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Avatarium Releasing New EP

Hailing from Stockholm, gloomy metal outfit Avatarium (featuring Leif Edling and Marcus Jidell) was founded in late 2012.

Following the success of the eponymous debut release last year (reviewed here), Avatarium has just announced the release of a new EP titled "All I Want." The vinyl/digital only EP will be out November 14th, 2014 via Nuclear Blast.

Psychedelic percussionist Michael Blair, who has worked with Tom Waits and Lou Reed among others, will be guesting on "All I Want."

Commented guitarist Marcus Jidell: “He showed up at the studio with a big 'bag of tricks' with metals, crashers, shakers and a lot of strange things which he made sound like if you throw in a punkrocker at Woodstock and feed him with psychedelic pills!”

About the new songs, he adds: “We tried to keep things simple and spontaneous during the recordings, something I hope people will be able to hear. Also I think that Jennie-Ann Smith has reached new levels with the way she sings on both of the new songs!” More...

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Amorphis Announces 20th Anniversary Shows

Finnish metal institution Amorphis will hit the road in late December in celebration of the 20th anniversary of 1994 release "Tales From The Thousand Lakes." Guitarist Esa Holopainen comments:

"This month (July 12) marked the 20th anniversary of the release of the by far most significant album of our career: 'Tales From The Thousand Lakes.'

"The years have flown by, and it feels great to notice that the tooth of time has not diminished the value of the album, nor the popularity of its songs when performed live. ‘Black Winter Day,’ ‘The Castaway,’ ‘Into Hiding,’ and ‘In The Beginning’ are still part of almost every Amorphis gig.

"Although we have played these songs hundreds of times, it is still as exciting as ever to see the joy in people’s faces and the sheer emotion evoked by, for example, the piano intro of Black Winter Day. When Tomi Joutsen joined the band, we reviewed the setlist in a new (old) light. It was perfectly clear that we would include more tracks from 'Tales From The Thousand Lakes' – without forgetting our debut 'The Karelian Isthmus,' of course.

"At that point we understood how much 'Tales From The Thousand Lakes' meant to people. Most of us have feelings about the 1990s that are brought back to mind by the songs from 'Tales From The Thousand Lakes,' so we are certainly talking about nostalgia here. To honor the two-decade history of the album, we will embark on the Tales From The Thousand Lakes 20th Anniversary Tour. More...

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Avatarium Working On New EP

Doom outfit Avatarium - featuring Leif Edling and Lars Sköld - released a debut self-titled album last year (reviewed here), which earned the band a nomination in our "best newcomers" category for the 2013 year-end awards.

Now Avatarium is working on a follow-up EP, and the band has issued the following brief recording update:

"Today we recorded drums for the new Avatarium EP in Studio Gröndahl run by David Castillo. Rickard Gustavsson assisted and did a great job! Lars Sköld made that vintage Gretsch kit sound amazing!!"

You can also check out the "Boneflower" video taken off the previous album release in the player below. More...

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Best Metal Newcomers Of 2013 Explored: Part 3

For our 2013 year-end awards we included a category for best “newcomers” – those bands that released debut albums worth hearing.

To help get you acquainted with the best new talent releasing albums you may have missed, we’ll be looking at each of the bands nominated for the “best newcomer” category by our staff. Today, writer/reviewer CROMCarl covers Avatarium, Bane of Winterstorm, Artlantica, Heavatar, and the previously mentioned Gloryhammer. Here's what he had to say:


Just when you thought Leif Edling was done making Candlemass albums - relegating the epic doom pioneers to live duty only - the man goes and reinvents the genre again with the creation of Avatarium. Backed by powerhouse guitarist Marcus Jidell (Evergrey), drummer Lars Skold (Tiamat), and keyboarist Carl Westholm (Krux/ex-Candlemass), the band was bursting with talent and vast doom pedigrees.

All initial trepidation of how vocalist Jennie-Ann Smith would fare was cast aside on the album's first spin. Her haunting and gorgeous vocals showed as much immense power as it did frail honesty. The band laid waste to all doom that came before them with one of the best debut albums since Candlemass' "Epicus Doomicus Metallicus." The band was not only my top newcomer of the year, but came in second in my overall Top Albums of 2013 (see the review here).


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Avatarium Posts New Music Video

Swedish doom titans Avatarium have uploaded their brand new video for the song "Boneflower," which can be viewed below.

If the quartet’s gigantic, melancholy sounds have somehow passed you by, then this video is the perfect means to get acquainted with this great band. Check it out below. You can also read our review of the band's self-titled album at this location.

