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Teloch Vovin

From: NY, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Teloch Vovin Releases New Psalm Of Chaos

New York City coven Teloch Vovin commemorates the Winter Solstice with the release of "Psalms Ov Khaos -- Orobas Invocato," the first in the "Psalms Ov Khaos" recordings set to see release from the band in the coming months.

The prime intent of the "Psalms Ov Khaos" series is to further extend and shed black light upon the more electronic and ambient instrumentation and ritualistic elements which are typically only slightly present in Teloch Vovin's death-influenced occult black metal.

The series begins on the 2015 Winter Solstice with the release of "Orobas Invocato," with additional Psalms to be issued on the upcoming Spring and Fall Equinoxes and Summer Solstice. While each Psalm is to be initially released digitally, Teloch Vovin will later amass the works to be pressed onto a physical package as well.

The band comments: "The concept of the 'Psalms Ov Khaos' tracks are independent of the main theme entwined within the two full-lengths the band is currently working on, as the albums focus on the black metal aspects of the band intertwined with black ambience, and the Psalms solely highlight the ceremonial, ambient aspects." More...

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Teloch Vovin Announces Mini-Release Series

Directly following the recently-unleashed "Further Down The Tunnel" EP, New York City-based back metal coven Teloch Vovin hereby declares several new recordings to see release over the next year, including an impending series of "Psalms Ov Khaos" mini-releases and a split LP with Grave Gnosis.

While the generally tormented death-influenced black arts of Teloch Vovin are intermittently interjected by more electronic/ambient instrumentation and occult ceremonial soundscapes, the prime directive of the "Psalms Ov Khaos" series is to first and foremost expand upon these elements with much more intensity in line with the purpose and theology of the band.

As with the "Further Down The Tunnel" EP, self-released on the Fall Equinox in September, the upcoming "Psalms Ov Khaos" recordings will be issued on the spring and fall Equinoxes and summer and winter Solstices, with the first installment, "Psalm Ov Khaos-Orobas Invocato," now confirmed to see release on the upcoming winter Solstice, December 21, 2015.

Teloch Vovin will also be joining forces with Florida black metal cult Grave Gnosis for a split 12" vinyl release to be unleashed sometime mid-2016, with additional recordings also in the works for next year. More...

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Teloch Vovin Streaming Full New EP

"Further Down The Tunnel," the new EP from New York City back metal coven Teloch Vovin, is now playing in its entirety below in advance of its impending eclipse with humanity on the Fall Equinox next week.

Teloch Vovin will independently issue "Further Down The Tunnel" digitally and on CD on September 23, 2015.

Following an absence of shows since last year, the band will also return to the stage in support of this new work. Already confirmed is an appearance at the first day of the Rage Of Armageddon Fest at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn alongside Broken Hope, Embalmer and more, with additional live Rituals to be announced.

10/16/2015 Saint Vitus Bar - Brooklyn, NY @ Rage Of Armageddon Fest More...

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Teloch Vovin Streaming "Vena Cava"

A devastating new hymn from NYC black metal coven Teloch Vovin and the "Further Down The Tunnel" EP has been launched online as the record nears release on the Fall Equinox.

Check out the song "Vena Cava" below. Teloch Vovin, a band that doesn't understand how capitalization works in the slightest, also comments:

"When the Torrential wave of Hell Slams, Hammering thru the Absurdity. Down thru the Flesh, Down thru the Spirit. Vena Cava--OverFlowing Life's Ink... These Lines speak volumes about the Inspiration behind the song. The Flesh as a Prison for the Spirit, the Absurdity of Life itself and the Anxiety, Depression, Rage and Hopelessness Experienced thru this Absurdity. It also relates to the Death Worship behind the Band. The Desire for Death's Embrace and the Negation of Being."

To hear more from the grammar challenged outfit, check out the "Adoration/Vexation" track at this location. More...

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Teloch Vovin Posts "Adoration/Vexation" Clip

As New York City-based occult black metal collective Teloch Vovin prepares to release the "Further Down The Tunnel" EP on 2015's Fall Equinox, the first public foretaste of the grisly recording has been made available early.

Check out "Adoration/Vexation" below. Teloch Vovin will independently issue "Further Down The Tunnel" digitally and on CD on the first day of Fall, September 23, 2015.

Following an absence of shows since last year, the band will also return to the stage in support of this new work. More dates will be announced shortly, but for now catch Teloch Vovin live:

10/16/2015 Saint Vitus Bar - Brooklyn, NY @ Rage Of Armageddon Fest w/ Broken Hope, Embalmer More...

