"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Fear Of Domination

Formed: 2006
From: Finland
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Fear Of Domination news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Fear Of Domination Releasing "Atlas"

After being delayed from an initial March release, Fear Of Domination has now announced new album "Atlas" is coming May 6th via Inverse Records. The label comments:

"The end-of-the-world theme is broken with contradictory and fucked-up-poppish twists. The Finnish shock-metal maniacs are telling in Atlas’ ten songs stories about relentlessness, frailty, loss and finiteness and finality of everything. Atlas is a journey. Atlas is a burden. Atlas is great...
Atlas is in you

"The journey of Fear of Domination started in 2006 in a Finnish town of Nurmijärvi, when a group of friends decided to create a hard-rocking show band. The band is known for its half-crazy and energetic live shows, which are combined with wicked theatrical elements and pyrotechnics. Fear of Domination has thousands of loyal and dedicated fans, dominators, throughout Europe and the world." More...

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Fear Of Domination Streaming "Adrenaline"

"Adrenaline" is the second digi-single from the upcoming Fear Of Domination album "Atlas" (originally scheduled for release today, but pushed back by a few weeks). You may not be able to pick up "Atlas" today, but you can hear "Adrenaline" below.

Vocalist and lyricist Saku Solin comments: “As a story 'Adrenaline' is as pure Fear of Domination as possible. We are adrenaline-junkies, who love the feeling that the live shows bring. If you take a little peek behind the curtain, you can see a person, who has no colors, no taste or no hope in life. Therefore, he is unwillingly sucking them from the others, to get at least some of the golden adrenaline, to feel alive.”

Guitarist Johannes Niemi adds: “In all its gloominess it follows the theme of the end of the world, but there is a nice, lively and vivacious chorus melody.” More...

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Fear Of Domination's New Album Delayed

Shock industrial metal band Fear of Domination is delaying the publishing of its fourth album "Atlas" by a couple of weeks (originally expected to drop on March 11th). The vocalist and the lyricist Saku Solin says that the band members did everything they could, but faced many things, that couldn’t be helped. The new date will be announced soon.

"Shit hit the fan. We could have pushed 'Atlas' out on 11[th of] March by force, but we have sacrificed so much for the album, that it would have been wrong against the album and the fans to just spit it out", Solin says.

The main reason for the delay is that the band couldn’t reach understanding with the people responsible in the mixing and the mastering the album. The lead-guitarist and the main composer of the band Johannes Niemi says, that there is no big drama included. The artistic views just didn’t match.

”We told, that we want a heavier sound for the album, so that every instrument with their elements would stand out better than before. They took the sound to the direction they thought was the best, and it really didn’t fit to our band. It was far away from FoD”, Niemi says.

Eventually the band took the material back and chose new partners to handle the mixing and the mastering. The new mixer has been Tuomas Kokko from Electric Fox Studios, who has mixed, for example, Swallow the Sun. The mastering has been done by Svante Forsbäck, who has worked for example with Rammstein.

"We were more or less amazed, when we heard the result. Now we nailed it. This fucking rocks!," Niemi says.

”Of course we are sorry for the delay, but we hope, that the crowd and the fans understand it. We have carried this burden for so long, that we want to carry it to the very end with style”, Solin says.

As for compensation Fear of Domination will release a new single from "Atlas" - "Adrenaline" - which will be unleashed on the original release date of March 11th.

"Adrenaline is a compilation from the theme, the atmosphere and style of the album. It is about the idea, when nothing is enough. You have to get reasons to live. For me, the enthusiasm of adrenaline burst and the wilderness is irreplaceable and great! That is what the live-shows are for us," Solin says.

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Fear of Domination Announces New Album "Atlas"

Finnish shock industrial metal act Fear of Domination will give a totally new definition to "spring break" by unleashing its fourth studio album "Atlas" on March 11th. Vocalist and the lyricist Saku Solin describes Atlas as "the darkest and the heaviest album the band has ever done."

Solin says that "Atlas" is "about the moment, when all the light in the world has faded, and a human being is left to wander with his crushing burden.

“The question is, is the burden self-created, imagined or concrete. We’ve all had a bit of an emotion-filled year. I think we have efficiently packed primitive rage, desperation and misery here. It wasn’t a conscious decision. This is how we felt, and fuck, we did what had to be done.”

The string instruments are crunching lower than before and composer and keyboardist Lasse Raelahti has created a harmony of chaos and beauty with his synthesizer. Fans were given the first taste of blood, when the band released the music video single El Toro in the autumn. Check it out in the player below.

The lyrics of "Atlas" um are also more straight and brutal than before. Vocal producer Helena Haaparanta whipped everything out of Solin. He reveals that the rasp and growl vocals can change quickly to "freakishly annoyingly poppish" singing.

