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From: France
Last Known Status: Active

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Headline News

Miserable Failure Vocalist Passes Away

Mika Bleu of Miserable Failure passed away this previous weekend, with label Kaotoxin Records issuing the following statement:

"We’re speechless. We’re absolutely speechless.

"No word can start to describe the feeling of utter pain and absolute sadness that’s flooding our hearts while writing these lines in what’s a miserable attempt to pen a tribute to one of our artists who passed away yesterday night.

"He was joy. He was positivity, optimism. He was love. He was party. He was honesty. He was respect. He was absolute friendship. And he’s no more and no one will ever replace him in that special place he had in our hearts.

"Mika Bleu, ex-Season of Mist and current Hiraw Clothing staff member, singer for Miserable Failure and Blobfish Killer aged 34 only, died yesterday in the streets of Maureillas, France, ran over by a car whose drunk driver cowardly fled away. Mika’s girlfriend is still hospitalized as we speak and a friend of them got lightly injured too.

"We have no word, really… Our thoughts are with his countless friends, his relatives and his family. He’s most surely partying hard with Satan as we speak. All hail Bleu. We love you, wherever you are, whatever you do. We wish all the best to his girlfriend, Fanny, in the hope she’ll get well in no time." More...

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Atara/Miserable Failure Songs Streaming

Metal webzine Crown of Viserys has given exclusive worldwide premiere to two tracks off of "Hang Them," the forthcoming split from French grindcore acts Atara and Miserable Failure.
The songs, "Pedro" by Atara and Miserable Failure's "Crevez Tous," are now playing at this location, and below in the widgets.

"Hang Them" is set for an August 12th release on limited edition CD and digital formats via Kaotoxin Records. The CD is strictly limited to 1,000 copies (no repress). Limited edition cassette versions of each band's contribution will released by Wooaaargh Records under official and exclusive Kaotoxin Records license.

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Le Mouv Channel Featuring Metal Bands

Kaotoxin Records has announced the recording of what could be dubbed as being "The French Peel Sessions" as, for the first time in France, the state-owned national radio network, Radio France, have started an ongoing series of "live in the studio" recordings for nationwide broadcasting on their "Le Mouv" channel.

Earlier this month, Radio France debuted "Le Metal sur Le Mouv," which is hosted by Tanguy Blum and airs every Sunday night. The show is focused on underground metal and has already aired the likes of Ad Patres, Deep In Hate, Drawers, Insain, Nolentia and Miserable Failure so far.

Tanguy reached out to artists on Kaotoxin's roster to record two of these "live in the studio" shows. The first one, with France's Calvaiire, has already been recorded and aired at this location. The next session will feature Unsu, Infected Society and Miserable Failure. This will be followed by and audio/video broadcast of Ad Patres performing live.

For the first session, plans are Unsu will record 20 minutes worth of new material from their debut full-length which is currently being mixed. Infected Society will record another 20 minutes worth of live material, while Miserable Failure will record a live rendition of their "Hope" EP in its entirety along with additional tunes from their current and forthcoming releases.

The band will also feature guest drumming by none less than Benighted/F Stands For Fuck You drummer-extraordinaire, Kevin Foley. The second session will see Ad Patres perform their current set live in the studio. Recording sessions are scheduled for June.

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Kaotoxin Publishes First Toxic Kaos Magazine

The first issue of Toxic Kaos Magazine is here, a gratuitous, quarterly-issued hard-copy periodical that Kaotoxin records has started issuing along with its CD compilations and orders starting in January.

Featuring 44 full-color pages, the (French written) debut issue #1 of the label's magazine features interviews with the likes of Benighted, Master, Brutal Truth, Gorod, Eye Of Solitude, We All Die (laughing), Exivious, Tides From Nebula, Mercyless, Bliss Of Flesh, Insain, Reptilian Death, The Lumberjack Feedback, Izegrim, Miserable Failure, Nephren-Ka, Total Fucking Destruction and many more as well as reviews and features.

Toxic Kaos comes free of charge and will ship with all orders at the Kaotoxin Shop or Kaotoxin Digital Shop. Copies will soon be available through our partners - Apathia Records, Bones Brigade Records, Dooweet Records, Listenable Records, Osmose Productions, PRC Music, Season Of Mist Records, Trendkill Records as well as at various gigs and shops around France, Belgium, (French-speaking) Canada, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Get more information over at this site. More...

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Kaotoxin Issuing Six-Way Grindcore Split

French extremists Kaotoxin Records will release a six-band, 23-song grindcore split entitled "Monsters! (Six of a Kind)" on April 15th. Featuring tracks from Total Fucking Destruction, Department Of Correction, C.O.A.G., Miserable Failure, Unsu, and Infected Society, the team effort offers a cornucopia of grindcore madness.

The limited edition - 1,000 copies with no repress - Deluxe DigiSleeve CD was mastered by Dan O'Hare (Brutal Truth, XXX Maniak) and also includes bonus music videos from Total Fucking Destruction, Infected Society, and Unsu. Check out the "Monsters! (Six of a Kind)" trailer below.

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Miserable Failure Releases Free EP

Grindcore outfit Miserable Failure has released the "Hope" EP for streaming and free download.

Check out the songs below, or download them at Bandcamp here. The track listing is as follows:

1. The Blueprints of Self-Disgust 01:02
2. One more Reason to Set this World on Fire 00:57
3. Goodbye & good Riddance 00:57
4. This World ain't mine 00:59 More...

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Three Grindcore Bands Premiere New Compilation

Today we've teamed up with Kaotoxin Records to bring you grindcore in three flavors for the blastbeat gourmet!

The "Miserable Fucking Society" compilation will be coming August 5th, 2013 (France) and September 3rd (U.S. and U.K.) but today you can stream the nineteen track monstrosity through the player below.

The compilation includes:

Infected Society, the old-school grindcore / brutal hardcore beast featuring past and present Yyrkoon, Drowning, Ashura and Decline of Humanity members, F Stands For Fuck You, the brand new grind’n’roll project by renewed Benighted members, and Miserable Failure, a modern grindcore failure by miserable French fuckheadz. These acts are teaming together to bring you 29+ minutes of three different approaches of the very same style.

The track listing is:

1. Infected Society - Old-school Traditional Butchery 01:40
2. Infected Society - Definitely Dead 01:33
3. Infected Society - Ultimate Slavery 01:41
4. Infected Society - Mentally Deranged 01:07
5. Infected Society - Crack-whores 01:42
6. Infected Society - Life Eraser 00:28
7. Infected Society - Raw Quad Orgy 02:39
8. F Stands For Fuck You - Zero 01:51
9. F Stands For Fuck You - Sound Of Nothing 01:31
10. F Stands For Fuck You - Fit 01:18
11. F Stands For Fuck You - The Dead Men 01:16
12. F Stands For Fuck You - Fuck Off 02:15
13. F Stands For Fuck You - Firesky 01:33
14. F Stands For Fuck You - The Bombing 02:00
15. Miserable Failure - Summoning Chaos 02:24
16. Miserable Failure - All Women Must Die 00:49
17. Miserable Failure - No More Friends 01:34
18. Miserable Failure - None Shall Be Saved 01:21
19. Miserable Failure - Inside Me 00:57 More...

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