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Band Photo: Gorefest (?)

Formed: 1989
From: Goes, Netherlands
Last Known Status: Regrouped

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Below is our complete Gorefest news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Dutch All-Star Death Metal Band To Record Promo

THANATOS guitarists Stephan Gebédi and Paul Baayens have joined forces with former PESTILENCE/ASPHYX-singer Martin Van Drunen, GOREFEST drummer Ed Warby and former HOUWITSER bass player Theo van Eekelen in a brand new project. The as-yet-unnamed band will record a three-track promo CD later this year. "We're simply going to crank out some brutal old-school death metal stuff — nothing more, nothing less!" says Gebédi.

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Gorefest Feels Dani Filth's Curse

Guitarist Frank Harthoorn of the reunited Dutch metallers GOREFEST has posted the following message on the band's official web site:

"Yet another tour [involving GOREFEST] is being cancelled, this time by Metallysee [booking agency]: 'Metallysee are sorry to announce the cancellation of the 2006 edition of the X-Mas [Festivals] tour. After too many changes from the original line up to the one we finally had secured, followed by the breakup of TRAIL OF TEARS, it became too confusing for the promoters and fans to try and continue this tour. Metallysee and the remaining bands (GOREFEST, BELPHEGOR, PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT, MADDER MORTEM and DARZAMAT) were all aiming for a good festival tour but the odds just weren't in our favor. We thank everyone that put time and effort into this tour.'

"Ever since SIX FEET UNDER pulled out of this tour a couple of months ago, this has been a bit of an ongoing mess. We thought we'd stick with the plan, since this would be about the last chance to do some proper touring for 'La Muerte' before we hit the studio for the next one. When we heard headliner TRAIL OF TEARS split up last week, we already kind of felt this one slipping away, so we suggested to Metallysee we'd head out with a couple of the remaining bands. You know, join forces, cut prices, split the difference and what-not. Metallysee, however, wasn't having any of that, so come the end of 2006 we're looking at three cancelled tours, about 50 cancelled gigs, all within 11 months. That's something, isn't it? Almost looks like that curse Dani Filth put on us back in '94 is finally kicking in.

"Oh well, worse things happen at sea, I guess. Thankfully, Ed [Warby, drums] and Boudewijn [Vincent Bonebakker, guitar] have come up with some frightfully heavy shit for us to play with. They even wrote some songs as well, so for the next months, we'll be throwing riffs, fills, leads and, well, stuff at each other. And while we're having fun doing that, why don't you people head over to our forum and join in the frolics over there? You'll find lots of old ladies to give a right good scare, and who knows, you might even get lucky with some of 'em!"

GOREFEST's latest album, "La Muerte", was released in October 2005 via Nuclear Blast Records.

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X-Mass Fest Cancelled

Metallysee.com has announced today that the X-Mass Festivals 2006 are hereby cancelled! This year's X-Mass Festivals European tour, which was scheduled to include appearances by Gorefest, Belphegor, SkyForger, Madder Mortem, Darzamat and Prostitute Disfigurement, has been cancelled. The festival had to bear with a lot of band cancellations and line up changes.

The trek was originally slated to kick off December 8 in Berlin, Germany and run through December 19 in Paris, France.

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Gorefest Replaces Ill Nino At Festival

Reunited Dutch metallers GOREFEST have replaced ILL NINO on the billing of this year's Lowlands festival, set to take place August 18-20 in Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands.

"So... what one thinks would be within reach and with some effort possible won't happen and what one didn't expect to happen in a million years falls more or less in one's lap!" reads a posting on GOREFEST's web site.

"Lowlands 2006 asked us to fill in for ILL NINO who cannot appear due to a skateboard accident. So hereby we proudly announce that on Friday the 18th of August, between 20:00 and 21:00, a silent dream comes true for us on India stage. We are honoured and hope to see a lot of you there.

"This brings back some sweet memories..."

GOREFEST's latest album, "La Muerte", was released last October via Nuclear Blast Records.

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Brutal Assault Festival Lineup Nearly Complete

The 11th edition of the Brutal Assault festival is scheduled for August 10th - 12th in Svojsice U Prelouce (100 km east of Prague), Czech Republic.

Organizers have issued the following update:

This year’s event promises more impressive expansion and confirms that the organizers don’t intend to stagnate. On the contrary, from year to year, the festival’s program is more and more various and promises more and more foreign metal crowd-pullers for the fans of promiscuous extreme genres. Thanks to the participation of many first-rate metal bands, this event aspires to become a major metal festival in central Europe.

It’s difficult to say which band can be branded as the headliner because this year’s lineup offers up several giants of the metal genre.

Great attraction, especially for fans of atmospheric or symphonic black metal are Norwegians black metal gurus DIMMU BORGIR. In their case we can look for a frosty and dark concert experience.