“We have always loved to create some contrast. Even though the lyrics are about the collapse of the mind and the world, suddenly there can be an opera-kind-of part or then it could be from E-Types disco song.”

The drum and the bass recordings were captured at D-studio, the guitars in the apartment of the lead guitarist and composer Johannes Niemi and the vocals in another studio in city of Kerava. Producers Alex Azzali and Nicholas Barker mixed and mastered the album in Italy. The cover art (shown below) is created by Timo Kokko.

Fear of Domination is ready for the "live-shows of the spring" and is more insane than ever. The band is famous for their theatrical and half-crazy shows filled with energy. 2016 started with sold out MeriRock in January and will continue with three day tour of MetalOrgy.

”We are looking forward to the gigs! We are able to use some new ideas and of course, to play the new songs. There are a couple of new ones, that I am sure will rock the hell out of the crowd”, Solin smiles. More...

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Fear Of Domination Posts Tour Dates

The shock metal band Fear of Domination will head out on a two week tour all around Europe. The tour will include headlining shows in Latvia, Poland, and Czech with the band afterwards joining up with Hanzel und Gretyl (US) in Austria and continuing with them throughout Germany and Finland.

FoD has been working hard to gain its place in the European metal scene. Their latest show at Nummirock dropped audience's jaws with it's well planned freak circus. The band's latest album "Distorted Delusions" spawned the "Legion" video, which can be seen below.


16.10 Riga (LAT), Depo-club
17.10 Suwalki (POL), Kominpub Motocyklowy
18.10 Gdansk (POL), Metro-club
19.10 Poznan (POL), Klub U Bazyla
21.10 Prague (CZ), Exit chmelnice
22.10. Vienna (AUT), Viper Room
23.10. München (GER), Backstage Club
24.10. Berlin (GER), K17
25.10. Braunschweig (GER), UniKum
27.10. Hamburg (GER), Logo
30.10. Kuopio (FIN) Henry's Pub
31.10. Kouvola (FIN), House of Rock
01.11. Helsinki (FIN), On The Rocks

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Fear Of Domination Posts New Video

Back in October, Finnish industrial metal band Fear Of Domination had its fans participate in the shooting of its new video "Legion," whose apocalyptic party theme was embellished by the fans dressing up in MadMax/Fallout couture. Dirtstudios was responsible for the filming of the entire video, which was released today.

The Finnish site Radio Rock is streaming the entire five minute "Legion" video, which can be viewed at its website. The track will be part of the "Distorted Delusions" twelve-song release, which will be released on Feb. 7th, 2014.

 photo FOD_zpsa6c54d08.jpg

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Fear Of Domination Readying New Video

Finnish industrial shock metal band Fear Of Domination is hard at work creating an official video for the second single from its "Legion" album. That video, for the album's title track, will be unveiled on October 20th. That single was initially released last month when Fear Of Domination went on tour with the Russian dance metal band Xe-None. Check out the facebook event page for more information on the filming.

Fans of the band are invited into the upcoming filming process, which vocalist Saku Solin elaborates upon: "The whole idea of giving the fans a possibility to be more part of our FoD family felt more like natural choice for us and I think it will give new fans a very good perspective what it means to be a part of this." The theme is a world-ending party and those who would like to participate are asked to pick their clothing referring to MadMax, Fallout, etc.

The shooting takes place in Kruununvuoren Rannan Oljysäiliö, which is an old abandoned oil tank. The sponsors of this event are Pyrostars, Varusteleka and Miraculos, whereas Dirtstudios is responsible for both filming and making the whole video. What is more, one of the sponsors, Pyrostars, is going to give a remarkable fire-show during the shooting. No wonder FoD's music is now called shock metal.

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Fear Of Domination Streaming New Single

Fear Of Domination, the Finnish masters of industrial shock metal music, released a second single called “Legion” from their upcoming album. Fear Of Domination already gave a sample of what’s about to come by releasing their single "Paper Doll" earlier this year. It is the first song they've composed together with the new keyboard player Lasse Raelahti. Stream both song uploads below. Commented the members of Fear Of Domination:

“The whole process of making this third album is totally different. We have really sat down and thought about each and every song. We wanted that every song not only sounds cool but has a purpose in it. That every song is totally 100 % just what we want”, says FoD.

The result of their effort can be heard during the mini-tour with the Russian dance metal band Xe-None which has already began on September 4th. Fear Of Domination is also planning a European tour starting early in 2014. The band previously released the "Call of Schizophrenia" album, an album which featured a collaboration with vocalist Raaka Pee of fellow Finns Turmion Katilot.

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