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Below is our complete Integrity news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Integrity Wraps Up Work On New Album

Longstanding hardcore group Integrity recently completed recording a 12th studio album, which will be titled "Howling, For The Nightmare Shall Consume."

As one of the most incendiary bands in hardcore and modern metal history, Integrity is an entity that stands completely on its own, with almost 30 years under the belt creating dark, occult themed heavy music.

The new album will see a summer 2017 release via Relapse Records and contains 11 tracks recorded and mixed at Developing Nations Studio in Baltimore with mastering handled by Brad Boatright (Obituary, Toxic Holocaust, Full Of Hell). More details on the album will be announced shortly.

Additionally, Integrity recently announced a European tour with label-mates Seven Sisters Of Sleep. A full list of dates including appearances at numerous festivals are listed below. More...

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Integrity Streaming Album Re-Issue

As Magic Bullet Records releases the 25th anniversary remaster of Integrity's "Those Who Fear Tomorrow" debut album, the new version of this timeless piece of iniquitous malice is now streaming in its entirety. Listen in below.

"Those Who Fear Tomorrow" is the 1991 debut full-length album from metallic hardcore stalwarts Integrity. The CD version features a complete set of Dwid Hellion's lyrics and some behind-the-scenes liner notes from former guitarist Aaron Melnick.

Integrity will perform as one of the main acts at the four-day This Is Hardcore in Philadelphia, confirmed to headline the Electric Factory on Friday, August 5th.

8/05/2016 Electric Factory - Philadelphia, PA @ This Is Hardcore More...

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Integrity Streaming Power Trip Split

Just days before the album is released worldwide via Magic Bullet Records, the new split 12" from Integrity and Power Trip has now come online for full streaming. Listen in below, and you can also find a full list of upcoming tour dates for both bands after the jump.


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Power Trip And Integrity Streaming Split Tracks

In one week, the split LP between Integrity and Power Trip will see release via Magic Bullet Records, and the label this week is letting the lead tracks from each band's half of the platter out of the cages.

Integrity's contribution is a retooled, remixed rendering of the 2010 Magic Bullet Records 7" "VVe Are the End." The Power Trip material culls two original tracks from a self-titled 7" on Lockin' Out Records, originally released in 2011.

Previously unheard prior, Integrity also contributes "Her Eyes Is Filled With ?tars," a unique cover of the bizarre song that Howdy (Crispin Glover) serenades Stephanie (Jenny Wright) with in the 1989 film "Twister." The cover song is exclusive to this split across all formats. More...

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Integrity Releasing Split With Power Trip

Magic Bullet Records presents a split release between Integrity and Power Trip, due out June 17th, 2016.

The release is semi-dual-reissue in nature, as Integrity's contribution is a retooled, remixed rendering of the 2010 Magic Bullet Records 7" "VVe Are the End." The Power Trip material culls the two original tracks from a self-titled 7" on Lockin' Out Records, originally released in 2011.

Previously unheard or released prior, Integrity also contributes "Her Eyes is Filled with ?tars," a unique cover of the bizarre song that Howdy (Crispin Glover) serenades Stephanie (Jenny Wright) with in the 1989 film Twister. The cover song is exclusive to this split across all formats.

Brand new artwork and layouts by Integrity's Dwid Hellion draws further cohesion between the bands on this one, as both physical formats feature a "co-headliner" visual presentation and a foldout poster containing all lyrics, credits, and additional original artwork. For vinyl fans, the first pressing is being issued on three color ways: black, clear, and red. Both sides are spun at 45rpm for maximum fidelity. The record will also see CD and full digital release.

1. VVe Are the End (Integrity)
2. Beneath Black Flames VVe Ride (Integrity)
3. Her Eyes is Filled with Stars (Integrity)
4. Divine Apprehension (Power Trip)
5. Suffer No Fool (Power Trip) More...

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Integrity Releasing 20th Anniversary Vinyl

Chicago-based Organized Crime Records has confirmed the impending re-release (as a 20th anniversary vinyl edition) of Integrity's "Humanity Is The Devil," currently being pressed to hit for Record Store Day next month.

Subsequent to the release of "Systems Overload" earlier that year, Integrity would enter Mars Studio on Hallows Eve 1995; the result would be the true culmination of what the band had been working towards both music and thematically. "Humanity Is The Devil" was an aural assault like no other at the time.

Organized Crime Records is proud to present this groundbreaking record in its ultimate 20th anniversary edition. Comprised of limited color vinyl housed in a stunning five-color gatefold jacket featuring art by Pushead and layout by vocalist Dwid Hellion, this edition includes an updated version of the rare "Humanity Is The Devil" pamphlet, a 16.5" x 22" poster, expanded artwork by Josh Bayer, and liner notes by guitarist Aaron Melnick. More...

