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Band Photo: Cryptopsy (?)

Formed: 1992
From: Montreal, QUE, Canada
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Cryptopsy news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Cryptopsy Cancel South American Tour

Extreme metal titans, CRYPTOPSY, have been forced to cancel their recently announced tour of South America in March, after drummer Flo Mounier broke his knee cap. Mounier had completed the drum tracking process for the group’s new album prior to the incident, so it did not affect the recording. The tour of South America is expected to be re-scheduled later in 2008.

Cryptopsy are currently putting the finishing touches on their sixth full-length, The Unspoken King, which will surface through Century Media this summer. The group recently announced the addition of new frontman Matt McGachy (3 MILE SCREAM) and keyboards/samplist Maggie Durand to their lineup.

Alex Auburn (guitars) states: “Right now the band is plunged deeply into the production of the new album and so far everything is going well. Fans will be amazed by the diversity and open minded vision of extremes for this particular entity. Some song titles we’ve been working on are ‘Worship Your Demons', ‘Resurgence Of An Empire’ and ‘Silence The Tyrants'. More news to follow soon.” More...

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Cryptopsy Announce South American Dates

Canadian death metallers CRYPTOPSY have scheduled the following dates:

Feb. 29 - Nicaragua - Managua
Mar. 01 - Venezuela - Maracay, Venezuela
Mar. 04 - Colombia - Pereira, Columbia
Mar. 05 - Colombia - Bogota, Columbia
Mar. 11 - Chile – Concepcion, Chile
Mar. 12 - Chile – Santiago, Chile
Mar. 13 - Chile - Antofagasta, Chile
Mar. 15 - [to be announced], Mexico
Mar. 16 - [to be announced], Mexico
Apr. 03 - Saltillo, Mexico
Apr. 04 - Tampico, Mexico
Apr. 05 - Monterrey, Mexico
Apr. 06 - San Luis Potosi, Mexico
Apr. 10 - Toluca, Mexico
Apr. 11 - Guadalajara, Mexico
Apr. 12 - Leon, Mexico
Apr. 13 - Mexico City, Mexico More...

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Cryptopsy To Tour Mexico In April

Canadian death metallers CRYPTOPSY will embark on their first-ever tour of Mexico in April. The dates are as follows (venue details to be confirmed):

Apr. 03 - Saltillo
Apr. 04 - Tampico
Apr. 05 - Monterrey
Apr. 06 - San Luis Potosi
Apr. 10 - Toluca
Apr. 11 - Guadalajara
Apr. 12 - Leon
Apr. 13 - Mexico City More...

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3 Mile Scream Frontman Talks About Cryptopsy

3 Mile Scream frontman Matt McGathy has released the following statement after last week’s announcement that he will now front Death metal legends Cryptopsy:

"I am very proud to now be a part of such an influential and monumental Death Metal group from Canada. Cryptopsy has been a huge inspiration to myself and many other bands, so I am honored to help usher their musical legacy into the future," says frontman Matt McGachy. "My presence in Cryptopsy has not shaken my ties to 3 Mile Scream and the band will continue to gig throughout the upcoming year as we prepare to release the group's new album."

The band recently did an interview with Leila Lemghalef of WatchMojo.com where they discussed the group’s sound and the making of their video for "Our Blackened Sun". The interview can be seen here or below.

Here are the latest 3 MILE SCREAM tour dates:

Dec 21 Montreal, Quebec @ Bar St-Laurent
Dec 22 Quebec City, Quebec @ L’Anti w/ BURIAL
Jan 05 Montreal, Quebec @ Cafe L'inconditionnel More...

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Cryptopsy To Enter The Studio This Month

The “genre-defying extreme metal titans,” CRYPTOPSY, have retuned with a “vicious” new line-up featuring the additions of vocalist Matt Mcgachy and keyboards/samplist Maggie Durand. You can click here to view a photo of the new lineup. The band will enter the studio mid-December to begin recording their much anticipated sixth full-length album.

CRYPTOPSY will also be touring Mexico, Central and South America for the very first time throughout February and will possibly return to Mexico again in April.

Reinventing and redefining metal’s boundaries, CRYPTOPSY, recognized worldwide for infusing extreme music with awe-inspiring precision, rabidly dynamic rhythms and mouth-foaming viciousness, have earned music fans respect inside and outside the metal community. The band’s viperous recordings and punishing live performance have confirmed their place in music’s elite.

In 2008, CRYPTOPSY returns to redefine the boundaries of technical extreme metal with an album that is sure to catch the attention of the entire scene.

