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Threatpoint Photo

Band Photo: Threatpoint (?)

Formed: 2012
From: Scranton, PA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

Threatpoint Interviews and Features

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Threatpoint: America's Best Unsigned Metal Band

My connection to Threatpoint began in a most ironic way: by MISSING their show.

It was March 2014, and I was on a fact-finding trip to explore the heart of the underground metal scene in central and southwestern Virginia. After conducting a backstage interview during a sizable Lynchburg gig, word filtered through that I had missed the performance of the evening - by a band of unknown out-of-towners, no less.

It didn’t take long for drummer CJ Krukowski to find me. A short, wiry, mohawked guy with glasses and the zesty energy of about ten gallons of coffee, he pressed into my hands a copy of Threatpoint’s 2013 full-length debut “Dead To Rise.”

“We just sold out of merch,” he gushed breathlessly, as though unable to believe it himself. “ALL of it. We’d never been here before, and now it’s gone. Everyone just went nuts.”

A lively conversation followed, from CJ, to frontman Chris James, to then-guitarist Matt Gosselin, to then-bassist Ron Martin. As always, I parted ways by promising to give the band’s material a spin. Such promises are routinely tossed like pennies into a fountain; next comes the chore of actually listening. And I’d waded through enough average-to-mediocre music in my years as a metal journalist to become one step this side of jaded.

Then I actually listened to “Dead To Rise,” and Scranton, Pennsylvania-based Threatpoint instantly became my favorite unsigned American metal band. More...

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