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From: Sweden
Last Known Status: Active

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Cattle Decapitation Announce Album, Seek Member

Cattle Decapitation are currently seeking a new drummer, if interested go to the following link: http://www.smnnews.com/board/showthread.php?t=114401. Also, the band has posted the following update:

"Cattle Decapitation is happy to announce "Karma.Bloody.Karma." as the title of the next record. NO, there is not any religious significance of the title. NO, the name does not imply that we're "crazy vegans" trying to push our lifestyle onto people (as a lot of gabbing internet idiots like to pigeonhole us as). It is simply about the "greatest natural disaster of all time," humanity, and revenge for its effect on this planet. This will be the most nihilistic, pessimistic and hateful record we've ever done lyrically, and musically you can expect, what one of our friends has said perfectly about it, a very "schitzophrenic" release! Imagine the Caninus split material, just longer in every way. Features guest appearances by Joey Karam(The Locust) and John Wiese(Sunn 0)), Bastard Noise). Produced by Billy Anderson(Swans, Mr. Bungle Melvins). Available June/July 2006!

Here's the goddamn track list:
1. Intro
2. Unintelligent Design
3. Success Is…(Hanging By the Neck)
4. One Thousand Times Decapitation
5. The Carcass Derrick
6. Total Gore
7. Bereavement
8. Suspended In Coprolite
9. Alone At The Landfill
10. Karma.Bloody.Karma.
11. The New Dawn
12. Of Human Pride & Flatulence"

"We have a new addition to Cattle Decapitation. A new second guitar player by the name of Kevin "Fetus" Bernier of L.A.’s Watch Me Burn/Fetus Eaters/Deadfood/Vomitcore Records. He's been an amazing friend of ours since the beginning and we're very excited to start playing live with him. We'll try our hardest to have him ready for the Necrophagist tour!"

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Cattle Decapitation, Caninus Work On Split Single

Gore-metallers Cattle Decapitation have plans to release a split 7-inch single with Caninus. They'll start working on the material for that effort next month.

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Hatebeak To Do Split CD w/ Caninus, Interview

The Black Table has scored an interview with avian-fronted Hatebeak's BLK (Waldo is the singer), discussing various details about being in an avian fronted band and trends in that vein. Here's a sample:

BT: Not minutes after learning of your band, I was pointed to Caninus, an equally punishing torch-to-the-scalp of hardcore and metal fronted by two pit bull terriers. Firstly, is there any truth to the rumors of a split 7" between your two bands in future days? Secondly, do you have title for it yet? Third, which do you think is the most appropriate color for the vinyl -- blood red or tropical green? Lastly, may I please have eight million copies?

BLK: Yes, there is truth to the rumors. We've talked with the fine people in Caninus, and they seem really excited to do it, as are we. It'll be the Faith/Void split for the "00." I do have a working title for the record, but it will remain secret until the unveiling. Yes, you may have eight million copies, but they will be $3 apiece. I guess we could give you a break on the price though.

BT: Can you say with any level of confidence whether we are on the eve of a revolution in punk in which animals govern the mouthpiece?

BLK: No, not at all, although a whale band called Baleen would be sweet.

Read the full article at The Black Table.

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