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Formed: 1992
From: Oulu, Finland
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Kalmah news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Kalmah Guitarist Checks In From The Studio

Kalmah guitarist Antti Kokko has checked in with the following studio update on the band's official web site:


After searching the good base sound for drums and right places for mics [Janne] Kuisma started beating the drums on Saturday. We continued on Sunday and everything was recorded by the end of the day. Right now we have drums and demo guitars on track. Demo guitars will be removed as soon as the real shread takes place.

Check out the images HERE!

Recordings continue at the end of this week. I and Pekka [Kokko] start to record rhytmn guitars. After that the plan is to record guitar melodies and solos.

- A.Kalma

Kalmah entered the studio on October 13 to begin recording its fifth full-length album. An early 2008 release is expected.

Kalmah's latest CD, "The Black Waltz", entered the Finnish national album chart in March 2006 at position No. 38. The follow-up to 2003's "Swampsong" marked the group's recording debut with keyboardist Marco Sneck (Poisonblack).

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Kalmah Announce Finnish Dates With Avulsed

Finnish metallers KALMAH have announced the following dates with AVULSED and DEMIGOD:

Dec. 06 - Nightlife Rock - Helsinki, FIN
Dec. 07 - Hellä - Tampere, FIN
Dec. 08 - Dante's Corner - Turku, FIN

KALMAH entered the studio on October 13 to begin recording its fifth full-length album. An early 2008 release is expected.

KALMAH's latest CD, "The Black Waltz", entered the Finnish national album chart in March 2006 at position No. 38. The follow-up to 2003's "Swampsong" marked the group's recording debut with keyboardist Marco Sneck (POISONBLACK).

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Kalmah Begin Recording New Album

Finnish metallers KALMAH have posted the following message on their MySpace page:

"Two years has passed but as we promised there is more to come and now it is about time. Today [Saturday, October 13] we started the recordings of our fifth full-length album. We started to work on new material almost two years ago and since we do not want to hurry it took the time to put every piece of the puzzle together. We have had great time to work with the new material as always. We did a demo a month ago to prepare ourselves for this main session. The demo worked out well and we are very confident about the new material. There is nine new swamp metal songs to record. Janne [Kusmin] has started to work out the drums and today we managed to record drum tracks for three new songs. Tomorrow we continue on working on the drums and we have six KALMAH songs to record plus one cover. Later on we will reveal the title of the album, song names, videos and images, so stay tuned!"

KALMAH's latest CD, "The Black Waltz", entered the Finnish national album chart in March 2006 at position No. 38. The follow-up to 2003's "Swampsong" marked the group's recording debut with keyboardist Marco Sneck (POISONBLACK).

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YouTube Phenom Blows Up Interpreting Metal Hits

Dave Marcovecchio doesn't care much for Avenged Sevenfold, and he's not all that jazzed about As I Lay Dying, Slipknot, From First to Last or Bullet for My Valentine, for that matter.

But the band Marcovecchio loves to hate more than any other is Florida metalcore outfit Trivium. And it's his Trivium odium that's helped the 18-year-old Brit become a YouTube phenomenon.

When Marcovecchio isn't in class studying music technology or working with his own band, Wargazm, the metalhead can usually be found at the nearest watering hole, rewriting the lyrics to songs by some of the bands he just can't stomach. When he's done, he turns to Windows Movie Maker and Photoshop to work on hilarious interpretive video creations that pair his made-up lyrics with images depicting them (like boats, coats and kids on bicycles).

"Me and my friend Ryan, we'd go down to the pub, get a bit wasted, and then come back and look up funny stuff on YouTube. There are lots of interpretations on there and we always found them funny," Marcovecchio explained. "But there were lots of ones that sucked, and they're all about emo songs. So we thought, 'We'll do one — a metal one — and show them how it's done.' "

The first song to get the Marcovecchio treatment was melodic death-metal outfit Kalmah's "Man of the King." Marcovecchio is a Kalmah fan, so the video was an homage to the band more than anything else. But it dawned on Marcovecchio that frontman Pekka Kokko's garbled growls were difficult to make out without a lyrics sheet. So Marcovecchio just wrote down what he heard.

