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Malevolent Creation

Formed: 1987
From: Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Malevolent Creation News

Below is our complete Malevolent Creation news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Ankla Announces New Bassist

Ankla have added legendary Floridian death metaller J.P. Soars (DIVINE EMPIRE, MALEVOLENT CREATION) to their line up as the bands new bass player.

ANKLA's debut album, "Steep Trails" is in stores now and available for purchase here. The CD features twelve pulverizing metal tracks produced by Bob Marlette (SEETHER, ILL NINO, BLACK SABBATH).

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Today Is The Day Add Drummer Derek Roddy

Today Is The Day has officially announced the addition of Derek Roddy to their line-up.

Derek Roddy is renowned by musicians and music fans worldwide for pushing the art of drumming to new heights. Best known for his work with death metal bands such as Hate Eternal, Nile, and Malevolent Creation, Roddy's astonishing speed and finesse have won him international acclaim. He currently endorses Sonor Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Axis Pedals, Remo Heads, and Vater Sticks.

Roddy joins a long legacy of great drummers to occupy the Today Is The Day drum throne, including such heavyweights as Brad Elrod (the band's wildly unique original drummer), Brann Dailor (who would go on to form Mastodon), and Marshall Kilpatrick (currently of The Esoteric).

Roddy will make his Today Is The Day recording debut on the band's eighth studio album, "Axis Of Eden." Recording is planned for February 2007 at Steve Austin's own studio, Austin Enterprise, in Nashville, TN. "Axis Of Eden" will be released on Austin's own label, SuperNova Records, later in the year.

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Malevolent Creation Complete Preproduction

Malevolent Creation has completed the writing and pre production demos for 13 songs and will begin the recording of their 10th full length album "DOOMSDAY X" in the coming weeks of November.

"We're very happy with the direction the music has taken for this new album with song writing credit's by each of the band members, and each song having it's own identity but retaining the classic Malevolent Creation sound," The band said in its release. "It is truly amazing to have everyone writing for this album and bring's a lot of new idea's to the songs. Fear not, each song is extremely brutal and covers a lot of territory as far as extreme metal is concerned. We have definitely had some huge obstacles to overcome to get this album written, but we are finally satisfied with all the music and are anxious to start recording."

The album's recording and touring line up is:

Jon Rubin - guitars
Phil Fasciana - guitars
Dave Culross - drums
Jason Blachowicz - bass
Brett Hoffmann - vocals

Malevolent Creation has massive touring plans for 2007 already. Touring starts in Europe with "The Domination Tour 2007": More...

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More European Domination Tour Dates Added

More tour dates have been added to the European Domination Tour 2007, featuring Rotting Christ, Malevolent Creation, Neuraxis, Carpathian Forest, Incantation and Harm. The following dates have been confirmed for the The Domination Tour 2007:

2/14 Berlin, GER @ Kato
2/15 Leipzig, GER @ Hellriser
2/16 Wien, AT @ Szene
2/17 Salzburg, AT @ Rockhaus
2/18 Innsbruck, AT @ Hafen
2/19 Plattern, CH @ Z7
2/20 Strasbourg, FR @ Laiterie
2/21 Paris, FR @ Locomotive
2/22 Eindhoven, HOL @ Effenaar
2/23 Vosselaar, BEL @ Biebob
2/24 Adelsheim, GER@ Live Factory
2/25 Brno, CZ @ Fledo
2/26 Bratislava, SK @ Randal
2/27 Este (PD), ITA @ Sottosopra Rock Club
2/28 Munchen, GER @ Metropolis
3/1 Osnabruck, GER @ N8
3/1 Groningen, HOL @ Vera
Mar. 03 - Essen, GER @ Turock
Mar. 04 - Rotterdam, HOL @ Baroeg

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First Dates Of Damnation Tour Announced

ROTTING CHRIST, CARPATHIAN FOREST, MALEVOLENT CREATION, INCANTATION and NEURAXIS have been confirmed for the 2007 edition of "The Domination Tour", set to kick off February 14. Confirmed dates so far are as follows:

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Reunited Solstice Begins Work On New Material

