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Formed: 1970
From: NH, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Aerosmith news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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The Rockstar Ramblings: Howling and Smoking Hash

This week Axl Rose (Guns N Roses) and Slash traded tweets via Twitter related to getting the band back together. Slash started with a post related to putting together a concert to help the effort in Haiti. Axl took this to mean to put back the original GNR lineup and blasted Slash for using this tragedy as an excuse. Slash responded, clarifying his intent of raising money with a concert of many bands, not reuniting GNR. Always needing the last word it is rumored that Axl then followed up with a tweet that said simply: OK… More...

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The Rockstar Ramblings: Christmas Edition

The season for giving and receiving is upon us. This week we look at what the 80’s glam gods are asking for this year…

Bret Michaels (POISON): A bandana (preferably blue) that alerts Bret when there’s a reality show opportunity near by.

Jon Bon Jovi (BON JOVI): Jeans (skinny, tears above and below the knees, medium wash).

Sebastian Bach (SKID ROW): Tickle me Elmo.

Steve Tyler (AEROSMITH): A band.

Sammy Hagar (CHICKENFOOT): A bottle of tequila, wrapped.

Vince Neil (MOTLEY CRUE): A Radio Flyer 2900 red wagon to carry all the cash made this past year.

Gene Simmons (KISS): To have Christmas renamed KISSmas.

Ted Nugent: Guns, raw meat, gun powder…oh, wait this is Ted’s weekly shopping list.

David Coverdale (WHITESNAKE): Once again make large hair and album sales go hand in hand.

Axl Rose (GUNS N ROSES): The option to do what he wants despite contractual obligations and pending legal proceedings. Also, a Tickle me Elmo.

David Lee Roth (VAN HALEN): A straight answer from the Van Halen brothers.

Jani Lane (WARRANT): For 2009 to end ASAP.

Kip Winger (WINGER): Hair dye for his chest AND buttons for his shirts.

Lita Ford: A new bed.

Josh Todd: A new tattoo.

Dee Snider: World anarchy in the name of peace and metal.

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The Rockstar Ramblings: Breaking News

BREAKING NEWS: This week starts with rumors swirling of an Aerosmith break-up and Steven Tyler considering auditioning for Velvet Revolver, more to come as this story develops… More...

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Just For Fun

Steven Tyler Laid Off From Aerosmith

So states the infamous The Onion in what is an excellent parody of the ongoing Aerosmith drama (even if a bit long). Here's an excerpt:

Analysts speculate that the sector-wide layoff was a result of multiple factors, including redundancies in the singing-songwriting division, rising rehab fees that have cost the group millions, and a 34 percent decline in jump-kicks since 2003. In addition, some of Aerosmith's younger, more ambitious employees, such as Joe Perry, 57, are willing to sing and play an instrument at the same time, often for half the salary.

Read the full article at The Onion.

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Aerosmith Still In Turmoil

Although Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler took to the stage with The Joe Perry Project recently to perform "Walk This Way" and announced he was not, contrary to rumours, leaving the band, it would appear that Aerosmith's problems are still far from over. Joe Perry has told Billboard.com that Tyler "never said he was leaving the band" but that that the singer "said he wanted two years off to do his other projects," which has created some tension and problems within the group.

"Aerosmith wants to work," says Perry, who Tweeted earlier in the week that the band was "positively looking for a new singer to work with." He adds, "the band's been playing together for 40 years. It's a really powerful rock band, and I don't want to see it just go to waste and I don't think any of the other guys do, either. We're gonna work and we're gonna do something -- I'm not exactly sure what yet, but the band's too good to let it sit around. We're not going to wait for Steven."

Perry says he's had one conference call during the past week with bandmates Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer, but they have not made any firm decisions about anything -- including working with another singer while Tyler is pursuing his outside endeavors. "We're waiting for things to kind of settle down, and then we'll figure out what we're gonna do. Anything is possible," the guitarist says.

