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Band Photo: Evil Adam (?)

Formed: 1997
From: Jersey City, NJ, United States
Last Known Status: Active


For the longest time Rene Rosa needed an outlet for his frustrations, consistent bad luck, and everyday problems. In 1997 he lost his job, dropped out of college since he couldn't afford it, and then hit rock bottom in a relationship. After all this happening at the same time, he locked himself in his bedroom with his guitar, bass, drums and computer and began recording songs that he had been writing since 1993. He had no band, nor did he really plan on starting one at the time. He was happy with the way the songs were coming out, but they needed vocals. Not really confident in his singing, he wanted someone else to do the vocals but came up empty. Reluctantly he recorded the vocals himself, along with every other instrument on the songs.

Out of the twenty somewhat songs he had, he uploaded a bunch of them to MP3.com and started to get many downloads, especially with the song "Godless". While shooting up in the charts in the metal section of MP3.com, "Godless" became number 1 in its genre for 3 months and got the attention of Guy Tetro, the Chief Editor of Hipnosis.com, a New Jersey Arts and Entertainment web-site and magazine. Hipnosis invited "Evil Adam" to play the first annual Hipnosis Halloween show, and Rene couldn't possibly say no even though he didn't really have a band.

Rene Rosa had a dilemma on his hands, but knew exactly where to go to solve it: his best friends and family.

That is how the first form of Evil Adam played live, and over time the line up has changed to now include Rene Rosa, Jay Curcio, Izzie Machado, and John Digrazia. The music of "Evil Adam" manages to be heavy, pumping, and hard hitting while still maintaining catchy melodies. The band has called this combination of different styles "Scrap Metal", as it combines the elements of their favorite music with their own original sound and approach. With an amazingly energetic live show, flawless performances, and catchy songs, "Evil Adam" promises to breathe new life into the world of metal and take the music world by storm.

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