South Florida death thrashers SOLSTICE have reunited and are working on new material. The lineup is the same one from the second album, "Pray" (1995), which is as follows:

Dennis Munoz - guitar
Garret Scott - bass
Christian Rudes - guitar, vocals

According to the band, SOLSTICE's current musical style is "more like the [self-titled debut from 1992] as opposed to 'Pray'. We originally wanted Rob Barrett [guitar] to do it but we know he is extremely busy with CANNIBAL CORPSE, so we didn't even ask. After a couple of months of digging around, we were able to find Rudes and he was into it so we went that way. He's an amazing player and his voice is super brutal now. We heard some songs he wrote, and wow, it was killer!"

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Kevin Kinkade Pays Tribute To His Influences

COUNCIL OF THE FALLEN drummer Dave Kinkade (ex-DIVINE EMPIRE, MALEVOLENT CREATION) sent the following message to Blabbermouth.net:

"I'm currently in Holland with my wife and just this evening, had the honor of seeing MORBID ANGEL on tour in Tilburg.

"I just want to say that I'm sick of this bullshit where drummers and death metal musicians in general sit here online talking shit and more shit about each other and other bands BUT really don't EVER pay fucking tribute to the guys who got them into this to begin with.

"I just introduced my wife to my longtime friend Pete Sandoval (MORBID ANGEL) and Nick Barker [CRADLE OF FILTH, DIMMU BORGIR, BRUJERIA, BENEDICTION], who have always been huge idols of mine. We watched Pete from behind all night murder the drums and it was fucking FLAWLESS. He not only played perfect, BUT played the set faster, tighter and sicker than ever before.

"I've been a fan of extreme death metal for years, even before I started playing it for a living, and I have to fucking say, I've seen everyone in the business play, but NO ONE gets me going more than watching Pete and MORBID EVERY FUCKING TIME. Erik Rutan (HATE ETERNAL) made his comeback after a few years with MORBID and completely fucking demolished. Headspin fucking galore from the first to the last song. I LOVE THIS FUCKING BAND.

"Metal drummers... Learn where your roots come from if you have the balls to play death metal. Forget this two-foot blast shit... if it was not for Pete and members of the old school, you would never be playing this shit. Hail the true... fuck the fake... Know your roots."

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Down the Drain Sign With Arctic Music

DOWN THE DRAIN, featuring former MALEVOLENT CREATION vocalist Brett Hoffmann, have posted the following update:

"Well, we can finally let everyone know that Down The Drain has signed with Arctic Music Group.

Our debut album, Dying Inside, will be coming out through Arctic with the release date set for the 1st month of the new year... January, 2007!

Should be a great way to start the New Year!"

Stay tuned for more details. Meanwhile, check out the album's title track at www.downthedrainmusic.com.

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Malevolent Creation Added To Domination Tour 2007

Florida Death Metal warriors MALEVOLENT CREATION are another band officially confirmed for The Domination Tour 2007! American death metalllers will join forces together with ROTTING CHRIST and CARPATHIAN FOREST for the tour beginning on February 2007. Dates and places will be announced soon. MALEVOLENT CREATION featuring Jon Rubin (guitars), Tony Laureano (drums), Phil Fasciana (guitars), Brett Hoffmann (vocals) and Jason Blachowicz (bass) are currently in pre production process for their 10th studio album "Doomsday X" for Nuclear Blast Records. Right after The Domination Tour 2007 MALEVOLENT CREATION will headline a European/ UK/ Scandinavian tournee.

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Malevolent Creation To Record New Album In May

Long-running Florida death metal warriors MALEVOLENT CREATION are currently in pre-production for their tenth studio album, "Doomsday X", due this fall via Nuclear Blast Records. The band are currently home writing and demoing material for the new CD, to be recorded in May and mixed in June. Recordings will take place at Mercury recording studios in Pompano Beach, FL with producer/engineer Gus Rios, with the mixing set to take place at Antfarm studis on Aaarhus, Denmark with producer Tue Madsen. "This will mark the first time in the band's career that an overseas producer has been brought in for mixing, but Tue's track record speaks for itself and we feel that we will be in good hands with Tue mixing the new album," the group write in a press release. "We need to have a massive production for this 10th record because this recording means a lot to us and we plan on touring for the next two years in support of it. All the bandmembers are contributing to the writing of this new album, so there will be a lot of different influences on this record. The music will be extremely heavy and insanely fast."