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Steven Tyler Has Not Left Aerosmith

Aerosmith's lead vocalist Steven Tyler has announced that the previous rumours that he will be leaving Aerosmith are not true. He joined Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry's band The Joe Perry Project on stage recently to perform the classic, "Walk This Way" before announcing he was not leaving the legendary rock outfit. You can check out fan filmed footage below. More...

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Steven Tyler Quits Aerosmith?

The Las Vegas Sun is reporting that Steven Tyler has quit hard rock act Aerosmith after their recent performance in Abu Dhabi. Excerpts from the article follow:

“Steven quit as far as I can tell,” Guitarist Joe Perry said from his Boston home. “I don’t know anymore than you do about it. I got off the plane two nights ago. I saw online that Steven said that he was going to leave the band. I don’t know for how long, indefinitely or whatever. Other than that, I don’t know.”

Part of the problem, he says, is that Tyler doesn’t return his phone calls. “He’s notorious for that,” Perry said. “That’s one thing I’ve learned to live with. I try to overlook it. I like to pick my battles. Frankly, the last few months I’ve been wanting not to rock the boat. I don’t want him canceling any more gigs. We really wanted to do these last four. We just kind of didn’t want to call him out or anything and get him anymore pissed off, for whatever reason. So we just let things lie. So we did the gigs and, like I said, I got off the plane and saw this online. That’s how I know about it.”

Most of Aerosmith’s recent world tour was canceled in August after Tyler fell from the stage at a Sturgis, S.D., concert and broke his shoulder. The band members were unhappy with Tyler over the incident. However, Aerosmith salvaged the final leg of the tour, including two shows in Hawaii and one Sunday at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix before more than 50,000 fans.

UPDATE: Tyler has since refuted the claim that he has left the band.

Read the full article at Las Vegas Sun.

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Winners Of The Classic Rock Awards Revealed

The annual Classic Rock Roll Of Honour Awards took place last night (November 2nd) in London at the Park Lane Hotel and featured numerous awards being given many metal and hard rock acts including Iron Maiden, AC/DC and Anvil. You can view the complete list of winners below. More...

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The Rockstar Ramblings: The Rehab Special Report

It appears Crue fans will have to rest for a Summer as Cruefest goes on hiatus until 2011. Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue) does however leave the possibility open of having the festival continue next year with a new headlining act. Here’s hoping W.A.S.P. and Blackie Lawless are ready with a bucket of raw meat and sharp knives to cut people… More...

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The Rockstar Ramblings: Tribute to the Microphone

Ever since the days of Jim Morrison using his microphone stand for self arousal the mic has been a key tool for rock singers and their act. This was specifically true for the glam heavy metal acts in the eighties. Here’s a breakdown of the microphone cowboys and their unique style.


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Aerosmith Cancels Summer Tour

Rock legends Aerosmith announced today that they will be cancelling the remainder of the headlining summer tour as a result of the injuries frontman Steven Tyler received last week when he fell off of the stage during a performance. Tyler was taken to hospital and diagnosed with a broken shoulder and received stitches in his head.

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Guns N Roses Voted Best Guitar Riff Of All Time

Guns N Roses has topped a recent poll of the Greatest Guitar Riffs of all time with their 1987 hit song, "Sweet Child O' Mine." The poll received 5,000 votes and saw Eric Clapton come in second with the classic song, "Layla." Aerosmith came in third with their staple, "Walk This Way," Michael Jackson came in fourth with his song, "Beat It" and Motorhead rounded off the top five with the heavy metal anthem, "Ace Of Spades."

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Aerosmith Singer Steven Tyler Falls Off Stage

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler was airlifted to a nearby hospital in South Dakota after falling off of the stage. The singer fell from the stage while dancing to the song, "Love In An Elavator" at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Tyler has suffered minor head, neck and shoulder injuries though they aren't thought to be too serious.

Here's a really blurry video from TMZ: More...

