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Band Photo: Divinity Destroyed (?)

Formed: 1999
From: Toms River, NJ, United States
Last Known Status: Disbanded


"We’re nothing more than five guys looking to further the one thing we do with our lives [music]." - Divinity Destroyed

By blending genres together, that aren't usually together, they have been able to create a sound that is very unique. some genres in this blend that can be heard are: black metal, celtic, progressive metal, death metal, asian, and native american.

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Divinity Destroyed To Release New Album "Nova"

New Jersey progressive metal band, Divinity Destroyed, has announced that they will be releasing a new album, entitled "Nova." The band, which parted ways in 2010, revealed that they will be releasing the songs from their final studio sessions. The album, which is five years in the making, will feature the return of original drummer Dan Leonard, who parted ways with the band in 2008.

The release date for "Nova" is set for December 24th, 2013. The cover art for "Nova" can be seen here.

The band has posted a trailer online for "Nova." Watch it below:


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Divinity Destroyed Covers Madonna

New Jersey progressive metal band Divinity Destroyed recorded a cover of Madonna's "Like A Prayer" as a final recording before breaking up. Listen to the cover song below:

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Divinity Destroyed Postpones Final Show

New Jersey's Divinity Destroyed has issued the following update about postponing their final show before disbanding:

"That's right. Mother Nature has once again fucked us in the ass hard and fast. First it was a tornado, then a hurricane, and now a blizzard. She either really hates us and wants nothing to run smoothly or loves us and detests our disbanding. Either way, she's a ripe old cunt. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused but trust us. Getting to and from this place tomorrow will have been a shitload more inconvenient.

"This whole ordeal may very well end up being a blessing in disguise though as the Belmar Firehall presented legitimate risk of capacity problems. Between six bands, friends, fans, family, and not even accounting for people who'd be coming out of the woodwork for this one, we'd already have a situation on our hands. Hell, half the space is taken up by a fire engine from 1912. So we're planning on rescheduling this for the spring and moving it to a slightly more accommodating location (read: bigger, better, boozier). More...

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Divinity Destroyed Disbands

New Jersey progressive metal band, Divinity Destroyed, has issued the following message to their fans regarding their decision to put the band to rest:

"If any rumors happen to emerge in the coming days, they are all true. Every single one of them. Including those that don't involve us. But know that you read it here first. Divinity Destroyed has disbanded."

"More information, personal insights, and rumors we'll start just for kicks will be posted here frequently so keep checking back. But just know that it's not your fault and we still love you and your sister." More...

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Divinity Destroyed Officially Part with Drummer

New jersey progressive metallers, Divinity Destroyed, issue the following update regarding the status of their drummer on their MySpace page:

"In our last blog, we stated that Dan Leonard, founding drummer and card-carrying Fiend Club member, will be unable to perform with us for an undetermined amount of time. You can now modify'"an undetermined amount of time' to read 'the duration of our existence.' We have officially and permanently parted ways with Daniel Vincent Maximus Leonard."

"As an original member, Dan’s absence will of course be noticed in our sound. It will be difficult replacing the irreplaceable. But as fans may have noticed in the albums and throughout our history, evolution is our middle name. Divinity Evolution Destroyed Jr." More...

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Divinity Destroyed's Ex-Drummer Speaks

Divinity Destroyed's former drummer Dan Leonard discusses his reasons for leaving the band:

"I had an opportunity of a life time that I had to act on. Everyone I know, including the band, said I would be stupid if I didn't act on it. Originally, I didn't think I'd be able to play shows till probably after May. Right now, I told the band that I can still play Fridays locally and wherever on Saturdays since I got the hang of things. In future, after May, I don't know what my schedule will be. Thats really all I can say about it. It's been difficult to practice music lately with my schedule but thats always something that can improve as long as everyone knows what the objective is and remain on the same page."

"I didn't want to give everything up that we worked on for 8 years. Majority rules in a band situation and if they want to continue looking for a replacement then thats what they will do. If people want to say I couldn't tough it out or that I quit, that's fine. They really don't know me or my situation. I'm not going to give a synopsis of what it's like in the band or what goes on but it wasn't easy to even consider branching out in my life goals. Then again, the band is not in the same standing that it was in the early years." More...

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Divinity Destroyed Part Ways with Drummer

New Jersey progressive metallers, Divinity Destroyed, issue the following update regarding the departure of their drummer, Dan Leonard, on their Myspace page:

"You read right."

