"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 1992
From: Chicago, IL, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Usurper 'Cryptobeast' Listening Party Announced

The new Usurper CD, entitled "Cryptobeast", won't be out on Earache Records until the early spring of 2005. While waiting for the pressing/layout/booklet and assorted necessities, the band wants to give some fans the chance to get an early preview.

Here are the details.

Saturday November 6, 2004
2771 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago IL
(773) 472 - 2771
21+ with an open bar from 9pm - 12am
Only a $5 cover!

The album will be played at 11pm. Note: Usurper will NOT be performing live at this event!

The group's fifth full-length album, "Cryptobeast" was recorded at Chicago's Rax Trax Studios with producer Neil Kernon (Judas Priest, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse). The follow-up to 2003's "Twilight Dominion" marks the recording debut with the group of new singer Dan "Tyrantor" Lawson and the return of the band's original drummer, Joe "Apocalyptic" Warlord.

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Usurper Begin Recording New Album

Posted on the official Usurper website:

Week 1 of the studio is over. The drums are tracked, and everything is sounding massive. We are recording and mixing at a new studio this time, it is a studio in Chicago called Rax Trax. The vibe of the place is very comfortable, and the equipment is top notch. We are having a great time, and Neil is getting used to us again. The days have been long, 8 - 12 hours a day, and there has been a lot of beer, smoke, sweat and Hot Shots Golf 3 between sessions, (Dan Tyrantor is a true tyrant usurper of the video golf world!)

Next week I will lay down all the rhythm tracks, then we will start the bass, vocals, leads, acoustics, and finally finish up the week with some mixing. Yes, we are cranking this out fast, and putting in some long hours, but the end result will be worth it. Back is the drum insanity of "Threshold of The Usurper," and the guitar tone will match that as well. I think the overall impact of the songs will be like Threshold type chaos combined with Necronemesis type precision. The production will sound like the instrument tones of Threshold/Diabolosis combined with the attack of Twilight Dominion. The cover art is once again being done by Craig 'Wicked Hand' Simpson, and we should have a section of that posted in a couple weeks or so. Thanx to all of our metal brothers (and sisters) who have stuck with us through all the years and all the line-up bullshit, we won't let you down!

-Rick & Usurper

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Usurper Get New Vocalist

Chicago death/black metallers USURPER wrote the following message on their official website:

"USURPER are proud to announce our new vocalist: Danny Lawson! Danny was the vocalist for the December 26 USURPER show at the Metro in Chicago, and simply his performance SLAYED! He was the perfect fit for USURPER and the chemistry on stage was that of a band who's been together for over ten years, not of a band with a "replacement" vocalist. So after the extremely successful gig, USURPER asked Danny to join full-time.

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Usurper Vocalist Leaves the Band

According to www.usurper.us, longtime Usurper vocalist Diabolical Slaughter (a.k.a. The General) has officially left the band. Guitarist Rick Scythe posted this message on the band's website, "Vocalist General Diabolical Slaughter has quit Usurper. This will not however affect the December 26 Holidays Of Horror Six Festival (at the Metro, Chicago: tickets can be purchased at any Ticketmaster outlet, www.ticketmaster.com), and most importantly, Usurper is not breaking up!

Usurper will perform the show with a special guest vocalist, and after that, Usurper will carry on. I would like to say this is a shock, but it isn't. Unfortunately The General's substance abuse problems and his declining health have been factors for the last year or so. The last tour we did this summer with Enslaved was definitely an eye opener. Not only did we have a lame replacement drummer in the band, but the General was so fucked up that he couldn't remember most of the lyrics, even to songs we've been playing for ten years. On top of that, his health problems negatively affected his stage presence, as well as his shitty attitude. We knew we had a problem with The General, but we were optimistic." More...

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