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From: Latvia
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Eschatos News

Below is our complete Eschatos news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Eschatos Streams "On The Divine Names"

Blackened metal band Eschatos is streaming "On the Divine Names," a track taken from the upcoming cassette release of "The Grand Noir" coming via Starwolf Records on October 7th, 2016.

Listen in below, and you can pre-order "The Grand Noir" right here. Eschatos’ latest composition is a journey through dark passages and grim misfortune. The six tracks on the album are chaotic, brooding and blackened.

1. The Grand Noir Rising
2. In Whole Alone Is Good and Elsewhere Nowhere
3. The First, the Last and the Living
4. On the Divine Names
5. Feast of a Thousand Beasts
6. Sterile Nails and Thunderbowels (Silencer cover) More...

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Eschatos Releasing "The Grand Noire"

Starwolf Records is pleased to announce that the label's first release will be "The Grand Noire" by Eschatos. Previous self-released with five tracks, this six-song version of the album will be officially released on October 7th, 2016

"The Grand Noire" is a journey through dark passages and grim misfortune. The six tracks on the album are chaotic, brooding and blackened. Starwolf Records comments:

"To truly understand what Eschatos is, look inside your own abyss. Look inside those things that make you feel condemned, uncomfortable and wary, things that make you raging mad and rabid, things that make you feel hateful. This is the fuel that burns the black flame of art that is Eschatos – untamed, lawless, pure and destructive. Void and chaos is where all things are born, and so was Eschatos." More...

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Eschatos Recruits New Member

Latvian black metal band Eschatos has issued the following announcement about officially recruiting a new member:

"We want to officially welcome the chaos master Marko Rass to our family. Marko has already been with us since the recording of 'The Grand Noir' and now he's joining our live line up as well. We are one. We are Eschatos."

Latest album "The Grand Noir" was released back in May and can still be streamed in full at this location. More...

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Eschatos Streams New Album

Following the stellar "Hierophanies" album release, Latvian black metal band Eschatos is gearing up to drop new full-length "The Grand Noir."

Although it won't officially drop until May 29th, you can now hear all the tracks in the Bandcamp player provided below.

"The Grand Noir" was recorded at Eschatos Studio and Pump Recordings by Gints Lundbergs, mixed by Guntis Podvigs, and mastered by Girts Laumanis at Hodila Records. Cover artwork was handled by Janis Burmeisters and the track listing is as follows:

1. The Grand Noir Rising 05:06
2. In Whole Alone Is Good And Elsewhere Nowhere 07:32
3. The First, The Last And The Living 05:21
4. On The Divine Names 04:40
5. Feast Of A Thousand Beasts 10:43 More...

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Unearthing The Latvian Metal Underground

As we’ve shown throughout the years in our never ending quest to the Unearth the Metal Underground, high quality metal bands can come from the most surprising of locations. Europe is known as a hotbed of extreme metal, both originating several styles and still innovating others, and even those tiny, out of the way countries have something appropriately metallic to offer.

Today we’ll take a look at three unknown acts from the Latvian metal scene. Working largely without label support and independently releasing demos, EPs, and albums, which in an earlier era would have been hindrance, now these underground stalwarts have a chance to be heard by a much wider audience thanks to various social networking sites and music platforms like Bandcamp.


Featuring members of Ocularis Infernum, this absolute gem of the Latvian scene takes the black metal sound you think you know and takes it on a twisting journey. While it keeps up the menacing and horrifying vibe black metal is known for, it’s all injected with a surprising amount of melodic hooks. The band’s debut album “Hierophanies” is out now (reviewed here) and can be streamed in full via the player below.


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Eschatos Streaming "Hierophanies" Album

Latvian black metal band Eschatos released the "Hierophanies" album earlier this year, and now the full release is available for streaming online. Although formed only in 2012, the band unifies members form Latvian black metal teams Ocularis Infernum, Grondh, and Velna Krusti.

Get your daily dose of blackened mayhem in the widget below, or head over to Bandcamp here and name your own price for a digital copy. The track listing is:

1. Into Coherent Void 02:54
2. One That Divides The Time 06:35
3. Crusaders of Sodom 10:49
4. Hierophanies 01:38
5. Erset La Tari 09:09 More...

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