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Cryptopsy Joined By 3 Mile Scream Singer

Canadian death metallers CRYPTOPSY have announced the addition of singer Matt McGachy (3 MILE SCREAM) and keyboardist/samplist Maggie Durand (HOWLING SYN) to the group's ranks. The band will enter the studio mid-December to begin recording its sixth album for an early 2008 release.

Check out a photo of the new lineup at this location.

CRYPTOPSY will, for the first time ever, be touring Mexico, Central and South America during the month of February and will possibly hit Mexico once more in April.

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Lord Worm: "I Left Cryptopsy For Health Reasons"

Ali "The Metallian" of the Metallian webzine recently conducted an interview with former CRYPTOPSY frontman Lord Worm (a.k.a. Dan Greening) about his departure from the group. A few excerpts follow:

Metallian: Can you explain why you are no longer in CRYPTOPSY?

Lord Worm: Pretty much because every time we went out on the road for any stretch of time I ended up catching something and killing my health. It gets worse as time goes on. It is better for my health and better for CRYPTOPSY if I leave now.

Metallian: Are you referring to something as common as flu, or something more serious?

Lord Worm: No, I have been known to come home with pneumonia, sometimes double.

Metallian: Your departure, in other words, has nothing to do with the band's music or any band member.

Lord Worm: Pretty much. The body breaks down and you have to make room for someone younger who might not have health issues.

Metallian: Having said that older musicians, let's use Lemmy as an example, seem to be continuing without a problem.

Lord Worm: Yeah, but Lemmy doesn't do what I do. That's the thing. There is certain amount of extreme activity that Lemmy no longer has to engage in - if he ever did. This includes carrying our own gear and the activity on stage. Lemmy basically stands. I don't. It takes a lot out of your lungs.

Metallian: Were you completely happy with the last album you made with CRYPTOPSY, "Once Was Not"?

Lord Worm: I wouldn't say happy; I would say satisfied with the job done. The music was already written by the time I came back into the band. I really had no saying in arrangements or specific riffs. I was given an assignment to write the lyrics and arrange them for this music. I did that. In that sense, I am satisfied that I did the job as well as I could with the constraints I was given. I am into extreme hate-filled black metal. Anything that approaches that I approve of. The more diametrically opposed to that the music is, though I might appreciate the talent behind it, it won't be the type of thing I would listen to. CRYPTOPSY has never been a band I would listen to. I appreciate the effort that would go into it, but it is not something that would go into the CD player unlike, let's say, DEATHSPELL OMEGA.

Metallian: Your statements thus far contradict CRYPTOPSY's assertion that you were booted from the band?

Lord Worm: Interesting.

Metallian: How do you reconcile the two versions?

Lord Worm: I have not really read what is being said. Interesting. When Flo and I discussed this we agreed that we might as well do it now. It is the right time to get someone in the band because CRYPTOPSY is in the writing period. We agreed that whoever the new guy might be should get used to everyone else in the band and the way the band works. Then eventually when the touring starts again the new singer would not only have the new material under his belt, but also get some of the older material under his belt as well. I haven't actually spoken to Alex since we came back from Ontario two weeks ago. I will probably talk to him this week. It doesn't bother me. Either way, I am gone. It doesn't bother me.

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Cryptopsy Split With Vocalist Lord Worm

Quebec-based extremist CRYPTOPSY have again parted ways with singer Lord Worm (aka Dan Greening).

A message at the band's site reads: "Cryptopsy is currently looking to audition candidates to fill the positions of "Singer/Frontman" and "Keyboardist/Sampler".

"Singers must be able to sing in clean voice, on pitch, and also be able to scream/growl."

"If you are motivated and would like to try out please e-mail the band at crymusic@hotmail.com." More...

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Cryptopsy Announce Ontario Tour Dates

Canadian death metallers CRYPTOPSY have scheduled a three-date mini-tour of Ontario, Canada

April 13 - Cambridge, ONT @ 69 Pick-Ups
April 14 - Toronto, ONT @ FunHaus
April 16 - Hamilton, ONT @ The Underground

CRYPTOPSY's last studio album, "Once Was Not", was released in 2005 via Century Media Records.

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Georgian Skull Confirm Summer Tour

Toronto-based stoners GEORGIAN SKULL have confirmed initial dates on their upcoming summer tour. "There is a blood that drives through us that makes us keep going," the band remarked recently. "If bands like us don't step up and take the torch and run with it, this type of metal is going to be overshadowed by radio bands and cookie cutter crap. I just want to let the fans know that the future of this genre is in good hands."

