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Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse Photo

Band Photo: Cannibal Corpse (?)

Formed: 1988
From: Buffalo, NY, United States
Last Known Status: Active


BANNED in Australia, New Zealand & Korea. BANNED from performing any material off their first three albums in Germany, where the sale of "Butchered At Birth" is outlawed completely!

It has been 16 years since a small band out of Buffalo, New York released their gorified Metal Blade Records debut "Eaten Back to Life," and in their decade+ existence, Cannibal Corpse have accomplished much more than getting their music and concerts banned. Cannibal Corpse have been repeatedly targeted by the morality police (Gore, PMRC, Lieberman, Dole), appeared in a blockbuster Hollywood feature film (Ace Venture: Pet Detective), debuted as the only Death Metal band to rank on the Billboard Top 200 Album chart, graced the covers of virtually every Metal magazine in the world, toured the globe routinely and sold millions of records. All of this with zero commercial radio airplay and no exposure from MTV, save the periodic obligatory controversial news segment. On February 26th, 2002, "Gore Obsessed," the band's eighth full-length studio album, will redefine the Death Metal genre and reign as Cannibal Corpse's most accomplished and scrutinized recording to date. While not infringing on their trademark sound, Cannibal Corpse and multi-platinum first time Corpse producer Neil Kernon (Queensryche, Nevermore, Skrew, Macabre and many more) focused on technically powerful guitars and unmatched bass & drum syncopation that will leave the current crop of corporate makeup metallers slack jawed. "Pit Of Zombies" rips with alternating tempos and time changes that never leaves the listener behind, but drags them screaming into the pit. "Mutilation Of The Cadaver" is another prime chunk of meat that sees vocalist George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher easily spewing forth his finest vocal fury on record (including an unnerving fourteen second scream).

Eight albums in and Cannibal Corpse have never defied their core fan base, continually strengthening their place as the most enduring, relevant and uncompromising Death Metal band ever. With "Gore Obsessed" introducing future classics "Sanded Faceless", "Hung And Bled", "When Death Replaces Life" and "Dormant Bodies Bursting", Cannibal Corpse have buried any and all possibility of being dethroned as the reigning purveyors of aural gore and sonic splatter. Sure to once again peek the interest of those who feel it their responsibility to protect the moral fiber of America's youth culture, Cannibal Corpse again turned to long time friend and artist Vincent Lock to create a visual representation of "Gore Obsessed" that could match the band's musical depiction. Having set a high standard with album covers for "Butchered at Birth" and "Tomb of the Mutilated," Locke, as expected, delivered the gore, and more. The CD cover for "Gore Obsessed" will be masked for retail outlets as no "censored" cover will be available domestically.

Latest Cannibal Corpse News

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Cannibal Corpse Singer To Talk In Porn Star's Book

Cannibal Corpse frontman George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher is the latest to be interviewed for the upcoming autobiography of infamous pornography actress Jasmin St. Claire. The book is enitled "What Was I Thinking? Confessions Of The Worlds Most Controversial Sex Symbol" and also features interviews with Motorhead mainman Lemmy. More are excpected to be interviewed for the book. You can find out more at www.metalsdarkside.com/.

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Cannibal Corpse Strikes Gold In Canada

Cannibal Corpse's latest release, the DVD "Centuries Of Torment", has been certified Gold in Canada, coming in at number 10 on the music DVD charts.

Cannibal Corpse bassist Alex Webster states: "We are very excited to hear the news that our new DVD Centuries of Torment has already been certified Gold in Canada. We have always received incredible support from our fans in Canada, but to have the DVD go Gold immediately upon it's release is even more than we could have hoped for. We want to say a huge thank you to our Canadian fans for making this possible, you guys rule!"

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Cannibal Corpse DVD Enters Billboard Charts

Cannibal Corpse's new DVD "Centuries Of Torment" has hit the Billboard charts, landing in at #8 this week.

Bassist Alex Webster states about the success: "We are very excited by the incredible response to our new DVD Centuries of Torment. The first week sales figures are far beyond what we expected, and we want to give massive thanks to our fans for making this possible. We also want to thank all of our fans and friends who submitted material and allowed themselves to be interviewed; your contributions are really what makes this DVD so special. And of course we need to say a huge thank you to Denise Korycki of Wild Wind Productions for doing such an incredible job directing, producing, and editing this DVD."

The DVD includes over seven hours of footage and is the bands first DVD.