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Teloch Vovin Announces New EP

NYC-based occult metal coven Teloch Vovin will unleash the next chapter in the band's recorded lineage with the rapturous tones of the "Further Down The Tunnel" EP on September 23rd. The following press release was also issued about the band:

"The cryptic works of the Teloch Vovin sect have amassed a respectable and diehard legion of devotees for the cult over the past three years, regionally via notable live performances throughout the greater New York City area and internationally through their independently-released 'I' rehearsal promo CD in 2013, and last year's 'Atah Gebur Le-Olam Sathanas' limited edition live CDR.

"Unloading a Khaotic disease ridden, occult-based, black/death metal attack infiltrated with ceremonial bells, chimes and unorthodox instrumentation amidst layered vocal insanity, the band's on-stage rituals include candlelight altars, sacrificial bones and blood, and an ablaze atmosphere of pure death. Lyrically, the outfit delves further into the abyssal unknown than a great majority of their peers, with an incredibly devoted intensity to their craft.

"The first day of autumn will see the delivery of Teloch Vovin's latest works, with the release of the 'Further Down The Tunnel' EP. With a more clarified delivery than the band's prior recordings, the five tracks presented here were engineered, mixed and mastered by Jos-Sothoth, the passages of the new record show the band honing their craft with more slickly-deployed proficiency, yet still retaining the demoralizing, unchained bombast one would expect from this unit. With nearly a half-hour of tormented disharmony, the EP takes the listener one step further from the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, deepening the souls fall into Khaos." More...

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Teloch Vovin To Record New EP

Following nearly a year off the grid, with the band's most recent performance having taken place at 2013's Pestis Atra Aestas Rituale, NYC-based black metal coven Teloch Vovin just declared a rash of late Summer/early Autumn live rituals across the region, as well as new, impending recordings.

First up, Teloch Vovin will join Lord Almighty, Occultation, Nexul, and Black Witchery at Brooklyn's Saint Vitus Bar on September 12th. The following night group will travel south for a first live invasion of Philadelphia, sharing the stage with Pissgrave, Nexul, Krieg, and Black Witchery.

One week later, Teloch Vovin will join the festivities at Wrath Of The Goat 3 Fest in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. The band will also return to Saint Vitus Bar in October for The Rage Of Armageddon 2 Fest. More...

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Teloch Vovin To Play NYDM Annual

The bizarre and malevolent primal underground NYC hate cult known as Teloch Vovin will take part in the 2013 NYDM annual festival this weekend in Long Island.

One of two dozen acts set to storm the unruly masses at the massive four-day massacre this Thursday, August 15thth through Sunday the 18th, Teloch Vovin is set to perform Friday night, followed by Evoken and Black Anvil. Blood Feast, Prime Evil, Mausoleum, Deceased, Embalmer, Radiation Sickness and Engorge are just a few of the additional bands set to play during the gathering.

Following the NYDM Annual, Teloch Vovin will revisit Brooklyn's detrimental metal/spirits bunker Saint Vitus Bar taking part in the Pestis Atra Aestas Rituale with Forced, Coffin Birth, Negative Plane and the mighty Black Witchery on August 31st.

You can stream the band's full "I" EP at this location, or catch Teloch Vovin live:

8/15-18/2013 Red River Inn - Yaphank, NY w/ Evoken, Blood Feast, Prime Evil, Mausoleum
8/31/2013 Saint Vitus Bar - Brooklyn, NY w/ Black Witchery, Negative Plane, Coffin Birth

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Teloch Vovin Releasing Debut EP

Culminated from various wastelands in the New York City region, a mysterious and atrocious occult metal entity has infiltrated humanity. Teloch Vovin, a cult of harbingers with fully malicious and maniacal intent, has unleashed its introductory recording in the form of “I.” The following press release was issued about the album:

"A collection of off-kilter hymns summoned in an organic and spontaneous environment, 'I' rampages with nearly thirty-five minutes of low-fi, dispirited blackened filth as simultaneously bizarre and unhinged as it is triumphantly iniquitous. Teloch Vovin's jagged, high-speed buzzsaw riffing and vomitous vocals clash with doom-laden slow-motion dirges, the tone giving one the feeling these warriors’ amps are literally about to explode in an electrical inferno, the anomalous ring of bells chiming through the melee.

"With influences of Gorgorth, Funeral Mist, Black Sabbath, Celtic Frost and Bathor coalescing into something devotees of Furze, Peste Noire, Striborg, Leviathan and the like will flock to, this sect freakishly travels its own path. 'I' has been made available in a limited run of 333 copies, hand-numbered and baptized in sacrificial blood." More...

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