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Formed: 1991
From: Alborg, Denmark
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Mercenary News

Below is our complete Mercenary news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Mercenary Finishes Recording New Album

Danish power metal outfit Mercenary has announced that they have completed work on their brand new studio album. The album was recorded in Denmark with producer Jacob Hansen and is expected to be released by the end of the year. More information on the album, including it's title and tracklisting, is expected to be revealed shortly.

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Mercenary Posts New Album Update

Mercenary has checked in with the following update about the band recording a sixth studio album:

"So our dear friends! As you might have read, we are currently recording our 6th studio album. René has been blogging his fat ass off during the whole process, you can read the blogs at this location.

"We are really exited about this album, and we can't wait to get back on the road again. But until then, keep the faith and thank your for your support!! All the best."

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Mercenary Posts Video of Drum Recording Online

Danish metal band Mercenary has posted a video of drummer Morten Løwe tracking drums for the forthcoming album.

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Mercenary Posts Studio Footage

Denmark's Mercenary has posted a brief video online of guitarist Martin Buus recording new material for the band's upcoming album.

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Mercenary Cancels Masters of Metal Appearance

Mercenary has issued the following message on the cancellation of the Masters of Metal Festival:

"Unfortunately, we have to cancel our show on the 'Masters of Metal' festival in Finland due to logistical problems. There was simply no way to get a flight schedule from Aalborg to Tampere without spending an obscene amount of money and 4-5 days total on the festival. (And that was before the Atomic Death Cloud hit Europe - as you can imagine, it didn't exactly make it easier to get tickets.)

"Since we’re also currently heavily engaged in the writing and preproduction our new album, we agreed with the kind promoters at SSG that it made a lot more sense to delay our return to Finland until the new album is out. Our apologies to everybody who were looking forward to our show."

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Mercenary Issues Pre-production Update

Danish power death metal band Mercenary has issued the following pre-production update:

"We're currently wrapping up vocals on our pre-production with Jacob Hansen. René is in the vocal box right now and is delivering some truly aggressive vocals on a giant epic fucker of a chorus, and Martin did some moody keys for the middle section, which also features - surprise - a soulful lead and vocal harmonies in abundance. Who knows - a snippet of sound might soon be available ..."

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Mercenary Announces New Drummer

Mercenary have been joined by Danish drummer Morten Løwe (Submission, Arcane Order, a.o.), who has made the following comment:

"I'm happy to announce that I have now joined Mercenary. After having shared the stage with Mercenary alongside my band Submission, I became really impressed by their shows and musicianship, so I'm really looking forward to deliver some kick-ass shows as their drummer. I'm also very excited about being involved in the writing for the next album. It will show a new Mercenary, and I mean that in a very positive way. In my opinion the new material will definitely be the strongest to this date!"

Guitarist Jakob Mølbjerg adds:

"We're very happy to have Morten join the ranks. Not only is he a true master behind the drums, he's also a very easygoing person with a great musical drive and understanding. With Morten in the band, there's a whole new sense of renewed and shared energy, creativity and ambition. We've had several rehearsal sessions in the last couple of weeks, and the metal just flows. The old songs already sound like Morten have played them for years, and the new material is crushing and intense.

"On a further note, we now have a complete lineup. René will handle all vocals from now on, and trust us, he's more than capable of doing so. As everybody who has seen us live in the last couple of years is fully aware of, René is a real powerhouse, and he has so much more under his belt than he got to display on the previous album (genital pun intended.)"

Mercenary will perform with their new lineup for the first time at the Shock Rock Festival on 12th of February, 2010 (with Carpark North, The Rumour Said Fire). More info at www.rockshock.dk.

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Mercenary Parts Ways With Three Members

Danish power metal outfit Mercenary has announced that they have parted ways with vocalist Mikke Sandager, drummer Mike Park and keyboard player Morten Sandager. A message from guitar player Jakob Molbjerg reads as follows:

"Well, well, changes that have been underway for a long time can sometimes come about in the blink of an eye. Last week, Mike (Park, drums) told us that he wanted to leave the band permanently. The rest of us did some serious thinking and soul-searching, sat down and had ‘the big talk’ and came to the agreement that the only way to continue the band was to part ways with Mikkel (Sandager, vocals) and Morten (Sandager, keys) as well. During the last year we have been working on a new album and it has become clear that we no longer share the same vision and enthusiasm about the direction and the future of the band. Martin (Buus, lead guitar), Rene (Pedersen, bass/vocals), Mike and I wanted to play faster, heavier and more modern (yet old school) material, but for the band as a whole this evidently didn't work out.