The next exclusive guest comes from the USA. FEAR FACTORY, who were well known as a representatives of dehumanized cyber metal, but nowadays they come with a new actual face of the year 2006. More...

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Blind Guardian Confirmed For Earthshaker Fest

BLIND GUARDIAN, GOREFEST, MENDEED and JUSTICE have been confirmed for the 2006 edition of the Earthshaker Fest, set to take place July 21-22 in Kreuth. The festival billing is shaping up as follows (in alphabetical order):


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Final Lineup For Metal Camp Festival Announced

This year's Metal Camp Festival is set to take place on July 21- 23 in Tolmin, Slovenia. The organizers have announced the addition of SOILWORK and very promissing Swedish newcomers SCAR SYMMETRY. Also appearing on the main stage are German Power metallers MYSTIC PROPHECY.

The Talent Forum Stage is being introduced for the first time this year. Bands set to play there include Blind Petition (AUT), Asterius (GER), Subhuman (ITA), Bleak Origin (CHE) and many others. For more information, visit the Metal Camp official page.

Below is the complete list of confirmed bands: More...

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Gorefest Checks In With Tour Report

Gorefest drummer Ed Warby and guitarist Boudewijn Bonebakker have posted the following update on the band's website:

"Yes, we actually did two (count 'em, 2!) shows in a row this Easter weekend! The first one was the annual Paaspop festival in Schijndel, where we were by far the heaviest act on the bill. We arrived around 17.00, in understandably good spirits at the prospect of finally playing live again. Our lovely tour manager Naomi led us to our quarters (one in a row of slightly less than stable trailers) where the first of several interviews were to be conducted. I myself (Ed) was more interested in getting some food, so I snuck off into the restaurant for a juicy steak, after which I assisted my drum tech Sander in setting up my enormous drum kit (some say I'm trying to compensate for something here). I think we were all a bit nervous when show time came around, but as soon as we ripped into For The Masses it was all good. The masses appreciated our efforts enthusiastically, panties were flying in Frank's general direction, safe to say it was a typical Gorefestival show. We had however miscalculated our set time, so we had to skip Tangled In Gore, but we did manage to cram loads of other old favourites into the hour we were given: The Glorious Dead, Get A Life, Mental Misery, Low, etc. And we even did some new songs! Promoting the new album and all, you know. After the show we went back to our dressing room to get changed for the planned signing session. We talked to the fans, had our picture taken, and tried to fit 4 autographs on one single drumstick. After that it was drinking time! Unfortunately by then we had to vacate our trailer for the lusciously long legged Els and her Vive La Fete, so we moved up one trailer to hang out with our mates in Racoon. Throaty laughter, close harmony vocalising and excessive alcohol consumption (platinum selling acts get way better drinks in their dressing room) ensued until it was time to go home. The next day: Noordschok in Groningen! I'll leave it to birthday boy Boudewijn to fill you in on the details of that day...

"Pick up time at three in the pm. Neck muscles still sore from the violent head banging the previous day. The 'tour bus' stops in front of my house and we're on the road again! One ample hour on the way, a loud noise and violent shaking takes over the normal noises of the bus which starts to lean over to the right. 'Oh, that's just the afterburner' says the driver nonchalantly and he ups his speed some more to pass a clean cut family car. Nervous honking on horns of the other road users and a distinct smell of burnt rubber makes him decide that it wasn't the 'afterburner' after all.

"So we arrive somewhat off schedule in Groningen. Ed and JC are already there. Luckily the catering is still open and me and Frank and the crew load our plates with a very good meal. We're ready to take our seats when Sadus' fretless wonder Steve Digiorgio and tour manager Rob Lewis come over to shake hands. It's been a good 13 years since we toured the States together with Death. A lot of happy memories there. Back at the dressing room it's homemade apple pie to celebrate my b'day. Then off to stage to prep the show. Loads of cool bands like Darkane, Textures and Winter of Sin have warmed the venue up and when the machine explodes into transit for the second time this Easter weekend the crowd can feast on our particular torrent of thunderous metal. Thanks to our brilliant sound engineer Pieter, monitor/stage wiz Laurens, drum tech extra-ordinaire Sander, master of all that brings light Herman, tour mistress Naomi and queen of the shirts Talitah. Our crew that kept and keeps on sticking by us through thick. It's you that makes our metal shine!"

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Gorefest Kicked Off Bolt Thrower European Tour

Gorefest have posted the following message on their website:

"In a surprise move - surprising to us anyway - Bolt Thrower have decided to take along not us, but a different band as their support on the second leg of their European tour. That sucks, because we were really looking forward to this. It also means that, for the second time in 40 days, we have to lick our wounds, put up a message like this one, and apologize to our fans in the UK, Scandinavia, Finland, Germany, France, Spain and Portugal for again disappointing them. It seems that, for some reason, we just can't find the right opportunities to properly tour/promote/support La Muerte. This pisses us off mightily, but if anything, it's putting us in the right state of mind to write some seriously pissed off music for the next album.