"It was fun to do, and it got reasonably successful," he recalled. "So I made the Trivium one, and I didn't quite know what [image] to put over one bit of the song, so I said, 'Ah, these guys suck.' And more than 400,000 views later, here I am. It's sort of weird."

Marcovecchio's interpretation of Trivium's "Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr" has been viewed nearly half a million times, and has become the third-most-watched Trivium video on all of YouTube. In fact, if you type the band's name into the site's search engine, the first result is "Interpretation of Trivium" — Marcovecchio's clip. (Click here to watch Paranoidave's Trivium spoof.)

But while some people are impressed and amused by his work, Marcovecchio has also received death threats. "It's hilarious," he said. "They usually fall into one of three categories: There's the 'I agree with Paranoidave, this is fantastic,' or, 'I'm a Trivium fan, but I like this anyway' or 'I'm a Trivium fan, and I'm going to f---ing kill you.'

"Allegedly, the band are big fans of it," he continued. "There's even a picture of all four of them holding signs that say 'Boat,' 'Rudder,' 'Strange' and 'Mountain' " — the lyrics Marcovecchio created for the song. "I have no idea what some of these bands are saying. To this day, I have no clue what the lyrics for From First to Last's 'Ride the Wings of Pestilence' are, and I don't want to know."

Read the full article at MTV.com.

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Kalmah Post New Video Online

KALMAH recently shot a video for the song 'The Groan Of Wind', taken from their new album The Black Waltz. It is now available for download at this location.

Kalmah released The Black Waltz on February 22nd through Spinefarm Records and contains the following track listing: ‘Defeat’, ‘Bitter Metallic Side’, ‘Time Takes Us All’, ‘To the Gallows’, ‘Svieri Doroga’, ‘The Black Waltz’, ‘With Terminal Intensity’, ‘Man Of The King’, ‘The Groan Of Wind’, ‘Mindrust’, ‘One From The Stands’.

Kalmah have been confirmed for the following festival dates:
30 - July 2 - Tuska Festival in Helsinki, Finland

4 - Ragnarok Festival in Perth, Scotland

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Kalmah and Others Added to Ragnorak Metalfest

Metalism UK is proud to announce the following additions to it's inaugural RAGNAROK UK METALFEST 2006 lineup.

Astral Doors from Sweden, Circus Maximus from Norway and Kalmah from Finland have been confirmed.

The full lineup for the festival thus far is as follows:

Gamma Ray
Astral Doors
Circus Maximus
Headless Cross

There are still two slots to fill, both of which are the special guest slots directly under Gamma Ray so expect some big announcements in the very near future.

The Ragnarok UK Metalfest is set to take place on Saturday, November 4, 2006 at Perth Concert Hall in Central Scotland, UK.

It will feature a metal market, band signing sessions and much more including the preshow and aftershow parties.

The preshow is set for Friday, November 3, 2006 at The Doghouse in Dundee and will feature Skyclad, Pitiful Reign, Attica Reign, Neverwinter.

Tickets are priced at £35 for the main festival or £43 for the main festival + preshow ticket bundle.

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Kalmah Enters Finnish Charts At No. 38

Kalmah's latest release, "The Black Waltz," has entered charts in their home country of Finland at number 28. The rest of the chart can be viewed at this location.

"The Black Waltz" was released on February 22nd via Spinefarm Records and features Poisonblack keyboardist, Marco Sneck.

"The Black Waltz" tracklisting:

1. Defeat
2. Bitter Metalli Side
3. Time Takes Us All
4. To the Gallows
5. Svieri Doroga
6. The Black Waltz
7. With Terminal Intensity
8. Man of the King
9. The Groan of Wind
10. Mindrust
11. One From The Stands

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Kalmah Post Samples Of New Tracks Online

Kalmah have posted several audio samples from their upcoming album, "The Black Waltz." Check out "The Groan of Wind," "Defeat," "Bitter Metallic Side" and "The Black Waltz" on the band's official website.

"The Black Waltz" will be released February 22nd via Spinefarm Records.