The band’s all-star lineup features legendary doom metal pioneer Leif Edling (Candlemass) on bass, Marcus Jidell (Evergrey) on guitar, Carl Westholm (Candlesmass) on keyboards, Lars Sköld (Tiamat) on drums and singer extraordinaire Jennie-Ann Smith.

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Avatarium Posts New Lyric Video

Avatarium - featuring Leif Edling of Candlemass - has released a new lyric video for the track "Boneflower." Check it out below.

"Boneflower" comes off the band's self-titled album, due out November 22nd via Nuclear Blast. The track listing for "Avatarium" is:

1. Moonhorse (streaming here)
2. Pandora's Egg
3. Avatarium
4. Boneflower
5. Bird Of Prey
6. Tides Of Telepathy
7. Lady In The Lamp More...

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Avatarium Posts Track-By-Track Breakdown

With the release of a self-titled debut record coming up November 1st, newly formed doomsters Avatarium now give a look into the songs of "Avatarium" (reviewed here). This is how mastermind Leif Edling (Candlemass) describes the album in his own words:

Moonhorse: The first song I wrote. It’s about a little sick kid lying in bed daydreaming, and wanting to be out playing with his friends. Lots of dynamics and contrast in this song. Light and shade. One of the best songs I have written I think.

Pandoras Egg: About the sickness in the world. Collected by the gods and locked in, but now in free flow. Jennie-Ann sings it like a female Ronnie James Dio. Great!

Avatarium: Very twisted and a bit proggy. To me anyway. Mainly describes what an Avatarium is: a place anywhere, of any size, where you can worship your demi-gods. Could be that singer, a politian, Tony Iommi, an actor, a historical figure, porn actress etc…..

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Avatarium Releases "Moonhorse" Lyric Video

Avatarium - the new project of Candlemass founder Leif Edling and Everygrey guitarist Marcus Jidell - posted a lyric video for the new track "Moonhorse." The song appears on the self-titled debut LP, which is due out November 22nd via Nuclear Blast. The track is also available now as a single, which also contains the album track "Boneflower" and the cover of Black Sabbath's "War Pigs."

The track listing for "Avatarium" is:

1. Moonhorse
2. Pandora's Egg
3. Avatarium
4. Boneflower
5. Bird Of Prey
6. Tides Of Telepathy
7. Lady In The Lamp

Check out "Moonhorse" here: More...

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New Leif Edling Project Reveals Debut Details

New Swedish doom outfit Avatarium has just revealed the cover artwork and track list for an upcoming self-titled debut album, which will be unleashed November 1st, 2013 via Nuclear Blast.

The band features legendary doom metal pioneer Leif Edling on bass, Marcus Jidell (Evergrey) on guitar, Lars Sköld (Tiamat) on drums, keyboardist Carl Westholm, and singer extraordinaire Jennie-Ann Smith. The front cover was created by Swedish artist Erik Rovamperä.

Commented Erik: “As opposed to many contemporary artists eager to express their inner emotional turmoil my ambitions as painter stand first and foremost from a lifelong love of hardrockin´music and the inherently darker iconography of that genre. I’m seldom one to channel personal experiences in my art but rather view my work as part of the Heavy Metal tradition forged by likes of Derek Riggs, Ken Kelly and many more. In the specific chase of Avatarium my sources of inspiration have come to include the heretical idolatry of the pre-Christianized cults throughout ancient Europe and esoteric allegories of the late medieval secret societies”

Guitarist Marcus unveils an insight on the birth of Avatarium: “We are very proud to present the first but not the last Avatarium album to you. When we started to demo the songs on this album we had one thing that we thought was extremely important, we wanted to make music that was heavy, dark and poetic. Also we had an urge to make an album with a very organic sound and no fixing and trixing in computers but just try to make great emotional music. During the whole process we have been looking for feeling rather than trying to make everything technically perfect. More...

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Leif Edling Forms New Band Avatarium

Avatarium, the brand new band featuring legendary Swedish doom metal pioneer Leif Edling, has signed a worldwide record deal with Nuclear Blast.

Avatarium will release its first sonic sign of life on September 20th, 2013 in the form of 12” mini LP "Moonhorse," featuring the title track, the B-side "Boneflower," as well as an acoustic cover version of Black Sabbath's "War Pigs."

Besides Edling, Avatarium features Marcus Jindell (Evergrey) on guitar, Lars Sköld (Tiamat) on drums, keyboardist Carl Westholm, and singer extraordinaire Jennie-Ann Smith. Commented Leif Edling: More...

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