"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 1982
From: Canada
Last Known Status: Active


Voivod (consisting of singer Denis "Snake" Belanger, guitarist Denis "Piggy" D'Amour, drummer Michel Langevin, and bassist Jean-Yves Theriault) was one of the first thrash bands out of Canada to gain popularity outside of their home country. From their beginning in the early '80s, their main goal was to be different from anyone else and thus they incorporated odd musical tempos and futuristic story lines into their songs, often dealing with technology taking over the world. Voivod opened the way for other Canadian thrash bands and for metal bands with their unique styles of performing and writing.

Such early releases as 1984's "War and Pain" and 1986's "Rrrroooaaarrr!" showed that the quartet was aligned to the then up-and-coming thrash metal movement, eventually letting their prog-rock influences seep in on 1987's "Killing Technology" and 1988's "Dimension Hatross." By the time of their major-label debut for MCA, 1989's "Nothingface," Voivod had perfected their thrash metal/prog rock style, resulting in the most commercially successful release of their career -- spearheaded by a video for their cover of Pink Floyd's "Astronomy Domine" (which enjoyed airings on MTV's Headbangers Ball) and a headlining club tour over a pair of bands that would soon change the landscape of alt-rock by the early '90s, Soundgarden and Faith No More.

But just as it appeared as though Voivod may be able to break through to a wider audience, Theriault left the group right after the release of 1991's "Angel Rat" as the album quickly sunk from sight while the rest of the rock world focused their attention on the burgeoning alt-rock/Seattle movement. "The Outer Limits" followed two years later, which was followed shortly thereafter by Belanger's exit from the band. By the mid-'90s, Voivod's lineup had been scaled down to a trio -- newcomer Eric Forest doubled on vocals and bass, resulting in such releases as 1995's "Negatron" (which was the #1 Aggressive Rock in the United States in the first week of release) and 1997's "Phobos." 2000 saw the release of the odds and ends compilation "Kronik" as well as the live set "Lives." In early 2001, the remaining members decided to call it a day when Forest departed, only to reunite several months later with Belanger back on board and with former Metallica member (and longtime Voivod fan) Jason Newsted filling in on bass.

Latest Voivod News

Below is our complete Voivod news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Voivod Reveals Details About Upcoming Shows

Legendary Canadian progressive thrashers Voivod have issued an update regarding their upcoming live appearances.

"A lot has happened since the band's last live appearance. The band had taken time off to begin writing what would become the album Katorz. In April 2005 while the new album was in progress, guitarist Denis 'Piggy' D'Amour became ill before recording began and sadly died of colon cancer. It took awhile to recover from the sudden passing of Denis before Michel 'Away' Langevin, Denis 'Snake' Belanger and Jason 'Jasonic' Newsted could begin to assemble the songs from the demos and create Katorz.

Discussions of a tribute show and possible guitar players for it followed, yet it just did not seem right to perform without Denis, but time does help heal wounds and this summer Voivod feel it is time to perform the music Denis helped create once more.

On June 22nd, Voivod will perform in Montreal as part of the Heavy MTL festival and July 26th, 2008 in Calgary for the Monsters Of Rock festival (here) with original bass player Jean-Yves Theriault ('Blacky') for the first time in 17 years.

Dan Mongrain from the Quebec band MARTYR, a good friend of the band, will play guitar. Songs from the early catalogue will be the focus for these short festival sets. Jason Newsted is still very much part of the Voivod family and is working with the band on the new record (also constructed from the 2004 demos) along with Jean-Yves Theriault and Eric Forrest. However, Newsted is unable to perform live at this point.

Denis and Michel are determined to play more shows in the future to celebrate Denis 'Piggy' D'Amour's legacy.

Stay tuned."

