

Best Buy
West Hollywood, CA
1015 N LA Brea Avenue
West Hollywood, CA

Visit www.RobHalford.com/Fight on November 5 for more details.

FIGHT will also be in attendance for the theatrical premier of "War Of Words - The Film" at Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, CA 8:00 PM on November 20.

Other appearances:

* Rob and HALFORD guitarist Metal Mike Chlasciak will appear and sign "new product only" at FYE in Manhattan (New York City) on Thursday, November 15, 2007 at 12 PM.

* Rob and HALFORD guitarist Metal Mike Chlasciak will appear and sign "new product only" at J&R Music World in Manhattan (New York City) on Friday, November 16, 2007 5:30 PM.

* Rob and HALFORD guitarist Metal Mike Chlasciak will appear and sign "new product only" at Vintage Vinyl in New Jersey on Saturday, November 17, 2007 5:30 PM.

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Rob Halford To Do Signing Session In New Jersey

JUDAS PRIEST frontman Rob Halford will be at Vintage Vinyl in Fords, NJ on Saturday, November 17th for a signing session. It will begin at 5:30pm.

As previously reported, Halford spoke to the Greatfallstribune.com recently about a number of topics including his solo retrospective Metal God Essentials: Vol. 1 and of course the new Priest album set for release in 2008.

"(He's) a real man, not like a fantasy that you get in rock and roll and metal," Halford said of Nostradamus. "(We're) telling the story of this very controversial human being from 500 years ago, from France, who still resonates all these years later. It's a human story as well as one that you know about from his premonitions."

"We're really pushing ourselves again," Halford said. "It would be very easy for Priest to stop recording music and just keep going out and doing shows, but that's not what we're about. The music is absolutely phenomenal. It's everything that you love about Priest and more 'cause we really stretched ourselves and we're doing some extraordinary things musically."

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New Game To Feature Metal Legends

According to Gamesarefun.com, Tim Schafer, helmsman of Double Fine Productions, announced his next project recently. Brütal Legend will focus on metal roadie Eddie Riggs and his Tour Of Destruction through a mystical world of rock and roll legend. The game's setting will fuse modern metal and Norse mythology. Brütal Legend already has several big and fitting names behind the voice talent. MOTÖRHEAD founder Lemmy Kilmister, JUDAS PRIEST vocalist Rob Halford, and HEAVEN AND HELL's Ronnie James Dio will all lend their wailing pipes to the game.

November's issue of Game Informer features a cover story on Brütal Legend that reveals interesting details. In the article, Schafer talked about the origins for the game. Way back when he was working on Secret of Monkey Island, Schafer had a friend that lived as a roadie for MEGADETH. His larger than life stories gave birth to the idea, which can now become a full fledged game.

It will be available for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 sometime in 2008. A Brütal Legend trailer can be viewed below: More...

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Rob Halford Signs Japanese Licensing Deal

Rob Halford and Metal God Entertainment have announced their new film and music licensee Sony Music Japan International. Sony Japan's first scheduled release is "Halford Metal God Essentials - Volume 1" featuring 15 dynamic heavy metal tracks from Rob Halford's FIGHT and HALFORD solo releases — debuting October 4, 2007.

Sony Japan's "Metal God Essentials" release also features the HALFORD band's first new songs in more than four years "Forgotten Generation" and "Drop Out"; an exclusive new remix from FIGHT co-producer Attie Bauw "Defiance Japan Mix", plus an exciting and rare new video, "Behind The Scenes of Forgotten Generation", offering music fans a glimpse of The Metal God and members of HALFORD in studio writing and recording the band's recent single "Forgotten Generation".

Sony Japan's release of "Halford Metal God Essentials - Volume 1" includes a full-color 20-page expanded booklet and bonus Metal God DVD featuring nine HALFORD promotional videos in a double-jewel case.

"Metal God Essentials - Volume 1" is also available in a limited-edition, eight-panel enhanced digipack, with a full-color 20-page expanded booklet and bonus Metal God DVD featuring nine HALFORD promotional videos, and a Sony Japan exclusive bonus CD featuring exclusive HALFORD remixes from Japan and various territories around the world.

"Sony Music Japan is one of the most prestigious music companies in the entertainment industry," states Rob Halford. "They have supported me with PRIEST, FIGHT and now HALFORD and Metal God Entertainment. My relation with Sony Japan is very special and a great honor. Our companies are excited about all forthcoming film and music releases; and the value-enhanced specialty product we will create together for the metal fans throughout Japan and the world.'

This fall Metal God Entertainment and Sony Music Japan will debut "Fight War Of Words - The Film", a 5.1 documentary and concert DVD of Rob Halford's 1992 decision to embark upon an ambitious and unequaled solo career. Release configurations include a bonus CD: "War Of Words - Remixed / Remastered 2007" and rare footage of FIGHT live in Tokyo.