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Kalmah Announce Two Gigs In Finland

Kalmah have announced a couple of gigs in Finland with the Duskfall and Obscurant. They are:

Feb. 03 Oulu - Lutakko
Feb. 04 Jyväskylä - Teatria

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Kalmah Finish Mixing Of New Album

Kalmah have posted the following album update on their website:


"So, it is time to lay down the final post to the diary. It was not so bitter we thought..:)

"The mixing started and ended fast. We had only 5 days to do it but luckily the basic sounds were great and Ahti got it started smoothly right away. What can I say, everybody in the band is more or less stafisfied with the result and why not, everything sounds great! Thanks for Ahti again for doing awesome work!

"Next issue will be mastering which will take place at Finnvox studios. In the mean time we concentrate on the cover issues and new promopics etc.

"The Black Waltz has started..."

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Kalmah Begin Mixing New Album

Kalmah have posted the following album update on their website:


"Recordings are coming to the end and the mixing has started. Hopefully everything goes well.

"We had great time doing group shouts as you can see from the pics (photo #1, photo #2, photo #3, photo #4, photo #5). Yesterday Marco recorded rest of the keyboards and I added couple of solos. Now there will be couple of days rest and then I enter the studio to finalize the mixing with Ahti.

"Planned release date is 22.2.2006. You can always check out Spinefarm (www.spinefarm.fi) website in case there will be any changes.

"So, I hope you guys don`t get bored waiting the release. All I can say to ease your pain is that this one is worth waiting for!"

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Kalmah Reveal New Album Details

Finnish melodic death metallers KALMAH have posted the following message on their official website:


So, this is the second week in studio and the recordings have gone smooth this far. Right now I closed my rhytmn guitar sessions and Pekka is starting. We spent time to find the guitar sound for rhytmn section and I´m glad we did it because what I hear now is brutal and "ear-taking".

We have done all in all 11 songs from which one is a cover. All in all the next album will contain 10 songs and the cover will a bonus for some releases. So here are the names of the songs (in no spesific order):

Bitter Metallic Side
The Groan of Wind
One from the Stands
The Black Waltz
With Terminal Intensity
To the Gallows
Time Takes Us All
Man of the King


Tomorrow we have a gig at Räntämetalli and we are going to play Bitter Metallic Side from the new album. So, You`ll get the taste of what is coming... See You there!

And the name of the album will be "The Black Waltz"."

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Kalmah To Enter Studio Next Week

Finland's KALMAH have posted the following message on their official web site:

"As you might not know, we will enter studio next week to record the next KALMAH album. [The as-]yet-untitled album will contain 10 brand new KALMAH 'hits.'

"The process before this album has been quite long. That is because this time we didn't want to spoil the album with unnecessary hurry. We started to write the material at the end of 2004 and sometimes I've to admit the process has been painful. That is very common in KALMAH camp. If there is no inspiration you'll just have to lay the guitar to rest — to wait for the real inspiration.

"I'm not here to praise the new material. That is up to you guys when the new album will hit the market. But I have to admit we really enjoy the material. I know this will be the best album we have made so far and by the time you will know why. Everything is prepared for the studio and we are ready..."

Earlier in the year, KALMAH inked a new deal with Spikefarm Records (a division of Spinefarm). Demo samples of the new songs "Bitter Metallic Side" and "Infernal Death" are still available for download at this location.

KALMAH last year announced the addition of keyboardist Marco Sneck (POISONBLACK) to the group's ranks. The group's current lineup is as follows:

Pekka Kokko - Guitar, Vocals
Antti Kokko - Lead Guitar
Janne Kusmin - Drums
Timo Lehtinen - Bass
Marko Sneck – Keyboards

KALMAH's third album, "Swampsong", was released in May 2003 through Spikefarm in Finland and Century Media Records in North America.

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Kalmah Confirmed For Rantametalli Festival

Kalmah has been confirmed for Finland's Räntämetalli Festival on November 12. The festival will be taking place November 11 and 12. Other bands set to play include Moonsorrow, Rotten Sound, Omnium Gatherum, Stam1na and Swallow the Sun. For more information, visit www.rantametalli.com.

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