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Eulogy Guitarist Posts Update

Eulogy guitarist Jarrett Pritchard has posted this update:

"Rob (Barrett - guitarist; also CANNIBAL CORPSE) and I sat down yesterday and did all of his trax for the demo...Mike (Pogionne - bass) came down last week and did bass. It all went incredibly well. So soon we will be doing vox. Jason (Avery - vocals) has recovered relatively well from the accident. The doctors have said he is ok to scream....when I was learning of the rest he needed, it became semi-funny remembering Nick Holmes from PARADISE LOST talking in an interview about popping his eye out from screaming. In our case this was a real possibility. But he has been cleared for strenuous activity. Any of you who have ever seen him live knows that he is relatively strenuous.

"Saw DIMMU and BEHEMOTH and lots of friends at Jannus Landing (in Tampa) last week. Good Show. One of the better I have seen in a long while. In about a month (July 8th), Cannibal Corpse is releasing a documentary DVD. It spans their entire career and should be pretty great. A whole bunch of us were included in it. Both Jason and I (Jarrett) were interviewed and as far as I know included in it. So needless to say we are excited about seeing our grills on camera in a retrospective of some important death metal history.

"As this demo thing draws to a close, my main concern next is festivals. If your doing one...get in touch."

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Cannibal Corpse Announces DVD Release Date

An official press release for the renowned band had the following to say:

Legendary death metal band Cannibal Corpse has been busy working on the follow-up to 2006's victorious release Kill, which saw the band hit the Billboard Top 200 chart at #170 with 6,049 units scanned, #6 on Billboard's Heatseaker chart, #16 on Billboard's Top Independent Albums chart, #21 on Billboard's Top Hard Rock Albums chart, a coveted spot touring on 2006's Sounds of the Underground, headlining the extremely successful Metal Blade Records 25th Anniversary Tour, and multiple tours overseas and dates in Canada and South America.

The new album isn't expected until the fall or winter, so until then fans will be able to get their Cannibal fix with the bands first-ever career retrospective 3-disc DVD, Centuries of Torment The First 20 Years, due out July 2008 via Metal Blade Records.

Centuries of Torment: The First 20 Years contains live and rare footage, interviews with members past and present, and loads of bonus material (see track listing below). Documentary and bonus footage directed and produced by Denise Korycki.

DVD 1: Cannibal Corpse History More...

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Adrift Announce More Tour Dates

ADRIFT, the Tampa-based heavy rock band featuring Jack Owen of DEICIDE/CANNIBAL CORPSE fame, has scheduled the following dates:

April 11 - Boomerz - Seminole, Fl
April 26 - The Dungeon - Orlando, FL

ADRIFT recently posted the song "Pushed Aside", from the group's debut full-length album "Absolution", on the ADRIFT MySpace page. This song is being marketed by ADRIFT as the first "single," or track formally released by ADRIFT to mainstream media channels such as radio, Internet radio, and satellite radio. "Back To Square One" and "Held Down", the two other songs posted by ADRIFT in November 2007 on their MySpace page, have received over 90,000 "hits," or plays, since being posted.

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Cannibal Corpse Seeking DVD Contributions

Veteran death metallers CANNIBAL CORPSE have issued the following update:

"Want to be a part of an upcoming CANNIBAL CORPSE DVD? We're documenting the history of the band and are looking for any pictures or videos you may have of the band past or present onstage or offstage. Do you know of any good footage that exists? Let us know.

"Do you have a CANNIBAL tattoo? We want to include you. Do you have any artwork inspired by their songs? Send it in. Whatever you may have that you think would help tell the CANNIBAL story... send it snail mail or email hi-red Jpegs or uncompressed Quicktimes or Mini DV tapes. The deadline is March 1, 2008. Thanks for your help!

"Send materials snail mail to:

Metal Blade Records Inc.
2828 Cochran St. Ste 302
Simi Valley, CA 93065

"Send materials via the website to: dvd[at]cannibalcorpse.net.

"Make sure to include the following statement (print and include in your snailmail or copy/paste and include in your mail.


"By submitting materials by you, and by accepting these terms and conditions, please be advised that your submission of materials which may or may not be included in the CANNIBAL CORPSE video and DVD shall be deemed transferred by you to Metal Blade Records Inc. and is deemed a Work Made For Hire. Thereafter Metal Blade Records Inc. shall own the copyright in and to the materials submitted and can use for commercial or promotional exploitation for no compensation.



