"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 1994
From: Lausanne, Switzerland
Last Known Status: Active

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Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

Sludge Posts New Song Online

Sludge, the band featuring Makro from Swiss act Samael, has posted a new song online simply titled "FUCK." Enjoy the totally brutal "FUCK" below.

You can also hear more from Sludge by checking out our look at the band last year in the "Unknown Side Project" edition of our Unearthing the Metal Underground column.

Sludge also comments on the new track: "Sometime ago we had that idea of recording a demo for a new album.

"So we decided to put 3.5 mics here and there in our rehearsal room, (the 0.5 mic being actually a kid’s toy/microphone... I mean it’s REALLY a toy, but it seems to work fine and that kid never complained so.. anyway...) we did that quickly, and by the end of the process, we found ourselves quite surprised by the result, I mean, in a positive way (if that can be said for that kind of music)

"So we thought it was good enough to release it as it was. We made no overdubs, no overproduction or such thing and we think that’s the way it should be for this time. So here it is, for you, as a starter, the Nasty, Heavy and Rotten to the core."

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Unearthing The Unknown Side Project Underground

Every Monday we take a break from the news to highlight three lesser known bands that deserve a moment in the spotlight and can help expand your metal horizons.

Last year we showcased three side projects from black metal icon Ihsahn, but there are plenty of musicians from throughout metaldom who have a host of additional projects outside their most well-known bands. This week we’ll take a look at bands covering a range of sounds from the members of Borknagar, Katatonia, and Samael that all show a different side than what fans may be expecting from their favorite musicians.


While many may be aware that Vintersorg from Borknagar has had his own self-titled, folk leaning and clean singing focused project for years, it’s not as well known that he was also involved in a folk metal project called Otyg prior to his solo releases.

Otyg had a very ‘90s, proto-metal feel as the musicians were starting to explore the boundaries of the genre, and is a must hear if you want to explore the roots of folk metal or are into the early works of bands like Amorphis or Borknagar. The band released two full-length albums titled “Älvefärd” and “Sagovindars Boning” before going on hold indefinitely. The music is a little on the lo-fi side and not quite as bombastic or epic as the intricately arranged folk and orchestra stuff that has come out of metal in the interim, but just listen to that atmosphere!


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Order of Ennead Issues Tour Report

Floridian extreme metallers, ORDER OF ENNEAD, are currently on the road as part of the Icons Of Evil European tour with VITAL REMAINS, SLUDGE and TRIBULATION.

ORDER OF ENNEAD frontman KEVIN QUIRION checks in from the road with the first part of his tour diary:

"Day 1 Travel day. Oh the joys of waiting at airports they are endless and not worth mentioning.

"Day 2 Had the day to walk around Amsterdamn before the bus picked us up. Met up with Dave Kinkade (drummer supreme) and checked out some coffee shops and walked around the red light district. Good times. Caught up with the Vital guys roaming around the same section of town, who knew? Took a picture with Darth Vader, the Netherlands version. He's slightly thinner and has an accent, probably blonde hair too. Around 6pm we went back to the airport to meet up with Massive Music and the guys in Tribulation." More...

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Tribulation Confirmed For Icons Of Evil Tour 2009

Swedish death metal band Tribulation has been announced as a new supporting act for the 2009 Icons of Evil tour, which will also feature Vital Remains, Order of Ennead, and Sludge.

The currently confirmed dates are as follows: More...

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Sludge Post Three New Songs Online For Streaming

Following on from the first streaming of three tracks from their forthcoming album "Lava", Swiss doom metallers SLUDGE will this weekend make available another three tracks on their MySpace page. "Idi Na Hui", "Below (Litanies Of Satan)" and "Machine" are the tracks that will replace the currently featured "60 MM", "Carnivore" and "Lava" on Sunday, March 30.

SAMAEL guitarist Makro, who formed SLUDGE ten years ago with drummer Pud, commented: "We decided to stream six of the nine tracks from the new album so that fans would get a chance to hear something before the album is released. It's something more and more bands are doing these days. When you think about it, it's not very realistic, and not very fair, for a lesser known band to expect people to go out and buy an album without knowing what they're getting, and we are confident that the new material will appeal to those who like their music with dirty, heavy and uncompromising doom-laden riffs. In fact, the feedback we received after making the first three titles available has more than justified our decision to stream the tracks." More...