"So for now, it's back to the drawing board and try and set up some shows in the aforementioned countries. Be sure to check back here to see them cancelled!"

Supporting Bolt Thrower on their European tour will come from God Dethroned for the first part of the tour and Kataklysm for the remainder of the tour.

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Decapitated Confirmed For Metal Camp Festival

Poland’s DECAPITATED have been confirmed to appear at this years METAL CAMP festival. Metal Camp takes place between July 21-23 2006 in Tolmin, Slovenia. DECAPITATED will play on July 22nd. Already confirmed are DIMMU BORGIR, SAXON, TESTAMENT, AMON AMARTH, MY DYING BRIDE, HYPOCRISY, EDGUY, GOREFEST, among many others, with more to be announced soon. For more information go here.

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Gorefest Announce New European Tour Dates

Shortly after having to cancel their European tour, reunited Dutch metallers GOREFEST have been confirmed as the ‘very special guest’ on BOLT THROWER's upcoming European tour beginning on April 6th in Edinburgh, Scotland. Check out the complete list of currently confirmed tour dates: More...

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Gorefest Forced To Cancel European Tour

Gorefest has posted the following message on their official website:

"Due to severe problems at the side of german agency Bruchstein Records, we have been forced to cancel our entire European tour. We are extremely disappointed with the way things have been dealt with, and as such have lost all faith in the whole operation. Rest assured we're working very hard to try and salvage as much from this wreckage as possible, and hope to do most of these shows properly at a later time. Our sincere apologies to everyone who has been waiting for so long to see us, and now have to wait even longer. We'd also like to apologize to Master, Lunafield, Ressurecturis, and Kragens. Just like you guys, we were all geared up and ready to go. Decisions like these are not easily made but as much as we wanted to do this, things have been turning rapidly into a farce. As we refuse to be toyed with, there really was no other choice.

"We hope we can rely on everyone's patience, so we can lay out some frightfully heavy Metal for ya as soon as we get things back on track!"

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Gorefest Announce European Tour Dates

Dutch death metal veterans Gorefest have added several tour dates to their Glorious Dead: European Exorcism Tour 2006 with Master, Lunafield and Resurrecturis. Confirmed shows are as follows:

Feb. 16 Eindhoven, NL - Effenaar
Feb. 17 Osnabrück, DE - Eventcenter B 51
Feb. 25 Helsinki, FI - Nosturi
Feb. 26 Tallinn, EE - Nõmme Cult
Feb. 27 Riga, LV - Salamandra
Feb. 28 Vilnius, LT - Mulen Ruzhas
Mar. 02 Praha, CZ - Black Pes Club
Mar. 03 Althofen, AT - Kulturhaus
Mar. 04 Wien, AT - Planet Music
Mar. 05 Innsbruck, AT - INNSBRUCK - Hafen
Mar. 09 Istres, FR - l'Usin
Mar. 12 Irun, ES - Tunk
Mar. 13 Paris, FR - La Loco Club
Mar. 14 Pratteln, CH - Z7
Mar. 17 München, DE - Backstage
Mar. 18 Lisberg, DE - Sportlerheim
Mar. 22 Essen, DE - Turock
Mar. 23 Halle, DE - Rockstation
Mar. 24 Glauchau, DE - Alte Spinnerei
Mar. 25 Berlin, DE - K 17
Mar. 26 Groningen, NL - Oosterpoort

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Gorefest To Tour Europe, Reschedule Turkey Shows

Gorefest is planning a European tour beginning February 16 to March 26th. The band will be playing in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, The Baltic States, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Swiss, Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the Benelux. A full list of dates will be announced soon.

Gorefest have been forced to postpone their shows in Izmir, Turkey to early spring. More news TBA.

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New Gorefest Video Posted Online

The new Gorefest video for "For the Masses" can be found online at this location.

"For the Masses" can be found on Gorefest's upcoming album, "La Muerte," which will be released in Europe on October 31. Audio teasers are posted in the media section of Gorefest's website at www.gorefest.nl/pages/media/media.html.

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Gorefest Choose "For The Masses" For First Video

Gorefest has announced on their website that the band has decided to choose the opening track of their latest album, "La Muerte," to be the first video.

Guitarist Boudewijn Vincent Bonebakker writes: "'For the Masses' is a fast and heavy death metal pounder that gives you a Gorefest that shows it's very much alive. In the near future you can expect music samples from the 'La Muerte' album. Tue Madsen did a hell of a job in mixing the songs to their full potential. 'La Muerte' will prove to be not for the faint of heart, be sure of that!"

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Gorefest Post Trailer For Upcoming Album & DVD

Gorefest has posted the trailer for their upcoming album and DVD, entitled "La Muerte," on their website. Check it out under the media section at www.gorefest.nl.