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Adrift Load Up March Tour Dates

ADRIFT, the Tampa-based heavy rock band featuring Jack Owen of DEICIDE/CANNIBAL CORPSE fame, has scheduled the following dates for March of 2008:

March 1 - Clearwater, FL @ Trax Music Hall
March 8 - Fort Myers, FL @ Ricochet (EkoTren CD Release)
March 15 - Seminole, FL @ Boomerz Boiler Room
March 17 - Tampa, FL @ Stadium Bennigans
March 29 - New Port Richey, FL @ Bourbon Street

Check out www.myspace.com/adriftsounds for more info.

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Kataklysm Reveal Album Guests

KATAKLYSM frontman Maurizio Iacono has issued the following update:

"Kataklysm just recently finished mixing their new album (Prevail) at Audio Hammer Studios in Orlando, Florida with producer Jason Suecof. The album is going through a mastering process as we speak and should be wrapped up by the end of the week. In other words, fully complete and ready to kill!

The anticipated album will also feature guest solo appearances by Pat O'Brien (CANNIBAL CORPSE), Dave Linsk (OVERKILL) and producer and guitar shredder Jason Suecof himself! The band promises a monstrous album that will pummel you from start to finish. The album artwork and track list will be unleashed next Monday on the bands MySpace page and website. stay tuned!"

Prevail is scheduled for release via Nuclear Blast Records on May 23rd (Europe) and May 27th (North America, rest of world).

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Paths of Possession Post Cancerslug Cover Online

PATHS OF POSSESSION, the Florida-based band fronted by CANNIBAL CORPSE vocalist George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher, has posted a cover version of CANCERSLUG's "Soulless" on the group's MySpace page. The track was previously released on the Japanese version of PATHS OF POSSESSION's third album, "The End of the Hour", which came out last October via Metal Blade Records.

In related news, FROM BLOOD AND BURNING — the band featuring PATHS OF POSSESSION bassist Randy Butman, Nick Goodyear (PATHS OF POSSESSION, DARK FAITH), Jack Goodwin (PATHS OF POSSESSION), and Josh Cannon (SORCERER, AFTER DEATH) — will enter Mana Recording Studios on January 20 with producer Erik Rutan (HATE ETERNAL, CANNIBAL CORPSE, GOATWHORE) to begin recording its full-length debut for a 2008 release via Blind Prophecy Records.

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Cannibal Corpse Want To Enter Studio In September

CANNIBAL CORPSE bassist Alex Webster has issued the following update:

"My wife and I will be attending the NAMM show in Anaheim next week, so if any of you are going to the show, maybe we'll see you there. I'm not doing any signings or presentations or anything like that, but I will be there as a guest of Spector basses. I'll also be dropping by the Modulus, DR Strings, and Ampeg booths, so you might see me somewhere around there too.

"Also, in case you didn't see the announcement on HATE ETERNAL's site last month, I won't be playing bass on their upcoming tours. Although it would have been a lot of fun, we all knew from the beginning that I'd probably just do the studio session, and that's the way things turned out. It just seemed like there would be some serious schedule conflicts, so they decided to look for a bassist who could be fully dedicated to touring with them this year. Those guys are beginning a tour next week, so be sure to catch them if they come through your area. Also, their new album, 'Fury and Flames', will be released on February 20th, so check it out. It's a truly savage album, and I'm proud they let me be a part of it.

"In CANNIBAL news, we have started writing, and things are coming along well. We are hoping to enter the studio in September of this year, so that would mean our next album will be released sometime in 2009.

"As for BLOTTED SCIENCE [the instrumental extreme metal triumvirate featuring guitarist Ron Jarzombek (WATCHTOWER, SPASTIC INK, MARTY FRIEDMAN), Webster, and drummer Charlie Zeleny (BEHOLD...THE ARCTOPUS, JORDAN RUDESS)], we have been enjoying a very positive response to the release of our debut album, 'The Machinations of Dementia', and I'd like to say thank you to everybody out there who has bought the album or supported us in any way. A lot of people have been asking when and if we'll play live, and I still don't know the answer to that. If we ever did plan something it would be posted on BLOTTED's MySpace page, so check there for updates."