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Voivod And Disturbed Added To Heavy MTL Festival

Voivod, Disturbed and Rev Theory are the latest additions to Montreal's two day festival, Heavy MTL. The full lineup is as follows:



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More Details On Ozzy's Monsters Of Rock Festival

With 3 Inches of Blood just confirmed for Ozzy's Monsters Of Rock concert that is to take place July 26th we will be at McMahon Stadium in Calgary, Shadows Fall has now confirmed their participation. The planned lineup currently includes the following bands:

Ozzy Osbourne
Judas Priest
Serj Tankian
Shadows Fall
Cavalera Conspiracy
3 Inches of Blood
Zimmers Hole
Dillinger Escape Plan

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Voivod To Enter The Studio This Spring

Canada’s pioneering metal band VOIVOD will enter the studio this spring to record their final album using songs left behind by founding guitarist Denis ‘Piggy’ D’Amour who died in August 2005 from colon cancer

An official band statement reads: “There remain 13 songs that guitarist Denis D’Amour (Piggy) had written with the band before his death, yet to be recorded. Michel Langevin (Away) and Denis Belanger (Snake) will track the last songs this spring bringing all the past and present members together to participate in a homage to the guitar legend of Piggy and the legacy of 25 years of a brotherhood forged by exploring metal, rock and punk ethics with an other worldly premise.

"Jean-Yves Theriault (Blacky) and Eric Forrest (E Force) have eagerly agreed to contribute bass tracks along with current bass player Jason Newsted (Jasonic). The End Records and Nuclear Blast Europe will release this final record once completed.

"VOIVOD may play select shows after the release as a thank you to the fans and to bring closure to a great career."

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Voivod Post New Videos Online

Montreal's pioneering metal band VOIVOD have posted new videos on YouTube.com for the songs 'Polaroids' and 'The X-Stream' from their 2006 album Katorz. Click below to view.

Katorz was released in July of 2006, an album assembled, recorded and released by the band (drummer Michel 'Away' Langevin,' singer Denis 'Snake' Belanger and bassist Jason 'Jasonic' Newsted) and producer Glen Robinson using demos left by founding guitarist Denis "Piggy" D'Amour who succumbed to colon cancer in August of 2005. The band recently won the Best Metal/Hardcore Album award for their album 2006 album Katorz at the annual Quebec Independent Music Awards (GAMIQ) Montreal. More...

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Voivod Win Best Metal Album At GAMIQ Awards

Montreal's pioneering metal band VOIVOD won the "Best Metal/Hardcore Album" award for their album 2006 album Katorz at the annual Quebec Independent Music Awards (GAMIQ) this past weekend in Montreal, Quebec.

Katorz was released in July of 2006 on The End Records, an album assembled, recorded and released by the band (drummer Michel 'Away' Langevin,' singer Denis 'Snake' Belanger and bassist Jason 'Jasonic' Newsted) and producer Glen Robinson using demos left by founding guitarist Denis "Piggy" D'Amour who succumbed to colon cancer in August of 2006.

Labelmates UNEXPECT were also nominated in the same category for their album In A Flesh Aquarium.

In related Voivod news, the rock n' roll band XAVIER CAFFEINE that won "Best Rock 'N' Roll Album" for Gisele, features Alex Crowe who playes in psych/prog act KOSMOS with Voivod drummer Michel 'Away' Langevin.'

Kosmos recently released their self-titled debut on The End.

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Voivod To Play 13 "Piggy Songs" This Fall

VOIVOD drummer Michel “Away” Langevin spoke to Chad Bowar from About.com: Heavy Metal recently about a number of topics, including the band's upcoming album that will feature from late guitarist Denis "Piggy" D’Amour. A few excerpts follow:

Chad Bowar: What’s the latest with Voivod? Have you began putting together an album with the rest of Piggy’s songs?
Michel "Away" Langevin: "Yes, we have 13 songs left that we will be recording in the fall. We are waiting for Jason’s (Newsted) injury to heal 100 percent. He injured his shoulder and had to have surgery. So in the fall we’re going to be recording the final stuff. It’s still out of the sessions we did in 2004, so it’s pretty reminiscent of Katorz. In the meantime I’m very busy reissuing the Noise catalog that is now on Century: Rrröööaaarrr, Killing Technology and Dimension Hatröss. They are going to be remastered and re-released with a bonus DVD of the Voivod archives from the ‘80s. We had the Iron Gang back then, a mail order where we would sell cassettes and stuff like that. Quite often people sent me VHS tapes and cassettes of shows we played and photos. . For Rrröööaaarrr I found the first show in the U.S. with Venom in 1985 on VHS and also a very early show in January 1984 in Quebec and also a high school show in ’84. I just wrapped it up and I’m working on Killing Technology and Dimension Hatröss. Later on next year we’re going to work on Nothingface, Angel Rat and The Outer Limits."