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Integrity Streaming "Den Of Iniquity"

"Den Of Iniquity," the rare/early works collection from Cleveland metallic hardcore outfit Integrity, is now streaming online in full. Fully remastered, the album sees rebirth via Magic Bullet Records directly alongside the "Humanity Is The Devil: 20th Anniversary Remix + Remaster" this Friday, October 30th.

With more than an hour and thirteen minutes of searing, iconic 1990s metallic hardcore packed into it, "Den Of Iniquity" is a collection of rare tracks spanning the Melnick era (1988-1998) of Integrity. All material is culled from various demos, split 7"s, 7" singles, compilation appearances, and EPs. More...

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Heavy Metal Black Friday Deals Revealed

Third Update: new sales have been added below from Comatose Music and Deathwish Music.

Second Update: added new sales from Indie Merch, Sevared Records, Relapse Records, and The Omega Order.

Update: deals have now been added from Metal Blade, Give Praise, and Razorback Records.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a point of much contention among the metal community (with its overall disdain for consumerism, commercial whoring, and conformity) - so much so that every year Daniel Vrangsinn's (Carpathian Forest) label Misantrof even releases the "Holy Fucking ANTIChristmas" compilation in December.

Despite that, many of the underground labels do offer sales and discounts the week of Thanksgiving, so if you're looking to get some quality metal, hardcore, or rock releases on a budget, this is the time to do it - and most of it is online or digital in nature, so as a bonus, you don't have to get stomped to death by a horde of deal hunters at 5 AM!

More links will be added throughout the week as labels and distros announce their various sales, so check back in often.

If actually buying music in physical format (and especially on vinyl) is more your thing than ordering online, then RECORD STORE DAY has compiled a handy list just for you of limited run, exclusive, or Black Friday-first releases only available in stores. Peruse the full list over here.

For the digital music junkies, AMAZON.COM has dozens of $5 digital hard rock and metal albums from bands like Arch Enemy, In This Moment, White Zombie, Lamb Of God, Chimaira, and many more. The deals run through the full month of November. More...

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Integrity Announces Record Store Day Split

A389 Recordings has confirmed a split 7" with new noise from Integrity and Vegas, another in the series of split releases in production for this year's Record Store Day, joining the previously announced Full Of Hell/Psywarfare and Noisem/Occultist shared platters.

Leading off Side A off this split is "Love Me" from the subversive Vegas, an enigmatic and potent act which has permeated the planet with a variety of cult releases. Side B is overthrown by Integrity with the "Bedazzled" single.

Wax-seekers are urged to contact their local participating vinylmongers to secure physical product of the "Love Me...I'm Bedazzled" split 7" as with all Record Store Day releases. More...

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Integrity Streams New Hymn

The early 1990s lineup of groundbreaking metal/hardcore innovators Integrity reunited on stage for the first time in over two decades as the main headliners of the massive A389 X Bash in Baltimore last week, and now the first new hymn from this iconic collective in just as long is playing online.

Check out "7th Revelation: Beyond The Realm Of The VVitch" in the player below, courtesy of Decibel Magazine. The following press release was also issued:

"7th Revelation: Beyond The Realm Of The VVitch is a contemptible, ominous movement, one which recalls the brooding, religious overtones and occult persuasion which set this lineup of the Integrity clan apart from countless legions of bands preaching of veganism, straightedge lifestyles and supporting the hardcore scene in the early-mid '90s.

"The first track to be recorded by the same lineup that brought forth the mega classic Systems Overload LP two decades ago -- vocalist Dwid Hellion, guitarists Chris Smith and Aaron Melnick, bassist Leon Melnick and drummer Mark Konopka -- now brings their slow, searing scorn forth with the more than three-and-a-half minute mid-paced song 7th Revelation: Beyond The Realm Of The VVitch" boiling with the echoing, melodic leads and massive solos and trademark divebomb guitar tactics one would have expected to hear from these five souls in the mid-1990s. The track was recorded by current Integrity guitarist Robert Orr and mastered at Audiosiege." More...

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A389 X Anniversary Bash Lineup Revealed

The full two-day itinerary for the massive tenth installment of A389 Recordings' annual label Bash in Baltimore, Maryland is now finalized, as the stellar gathering is now just over one month away. Sponsored by Invisible Oranges, the Bash will see A389 turning a decade old, with the massive melee to be held on January 17th and 18th, 2014.

The newest and final show of the two-day massacre has just been confirmed, with the declaration of a second Sideshow, confirmed to lead off the festivities Thursday, January 16th. The newly locked gig will showcase Pharaoh, Occultist, Ampallang Infection, Frightened Teeth (Members of Frightener and Pulling Teeth playing Frightener songs) and headliners, Ringworm.