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Adrift Schedule More Dates

ADRIFT, the Tampa-based heavy rock band featuring Jack Owen of DEICIDE/CANNIBAL CORPSE fame, has scheduled the following dates:

Jan. 05 - Orlando, FL @ The Haven
Jan. 12 - St. Augustine, FL @ Club Fusion
Jan. 26 - Seminole, FL @ Boomerz Boiler Room

ADRIFT recently posted the song "Pushed Aside", from the group's debut full-length album "Absolution", on the ADRIFT MySpace page. This song is being marketed by ADRIFT as the first "single," or track formally released by ADRIFT to mainstream media channels such as radio, Internet radio, and satellite radio. "Back To Square One" and "Held Down", the two other songs posted by ADRIFT in November of 2007 on their MySpace page, have received over 90,000 "hits," or plays, since being posted.

When asked about the wisdom of releasing a single directly to the public instead of exclusively building supply and demand through such traditional media outlets, ADRIFT drummer Kevin Astl stated, "We just want to get the music out there to the people, our friends and fans. We're not thumbing our nose at radio and would never do so, but we feel that our music should have as much reach as possible. If that includes radio support, then we welcome it, but in conjunction with our plans to push the record. We just feel that radio shouldn't be the ONLY place you can hear ADRIFT's music. 'Pushed Aside' is one of those songs that people tell us is strong, melodically heavy and memorable. We've had such a positive response to the record that we want the word to spread, and we want the music to keep flowing — check out ADRIFT and let us know what you think of the tunes."

"Absolution" was recorded by David Burrill at The Sample Factory in Youngsville, NC, was mixed by Mark Lewis at Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, FL, and was mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music in New Windsor, NY.

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Adrift Announce Florida Tour Dates

ADRIFT, the Tampa-based heavy rock band featuring Jack Owen of DEICIDE/CANNIBAL CORPSE fame, has scheduled the following dates:

Nov. 29 - Tampa, FL @ The Brass Mug
Nov. 30 - Casselberry/Orlando, FL @ Hollys and Dollys
Dec. 14 - Tampa, FL @ The Crowbar
Dec. 15 - Ft. Myers, FL @ [to be announced]

ADRIFT's new album, "Absolution", was recorded by David Burrill at The Sample Factory in Youngsville, NC, was mixed by Mark Lewis at Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, FL, and was mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music in New Windsor, NY.

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Cannibal Corpse Guitar Being Auctioned

The original Dean Cadillac electric guitar, which was played by CANNIBAL CORPSE guitarist Rob Barrett on the "Kill" world tour is being auctioned on eBay from Thursday, November 29 at 8:00 p.m. CET to Sunday, December 9 at 8:00 p.m. CET.

The guitar, which was signed by all five members of CANNIBAL CORPSE, is in good condition and will be shipped in its original case.

Check out the European Metal Blade eBay shop where the auction will kick off on November 29.

The complete proceeds of this auction will be donated to the charity Strahlemaennchen.de. Strahlemaennchen.de is a German organization which helps children with cancer and their families with everyday problems as well as making the children's wishes come true.

Shipping within the EU by GLS. Outside of the EU by DHL. Please note that shipping charges vary from country to country. A few countries are listed below. If your country is not listed, please get in touch. International buyers please be aware that your country (outside of the EU) may charge custom fees or duties on imports. Metal Blade Records is not responsible for these fees.

Shipping costs:

Denmark: 13,50 EUR
Finland: 36,50 EUR
France: 16,50 EUR
Great Britain: 22,00 EUR
Ireland: 33 EUR
Italy: 26,50 EUR
Austria: 16 EUR
Poland: 26 EUR
Portugal: 31,50 EUR
Sweden: 26,50 EUR
Russia: 64,00 EUR
USA: 126,00 EUR
Canada: 126 EUR
Brazil: 166,00 EUR
Japan: 166,00 EUR

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Deicide Guitarist Checks In

Guitarist Jack Owen (DEICIDE, ADRIFT, ex-CANNIBAL CORPSE) has sent the following update to BLABBERMOUTH.NET:

"Just got home from a couple whirlwind months of touring. First was OBITUARY's North American tour for their great new album, 'Xecutioner's Return'. I want to thank them for letting me tag along and be a one-man film crew and emergency guitarist!

"Next up was the Balkans Assassination tour, playing bass for my good friends ESTUARY! Yes, bass! It was an awesome and challenging expeience ripping out some bass for a change!

"Thank you to Zdenka, Ash, and Jesse (and KRISIUN and INCANTATION) for a great tour!

