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Pentagram Chile

Formed: 1985
From: Santiago, Chile
Last Known Status: Active

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Sunday Old School: Pentagram Chile

The power of the metal underground can be a truly astounding thing. At times, it can give a band worldwide exposure and a large following even if they haven’t actually released a full length album. One of the best known examples of this would be Switzerland’s, Hellhammer, which of course evolved into Celtic Frost, but another band which would influence countless metal listeners was a group from Chile, who shared their name with an American group that also didn’t release an album until well into their career, a band named, Pentagram. Pentagram, or Pentagram Chile as they now go by, were formed in the Chilean capital city of Santiago in 1985 by singing guitarist, Anton Reisenegger and another guitar player named, Juan Pablo "Azazel" Uribe. They were strongly inspired by the more extreme end of the thrash spectrum and early death metal bands such Possessed, Kreator and Venom.

After recruiting drummer Eduardo Topelberg from a group named Chronos, the trio began working on their musicianship a little more seriously and eventually recorded their first demo, entitled appropriately enough, "Demo 1." Reisenegger handled bass duties for the record and the band began sending out copies all over the world. Two of the people who got a hold of the demo was the Cavalera brothers, Max and Igor, known of course as the founding members of Brazil’s most famous metal band, Sepultura, who at the time had just released their debut album, "Morbid Visions." They struck up a friendship with the two and there was reportedly intention for Max Cavalera and Anton Reisenegger to record an album together, though to date, this has not happened. More...

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Pentagram Chile Streaming "The Death Of Satan"

Pentagram Chile releases new album, "The Malefice," today (November) 12th in North America. Last Rites is also now hosting a stream of a new track, "The Death of Satan," which can be heard below.

Guitarist/vocalists Anton Reisenegger comments on the song: "The Death of Satan is one of the most complex songs on the album. I really love the fact that you never know where it's going to take you next, musically speaking. It also has all the trademarks of our old demo material, but I think it sounds fresh and is totally relevant for today's metal scene, where artificial speed and technical trickery has become more important than real feeling.

"Lyrically, I think no one is shocked by satanic themes anymore, so I thought we might as well shock the metal community by proclaiming the Death of Satan. But the lyrics are actually about the philosophical contradiction and artificial construct that is the notion of good against evil." More...

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Unearthing The Metal Underground in Chile Pt. 2

In this week's edition of Unearthing the Metal Underground, we'll revisit the country of Chile again - a land with a scene that is so vast and devout that one could do a column on it every week. I respect the Chileans since they are fervent supporters of their metal scene with how they pack their clubs and buy music. In fact, looking at the Chilean scene is observing one with both plenty of new talent and veteran acts just now getting their due.

The Chilean scene dates back to the eighties, much like ours. In gaining an overview of it all, it is best to see it through the eyes of a Chilean old schooler. One of the most visible scene veterans, Digmetalworld honcho Ignacio Orellana, has seen a great deal of it since he picked up his first pair of drumsticks at the age of 14. The Santiago native thus began his journey into being a metal drummer and all-around metal music fanatic. More...

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Pentagram Chile Streaming New Track

Pentagram Chile (not to be confused with the variety of other bands simply called Pentagram) is preparing to release new album, "The Malefice," on November 12th in North America.

In advance of the album being available in stores and online, Decibel Magazine is hosting a stream of a new track, "The Apparition." Give the song a listen below.

Guitarist/vocalists Anton Reisenegger comments on the song: "The Apparition must be one of my favorite tracks on the album because it has this amazing early Slayer vibe. 'Haunting the Chapel' is still my favorite Slayer record ever and was a huge influence on our demos, so this is kind of a tribute. The vocal reverb actually sounds a lot like 'Hell Awaits' as well. The lyrics are about hidden fears and superstitions which often run deep in a family's history. I tried to evoke pictures of an old decaying house as a symbol for those fears."

The album's track listing is:

1. The Death of Satan
2. La Fiura (streaming here)
3. The Apparition
4. Horror Vacui
5. Spontaneous Combustion
6. Grand Design
7. Sacrophobia
8. Arachnoids
9. Prophetic Tremors More...

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