"Due to personal obligations, Daniel Vincent Maximus Leonard, founding drummer of Divinity Destroyed, will be unable to perform with us for an undetermined amount of time. Thus we are actively auditioning drummers to play in Dan's absence."

"If you are interested, send an e-mail to divinitydestroyed@hotmail.com or send us a MySpace message with info on where we can hear recorded samples of your playing along with some info about yourself. All prospects must have their own gear, transportation, and lightsaber." More...

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Divinity Destroyed Post "Threshold" Online

New Jersey progressive metal band, Divinity Destroyed, have posted a new song, "Threshold," off their upcoming EP, entitled "Death or Glory," on their Myspace page.

Divinity Destroyed's current line up is:
Mark Ward - Lead Vocals and Keyboards
Tom Ward - Guitars and Vocals
Rick Flanegan - Guitars and vocals
Jim Cowen - Bass
Dan Leonard - Drums

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Static-X Cannibalizes Starland Ballroom

Saturday, May 5, 2007, I saw Static-X for my third time at the Starland Ballroom of Sayreville, NJ. This time was different from all the others because this time, I got to meet Static-X. Well, ok, I’m exaggerating a bit; I got to interview Tony Campos from Static-X, the bass player for those who don’t know. The interview was an amazing opportunity for me and was a great way to start off an awesome show. After the interview, which took place at about 7:00pm, I headed into the venue just as the second opener was finishing. The band’s name was Divinity Destroyed. More...

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Divinity Destroyed Post Update on New Album

Divinity Destroyed have posted the following update regarding the progress of their new website and new album on their myspace page.

"Hey everyone,

Dan here speaking on behalf of Divinity Destroyed. We would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who came to support us at Rutgers and in the city at Siberia. It was good to see some old friends. We did have some major technical difficulties at Rutgers but hopefully no one was paying attention enough to notice. We certainly didn't.

Although we haven't had too much action with our website in the past few weeks, I assure you the new divinitydestroyed.com is being constructed. I'm serious. I saw it. It was...awesome. We will have some good stuff on there including videos for you guys to watch. It's about time you guys saw us for who we really are, a bunch of immature dildos." More...

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Divinity Destroyed Post New Song and Video Online

Divinity Destroyed post an update on their myspace page regarding the addition of a new guitarist and a new song entitled Forever and Neverand video:

"That is correct. Mark is now the keyboardist/lead vocalist and Randal from Beyond the Flesh is the new guitarist.

This is a new age in Divinity history. The new lineup. The new song. The new website is on the way. And new information and content will be added daily."

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Divinity Destroyed Finish Writing New Album

New Jersey progressive death metal band, Divinity Destroyed, post a new blog on their myspace:

"Hello Friends, Fans, Disciples..

I've decided to make use of this blog and update you guys on some news and stuff. Okay, first off we are sorry for not being able to perform this past Saturday the 24th. As some of you may have heard Mark was diagnosed with a poopy bug and had to be taken to the hospital for removal of the poopy bug. After intense, intense...intense bed resting, he is now home and masturbating.

Aside from that, Divinity will be heading into the mid-atlantic states of the US of A in mid July. We are currently booked for 2 dates in Maryland, Virginia and I believe South Carolina is in the works. If any of you guys down there read this and want to see us in your town send us some info on venues or bands in the area and we will see if we can work something up.

Finally, we realized that we do have a shit load of new songs that haven't left the confines of our practice area. The number keeps growing too. What all this means is we have
material for a new album. Although we don't have a set date for recording, I personally don't feel it will be long till we have to put something together. I think the new songs are really melodic and straight forward the majority of the time, sort of like Haven and Void. I think you guys will enjoy them. But I do have to say we were working on one last practice and this part is seriously the fastest shit I have ever had to play in this band. Ever.

I guess thats it for tonight. I'll try to update often. Thanks guys

Divinity Destroyed"

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Death in the Forest Organizer Reveals More Details

TJ Morris of Watchers Entertainment, one of the organizers of the Death In The Forest Festival, set to take place May 20 in upstate New York, has issued the following update regarding the festival's current status:

"First and foremost: Death In The Forest is still on. DITF was never off. We have been in the process of relocating, for a few reasons, which will be addressed shortly.

"Death In The Forest has been moved, less than 20 minutes, to the Catskill Mountain Ranch, located just outside of Wurtsboro, New York, in the town of Mamakating.