The full lineup and running order for both days can be found below, including exclusive performances from All Out War, Infest and Haymaker, a one-time Bloodlet reunion set, the exclusive one time performance from Intergrity's "Systems Overload" lineup -- the first in over twenty years -- Full Of Hell, Noisem, Empire Of Rats, Iron Reagan, Power Trip, Ilsa Weekend Nachos, and more.

Thursday, January 16th @ Sidebar Tavern:
Ringworm / Frightened Teeth / Pharaoh / Occultist / Ampallang Infection

Friday, January 17th @ Baltimore Soundstage:
Infest / Haymaker / In Cold Blood / Full Of Hell / Iron Reagan / Sex Prisoner / Jarhead Fertilizer

Saturday, January, 18th @ Sidebar Tavern [Matinee]:
Ilsa / Like Rats / Sick/Tired / Sokushinbutsu

Saturday, January 18th @ Baltimore Soundstage:
Integrity / All Out War / Bloodlet / Weekend Nachos / Noisem / Power Trip / Pick Your Side / Homewrecker / Empire Of Rats More...

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Integrity Streaming "Systems Overload" Re-Issue

This Black Friday, November 29th, Magic Bullet Records will unleash the official CD version of the A2/Orr+ Mix of Integrity's iconic "Systems Overload" LP.

Alongside interrogations of Aaron Melnick and Integrity frontman Dwid Hellion, Invisible Oranges is hosting a stream of the entire "Systems Overload" A2/Orr+ Mix. You can also stream the album below.

On the weekend of January 17th and 18th, Integrity's iconic lineup from the early-mid '90s reunites for the first time in twenty years for an exclusive one-time performance at the A389 X Bash in Baltimore, Maryland. This event will include sets by Bloodlet, All Out War, Infest and Haymaker, as well as Empire Of Rats, Noisem, Full Of Hell and many others. More...

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Integrity Announces "System Overload" CD Reissue

After extremely limited Halloween MMXII and Record Store Day vinyl editions of the A2/Orr+ mix of Integrity's "Systems Overload" album early this year through Organized Crime Records -- which subsequently issued an official LP pressing in September -- Magic Bullet Records will cast a dark shadow on the 2013 Holiday Season with an official CD version of the revamped release. The following press release was issued about the coming CD:

"One of the most vicious and iconic hardcore albums ever, Systems Overload was initially released by Victory Records in 1995, elevating Integrity to a whole new level of international notoriety, yet due to rushed/confused mixing sessions, the final product bore a more modern metallic hardcore sound than the band intended. In 2012, former Integrity guitarist Aaron Melnick and current guitarist Robert Orr collaboratively took on a mission to bring forth the true vision of Systems Overload LP forth.

"Unearthing the initial masters from the extensive recording sessions, the guitarists from two different eras of the band pulled elements of alternate takes of the songs to a new level, incorporating new contributions from both Melnick and Orr with lost solos and divebombs. The new mix showcases a much more organic and haphazardly raw side of this timeless album -- bearing fan favorites like the opening track 'Incarnate 365,' the rabid 'Armenian Persecution,' the plodding 'Jimson Isolation' and the enduring title anthem -- the dark, visionary brutality of the initial recording is retained, but the band's punk and Japanese hardcore influences erupt forth with new vitality, and includes liner notes from both Melnick and Orr on the process of putting the album together. More...

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Integrity To Perform With 1993 Lineup

A389 Records will be celebrating the label's 10th Anniversary with the annual Winter Bash this January, once again bringing hordes of contemporary hardcore and metal bands to the stage alongside a barrage of headlining acts.

The A389 X Bash will take place on the weekend of January 17th through the 19th, 2014 -- as always in the heart of Baltimore -- and while most of the event's lineup will remain unannounced to be unraveled over the next few weeks, one group is now being revealed.

Headlining the A389 X Anniversary Bash will be Integrity's 1993 lineup consisting of Dwid Hellion (vocals), Aaron Melnick (guitar), Leon Melnick (bass), Chris Smith (guitar), and Mark Konopka (drums) - this is the iconic lineup that wrote/recorded the band's seminal "Systems Overload" LP, which was recently re-issued by Organized Crime Records.

Appearing on stage together for the first time in twenty years exclusively for A389's ten year anniversary, this performance will be one for the history books.

A389's Domenic Romeo explains: "In the-mid '90s, Systems Overload was my introduction to Integrity, who instantly became my undisputed favorite hardcore band of all time. It's an incredible honor to have the lineup who created that album reunite for one night and give all of us diehard fans of this day and age a once in a lifetime experience we'll never forget." More...

