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Entombed A.D.

From: Sweden
Last Known Status: Active

Entombed A.D. Interviews and Features

Below are our features and interviews with Entombed A.D..


Entombed AD Singer Explores The "Bowels Of Earth"

Sweden and death metal go together like bread and butter. Of course, something had to kick this love affair off and in the late eighties and early nineties, a string of bands put Sweden on the extreme metal map, perhaps none more well known than Entombed. Hailing from the capital city of Stockholm, their debut album "Left Hand Path" is considered a classic in the genre and as time went on, the group began incorporating their garage rock influences to forge a style now known as death 'n' roll.

In 2014, Entombed as we knew it ceased to be and instead, former members, led by vocalist L.G. Petrov released the album "Back To The Front" under the moniker, Entombed A.D. At the end of August this year, this fresh incarnation of the band released their third album, "Bowels Of Earth," which has been hailed as their best under this name yet. On the first night of the "Hell Over Europe" tour, which saw the band perform songs from the album live for the first time, I caught up with L.G. to discuss the new album, the death 'n' roll tag and the surprising decision to cover Hank Williams among other subjects. You can watch the video in full below.

Diamond Oz: This is the first day of the tour. Thirty shows in thirty one days... Are you ready?

L.G. Petrov: Yes! We hope so. You saw the state of the other guys! But after a couple of days we'll get back in the routine. So yeah, it's good. Today was a lot of travel but you get used to it. The body and soul remembers.

Oz: It's a hell of a lineup as well. Obviously you're headlining but there's Aborted and Baest too. It's like three generations of death metal.

Oz: Obviously right now you're promoting "Bowels Of Earth." This is the first show you've done since the album came out. How would you say it compares to previous Entombed A.D. releases?

L.G.: We feel it's new and exciting. We're looking forward to trying the new songs out live. I have some lyrics about somewhere, I'm still trying to get them into my head. After a few shows I'm sure we'll have it nailed, but tonight we might be a bit scared.

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Sitting Down With Entombed A.D.

In the autumn of last year, I had the pleasure of attending a show which featured Canadian progressive thrash legends Voivod and Swedish death metal favourites, Entombed A.D. (see review here.) Not only was I fortunate enough to see such a combination but I was able to sit down with members of each band and discuss a number of topics. Unfortunately, numerous problems had caused these, and several other interviews from the time, to be delayed, but now after a long wait, these interviews are being uploaded.

At the show, I spoke with both Voivod drummer, Away (which you can check out here) and Entombed A.D. guitarist, Nico Elgstrand. You can check out the interview with the latter below, in which we discussed the reason for the band's name, their latest album, "Dead Dawn" and where to go in Stockholm. More...

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Nico Elgstrand Talks Entombed's New Incarnation

Longtime fans of the Swedish death metal powerhouse Entombed were recently shocked to see the band return with an unfamiliar moniker at the end - "A.D." - along with a lineup no longer including guitarist Alex Hellid.

After the initial announcements, Entombed A.D. became a recurring name in our weekly podcasts, and now that the shockwaves have faded and music from the band's forthcoming album "Back To The Front" has finally hit the digital airwaves, it's time to get the full scoop on this institution of brutal death.

For the inside story, we got in touch with Entombed A.D. member Nico Elgstrand to find out what was going on with all the changes and what fans can expect from the new release, due out in early August. See what Nico had to say in the interview below. More...

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