"In many ways this is a painful choice. But it also allows us to close a chapter in the band's career and our shared lives, that we're all immensely proud off, in a dignified way that doesn't let ourselves or our fans down. Nobody would be better off if we released an album that we didn't all truly believe in and felt as fiercely passionate about as we have done about all of our past albums. More...

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Submission Posts New Song Online

Denmark's Submission has posted a new track, "A Terror Within," from the upcoming album, "Code Of Conspiracy," on their MySpace page.

Submission is currently finishing up a tour of Denmark with Mercenary.

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Mercenary Gears Up for Danish Tour

Mercenary has commented on their MySpace about their upcoming Danish "Execution Tour," which kicks off tomorrow (February 27) at Sønderborghus in Sønderborg.

"Well, it's the day before our Danish 'Execution Tour' starts with fellow Danish metallers Submission, and we're psyched! The last couple of weeks have been spent rehearsing new and old songs for the set, so there's some old stuff as well as a song from 'Architect of Lies' we've never played live before (hardcore fans should be able to figure that one out.)

"Furthermore, we felt we owed it to the fans to up our game a bit, so last weekend we had a production-rehearsal (All Sunday, from early morning - how's that for dedication?). We borrowed a local venue (a big thank-you to Studenterhuset) and put up all our gear and some lights we've rented for the tour - and it looked absolutely cool as fuck! We've got a wall of guitarstacks and some huge basscabinets lined up to blow everything away, a really intense and quite special light setup and some small really cool details and gimmicks. Of course we also rehearsed the songs one final time to go over some microscopic details, shouted to our light-engineer that he should get his act together and changed a few arrangements in the songs in the very last minute. (Hell, we might as well admit that we even practiced a few nifty synchronized moves on stage ... now, how metal is that? The review who once called us 'a deathmetal boygroup' actually turned out to be spot on ...)

"Finally, we've also made a few new shirt designs (a new one based on the AoL coverart, and a limited tour-shirt) which will shortly be available in our webshop and on the tour of course.

"All in all, this could very well be the coolest string of Danish shows we've ever done - so the question you all gotta ask yourself is whether you dare to miss out?"

Danish "Execution Tour" dates are as follows: More...

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Arch Enemy Announces New Summer Tyranny Dates

ARCH ENEMY have not only announced a Latin American tour for April-May, but will also be returning to European stages in May 2009 with labelmates Mercenary as support on some dates.

The 2009 "Summer Tyanny" European tour dates are as follows:

21-May-2009 @ Metal Dayz Festival (Switzerland)
22-May-2009 @ Legacy Fest (Germany)
23-May-2009 @ Summer Nights Festival (Austria)
24-May-2009 Zagreb, Croatia @ Boogalo (Support Act: Mercenary)
26-May-2009 Budapest, Hungary @ Diesel (Support Act: Mercenary)
28-May-2009 Rome, Italy @ Blackout (Support Act: Mercenary)
29-May-2009 Roncade, Italy @ New Age Club (Support Act: Mercenary)
30-May-2009 Pinarella di Cervia, Italy @ Rock Planet (Support Act: Mercenary)
09-July-2009 @ Kvinesdal Rock Festival (Norway)
11-July-2009 @ Rock Harz Open Air (Germany)
12-July-2009 @ Masters Of Rock (Czech Republic)
18-July-2009 @ Open Air - Kiev (Ukraine)
24-July-2009 @ Zwarte Cross Festival (The Netherlands)

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Mercenary's "The Endless Fall" Video Posted Online

Danish metal dynamite Mercenary presents you its brand-new video clip for the song "The Endless Fall," which has been taken from their 2008 album, "Architect Of Lies."

The band states: "When we entered 2009, we had the feeling that 2008 would be a hard year to top – we'd just returned from a really great tour with Arch Enemy in December (who needless to say rocked our proverbial socks off every night – one of the greatest live acts we've ever seen), we'd done the Danish Headbanger’s Ball tour with Raunchy, we’d played our biggest show ever on Wacken, and last but not least, we had the honour of serving time on stage as support for the almighty Megadeth on a handful of shows. Truly a great experience, and a lesson well learned for us – no matter how big you get or how many million albums you sell, there’s always time to show respect for bands a zillion times smaller than yours. No matter what anybody says or writes, we’ll always remember Dave Mustaine as a truly humble and helluva funny guy, who went out of his way to make us feel welcome and who made sure we were treated well by his crew on these few dates. We even got to share the stage with Megadeth, singing badly out-of-tune backing vocals for 'Peace Sells' on one of the shows, which was to say the least, surreal. More...