Chad Bowar: Will we see Voivod on tour again?
Michel "Away" Langevin: "Once we are done with the next album in early 2008 we hope to do some kind of farewell tour to pay tribute to Piggy’s music. Andreas Kisser (SEPULTURA) already agreed to help us if we need to play Katorz and the next album live. That’s something we’ve been hoping to achieve. There’s nothing confirmed, but we hope to do some sort of tribute to Piggy live eventually."

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Voivod Guitarist Inducted Into Quebec Hall Of Fame

Special Report by David Perri

The late VOIVOD guitarist Denis "Piggy" D'Amour was inducted into the Quebec Metal Hall Of Fame on September 1 as part of this weekend's three-day 25 Years Of Quebec Metal festival at Club Soda in Montreal.

The induction was preceded by a video montage that paid tribute to Piggy, and an elegant banner marking his induction was then hoisted to the venue's rafters. All the while, one of Piggy's home-made guitars was also on display.

Touching remarks about Piggy's life were subsequently delivered to the crowd by Maurice Richard (former Voivod manager/25 Years Of Quebec Metal promoter), Steeve Hurdle (NEGATIVA/ex-GORGUTS), Ian Campbell (DESCEND INTO NOTHINGNESS/ex-NEURAXIS), and Denis "Snake" Belanger (Voivod).

A surprise, unannounced performance then began, with a supergroup including Daniel Mongrain (MARTYR) and Jean-Yves "Blacky" Theriault (ex-Voivod) playing a spirited medley of Voivod classics.

After the Voivod medley ended, Snake and Voivod drummer Michel "Away" Langevin joined Blacky on stage. Piggy's family and his girlfriend also came out on to the stage. Snake folded the hall of fame induction banner and presented it to the D'Amour family.

All in all, the induction was a classy and moving affair that justly gave praise to one of metal's most innovative figures.

Piggy died on August 26, 2005 from complications arising from cancer. He is greatly missed by many.

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Voivod Drummer Talks About Upcoming Reissues

Voivod drummer Michel "Away" Langevin has told Greg Prato of Billboard.com that he is keeping busy with several upcoming Voivod-related releases, including the group's final studio album, comprised of tracks left over from the last sessions with late co-founding guitarist, Denis "Piggy" D'Amour. The group will congregate in the fall to finish off the tracks.

Also forthcoming are reissues via Sanctuary Records of all of Voivod's releases for the Noise label during the 1980s. Each album will be remastered and updated with a DVD of vintage live performances. "There are quite a few treasures there — like the first U.S. show, when we opened for VEnom at the Ritz in New York," Langevin says. "There are also the demos we sold through the fan club in the '80s, a lot of rehearsals from '83 and '84 when we were writing the first two albums and sketches for the album covers."

In addition, there will be book of VOIVOD-related artwork that Langevin has assembled, with a working title of "Voivod in Art" (Troubleman Unlimited).

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Voivod DVD On The Way

VOIVOD drummer Michel "Away" Langevin has told MTV.com that he recently finished remastering the band's 1986 album, "Rrröööaaarrr!", and editing a bonus DVD that will accompany the re-release of the LP in the fall. The package will be filled with live and demo recordings that were sold in the '80s via the band's Iron Gang fan club; fan-recorded footage, including the group's first U.S. show, an opening gig for VENOM; rare archival photos; and cassette recordings dating back to 1980. "I found an early tape of Piggy doing an avant-garde collage of sounds that's very good, so that will be a bonus on 'Rrröööaaarrr!' as well," he said.

The "Rrröööaaarrr!" reissue will be followed early next year by reissues of 1987's "Killing Technology" and 1988's "Dimension Hatröss", which will be similarly equipped with bonus DVDs. After the first batch of reissues come out, Langevin plans to work on reissues of 1991's "Angel Rat" and 1993's "The Outer Limits". He's negotiating to put out 1989's "Nothingface" as well but is running into some red tape.

"We had a deal back then where it was distributed by MCA in America and Noise in Europe," Langevin said. "And right now that's causing some logistical issues that we need to settle before I can start thinking about that."