MALEVOLENT CREATION's current lineup includes original bandmembers Brett Hoffman on vocals, Jason Blachowicz on bass, Jon Rubin on guitar, Phil Fasciana on guitar and drumming powerhouse Tony Laureano (NILE, DIMMU BORGIR) on drums. Laureano has toured several times in the past with MALEVOLENT CREATION but now will make his debut studio recording with the band which is sure to be interesting. This lineup will also do all upcoming tours in support of "Doomsday X", which is expected to be released in September, followed by a massive European trek with DISGORGE and SKINLESS in support. Other touring options are being looked at as well. There is talk about a U.S. tour with BOLT THROWER in July-August, but nothing is confirmed yet.

In other news, MALEVOLENT CREATION recently returned from a six-week tour of Europe with BOLT THROWER, NIGHTRAGE and NECROPHAGIST and "would like to say that this tour was the best tour we have ever been part of in the last 15 years," the band write in a press release. "Most of the shows were sold out and BOLT THROWER is hands down the best band we have ever toured with and without their help, this tour would never have happened for us. We would truly like to thank BOLT THROWER's tour manager Graham and Jo, Martin, Baz, Gavin and Karl from the band for all their help. An extra special thanks goes out to Phil, Andy, Keith and Sabrine from BOLT THROWER's crew for all their help throughout the 'Those Still Loyal Over Europe Tour 2006'.You guys fucking rule!!!! Also, a big hello to our new friends in NIGHTRAGE and NECROPHAGIST for being so cool and making this the best tour yet!!!!"

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Bolt Thrower Apologizes For Cancelled Italian Show

Bolt Thrower has issued the following statement about the recent cancellation of a show in Italy:

"Due to serious problems with the electricity supply in the venue BOLT THROWER, MALEVOLENT CREATION, NIGHTRAGE AND NECROPHAGIST had to cancel the show in Prato, Italy. The club's electricity supply was unsafe with bad/no earth and after one of the crew members was electrocuted for the 4th time the bands made the decision to pull the show. All bands apologize to all the fans who had traveled to see the show, but they are not prepared to put themselves in a life-threatening situation. Hopefully the Anomalia Club will take notice of their dangerous electricity problem and make sure there will be no accidents in the future."

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Malevolent Creation To Tour Europe With Hoffman

MALEVOLENT CREATION mainman Phil Fasciana has issued the following update:

"I wanted to tell you is that Kyle [Symons, vocals] has just announced that he can't do the tour in europe with us due to personal reasons and instead of canceling another tour because of Kyle and his personal problems, we have contacted original vocalist Brett Hoffman to do the tour and he accepted our offer and is flying down to Florida next week to rehearse with the band until we leave on January 3rd. We simply cannot keep canceling tours because of Kyle and let down our fans and the promoters and booking agents who spend a lot of time and money on these tours. We cannot afford to lose our credibility as a touring band so this is how it has to be if we wish to continue!!!!

"This is really great news for a lot of fans and also marks the return of the original 4 band members (me, Jon Rubin, Jason Blachowicz and Brett Hoffman), together for the first time since our first European tours in 1991 and 1994 with this lineup. If all goes well on this tour we may replace Kyle with Brett and finish writing and recording our 10th album and then do a massive world tour for the next two years!!!!

"No one can destroy this MALEVOLENT CREATION!!!!!!"

MALEVOLENT CREATION's current touring lineup:

Brett Hoffman – vocals
Dave Culross – drums
Jon Rubin – guitars
Jason Blachowicz – bass
Phil Fasciana – guitars

MALEVOLENT CREATION are currently writing the material for their tenth studio CD, entitled "Doomsday X", which will be released spring-summer 2006. Phil Fasciana recently rejected rumors that Brett Hoffman would be making any guest appearances on the new album.