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Arch Enemy Recaps December Tyranny Tour

Arch Enemy vocalist, Angela Gossow, has posted this message:

"We had a blast, thanx to our wonderful German friends & fans and touring with a killer line-up, really cool people and the best crew in the whole world! Rene from Mercenary actually took the time to write a review of the tour for my forum on www.AngelaGossow.Com - go and check it out!

"They also got an in depth tour report on the Mercenary Myspace Page, plus their kick-butt version of BURNING ANGEL in their player. Listen and bang your head!

"Sister Sin are young, tight and simply awesome and their take on hardrocking metal always put a smile on my face and made me tap my feet. Watch out for these guys and gal - they will get to you! And thanx for getting our gear from and back to Sweden again! We love you!!!

"Leaves Eyes - I got to meet Alex and Liv, both very sweet people. Not sure if they felt 'at home' as they were def the odd band out and my death metal soul doesnt really resonate with their quiet tunes. I hope they enjoyed it nevertheless- I loved the diversity of this tour line-up and the different dynamics each band brought to the table.

"Special thanx go out to Dirk Lehberger for making sense of the daily chaos, Clem Bennett for the best sound ever, Eddie for multitasking as drum tech and monitor tech (and being brilliant and never out of breath despite the heavy work load), Merch Chris for selling out our last stock and Swiss Samael Chris for a light show that left people in awe and hopefully cross eyed for the rest of the night! You all were wonderful and made IT happen. We would be lost without you and could hardly tie our shoe laces on our own I am afraid..

"And a big THANK YOU to DORO for inviting us to her 25 year anniversary show! We had a short, but raging set and I hope she enjoyed her massive bash.. I think the stress backstage would have killed me..

"It was also fun to meet my old pal Pete (from Asmodina and Mistress) again who played in Pratteln and Bad Arolsen with his new band All We Hate!

"I hope you all have relaxing holidays and a great 2009!!!"

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Arch Enemy Reveals DVD Release Date

Arch Enemy will be releasing a brand new DVD / Live 2-CD, entitled “Tyrants Of The Rising Sun – Live In Japan,” on November 24th in Europe and November 25th in North America via Century Media Records. The DVD contains a live-show filmed in Tokyo earlier this year, an in-depth 40 minutes road-movie feature, and all promo video clips so far shot for the band’s latest album, “Rise Of The Tyrant.” Further details on the formats and packaging will be disclosed soon. In the meantime, here is the track-listing of the live show:

1. Intro / Blood On Your Hands
2. Ravenous
3. Taking Back My Soul
4. Dead Eyes See No Future
5. Dark Insanity
6. The Day You Died
7. Christopher Solo
8. Silverwing
9. Night Falls Fast
10. Daniel Solo
11. Burning Angel
12. Michael Solo (Incl. Intermezzo Liberté)
13. Dead Bury Their Dead
14. Vultures
15. Enemy Within
16. Snowbound
17. Shadows And Dust
18. Nemesis
19. We Will Rise
20. Fields Of Desolation / Outro

Guitarist Michael Amott comments on the release as follows: “People are always asking us about Japan and the fans there… It is well known that Arch Enemy has been the most successful extreme metal band in the Japanese market for 10+ years, so we thought it’d be cool to show the Arch Enemy fans worldwide what it’s like when we tour there, this is your backstage pass to Arch Enemy, Nippon style! A lot of people felt that we raised the bar significantly with the quality of the ‘Live Apocalypse’ DVD – and I agree that was a great DVD, but I believe this monumental experience, that we are calling ‘Tyrants Of The Rising Sun’ filmed totally in high definition, - will leave you floored! With the metal world’s #1 producer Andy Sneap mixing the audio and the brilliant Paul Smith editing and directing the visuals, the results are impressive! And Niklas Sundin of Cabin Fever Media bringing in some of the best artwork I’ve ever seen from him - we have a new DVD that we are very proud to present to our fans!”

Following up the release date of the live-album, Arch Enemy have announced the final line-up for a string of European "December Tyranny" tour dates with Leaves' Eyes, Mercenary and Sister Sin. Dates are as follows:

Dec. 12 Uden, NL @ De Pul
Dec. 15 Pratteln, CH @ Z 7
Dec. 17 Ludwigsburg, D @ Rockfabrik
Dec. 18 Aschaffenburg, D @ Colos-Saal
Dec. 19 Bad Arolsen, D @ Outback

Arch Enemy’s vocalist, Angela Gossow, comments on the shows as follows: “This is a very diverse and exciting line-up we got together for these shows – A truly special run! Not only is this the first time in our history we tour with other female fronted bands, but we managed to cross over heavy metal, melodic metal, thrash/death metal and gothic metal in one billing. And Mercenary’s power metal version of ‘Burning Angel’ (you can find this on the new Century Media release ‘Covering 20 Years of Extremes) def. got stuck in my ears! Sister Sin is an upcoming, hard rocking act from Sweden… And Leaves Eyes will clearly be the ‘Beauty’ whilst Arch Enemy proudly represents the ‘Beast’! Be there when the revolution begins!”