Major highlights of the Canadian leg of the tour includes two dates in Hamilton, ON. April 16th with CRYPTOPSY and May 24th with GRIMSKUNK both at Underground. Currently, the band is looking to fill dates around the US and a current itinerary can be viewed here.

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Cryptopsy Announce Japanese Tour Dates

Canadian death metallers CRYPTOPSY have announced the following Japanese tour dates:

Mar. 05 - Osaka, JPN - Club Quattro
Mar. 06 - Nagoya, JPN - Club Quattro
Mar. 07 - Tokyo, JPN - Club Quattro

CRYPTOPSY's last studio album, "Once Was Not", was released in 2005 via Century Media Records.

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Obituary Re-Releases Discussed

These death metal pioneers from Tampa, Florida, pretty much defined the sound of this extreme genre of guttural vocals, down-tuned guitars, and a pulverising rhythm section.

What is death metal, you say? Well, the common characteristics are usually violent or dark lyrics which focus on death as a nihilistic metaphor, although lately, more philosophy-based lyrics seem to be becoming popular.

In English, what that means is you sing about death, dying and creative ways of achieving it.

The release of Cause of Death in 1990 is regarded as a defining album in the genre, and vocalist John Tardy is also credited as one of the first to use an abnormally low growl called grinding.

Roadrunner Records has recently re-released Obituary’s classic odes to death as remasters.

Cause of Death can’t be overlooked. If you’re a fan, have limited dough, then just get this remaster. If it’s not in your collection, and you really want to be able to say you have all the “great” albums this genre has ever seen, this needs to be in there.

Without this album and some other shining examples from the same period, there would be no Nile, no Cryptopsy, none of the super technical bands.

Read the full article at Malay Mail.

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Cryptopsy To Concentrate on New Record in 2007

Guitarist Alex Auburn of the Canadian extreme metallers CRYPTOPSY has issued the following update:

"CRYPTOPSY celebrates 15 years of extreme metal Saturday, January 6th in their hometown Montréal at the Medley. It is also the end of 2006 which was a year of intense touring for the last record, 'Once Was Not'. We are closing this chapter in Montréal.

"In the last year we toured everywhere — Scandinavia, U.K., Canada, USA, all of Europe and Australia. Now we need a break and CRYPTOPSY after this show will focus on the new record. We already have material for this one."

"Once Was Not" was released in 2005 via Century Media Records.

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Cryptopsy Announce More North American Tour Dates

Quebec-based death metallers CRYPTOPSY have lined up the following dates during October:

Oct. 04 - Ottawa, ON @ Maverick's
Oct. 05 - Hamilton, ON @ Absinthe
Oct. 06 - Royun Noranfda, QC @ Petit Theatre
Oct. 07 - Toronto, ON @ The Opera House
Oct. 08 - London, ON @ Embassy
Oct. 09 - Sudbury, ON @ Shriner's Hall
Oct. 11 - Thunder Bay, ON @ Kilroy's
Oct. 12 - Winnipeg. MB @ Royal Albert Arms
Oct. 13 - Regina, SK @ Exchange
Oct. 14 - Edmonton, AL @ The Mead Hall
Oct. 16 - Victoria, BC @ Sugar Nightclub
Oct. 17 - Vancouver, BC @ Columbia
Oct. 19 - Calgary, AB @ The Stetson
Oct. 21 - Minneapolis, MN @ Quest Club
Oct. 22 - Mokena, Ill @ The Pearl Room
Oct. 23 - Cleveland, OH @ Peabody's

CRYPTOPSY is continuing to tour in support of its latest album, "Once Was Not" (Century Media).

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Aborted Forced To Drop Off Cryptopsy Tour

Belgian death metallers ABORTED have issued the following update:

Well, this tour [with CRYPTOPSY] has been quite the debacle. We had to cancel Malmo [Sweden] since the bus broke down in Denmark and we were stuck there the whole day which sucked ass. Luckily for the fans, CRYPTOPSY did make it at the last minute, and apparently they tore it up! We apologize to the fans there waiting to see us, but we only found out last minute we wouldn't make it, sucks.... Secondly, Matty [guitar] had some problems with his working situation so last minute we had to cancel our participation to the rest of the tour since he might have lost his job over this. Our boys in VISCERAL BLEEDING are taking over for the other dates and I'm sure they will do the killing in our stead. All you guys out there, no worries, we're planning a full offensive next year with the new album! Now it's time to play Stockholm, see you guys there!" More...