Several European festival appearances will follow next summer.

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Nightrage To Tour Europe With Bolt Thrower

Nightrage will be supporting Bolt Thrower with Malevolent Creation and Necrophagist on the first leg of their forthcoming European tour (and first tour with Karl Willetts back on vocal duties). It will be the debut European tour for Nightrage's “Descent Into Chaos,” which was released in February this year.

Band leader and guitarist Marios Iliopoulos cannot wait to be out on the road: "We are really excited and eager to share the stage with this legendary band and are looking forward to the other bands as well. We will give everything every single night.”

The average ticket price on this tour will be around 10 Euros.

Those Still Loyal Europe 2006 tour dates: More...

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ex-Malevolent Creation Vocalist NOT On New Album

MALEVOLENT CREATION mainman Phil Fasciana has rejected as "wrong" an announcement on the official DOWN THE DRAIN MySpace.com page that former MALEVOLENT CREATION and current DOWN THE DRAIN frontman Brett Hoffman will be singing two tracks on MALEVOLENT's upcoming studio album. "Brett Hoffman is not singing any songs on our new album and either is Jason Blachowicz," Phil told BLABBERMOUTH.NET. "Jason has rejoined the band — yes, that is true — but he is playing bass, not singing (unless some backing vocals are needed). Brett is no longer a part of MALEVOLENT CREATION and hasn't been for the last five years and is definitely not recording with MALEVOLENT CREATION. All vocals will be performed by vocalist Kyle Symons who replaced Hoffman in late 2000 and has recorded the last two studio albums, 'The Will To Kill' and 'Warkult' and a live album that was released earlier this year titled 'Conquering South America' and was recorded in Brazil on the Brazilian Tour in 2003 and has no plans of leaving or being released from the band. Whoever posted that information about Brett and Jason singing on our new album is an idiot and it is 100% not true!!!" The current recording and live lineup is:

Kyle Symons – vocals
Dave Culross – drums
Jon Rubin – guitars
Jason Blachowicz – bass
Phil Fasciana – guitars

MALEVOLENT CREATION will play the following live dates in Mexico this coming December:

Dec. 02 - Aguascalientes, MEX @ La Caverna
Dec. 03 - Mexico City, MEX @ Circo Volador
Dec. 04 - Puebla, MEX @ La Ciricua Bar

These will be the last shows in support of the band's ninth album, "Warkult". MALEVOLENT CREATION are currently writing the material for their tenth studio CD, entitled "Doomsday X", which will be released spring-summer 2006. Several European festival appearances will follow next summer.

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ex-Malevolent Creation Vocalist Guests On Album

Vocalist Brett Hoffmann will rejoin long-running Floridian death metallers MALEVOLENT CREATION for two songs on the group's forthcoming tenth studio album, to be released sometime in the spring/summer of 2006. The rest of the lead vocals on the CD are expected to be handled by Jason Blachowicz (also in DIVINE EMPIRE), who recently rejoined the group as the replacement for Gordon Simms. The band's current lineup also includes returning member John Rubin (guitar), who came back to the group following the departure of guitarist Rob Barret.

MALEVOLENT CREATION's latest album, "Warkult", was released in July 2004 via Nuclear Blast Records. The CD was recorded at Liquid Ghost Recording Studio in Boca Raton, Florida by Phil Plaskon and mixed at Studio Wild in Quebec by producer Jean-Francois Degenais (KATAKLYSM). Mastering duties were handled by Bernard Belley in Montreal. A live album, "Conquering South America", was issued last year via Arctic.

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Milwaukee MetalFest Postponed Til December

This year's Milwaukee Metalfest XIX, which was scheduled for July 29th and 30th at the Modjeska Theatre in Milwuakee, WI, has been postponed till December 2nd and 3rd of 2005. NECROPHAGIA, MACABRE, MALEVOLENT CREATION, ORIGIN among others were scheduled to play. No reason was given was given for the postponement, but most likely has to do with unreliable, shady festival owner Jack Koschick owing tens of thousands of dollars to many, many bands around the world, along with the Koshick/Grohl Metalfest series itself becoming the joke that it is.