In other news, Arch Enemy's cover of the Dream Evil classic "The Book Of Heavy Metal" is now posted at www.myspace.com/centurymediaeurope. The track comes off “Covering 20 Years Of Extremes,” Century Media’s 20th-anniversary compilation, which is available in stores now. It contains 32 mostly exclusive recordings where CM artists cover songs from other acts within the label’s repertoire.

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Watch Contraband Candy's Wacken Assault Part 1

Contraband Candy recently released their Wacken Open Air 2008 video report, entitled Wacken Assault 2008 Part 1. It's jam-packed with interviews from Soilwork, The Rotted, exciting Thrash newcomers Warbringer and a chat with Mercenary. You can watch the video on Contrabandcandy.com or below (after the jump).

Part 2 will feature interviews with Watain, The Berzerker, Unearth, Evocation, plus influential Swedish producer/musician Peter Tägtgren. More...

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Arch Enemy's December Tyranny Tour Lineup Revealed

Arch Enemy has announced the line-up for the upcoming European tour in December. Embarking on The December Tyranny Tour 2008 with the Swedish metallers are Leaves' Eyes, Mercenary and Sister Sin.

The December Tyranny Tour dates are as follows:

Dec. 12 Uden, NL - De Pul
Dec. 15 Pratteln, CH - Z7
Dec. 17 Ludwigsburg, D - Rockfabrik
Dec. 18 Aschaffenburg, D - Colos-Saal
Dec. 19 Bad Arolsen, D - Outback

Arch Enemy will also be playing at Doro’s “25 Years in Rock” Anniversary Festival on Dec. 13th at Düsseldorf ISS-DOME. Tickets are available at www.metaltix.com. For more information, visit www.doro.de.

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Century Media Celebrates 20th Anniversary

2008 has become an extremely exciting year in the history of Century Media Records, one of the world's most respected independent homes for heavy music, as the label is celebrating its 20th anniversary!

The company's Anniversary year started off with an extremely successful, first-ever yard sale/party at the Century Media office in Dortmund (Germany) in June, where several hundred guests partied out on exclusive live shows by Angel Dust and Turisas. A video with impressions from the event can be seen at this location. A photo gallery for this event can be viewed here.

To further celebrate this anniversary Century Media Records will release the very special 2CD compilation "Covering 20 Years Of Extremes" on September 15th in Europe and on October 14th in North America. The various artists covers-release includes 32 mostly exclusive recordings and will be available in stores for the price of one CD. Sticking to the "keep it in the family" slogan, CM approached their artists about covering songs from other acts within the label's repertoire and the response from the musicians was overwhelming.

Some choices were obvious and homages to the bands that influenced them, others were inspired picks. This combination ended up leading to a heavily entertaining and truly special final result across all sub-genres of heavy music.

Here is the tracklisting: More...

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Hear Raunchy's New Album, "Wasteland Discotheque"

You can now stream RAUNCHY's upcoming album "Wasteland Discotheque" in its entirity on the band's MySpace page.

The follow-up release of the 2006 success album "Death Pop Romance" will also combine different styles of hard and melodic metal flavoured with a good dose of industrial impact and catchy pop hymns. RAUNCHY bursts the genre boundaries once again and create a signature sound all their own. The album will contain twelve tracks with a nice guest appearance by RAUNCHY's old Lars Vognstrup among others.

The release dates for "Wasteland Discotheque" are as follows:

June 16th - Denmark
June 27th (G/A/S)
June 30th (Europe)
July 8th (US/ CA)

Here are the latest RAUNCHY tour dates: More...

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Raunchy Posts New Song, "The Bash," Online

Raunchy have completed their new album, “Wasteland Discotheque." They have released a new song from this record, entitled "The Bash," at this location.

"Wasteland Discotheque" release dates are as follows:
June 16h (Denmark)
June 27th (G/A/S, Sweden)
June 30th (rest of Europe)
July 8th (US/ CA) More...

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Death Angel Become Lords Of The Underworld

Camden's Underworld venue has hosted some great performances from many of the old school thrash and death metal legends. Death Angel would be no exception.

The first band to hit the stage was Austria's Demolition. The band demonstrated some really good sounds in the vein of older death metal acts and were quite possibly the heaviest band of the night. Whilst they were good at what they did, they received only a limited reaction from the audience, which was a shame because they were pouring their heart and soul into the set. Demolition was a good live band that restores your faith that there is "real" death metal still going. More...

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