Langevin also plans to begin work on a box set of VOIVOD's '90s catalog, much of which featured Eric Forrest on vocals. As if that's not enough VOIVOD to shake a psychedelic stick at, next year Langevin will assemble two proper VOIVOD DVDs, "D-V-O-D-2" and "D-V-O-D-3", to follow up 2005's "D-V-O-D-1". These discs will feature the professionally filmed material lacking from the album-reissue bonus DVDs.

Read more at MTV.com.

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Voivod Post Updates On New Album etc.

VOIVOD drummer Michel “Away” Langevin has issued an update on the band’s current activities:

“Hello there, Here’s what’s up: The video for ‘Polaroids‘ is finished. It was done with Banger Productions and Ottoblix and contains some of my animation work. I started working on the video for ‘The X-Stream,’ also in collaboration with Banger Productions and Ottoblix. We will be recording the follow-up to Katorz in the fall 2007. I’m almost finished with the Roar re-issue on Sanctuary. It will include a bonus DVD pulled from the Iron Gang archives of the era. Expect a fall release.

“Troubleman Unlimited are done with the layout of my art book. The book will contain 325 Voivod related drawings and covers the years 1976-2006. No release date yet but it’s getting close! Check out our new belt-buckles, soon on Bandmerch.com. My project LES ÉKORCHÉS is out on Indica/Outside. Produced by Glen Robinson. Info: lesekorches.com and myspace.com/lesekorches.

“My other project KOSMOS will come out this year on The End. Info: myspace.com/kosmostheband. Snake’s project PARANOLAND is on the way. Also produced by Glen Robinson. Info: myspace.com/paranoland. Also in the works: The Outer Limits and Angel Rat re-issues on The End. Killing Technology and Dimension Hatross re-issues with bonus Iron Gang DVDs on Sanctuary. DVOD 2 and DVOD 3 are coming along too.

“That’s about it I guess. I’m very sorry about the delays, all of this is a lot of work! Peace, Away“

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Kosmos Debut Album Release Date Announced

THE END RECORDS has set a release date of August 21st, 2007 for the self-titled debut from KOSMOS, the Canadian prog/psych quartet which features Voivod's Michel 'Away' Langevin on drums. The band is rounded out by guitarist Jetphil (Paradise), bassist Vincent Peake (Groovy Aardvark/Grim Skunk) and keyboardist/programmer Alex Crow

Says Langevin about KOSMOS, "We're a progrock collective from Montreal, Canada and we're influenced by the 70's Krautrock scene and avant-garde music."

The 12 tracks found on KOSMOS offer journeys through cosmic prog psychedelia, a spaceship built for fans of Hawkwind, Amon Duul II, Zombi and Monster Magnet. The tracklisting is as follows:

01. Psycho
02. Dream
03. Grand Grizou
04. Yawa
05. Indu Kush
06. Much Too Old
07. Kosmos
08. Krautrock
09. Septial
10. Jello
11. Mothership
12. Messe Noire

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Listen to Voivod's Katorz Demo Tracks Online

VOIVOD fan site Voivodfan.com has posted demos of the Katorz album tracks 'Mr. Clean', The Getaway', 'Red My Mind' and 'After All'. Check them out at this location.

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This Week In Metal - August 31st, 2006 *Late*

Im aware of the fact that its a little late, and pushed closely together with TWIM for 9-8-06 but nonetheless I would hate to see you guys miss out on a week of news. So without further ado the records chart courtesy of CMJ :

22SlayerChrist Illusion 32
31SYLThe New Black41
44All That RemainsThe Fall of Ideals42
56The Human AbstractNocturne35
6-Bury Your DeadBeauty & The Breakdown26
7 *GwarBeyond Hell17
85UnearthIII: The Eyes Of Fire35
107Shadows FallFallout From The War41

Hatebreed becomes our third #1 ever, beyond Shadows Fall and SYL. It is amazing for them as a band to completly jump Slayer. All That Remains maybe just hitting stride in their young career, the success of this album and the sales and touring they are doing are pushing them over the top of their genre. Bury Your Dead returns to the chart with strong sales following a bouncey chart release. And the boys from Shadows Fall look like their run of 4 weeks in the chart might end as they slip to the #10 slot.