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Bloodfest '05 Update

Bloodfest '05 has changed its date to Sunday, July 31st. This is the second run of the Dayton hardcore/metal fest.

This years national acts include the following: Malevolent Creation, Incantation, Origin, Jungle Rot, Paria, Anal Blast, Animosity, The Zimmermann Note, The Meat Shits and Analog. Regional and local acts include: Immolatus, Dead Broke, Endless Sacrifice, Six Shots Fired, Sore Covered Whore, Imbortir, and Welcome to Wall Street.

There will be early headliners as well as evening headliners. Tickets on sale now for only $20 in advanced and $25 at the door. Tickets available locally through Dingleberrys, Gem City Records, Magnolia Thunderpussy, and also online.

For all show info and updates go to www.bloodfestdayton.com.

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Dayton, Ohio's Bloodfest 05' Details

Wicked City Promotions has announced Bloodfest 05' at Elbos Rock Club in Dayton, Ohio on Friday, July 29th. This years event will feature 16 bands with two stages one inside and one outside. The national acts confirmed thus far include: Malevolent Creation, Incantation, Origin, Divine Empire, and Animosity. Regional Acts confirmed include Enslaved To Mercy, Seconds From Disaster, Imbortir, Sore Covered Whore, and Six Shots Fired. The event will be half a day so all can attend work if need be. The event has a tentative start time of 5 P.M.

For more information, visit bloodfestdayton.com.

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Malevolent Creation, Origin, Animosity Tour Dates

Initial dates for this summer's Malevolent Creation, Origin, Animosity, and Divine Empire tour have been announced. Here are the current tour dates:

7/2 Ft. Lauderdale FL @ The Factory
7/3 St. Petersburg FL @ State Theatre
7/5 Orlando FL @ Backbooth
7/6 Jacksonville FL @ Thee Imperial
7/7 New Orleans LA @ TBA
7/8 Houston TX @ Fat Cat's
7/09 San Antonio TX @ The Sanctuary
7/10 Dallas TX @ Phoenix Music Complex
7/11 Oklahoma City OK @ Purgatory
7/12 Gallup NM @ Red Rock State Park Auditorium
7/13 Phoenix AZ @ Metal Devastation 2
7/14 Tijuana MX @ TBA
7/15 San Diego CA @ Brick By Brick
7/16 Corona CA @ Showcase Theatre
7/17 Los Angeles CA @ The Hanging Jury
7/19 San Francisco CA @ TBA
7/20 Sacramento CA @ TBA
7/21 Portland OR @ TBA
7/22 Seattle WA @ Studio Seven
7/23 Spokane WA @ Fat Tuesday
7/25 St. Paul MN @ The Lab
7/26 Davenport IA @ Quad City Live
7/27 Chicago IL @ TBA
7/28 Cleveland OH @ TBA
7/29 Dayton OH @ Elbo's BLOODFEST
7/30 Saginaw MI @ Jamestowne Hall
7/31 Buffalo NY @ TBA
8/1 Rochester NY @ TBA
8/2 Boston MA @ TBA
8/3 Long Island NY@ TBA
8/4 Middleton NY @ Club NY
8/5 Raleigh NC @ The Brewery
8/6 Atlanta GA @ TBA

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"Monsters of Death" Release Parties Announced

The "Monsters Of Metal" clip-compilations got two evil little brothers – the "Monsters Of Death". This brandnew set of two DVDs features the who-is-who of Death Metal from Europa and America in 53 (!) clips ranging.

Among the selections: Dissection ('Where Dead Angels Lie'), At the Gates ('Terminal Spirit Disease'), Cannibal Corpse ('Deceny Defied'), Six Feet Under ('America The Brutal') and Hypocrisy ("Inferior Devoties"). There is also a live chapter with Malevolent Creation and Immolation plus some audio parts with new hot metal stuff from Nuclear Blast.

If you want to check out "Monster Of Metal", visit one of the following release parties. You can check out the material plus even grab some freebies.

Here are the dates: More...

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