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Sludge Post New Songs Online For Streaming

SLUDGE, the Swiss extreme metal act featuring SAMAEL guitarist Makro, will make a total of six (out of the nine) tracks from their forthcoming album, "Lava", available for streaming on the band's MySpace page. The first three tracks to be made available are "60 mm", "Carnivore" and "Lava", and can be heard on the band's MySpace page. A further three songs will be made available on Sunday, March 30.

SLUDGE will release "Lava" in April/May via Mighty Music.

The track listing for the CD is as follows:

01. 60 MM
02. Idi Na Hui
03. Lava
04. Carnivore
05. Below (Litanies Of Satan)
06. Monolith
07. Machine
08. Inquisition
09. The End More...

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Sludge Post "60mm" Muisc Video Online

SLUDGE, the Swiss extreme metal act featuring SAMAEL guitarist Makro, has posted the video for the song "60mm", taken from the group's long-awaited new album, "Lava", due in April/May via Mighty Music.

The clip can be viewed here.

"Lava" was produced by Makro, mixed by Serge Morattel (KNUT, NOSTROMO, SHORA), and mastered by Alan Douches (MASTODON, CONVERGE). According to a press release, the album is "dirty, un-commercial, heavy as shit."

With regards to the musical direction of the upcoming CD, Makro previously said, "All we can say is that this is gonna be a bit different, keeping the heavy and dirty feel from our sound, we've been experimenting more things and paths… There's gonna be blood, teeth and the doomest atmospheres we've ever recorded…" More...

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Sludge Announce New Album Title

SLUDGE, the Swiss extreme metal act featuring SAMAEL guitarist Makro, will complete work on its long-awaited new album, "Lava", in late September. The CD will be mixed by Makro in Geneva, Switzerland for an early 2008 release via Mighty Music.

With regards to the musical direction of the upcoming CD Makro previously said, "All we can say is that this is gonna be a bit different, keeping the heavy and dirty feel from our sound, we've been experimenting more things and paths.. there's gonna be blood, teeth and the doomest atmospheres we've ever recorded…"

The band recently headlined the Swiss VNV Festival, where they forces with other bands like KNUT and ASPHALT JUNKIE.

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Denmark's Mighty Music Is Ressurected

Denmark’s biggest metal label, Mighty Music, has resurfaced. Founding members Bjarke Ahlstrand and Michael H. Andersen comment: ”We have spend the last couple of years building up Target Distribution, which today is Denmark’s leading music distribution company within alternative music. Having now established Target, we felt it was time to breathe some fresh life (death, actually) into our precious "child", Mighty Music. 1997 was the year we started up, and 2007 will be the year the empire strikes back! This time around we're ready with much bigger facilities and man power, namely that of Target, and we have no doubt Mighty Music will a serious player in the future metal world”

So far five releases are planned for the first half year of 2007:

February: SPECTRAL MORTUARY - From Hate Incarnated ("Brutal, tight and in your face death metal. Debut album recorded at The Berno Studio - THE HAUNTED, AMON AMARTH").

PANZERCHRIST - Bello ("The two sold out Panzerchrist albums on 1 CD – Soul Collector and Room Service. Including two exclusive bonus songs, liner notes etc.").

March/April: COMPOS MENTIS - Gehennesis ("Best melodic death metal band out of Denmark. This second album is recorded and mixed by Ziggy - ILLDISPOSED, MERCENARY, HATESPHERE - mixed by Tue Madsen").

RAUNCHY – Velvet Noise ("Re-release of the succesful debutalbum. New edition with exclusive bonus tracks, new cover artwork by Lars Christensen/Raunchy, liner notes etc.").

May/June: SLUDGE - tba ("Followup to killer album Yellow Acid Rain. Sludge includes Makro from SAMAEL and is the heaviest band from Switzerland alongside CELTIC FROST!")

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Sludge Sign With Mighty Music

After recently releasing the latest albums with Panzerchrist, Nephasth and Anasarca, Mighty Music are now back and proud to announce a new signing in shape of the well acclaimed Swiss extreme metal act Sludge. Sludge is a hard band to catagorize. Not exactly death metal, not hardcore or doom metal. It's somewhere in between. Heavy, groovy and sludgy as fuck. A mix of Entombed, Celtic Frost, Carcass and the early material of country fellows Samael (of which string-man Makro is also a member). "Yellow Acid Rain" was recorded in Switzerland and mixed by Fredrik Nordström at the Fredman Studio. A studio where the band previously have recorded and mixed their material. "Yellow Acid Rain" is all about what a havey and very extreme metal album should sound like.

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