"The date is still the same: May 20th, 2006. The times are still the same. We will still have the same brutal bands, and still have the same great vendors. Only the location has changed.

"Catskill Mountain Ranch is literally in the middle of the woods (how perfect) and features a full-service paintball field (bring your own guns, the rentals will surely sell out) a pretty large skate park, and on-grounds camping. With the camping, you can come in the night before, have yourselves a little beer-b-que, see the greatest metal show to hit the tri-state area, and then have another bigger beer-b-que, all for less than the cost of one hotel room.

"As for the people who do have hotel rooms already booked in Middletown: CMR is less than 20 minutes away, and easily located from the middletown, new york area. We have made every attempt to relocate this event to an area within a reasonable distance to the Orange County Fair Grounds, and we feel that a 20-minute drive up the road is reasonable.

"You can Google the Catskill Mountain Ranch to call and book a spot for your tent, RV, or camper. They do have an online reservation feature, but we have been asked not to utilize this, as it is not so reliable.

"Now, as for the relocation. Let me start by saying that yes, in fact, we did feel it necessary to relocate from the OC Fair due to weather. The grounds at the OC Fair have been ill-kept, and only see action once a year for the annual fair. Our stages weigh about as much as a fully loaded semi-trailer, and anyone who knows about trucks knows that they sink in mud. That's not good for a multi-million dollar stage. Additionally, two of the stages would have located outside, so if in the event (and highly probable, in fact) that T-storms did hit the area, as forecasted, we would have had large metal structure swaying in the rain, while the equipment got soaked. not good. A decision had been made, even with the fairgrounds' approval, to relocate the stages. More...

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New York's Death in the Forest Festival Saved

According to their official website, New York's Death in the Forest festival is saved:

"The fest will be now held on top of a mountain - Catskill Mountain Ranch!!. There is camping, skateboarding and even paintball! The fest is saved and it's right up the street (approx. 15+ miles). Thanks for your patience.

538 Mt. Vernon Road • Wurtsboro, NY 12790

New set times will be posted shortly."

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NY's Death in the Forest Festival In Jeopardy

TJ Morris of Watchers Entertainment, one of the organizers of the Death In The Forest Festival — set to take place May 20 in Middletown, New York — has issued the following update:

"Due to the inclement weather, death in the forest 2006 will be moved from the Orange County Fair grounds. YES, MOVED FROM THE ORANGE COUNTY FAIR GROUNDS. As we aware that many people will be in the area on May 19th for the 1349/ BELPHEGOR/ TYPHUS/ ENGORGE signing at rock fantasy, and have also made hotel arrangements for the nights of may 19th and 20th in the Middletown area, we are doing everything in our power to relocate to a venue within close proximity of the Orange County Fair Grounds. I realize a great deal of you are probably pissed, thinking to yourself 'WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!' Well, that’s exactly how we feel about this situation as well. However, there has been rain in this area for the last three days, and another five days of rain is forecasted. Even if it dried up by May 20th, the grounds at the OC Fair would not support the weight of our equipment. So, once again, we are going to have to move the fest. We are frantically looking for a venue that is A) Large enough to suppo rt 2/3 stages, B) open to the idea of a black metal / death metal festival, and C) available for the dates of May 19th (setup) May 20th (event) and May 21st (break-down). If anyone OWNS, OR KNOWS SOMEONE WHO OWNS, such a spot in the Middletown, NY area, or in close proximity, please feel free to contact us. We have tried every conceivable venue in the area, and are getting stonewalled. More...

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Church Cancels Divinity Destroyed Benefit Show

New Jersey progressive death metal band, Divinity Destroyed, post an update on their website regarding the cancelation of a youth group benefit show:
"As many of you may have heard (or seen) by now, this Friday's show at St. Mary's Parish Center may very well be cancelled. Click here to gain some insight.

Friday's show was organized by Brianna Taylor, a 13 year-old girl with cerebral palsy, and Tara Frelund. Ten days before the show date, two priests were informed that one of the bands performing was called Divinity Destroyed and had "pornography" and "Satanic" subject matter on their website. They immediately pulled the plug.

Despite the pleadings of Brianna, Tara, and other youth group members who scheduled, booked, and organized the event, their decision stood. Mark even met with the two priests, successfully clarifying every misconception and misunderstanding over the period of an hour.

The show remained cancelled.