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Integrity Announces European Tour

This week Integrity embarks on the second phase of a massive world tour in support of the sect’s tenth LP, "Suicide Black Snake," released in June via A389 Recordings/Magic Bullet Records. You can still stream the full album at this location.

Following the North American tour in late May building up to the album’s release, Integrity dominated Maryland Deathfest, stormed Chaos In Tejas, and tore down a row of other cities across the continent, including the band’s first-ever Canadian shows.

Continuing Integrity's most intense tour schedule in years, this week the outfit gets ready to take the Suicide Black Snake endtime sermon to twenty-four European cities including performances at Vlamrock, Resurrection, Voice Of Art, Days Of Fury, and Bunker Summer festivals. See the fully updated tour itinerary below. More...

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Integrity Streaming Full New Album

As the villainous Integrity prepares to release the band’s tenth LP, "Suicide Black Snake," the full album has now been posted online for streaming. Check out the release via Revolvermag.com or through the player below.

"Suicide Black Snake" sees worldwide release June 11th, the vinyl pressing via A389 Recordings and the CD with Magic Bullet Records. You can also catch the band live on upcoming North American dates, with details available after the jump. More...

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Integrity Streaming New Song

As the villainous Integrity prepares to release the band’s tenth LP, "Suicide Black Snake," another new track has uncoiled today via Pitchfork. Check out "There Ain’t No Living In Life” right here.

"Suicide Black Snake" sees worldwide release June 11th, the vinyl pressing via A389 Recordings and the CD with Magic Bullet Records. Integirty will embark on an extensive tour leading up to and through the album’s release, starting with a one-off in New Haven, Connecticut May 23rd alongside Overcast. Catch the band live: More...

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Integrity Reveals "Suicide Black Snake" Details

The ongoing reign of terror from Integrity continues in 2013, with the release of the outfit’s tenth full-length, "Suicide Black Snake." The following press release was issued about the band:

"Beyond an indisputable history as being an ultra brutal live act and basically being the most metal act associated with the top reigning champion acts of the 90s hardcore/metal scene, Integrity has morphed into more of a musical entity, releasing countless splits and limited vinyl releases, taking back rights to seminal albums from the band’s discography and re-releasing them in proper formats, constantly enshrouded in bleak end-time/anti-life propaganda.

"Over time, creator Dwid Hellion has stripped the once quintet down to the bare essentials, having written and recorded solely with Robert Orr alone for the past five years, the visual and musical dimensions of Integrity have grown fathoms more expansive, culminating into the most diverse album in the band’s storied existence with Suicide Black Snake."

This week, Hellion releases some exclusive insight on the creation of this expansive new beast and working with Orr: "Orr brings a new dynamic to Integrity; he’s aggressively surprising while still being able to blend the old sound into modern times without sounding contrived. The new song direction was based entirely off the music that Orr and I listen to, and what we feel we would like to hear, but is not being made. This has always been the essence of Integrity." More...

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Integrity Announces "Suicide Black Snake" LP

The injustices of humanity and the demise of mankind will be exploited once again by the entity known as Integrity this Spring as the outfit prepares to assault the planet with a new LP - to be released through a joint collaboration with A389 Recordings and Magic Bullet Records. The following press release was issued about the band's upcoming album:

"Legions of converted souls worldwide have hailed the name Integrity for two and a half decades. Formed in 1988, the band surged out of the Cleveland underground with a seething style of metal hellbent on murder, revenge, the occult and beyond, and has continually drawn more flies into the flames every step of the way. As one of the more prolific acts of the blood-boiling mid-late ‘90s metallic hardcore scene, and having toured most inhabited realms of the planet, Integrity has not only become a household name over the years, but its devotees have helped maintain the name as one of the most notorious and revered.

"Amidst countless eras and lineup shifts, founding member Dwid Hellion continues to carry the band forward, forming his own Holy Terror Empire, and becoming as iconic within the extreme music underworld as David Koresh, Jim Jones and Pol Pot are to population control.

"Hellion has stripped the birthing process of Integriy’s output to even more cult depths, and for the past five years and all micro releases within, has musically collaborated with multi-instrumentalist Robert Orr alone. Taking past trades forward and culminating those staples with newer practices, Hellion and Orr’s latest effigy has been carved, and on June 11th -- the vinyl pressing A389 and the CD via Magic Bullet -- 'Suicide Black Snake' will deliver the end time yearnings of the longtime Integrity message into the general public like never before." More...

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Integrity Announces New Tour Dates

Integrity, which recently signed with Indie Recordings has just announced a slew of new tour dates for the upcoming year, including performances at the A389 anniversary showcase, Maryland Death Fest, and Chaos In Tejas. Full dates can be found listed below. More...

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