Onto the singles, courtesy of MusicMatch:

15Stone Sour30-30/15041
21UnearthThe Glorious Nightmare31
38SYLYou Suck33
43The Human AbstractCrossing the Rubicon22
54MastodonThe Wolf Is Loose24
69Shadows FallWill To Rebuild41
86Lamb of GodRedneck42
97All That RemainsThis Calling27

Not much change to the charts other then that of Stone Sour resurging to the #1 slot after never reaching it within the first four weeks. Between The Buried and Me makes a debut with Malpractice and the bottom of the chart holds strong with Slayer staying in the #10 slot. All four #1's in the charts 4 weeks remain, including the only 2 songs to be on all 4 weeks.

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This Week In Metal - August 24th, 2006

A third week, and to my surprise Slayer isn't number 1. Strapping Young Lad keeps the #1 spot for the second straight week. Meanwhile Slayer is at their heels and I would bet good money they takeover the top spot next week. Hatebreed's new album Supremecy could be the only thing that comes inbetween all of that but I highly doubt it. All That Remains holds strong as one of 4 bands that have stayed in the top 10 since TWIM was brought back. The second biggest highlight of the chart is the fact that All Shall Perish has broken thru and taken a spot inside the top 10. I've been a fan of these boys for a while and its amazing to see their name share spots with the likes of Shadows Fall and Unearth. And now for the chart courtesy of CMJ :

11Strapping Young LadThe New Black31
2*SlayerChrist Illusion 12
42All That RemainsThe Fall of Ideals32
57UnearthIII: The Eyes of Fire25
610Human AbstractNocturne26
7 3Shadows FallFallout From the War31
94Between the Buried and MeThe Anatomy Of34
10*All Shall PerishThe Price Of Exsistance110

And now for the tunes, with a drastic change in this weeks chart. Unearth jumps from seven to first, while Slayer's Cult drops from first to tenth. Only six songs stayed on the chart, while we had four really strong debuts from great bands. Hatebreed, Mastodon and the new ATR single. Not to mention the ever-growing popularity of Human Abstract debuts. The singles chart is always shaky as the seeming flavor of the week is always ahead here, and now for the music, courtesy of MusicMatch:

17UnearthThe Glorious Nightmare21
2*The Human AbstractCrossing The Rubicon12
4*MastodonThe Wolf Is Loose14
54Stone Sour30-30/15032
62Lamb of GodRedneck32
7*All That RemainsThis Calling17
810Strapping Young LadYou Suck28
93Shadows FallWill To Rebuild31

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This Week In Metal - August 17th, 2006

A new top album ? Its true, this week Strapping Young Lad takes over the top spot from Shadows Fall. Both of these bands are very deserving, but we crown our second #1 in as many weeks. Last weeks top 7 managed to stay on the chart, but jump around a little bit. While we have 3 brand new albums debuting this week, with one going as high as #6 in Voivod's Katorz. This is quite possibly the best album these guys have released and they are finally getting the notority they deserve. Not far behind them in the new releases is Unearths' III: The Eyes Of Fire, which is amazing considering it hasnt been released in alot of areas yet but the pre-orders are astounding. I see a #1 in the future for these guys, but who can knock off the consistancy SYL is showing. All That Remains also leapfrogged The Shads into the #2 slot and the big jumper was Between The Buried And Me gaining three slots, which is hard to do considering the company they are in. Meanwhile, Cellador dropped from 8th to 11th. Acacia Strain from 9th to 14th and BYD to 12th. New albums already making a storm up the charts are Slayers "Christ Illusion" with pre-ordering alone landing it inside the top 20. Hatebreed's Supremecy is also showing strong and will reach the top 10 next week. Also in responding to the comments I am considering making this, and the singles list a top 15. If you think its a good idea please respond so, or if thats too much tell me to keep it at 10. \m/.

12SYLThe New Black21
23All That RemainsThe Fall of Ideas 22
31Shadows FallFallout From The War21
47BTBAMThe Anatomy Of24
54DragonforceImhuman Rampage24
7 -UnearthIII: The Eyes of Fire17
86Stone SourCome What(ever) May26
95Cattle DecapitationKarma.Bloody.Karma25
10-Human AbstractNocturne110

Now for the singles, with a very familiar band to anyone who visits this site, taking over as #1. Lamb of God also stays strong moving up 1 to #2. Shadows Fall and Stone Sour round out the top 4 with a big jumper for the week Celtic Frost's Ground moving up to number 5. Threat Signal holds strong and then we get to three really strong debuts by 3 really strong bands. SYL's new ozzfest anthem boasts the #9 spot as a highlight of the new songs. Roudning out the top 10 is BLS with Concrete Jungle.