They didn't like our name. They didn't like our sense of humor. They found other bands we're playing with disagreeable. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But unfortunately, their opinion was enough to abruptly cancel an event they had little to do with.

By shutting the show down, they literally prevented thousands of dollars from reaching the Sunshine Foundation, a non-profit organization that strives to help handicapped kids like Brianna.

This, we would not stand for. Not even for our sake but for the simple principle that these men of the cloth are doing the complete opposite of what they should be. They are rejecting the youth that look up to them and denying help to those in dire need of it.

We fear the show may ultimately remain cancelled. But people need to know the truth. Good can still come of this situation. It made the front page of the Asbury Park Press, just about every radio station in Jersey spent time on it, and we'll be damned if this appalling act of ignorance and hypocrisy goes unnoticed.

What can you do? Sign this petition and pass it on to as many people as humanly possible.

People may not like us...our name, our image, our music...but this simply isn't right."

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Belphegor Added to US Death in the Forest Festival

BELPHEGOR have been officially confirmed to play the SMNnews.com sponsored DEATH IN THE FOREST FESTIVAL on May 20 at the Orange County Fair Grounds in Middletown / New York. Other bands set to appear include 1349, VITAL REMAINS, SKINLESS, IMMOLATION, ANAL CUNT and more - a full list is below:

Vital Remains
Anal Cunt
Blood Throne
Dimentianon NYDM
Fecal corpse NYDM
Divinity Destroyed
Quinta Essentia
Semper Tyrannis
The Green Evening Requiem
The Blood Feast Island Man
Wither Soul
Distorted Mind
Nathaniel White
Death Sick
Grim Monolith
All Heavens Fall
Expulsive Incision

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Death in the Forest Festival Announced

On May 20th, 2006, the Death in the Forest festival will be taking place at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Middletown New York. The confirmed acts so far are:

Vital Remains
Anal Cunt
Blood Throne
Black Harvest
Divinity Destroyed
The Green Evening Requiem
Death Sick
Blood Feast Island Man
Quinta Essentia
Nathaniel White
Expulsive Incision
Grim Monolith
Distorted Mind
Semper Tyrannis

There may be one or two more headliners confirmed for the show, but this lineup should remain relatively stable. For more information, visit deathintheforest.com.

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Divinity Destroyed EP Available Now

New Jersey prog-death metal band Divinity Destroyed issue a myspace bulletin about their new release:

"The subject line does not lie. Our new EP, "The Plague", WILL be available at the Starland Ballroom show tomorrow [October 29th] with the Misfits!

For more info on the CD and the show itself, consult our site.


The artwork for the album can be seen here

The track contains three new songs (Haven, These Waking Dreams, and Prism) and 3 acoustic versions of older songs (Void, Red Reflection, and Forsaken)

Haven and Void can be streamed off the band's myspace site

The album can be purchased in the merch section on their website

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Divinity Destroyed Reveal Details on New EP

NJ progressive death metal band Divinity Destroyed issue an update on their website:
Prepare for an update not half as dextrous as the subject line...

4 months, 5 buckets of paint, and countless trips to Wawa later, the new EP is near completion. With the mastering and artwork in the bag and the whole affair off to the presses, we may have something tangible in hand in under a month.

Entitled "The Plague", it brandishes 3 new songs ("Haven", "These Waking Dreams", and "Prism") and acoustic rearrangements of "Void", "Red Reflection", and "Forsaken". We'll let you know when we have a release date, which will probably be sooner rather than later. And for post-release kicks, we've prepared something for the site, a visual diary if you will, covering the artwork's latex-based conception. Interpret that as you see fit. [the artwork can be seen here]

Also, this Saturday after our show at The Haunt in Ithaca, 93.5/105.5FM The Last Exit for the Lost will be offering an exclusive sneak preview of "The Plague" in its entirety. Nowhere near Ithaca and out of frequency range? Welcome to the rest of earth's population. Fortunately, you can stream the program online. So even if you're stuck in Poland, you can still bask in the crackly glory. For more info, go to www.thelastexit.org, www.wvbr.com, or write to the program director at demon@thelastexit.org.

As both of you may know, we somehow ended up gracing Gigantour with our stench last month at PNC Bank Arts Center, thanks to what scienticians worldwide are calling one frighteningly dedicated fan base. And to keep you zealots at bay, along with showing our appreciation for helping us brave the Bar A gauntlet, we're breaking our yearlong streak and uploading some new pictures on the site. Enjoy.

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