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Gorefest Guitarist Issues Update

Gorefest guitarist, Frank, has issued the following update on their official website:

Mr. Madsen's Magical Mixes are dropping in, and they're everything we hoped they would be. Maybe even more! Some of these songs are so heavy, it's almost frightening.

Anyway, let's do a small recap of what we did after we left Excess Studios. We had one day off, then traveled by nightliner to Wacken. Our fabulous crew took care of the backline at the site, so we could take care of a very busy schedule. We'd taken with us some rough mixes of 6 songs off the new album, and the plan was to let the press at the fest hear what we've been up to the last couple of months.

Strangely, the soundequipment in the tent had been hijacked by a man who shall remain nameless (but he seems to be an Uncle to a lot of people). While waiting for that stuff to be returned, it became clear we had to drop some things off the schedule, if we were to seize the opportunity to have this much press from all over the world present at the listening session. So, the Signing Session was cancelled. Our sincere apologies to everyone who has been waiting in the rain for us, only to have us not show up. Hopefully we can make up for it next time we're in Germany, and by giving you a REALLY FUCKING HEAVY, TOWERING MONOLITH of an album!
Oh yeah, in the end, the soundequipment remained MIA, everything backfired on us, and we were left looking like jerks. Oh well, that's rock 'n roll, I guess.

The show was awesome though. I hadn't expected so many people showing up for us, that really amazed me. We had a great time, and I hope you did too! Oh yeah, to the fucker who threw the fucking can: Fuck you, you sad sack of shit.

After that, we had some good ole' beer drinking time with some of the Within Temptation guys. Well, excluding me, that is. I opted for an early night, as I wanted to be fresh for the flight to Istanbul next morning. I'm not too keen on flying, and it's even worse with a hangover.

At Hamburg Airport, we had a pretty good laugh when JC's effectsboard got checked. The look on that securitywomans face when she saw all that stuff wired up, she must have thought we were about to nuke the whole scene there. The only thing missing was a little running clock. 'eehm, ja, I vill hav to check zis!'

It was a pretty bumpy flight, nearly reminding me of that hilarious scene in Almost Famous. Arriving in Istanbul we got picked up by Agop, our guide for the weekend. Quick shower at the hotel, then off to the site, which was nothing short of gorgeous. Check it out!

Despite our soundman Pieter not being able to use the whole soundboard (thanks to a certain band who seemed to think it was their show, as opposed to a festival - afraid we'd be too heavy, were you?) we had a fantastic show. Lights, crowd, band, and Pieter assured me even the sound eventually came along nicely, all was excellent. We had such a good time, and we'd like to thank everyone who attended the day for that! We met the nicest people in Istanbul, and I urge every band to try and do some shows overthere. The Turkish like their Metal, and they want a lot of it! The food's really good too. Beautiful women as well, which is never a bad thing.

Anyway, I guess you can tell we had an awesome weekend. I won't bore you with details of our adventures the next day - overbooked and missed flights, a fantastic hellride on a little cart through Frankfurt Airport - thank you, Steffi Graf lookalike, that was so cool! Suffice to say, we all came home in one piece, and a loads of wonderful experiences richer.

Lest we forget: mark october 31 on your calendars as the day Gorefest will release a very heavy album indeed!

signing off,


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Gorefest Reveal "La Muerte" Tracklisting

Gorefest guitarist, Frank, has posted this message regarding their upcoming album on their official website:

It is done. Klaar. Finished. Es ist vollbracht.

An hour ago we completed the La Muerte sessions. 5 weeks of letting the Metal flow every way possible. Fast, slow, hyperfast, ultraslow, grooving, marching, bleeding and sweating. We're all very pleased with the results so far, now it's up to Mr. Madsen to mix everything 'till speakers bleed.

Very special thanks to Hans en Dennis at Excess Studio for putting up with us and all of our peculiar habits, and for helping us with everything they could. Much appreciated!

We're taking a few days rest, and friday it's off to Wacken Open Air. After that, on August 6, we'll be rocking the Turkish nation in Istanbul. We've never been there before, and we're really looking forward to it!

The final tracklist for "La Muerte" is, in no particular order:

For The Masses
Man To Fall
You Could Make Me Kill
The New Gods
When The Dead Walk The Earth
Malicious Intent
Of Death And Chaos (A Grand Finale)
'Till Fingers Bleed
The Fifth Crusade
Rogue State
The Call
La Muerte

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Gorefest Announces New Album Title

Gorefest has announced on their official website that their upcoming album will be titled "La Muerte."

Some song titles:

Man To Fall
You Could Make Me Kill
The New Gods
When The Dead Walk The Earth
Malicious Intent
Of Death And Chaos (A Grand Finale)
'Till Fingers Bleed
The Fifth Crusade

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