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Cryptopsy Plan More Northeast US Tour Dates

Montreal’s Cryptopsy are returning to the Northeast once again for a short run of tour dates.

CRYPTOPSY with local support:

07/19 First Unitarian Church – Philadelphia, PA
07/20 Jaxx – Springfield, VA
07/21 The Loft – Poughkeepsie, NY
07/22 Saratoga Winners – Cohose, NY
07/23 BB King’s – New York, NY
07/24 Webster Theatre – Hartford, CT

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Video Of Cryptopsy Live In Australia Online

Australia's PyroMusic.net has posted a 20 minute video and a slew of Photos from Cryptopsy's first show in Sydney, Australia (4th May, 2006).

Cryptopsy destroyed Sydney last night (with a little help from Perth's Enforce and Melbourne's Fuck... I'm Dead), kicking off their Australian tour with a bang. We have a myriad of photos and a 20 minute video of the set."

You can check it all out here.

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Cryptopsy Announces Canadian Tour Dates

Cryptopsy have announced a string of fall Canadian tour dates:

Sept. 29 St. John, NB - Nep-Tunes
Sept. 30 Halifax, NS - Captain Elis
Oct. 02 Quebec City, QC - L'Imperial
Oct. 03 Montreal, QC - Medley
Oct. 04 Ottawa, ON - Maverick's
Oct. 05 Hamilton, ON - Absinthe
Oct. 06 Royun Noranfda, QC - Petit Theatre
Oct. 07 Toronto, ON - The Opera House
Oct. 08 London, ON - Embassy
Oct. 09 Sudbury, ON - Shriner's Hall
Oct. 11 Thunder Bay, ON - Kilroy's
Oct. 12 Winnipeg. MB - Royal Albert Arms
Oct. 13 Regina, SK - Exchange
Oct. 14 Edmonton, AL - The Mead Hall
Oct. 16 Victoria, BC - Sugar Nightclub
Oct. 17 Vancouver, BC - Columbia
Oct. 19 Calgary, AB - The Stetson

Prior to the Canadian tour, Cryptopsy will be touring Australia, the US and Europe. Tour dates are as follows: More...

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Gorerotted To Support Obituary, Cryptopsy In UK

U.K. extreme metal lunatics GOREROTTED have been confirmed as main support for both the CRYPTOPSY and OBITUARY U.K. tours.

Commented vocalist Ben: "Yeah, we're really looking forward to getting back on the road, our last show was in October 2005 so we're all fired up and restless! Along with SEPULTURA and ANTHRAX, OBITUARY are one of the bands that got me into death metal when I was like 12 or something so it's gonna be an honour to share the stage with those fellas, and CRYPTOPSY are probably the best death metal band going right now so who else better could we hope to tour with!? Can't fuckin wait! See you all soon, motherfuckers gonna be drinkin till we're stinkin innit!"


Jun. 11 - Mean Fiddler - London, UK
Jun. 12 - TBC - UK
Jun. 13 - Soundhaus - Glasgow, SCO


Aug. 12 - Ghostfest (Cockpit) - Leeds, UK
Aug. 13 - Rock City - Nottingham, UK
Aug. 14 - Roadkill 350 - Liverpool, UK
Aug. 15 - An Cruiscin Lan - Cork, IRE
Aug. 16 - Temple Bar Music Veneu - Dublin, IRE
Aug. 17 - Barfly - Glasgow, SCO
Aug. 18 - Edwards No 8 - Birmingham, UK
Aug. 19 - Underworld - London, UK
Aug. 20 - Concorde 2 - Brighton, UK

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Cryptopsy Announce New U.S. Tour Dates

Cryptopsy have announced some new tour dates scheduled in the US in May:

May 17 Santa Ana, CA - Galaxy Theatre
May 18 San Francisco, CA - The Pound at Pier 96
May 19 Orangeville, CA - The Boardwalk
May 20 San Marcos, CA - Jumping Turtle
May 21 Los Angeles, CA - Key Club
Jun. 02 Sommerville, MA - Goodtime Emporium
Jun. 03 Bedford, NH - Mark’s Place

Cryptopsy's video for "The Pestilence That Walketh in Darkness (Psalm 91:5-8)" will premier on MTV2's "Headbanger's Ball" on Saturday, April 1. Filmed in a swamp, the video features acolytes receiving the infamous worm-communion from Lord Worm’s chalice. The video is also available online at the Century Media website.

Other upcoming Cryptopsy tour dates: More...

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