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Aerosmith Guitarist To Miss Select Tour Dates

Aerosmith has announced that guitarist Brad Whitford will be sitting out on some of the bands scheduled tour dates with ZZ Top this year as he is currently recovering from recent surgery. He will be replaced by former Green Day touring guitarist Bobby Schneck.

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Steven Tyler To Tour With Led Zeppelin?

Rumours are beginning to circulate that Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has been jamming with members of Led Zeppelin in preparation for a world tour. A source told the Daily Mail; "Steve was jamming with Zep. They had a great time but Steve kept fluffing (messing up) his lines. He got quite flustered about it."

In other news, Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones has confirmed that he, drummer Jason Bonham and guitarist Jimmy Page will be heading out for a tour with a different singer. You can check out the Q&A session with Jones below. More...

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Aerosmith To Release New Music Via Guitar Hero?

As previously reported, rock legends Aerosmith are currently recording a brand new studio album. However guitarist Joe Perry states that the band may release new songs before release, via Guitar Hero:Aerosmith.

"We'll probably release some of the music from our new record as a download so kids can plug it in and play some new tunes on the game," Perry says.

One thing Aerosmith will keep a keen eye on is the master tapes. When frontman Steven Tyler wanted to include MOTT THE HOOPLE's 'All The Young Dudes' on Guitar Hero: Aerosmith as an homage to an early tour the two bands did together, he was in for a surprise. "I spoke to Ian Hunter and I said, 'Ian, where the fuck is that song?' And he goes, 'I don't know. The masters have been lost forever.'

"But what's really funny is we were talking to the White Stripes and some of their early recordings have gone missing," adds Joe Perry. "I guess that's kind of the last thing on your mind when you're trying to get your record out there. We never thought it would matter that much 30 years later."

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Metallica Still Not Signed On For Guitar Hero Yet

Billboard.com reports: Although rumors continue to buzz, Metallica and the Beatles aren't headed to the "Guitar Hero" franchise just yet, according to Kai and Charles Huang, the sibling founder of game publisher RedOctane.

Speculation abounds that Metallica will be the next band featured in their own version of "Guitar Hero," much like the just-released recent Aerosmith-centric game.

"We're not ready to comment about Metallica yet, but what I will say is that we'd love to work with all of the top rock bands of all time, whether it's Aerosmith or Metallica or AC/DC or Led Zeppelin," Kai Huang tells Billboard. "If we get an opportunity to work with those bands, we would love to do that."

Read the full article at Billboard.com.

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Trailer For Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Posted Online

Gamershell reports: Activision has released a new trailer for Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, the first game built around the legendary music of America's Greatest Rock 'N Roll Band: Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer. As fans progress through their careers in the game, they can rock out to scores of Aerosmith's greatest hits, as well as songs from celebrated artists that the band has either performed with or has been inspired by in some way. Venues from historical moments during the band's illustrious career offer the experience of "sweet emotion" and further capture the essence of the band's rise to fame. Guitar Hero: Aerosmith will be available this June, for Xbox 360, PS3, PS2 and Wii.

You can download the trailer at this location.

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Aerosmith Singer Issues Rehab Statement

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has issued a statement clearing up rumours about his rehab stint. Apparantly he checked himself into rehab following a series of foot surgeries. You can read the statement below:

“The doctors told me the pain in my feet could be corrected but it would require a few surgeries over time. The ‘foot repair’ pain was intense, greater than I'd anticipated. The months of rehabilitative care and the painful strain of physical therapy was traumatic. I really needed a safe environment to recuperate where I could shut off my phone and get back on my feet. Make no mistake, Aerosmith has no plans to stop rocking. There’s a new album to record, then another tour.”

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Joe Perry Comments On Steve Tyler's Entry To Rehab

Famed Aerosmith guitarist has commented on lead singer Steve Tyler's entry to a rehab centre. Here's what he had to say: "I actually haven't talked to Steven in a while. We spend most of our time off the road split up — that's just how it goes."

When asked if he knew why Tyler had gone to rehab he responded: "I'm not sure, but I hope he's doing OK."

Perry himself is still recovering from knee surgery.

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