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Mournful Congregation

From: Australia
Last Known Status: Active

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Mournful Congregation Comments on First U.S. Tour

For nearly twenty years, Australia-based Mournful Congregation has stamped its listeners’ mind’s eye with tales of agony and ecstasy, tragedy and harmony. While fanatics of the funeral doom fold were certainly aware of Mournful Congregation’s epic arrangements, the group hasn’t received much exposure in America. That is until now. Thanks to American distribution through 20 Buck Spin Records and a greater media presence via Earsplit PR, Mournful Congregation has gotten people talking.

2011 was a busy year for the Aussie troupe. In September, they released “Unspoken Hymns,” which consisted of material pulled from split albums, a Thergothen cover and a reworked song. Two months later, more melancholic tones found the ears and hearts of their listeners with new album “The Book of Kings.” In true funeral doom fashion, each track contains an emotional and time-wise heaviness rivaling the weight of Stonehenge’s megalithic slabs.

One can’t properly appreciate Mournful Congregation’s heaviness without experiencing their music in a live setting. I had the pleasure of witnessing their first tour in the U.S., which came a day after they closed the Rites of Darkness Festival in San Antonio. Three guitarists created a rumble that would make Zeus jealous. The group replicated this large trinity of sound through a choir of three vocalists on its ending track “Suicide Choir.” Before witnessing this tour de force, vocalist Damon Good and guitarist Justin Hartwig spoke to Metal Underground about composing such grand arrangements. More...

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