23Lamb of GodRedneck22
31Shadows FallWill To Rebuild21
42Stone Sour30-30/15022
58Celtic FrostGround25
67Threat SignalRational Eyes26
7*UnearthThe Glorious Nightmare17
8*TerrorStrike You Down18
9*Strapping Young LadYou Suck19
109Black Label SocietyConcrete Jungle29

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Voivod On Katorz, Metallica and More

Justin Donnelly of Australia's The Metal Forge recently conducted an interview with VOIVOD/ex-METALLICA bassist Jason Newsted. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

On how VOIVOD's new album, "Katorz", has been received by critics and fans:

"The reviews are something I definitely care about man. I try not to let it affect me too much, especially if there's any negativity, but thankfully there isn't that much for 'Katorz'! (Laughs) So far, it's been working out good! It's all been positive vibes from people, because they know that it's true.

"Fans of VOIVOD are real music fans. They're practiced and seasoned listeners. You have to be a little more than the everyday sort of music listener to really get into VOIVOD. It's those people that realize how cool this album is, and they've given us nothing but positive vibes.

"I think this album has every chance of being one of VOIVOD's biggest albums. I guess the reason I care so much is because I want for D'Amour's family, along with Bélanger and Langevin, to be able to reap what they really have deserved all along.

"VOIVOD are one of the most underrated and unrecognized outfits in metal. You know it and I know it. They really deserve the recognition from this generation of metal music lovers who don't quite know about VOIVOD and their incredible influence throughout the years. This generation really needs to hear this, and realize where the bands they dig now come from. I mean, where did these new bands get their ideas for the dissonant chords and all those crazy sounds? That would be from D'Amour's unique and inventive tunings! He composed all of the one hundred and eighty odd songs that VOIVOD has ever recorded, so he really made VOIVOD's sound. He invented that stuff! (Laughs)

"There are so many bands that are influenced by VOIVOD. Ask the guys in TOOL about where some of their craziness comes from. Ask Dave Grohl from the FOO FIGHTERS where all those dissonant guitar notes comes from. You know where it comes from. They would tell you straight up where all that comes from. To see VOIVOD finally get that recognition would be really cool. That's the reward I would like to see the most, along with some financial rewards. It's not something I'm after. I only hope this album is success is purely for them."

On the planned two sequel DVDs to follow up 2005's "D-V-O-D-1":

"Langevin has been compiling all kinds of footage for those. I think he has a plan for three instalments, or at least that's what I understand. The mid-period with Eric Forrest (1994 to 2001) will most likely be next. I don't think I start coming into the picture until the third one, if he plans to do them in a chronological manner, that is. We have a lot of footage for the third one, including some footage from the 2003 Ozzfest tour. That was the big tour year for the band, which was the biggest one for VOIVOD in a long time. We were opening for OZZY OSBOURNE across North America, and did some really cool big shows. There was a lot of hype and excitement, partly because I was playing with Osbourne at the same time as well. It was a great offer, an honour, and I loved doing it. There was no question about that. But it was also something to completely help VOIVOD. I was willing to give whatever I had to push that album. That whole summer we had a lot of opportunities to film with proper cameras from local and regional people, along with some friends who came out with some proper gear too to specifically record some shows as well. So there's a lot of stuff to choose from with number three, actually."

On VOIVOD's long-term plans:

"When it comes to predicting the future, that's a really tough question to answer. The way I see it, speaking to you in July 2006, there's really nobody that can take D'Amour's place. We could plan one big show, or a couple of shows together where there would be guest taking his place on a few songs. People like Dave Grohl (FOO FIGHTERS) and Josh Homme (QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE) would certainly like to do that. But in regards to a full-fledged VOIVOD tour, I don't know how it would be possible. The way that he tuned, the way that he played, and the way he constructed all of the seeds for all VOIVOD compositions, that's some unfillable shoes to me. VOIVOD will be forever. The thing keeps going back into the ice, only to thaw back out and come back stronger. It's obvious that the thing will not die — ever! We have a lot of recorded stuff, and we have a lot of cool stuff from the Chophouse that people have never heard before. There's no telling what we will end up doing with that stuff. There's a lot of other tracks with Piggy playing, including him doing completely different styles and stuff, so there's no telling what could happen with a cool compilation in the future. But right now we have a good record to go on, and we'll see how people enjoy it and just try to realize what its all about. We'll get together when we can to formulate things for the other tracks, and get that out there to share with people again. Then there's the VOIVOD DVDs as well. There's still a lot of material that we plan on releasing to keep VOIVOD alive. So that's another couple of years away. We'll just see what happens from there. Having said that, switching on the current generation of players with new VOIVOD really does bode well with the future, even if just within that thought alone. And as long as Langevin stays at the helm as the brains of the outfit, D'Amour the heart and Bélanger the voice, I think VOIVOD could be forever."

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Hear VoiVod's New Album Early

On Thursday, July 27, at 6 p.m. EDT, music lovers and VoiVod fans can catch the gala launch of the famous metal band's latest album, Katorz, live on www.bandeapart.fm and on SIRIUS satellite radio (channel 93). The two-hour audio/video special will also air again Canada-wide at midnight on Espace musique (100.7 FM in Montreal).

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"Rock Star: Supernova" Contestants Revealed

RealityTVWorld has issued the following report from Steve Rogers:

"CBS has revealed the identities of the fifteen singers who will compete in Rock Star: SUPERNOVA, this summer's new edition of the Mark Burnett-created Rock Star: INXS reality talent competition that the network aired last summer.

Scheduled to premiere Wednesday, July 5 at 8PM ET/PT with a special 90-minute episode, Rock Star: Supernova will look for a lead singer for Supernova, a newly-formed band comprised of MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer (and former NBC reality show star) Tommy Lee, former METALLICA guitarist Jason Newsted (VOIVOD), and former GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Gilby Clarke. First season co-hosts Dave Navarro and Brooke Burke will both return for Rock Star's second edition.

Following its July 5 premiere, a special Thursday broadcast of Rock Star: Supernova's second episode will follow Big Brother 7: All-Stars' July 6 premiere, after which the series will settle into its regularly scheduled Tuesdays at 9PM ET/PT and Wednesdays at 8PM ET/PT time periods.

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Voivod "Making Of" "Katorz" Trailer Online

Canada's pioneering metal band VOIVOD has teamed up with MP3.com to host a five-minute trailer about the making of the band's much-anticipated new album "Katorz", set for release in North America on July 25 via The End Records.

The five-minute trailer — containing footage from a documentary in the works about the life of VOIVOD guitarist Denis "Piggy" D'Amour — was assembled and directed by Canadian documentary filmmaker Sam Dunn, whose stellar "Metal: A Headbanger's Journey" film includes the last-known filmed interview with Piggy. See Sam's travel journal at www.metalhistory.com to read his comments on meeting and filming VOIVOD. It contains exclusive footage of the recording process of "Katorz" and interview segments with drummer Michel Langevin, singer Denis Belanger, bassist Jason Newsted and producer Glen Robinson (ANNIHILATOR, VOIVOD's "Nothingface"). Revealed is how the demo tracks from Denis D'Amour — guitar parts that guitarist Piggy had finished before his untimely death in August 2005 — were re-amped to form the foundation of this new record.

As of Wednesday May 17, 2006, fans can check out the entire trailer here. The cover artwork for the CD can be seen here.

About the artwork for "Katorz", Langevin (who creates all the artwork for VOIVOD) commented: "Most people will probably expect the usual strange VOIVOD creature on the cover, but the truth is I really wasn't in the right mood to create monsters this time around. Instead, out of respect for Piggy, I decided to design something more band-oriented, with encouragements from Snake and Jason. For the CD itself, we used the title handwritten by Piggy. It was scanned from one of the ProTools CDs. For the booklet, I used many sketches done while listening to the demos over the last couple of years. The idea was to keep it consistent with the album, since a lot of it was pulled from demos. We wanted to keep the art raw and honest, much like the music of 'Katorz'."

"Katorz" track listing:

01. The Getaway
02. Dognation
03. Mr. Clean
04. After All
05. Odds & Frauds
06. Red My Mind
07. Silly Clones
08. No Angel
09. The X-Stream (mp3)
10. Polaroids

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