"Arrived home to a finished product of the debut ADRIFT album, 'Absolution'. Finally! We've been sending out the first run to labels, mags, and fans. If you'd like to order the album, visit our homepage. We're pushing a limited run of albums ourselves until a label picks it up. (hint, hint..)

"Also got home to the terrible news about Vitek from DECAPITATED. It's a horrible tragedy, and my condolences go out to his band, family, and friends.

"In the works right now? Recording my guitar parts for the new DEICIDE album, rehearsing for an Orlando show with ADRIFT, and sleeping a lot!

"ADRIFT should be on the road before you know it!

"Cheers to all the awesome fans and friends I ran into through the September and October tours! See you again soon!"

ADRIFT's "Absolution" was recorded by David Burrill at The Sample Factory in Youngsville, NC, was mixed by Mark Lewis at Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, FL, and was mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music in New Windsor, NY.

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Cannibal Corpse Bassist Talks Metalcore

www.waytooloud.com recently conducted and interview with CANNIBAL CORPSE members Alex Webster and George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher during the Metal Blade 25th Anniversary Tour. A couple of excerpts follow:

Way Too Loud!: After Sounds Of The Underground, has anyone talked to you about doing any more support tours? I'd love to see that, where you scare the headliners!

Alex Webster: We've had a little bit of interest from some people, but nothing has panned out yet to anything that we've been supporting since then. We've done a few festivals in Europe, but other than that, we've been headlining since that tour. It does seem to open up some doors though, because some people have been talking to us about doing some things, where before, it was hard to get anybody even to think about having us open for them. It's been tough. If you look at our tour history, very rarely have we done supporting tours. There's probably been less than five tours where we were the support band, as opposed to being the headliner. Our first two tours that we did were headliners, so right off the bat we were headlining.

Way Too Loud!: Is there any chance with LAMB OF GOD? The reason why I'm asking is because they opened up for you in? Was it 2000?

Alex: 2001. LAMB OF GOD, DIMMU BORGIR and THE HAUNTED opened for us on a North American tour. I think except for THE HAUNTED, all those bands are bigger than us now, which is cool by us, and we would be happy to open for any band that's bigger than us, even if they haven't been around for long, just because you want to introduce your music to new fans and all that. LAMB OF GOD have asked about having us open for them, but the timing didn't work out. They were a band that did ask about it. I think it would be great! I would love to open for those guys. We really appreciate that they've had us in mind, even though the scheduling didn't work out in the past.

Way Too Loud!: From the appearance of things, metalcore seems to have helped out every kind of real metal there is. Do you guys think that you've benefitted from this?

Alex: Any kind of metal we support, even if we don't necessarily listen to it a whole lot. A lot of the metalcore bands are pretty good. I think they have enough of an element of death metal to them that they've helped attract fans to the death metal scene. Like if you have metalcore bands occasionally doing a tour with a death metal band, it's kind of a fan exchange, where the fans of one scene can learn about the music of another, and I think it's positive because those fans wouldn't have made death metal a first stop. It wouldn't have been their first choice to check out death metal, but once they've had a chance to see a band like us like at Sound Of The Underground or whatever, it got them more interested in death metal. If those bands didn't exist, then Sounds Of The Underground probably wouldn't exist, and we wouldn't have done that tour, so we wouldn't have had that chance. I definitely think that metalcore bands have probably opened some doors for the death metal scene, and maybe the black metal scene as well.

Way Too Loud!: That makes me wonder about something. Do you think now, even death metal bands themselves are changing. I think it was a guy from Vile who said he liked the music, but even though he was playing it, he never liked the lyrics, and he really wanted to go in a more positive direction. It almost seems like there's a couple, I guess it already has been done actually, death metal bands doing stuff that's positive, and in a different direction.

Alex: I guess if you look at bands like NAPALM DEATH, at one point those guys those guys sounded very much like a death metal band, and they still do have a lot of elements of death metal to their sound, even though most people would call them a grindcore band. Especially around "Harmony Corruption", they sounded very similar to death metal on some of their riffs, but they always had lyrics that were political, and some of them were proudly positive lyrics. I'm not that familiar with their stuff, but I know none of it was gore. I think the music and the lyrics can be separate, but in our opinion, if you ask any of the members in the band, we've always felt that really dark and negative lyrics were the way to go for the kind of music we're doing. It just seemed appropriate for the riffing style we have. The style of riffing is dark, aggressive and violent, and there's nothing else that we felt would fit well. The music and the lyrics had to be match, and to us, the music was violent, so the lyrics had to be violent. But if someone else wants to do it in a different way, that's fine. There's no rules in music. There might be some rules in death metal, on how you define it, and that's OK, but in general, if someone wants to take some sounds from death metal and us it for something, and try and make positive lyrics on top of it, we're not going to complain about that.