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Metal God Entertainment Announces Distribution

Rob Halford and Metal God Entertainment have announced its new United States film and music distributor 'Super D Independent Distribution' of Irvine, California. 'Halford Metal God Essentials - Volume 1' is Super D's first NEW Halford title set to debut September 11, 2007.

"Halford Metal God Essentials - Volume 1" features thirteen (13) dynamic Heavy Metal tracks from Rob Halford's Fight and Halford solo releases. The Halford band's first new songs in more than four years 'Forgotten Generation' and 'Drop Out' are also featured; as is an exclusive 2007 remix from Fight Co-Producer Attie Bauw 'Hypocrisy U.S. Remix.'

Super D is the only worldwide one-stop distributor of CD music and DVD movie titles servicing 24+ countries. Super D's U.S. Release of Halford Metal God Essentials - Volume 1 includes a full-color twenty (20) page expanded booklet and Bonus Metal God DVD featuring eight (8) Halford promotional videos in a double-jewel case. A Limited and Numbered Edition, with enhanced 8-panel digi pak, including an original Rob Halford autograph will be available for a very short period (Edition: 5,000).

'Super D Independent Distribution grew its core business distributing a lot of Metal music,' adds Rob Halford. 'I am looking forward to re-connecting and meeting many of Super D's accounts. This relationship brings a new and powerful U.S. partner to Metal God Entertainment's new film and music releases being produced for the global Rock and Metal audiences. Collectively, the relationship will bring Super D and I closer to my retail consumers throughout the U.S., and that has been one of the most important elements of my search given the many changes seen at the retail-level.'

Fall 2007 Metal God Entertainment and Super D will debut 'Fight War Of Words - The Film' a 5.1 documentary and concert DVD of Rob Halford's decision to depart Metal Legends Judas Priest in 1992, and embark upon an ambitious and un-equaled solo career. Release configurations include a Bonus CD: 'War Of Words - Remixed / Remastered 2007.' More info coming in October 2007.

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Riot Signs Rob Halford, Announces Coming Releases

Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford has signed an exclusive deal with Riot! Entertainment involving the licensing and distribution of all Halford and Fight film and music releases. About the deal, Rob Halford said this:

Hello metal heads throughout Australia and New Zealand: I am pleased to announce my label/production company Metal God Entertainment has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Riot! Entertainment this month (May 2007). Together we will provide all future Halford and Fight film and music releases to the Metal lands down under. Many thanks to everyone at Riot! Entertainment for the great journey we are about to make together. I'm looking forward to seeing all you crazy Australian and New Zealand metal worshipers in the near future with both Judas Priest and Halford.

And on the same topic, Riot! Entertainment CEO & Owner John Howarth:

This is a huge boost for Riot! and one that is an absolute honour! I have been a massive fan of the Metal God since I was a kid and now to work closely with a legend like Rob Halford is very exciting and one we are all extremely looking forward to. I mean this is the Metal God and to have Rob on board is amazing, I am still stunned with the approach and the deal. It’s a great feeling to know people like Rob Halford want to work directly with you!

The first release of the deal, debuting in Australian and New Zealand in early July, will be the Metal God Essentials Volume 1 CD&DVD. The package features a full-colour twenty-page booklet, bonus DVD, thirteen remastered Halford and Fight tracks, two new Halford tracks and a new Halford remix, "Vendetta Remix". Following this will be three films, all with 5.1 audio, with the first two seeing release in late 2007 and the third early in 2008. They are titled "Fight: War of Words: The Film", "Halford Live at Rock in Rio III", and "Halford Live Crucible World Tour".

Finally, with details yet to be announced, there will be some Halford re-issues, a new album in the works, and an Australian tour.

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Rob Halford To Debut New Solo Material

On November 21, Rob Halford will debut the first new Halford song in more than four years, "Forgotten Generation," on iTunes. The metal god wrote the tune and another new cut, "Drop Out," with the Halford band this year during downtime from working with Judas Priest on their upcoming album Nostradamus. "We just thought it would be nice to offer fans an earful of new Halford stuff and let everybody know we're still around," he said. Both new tracks will be available on Halford: Metal God Essentials - Volume 1, which comes out November 28. The album will contain 15 songs spanning Halford's solo career and will also be available exclusively through iTunes. Also on November 28, Halford will release the entire Halford catalog (Resurrection, Live Insurrection and Crucible), plus the Fight demo K5 the War of Words Demos. "We love iTunes," Halford said. "It's a tremendous format and they're really looking after the Metal God in a really great way."

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