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From: Switzerland
Last Known Status: Active

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Caladmor Releases New Music Video

Swiss metal act Caladmor has revealed a new music video for "Alvíssmál" to promote the upcoming studio full-length "Of Stones And Stars," due out today. Check out the video below. The band also comments:

"'Alvíssmál' is part of the Poetic Edda (13th Century) and tells the story of the dwarf Alvíss, coming to Thor's home where a great feast is taking place. Alvíss lets Thor know that he got engaged with Thor's daughter while Thor was away. Thor's not amused about that as he has never given his agreement to the affiance, but Alvíss insists on taking Thor's daughter with him.

"So they both agree to solve the problem with fighting a rethorical contest - Alvíss has to prove his knowledge about all different names of things, their synonyms and how they are called within the different mythological entities among the Nordic Mythology.

"Avíss succeeds in answering all sorts of Thor's questions correctly and Thor is really paying respect to the dwarf's knowledge, but what Alvíss does not know yet: Thor is deliberately taking his time as he knows, as soon as the first sunbeam hits the dwarf, Alvíss will be turned to stone...

The new videoclip was produced by Antagonist Pictures and directed by Andreas Elsener. The "Of Stones and Stars" track listing is:

1. Curse Of The Gods
2. The Raid
3. Of Stones And Stars
4. Dawn Of The Deceiver
5. Alvíssmál
6. Laudine's Lament
7. Mimirs Born
8. A Nymph's Lure
9. Heralds Of Doom
10. Taberna Trollis
11. Helios Sky More...

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Caladmor Reveals New Album Track Listing

As was previously announced, Caladmor's new album "Of Stones And Stars" will feature a guest spot from Chrigel Glanzmann and Päde Kistler of Eluveitie.

"Of Stones And Stars" follows the 2010 album "Midwinter," released by the German label Twilight Zone Records. This upcoming new album is set to drop in August, 2013. The following press release was also issued about the band:

"Epic tunes creating epic wideness, thundering guitar riffs and stirring melodies meet the vocals of Babs and drummer Maede, leading the listener on a philosophical path through the land of myths from exhilarating heights down to the edge of an abyss.

"Not only towards linguistic concerns (lyrics in English, German, Middle High German and Old Norse) but also in matters of style, the music of Caldmor shows great diversity and contrasts and thus giving breath to the distinctive and typical Caladmorian Epic Folk Metal" More...

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Caladmor Taps Eluveitie Member For New Album

Swiss folk metal outfit Caladmor has checked in with the following statement about the band's new album:

"It’s time to reveal some secrets from our upcoming album 'Of Stones and Stars:' The Cover! We hope you guys love it as much as we do!

"The wonderful artwork is done by Seelenzorn Design. Thank you so much for this awesome creation! Meanwhile George Necola is working hard for us in order to get on with the mixing process. So it’s only a question of some couple of weeks now until ‘Of Stones and Stars’ will be unleashed!!

"...and another secret from our upcoming album 'Of Stones and Stars' shall be revealed: Chrigel Glanzmann (Eluveitie) will appear as a guest musician on the two tracks 'Heralds of Doom' (Uillean Pipes) and 'Dawn of the Deceiver' (Flutes & Uillean Pipes)!

"Thank you Chrigel for your absolute brilliant work! We are really happy that you gave us your support." More...

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