George: Some people feel, that somebody who is not a part of the scene, or who looks different that comes to shows, they feel that their… you know… Like most people would say "mall" kids or "mallcore" kids, or whatever you want to call them, they see those kids wearing their shirts, and they feel like the one band that hasn't sold out, that hasn't turned their back on their music is more popular, unfortunately they see that band as selling out. That's not our fault at all. We don't control who comes to our shows. We want everybody to come to our shows, we don't care if it's Joe Schmoe or some kid in a hospital. We have a very diverse audiences. I know that tonight we'll have a diverse audience, and of course part of that is because we have a diverse bill, there's bands that aren't pure death metal on this bill, but some people feel like their little thing has been taken away. It used to be SLAYER — nobody knew who they were, now SLAYER's huge! People feel betrayed by that. To me, I've always thought that if you're going to feel that way, then you should just listen to the band. If the band sounds like they've turned their back on you and you don't like them anymore, that's fine because everyone else likes them now. What I would always say about bands that I liked that were getting bigger, I started seeing more kids wearing their shirts, and I'd think "They stink now!" But people feel like their little things been taken away. I used to try and get all my friends to listen to KREATOR, because all my friends used to listen to BON JOVI and all this crap, and I was like "Listen to this! KREATOR!" Then a few of my friends would listen to it with me, and then more and more people started listening to it, and you want them to listen to it. Not me, but some people feel like their little things been taken away. You wanted everybody to love them — why don't you like this, it's the best thing ever? But when everybody else likes it, then it's not the best thing ever. We know a guy who likes only the band's first demo ever. "Only their first demo, the rest is shit!" (Laughs) C'mon, it's like dude, what are you talking about? It's ridiculous.

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Cannibal Corpse Post Tour Update

Legendary death metallers CANNIBAL CORPSE have issued the following update:

"We have just returned from Brazil, where we finished off the 'Kill' tour with a very successful four-show mini-tour. This was our third trip to Brazil, and we were happy to see lots of old friends as well as many new ones. We really had an excellent time there, and we want to thank the fans in Brazil for giving us such a great response. These will likely be the last shows we do until 2009, so we are really happy to finish the tour on such a high note. We also would like to thank Eduardo and Victor for doing a great job with the organization of the tour, all of the local crews/promoters, and all of the excellent bands we shared the stage with during the tour.

"The touring we did for 'Kill' turned out to be some of the most extensive we've done in our career. During the tour we played festival tours such as No Mercy and Sounds Of The Underground, as well as excellent one-off festivals like Wacken, With Full Force, Hellfest, New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, and Graspop Metal Meeting. We also did two headlining tours of Europe and two headlining tours of the USA and Canada, one of which was the Metal Blade 25th Anniversary Tour, and also several smaller tours throughout the world. We played with dozens of killer heavy bands along the way, and we'd like to say hello and thanks to all of them.

"The tour covered many countries we've been to before: The United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, The Czech Republic, Serbia, Hungary, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, The United States, Canada, Russia, and Australia. We also went to a few countries for the first time on this tour: Bulgaria, Romania, Guatemala, Iceland, El Salvador, Ecuador, Peru, and New Zealand. We were only forced to miss one gig on the whole tour and that was the Venezuela show which was cancelled by the local government. Hopefully we'll be able to get down there in the future as we really want to play for all of the great fans there.

"So, unless we've forgotten a country on this list (our apologies if we did), that's 41 countries that we performed in for the 'Kill' tour. We'd like to give massive thanks to all of the fans in that came to these shows, you all helped make the 'Kill' tour our best tour ever. THANK YOU!!!!"

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Chaosfear To Support Cannibal Corpse In Brazil

Brazilian thrashers CHAOSFEAR will support CANNIBAL CORPSE on Friday, October 19 at Hangar 110 in Sao Paulo.

CHAOSFEAR was recently rejoined by original guitarist Edu Boccomino.

After quitting SCARS, Boccomino was interested in joining up with his brother Fernando once again. "Everything happened so naturally because we have been friends for such a long time," CHAOSFEAR previously said in a statement. "We just had a quick talk and started playing again. The band is very excited to have the original lineup back together."

CHAOSFEAR has started writing material for the follow-up to "One Step Behind Anger", tentatively due in 2008 via OSM Records.

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More Metal Removed From Disney Property

Greg Burk of the Los Angeles Times reports that five heavy-metal concerts scheduled at House of Blues clubs on Walt Disney Co. property in Anaheim, California and Orlando, Florida have been hastily shifted to other venues or canceled recently, according to House of Blues web site calendars.

A Sept. 7 show featuring MACHINE HEAD, ARCH ENEMY, THROWDOWN and SANCTITY, booked two months earlier, was moved on two days' notice from the House of Blues in Anaheim's Downtown Disney entertainment complex to the Glass House in Pomona. Thursday's concert with CANNIBAL CORPSE, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, THE RED CHORD and THE ABSENCE, originally slated for the Anaheim House of Blues, was moved to the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana. A Sept. 26 Anaheim House of Blues concert featuring OBITUARY, ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY, FULL BLOWN CHAOS and HEMLOCK has been canceled outright.

At the House of Blues in Orlando, Fla., on Disney World property, a Sept. 17 concert of the MACHINE HEAD lineup has been moved to Club Firestone in downtown Orlando. The same action has been taken with the Oct. 11 CANNIBAL CORPSE package.

Asked about the scheduling changes, John Vlautin, vice president of communications for Live Nation (formerly Clear Channel), the concert-promotion organization that owns the nationwide House of Blues chain, issued a statement Thursday that said only: "House of Blues offers a range of entertainment to match the audience at our venues. It was determined that the mix of entertainment at our two Disney locations should be different from our other venues."

Vlautin declined to comment on why metal bands have been singled out after years of similar bookings or whether other metal events already scheduled, including SUFFOCATION, EDGUY and STATIC-X, will be affected.

Rob Doughty, communications vice president for Disneyland Resorts, declined to comment, referring inquiries to Vlautin. Paul McGuigan, concert promoter at the Anaheim House of Blues, also declined to comment through a club spokeswoman.

The Walt Disney Co., through Vlautin, issued a short statement Thursday that included no specifics about the shifts of the metal concerts: "In consultation with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, the House of Blues will provide a mix of entertainment for guests visiting Disney Resorts."

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Cannibal Corpse Bassist Records For Hate Eternal

Bassist Alex Webster of the legendary death metallers CANNIBAL CORPSE has issued the following update:

"I just finished recording the bass for the new HATE ETERNAL album on Monday night. I'm really happy with the results, and the band seems to be too. As you might expect, the album is being recorded at Mana Studios in St. Petersburg Florida, since that studio is run by Erik Rutan (HATE ETERNAL vocalist/songwriter/guitarist). Brian at Mana was the engineer who recorded my tracks, and I want to thank him for doing a fantastic job.

"For this recording I used my Ibanez SR 1500 (the same bass I used on CANNIBAL's 'The Bleeding' back in 1993), DR Strings, my Ampeg SVT 4 head and Erik's Ampeg 8x10 cabinet. We also recorded a track using a direct box, but it's not likely that we'll use it as the Ampeg sounded excellent.

"It was a real honor to work with Erik, Shaune, and Jade on this album, those guys are absolutely incredible musicians and great people too. They have put together some completely crushing and very original material for this upcoming album, and I am proud to be a part of it and thankful they gave me this opportunity.

"A lot of people have been asking me if I'll be touring with HATE ETERNAL in support of the new album, and at this point I don't have an answer for you all. It's really going to come down to seeing what my schedule is like in the coming months.

"In other news (it's been a busy time for me lately) CANNIBAL is starting a North American tour tomorrow night in New Orleans. The tour is a celebration of Metal Blade Records 25th anniversary, and it features THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, THE RED CHORD, GOATWHORE, and THE ABSENCE. Check www.cannibalcorpse.net for full dates and details. Also, there's a very good chance we'll have BLOTTED SCIENCE CDs [featuring Webster, guitarist Ron Jarzombek (WATCHTOWER, SPASTIC INK, MARTY FRIEDMAN), and drummer Charlie Zeleny (BEHOLD...THE ARCTOPUS, JORDAN RUDESS)] available at the shows (perhaps even prior to the Sept. 18th release date), so check the merch booth if you're interested in that."

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