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"Many Waters" Charity Compilation Announced

"Many Waters," a new compilation produced by Thou with help from Thrill Jockey, is due to be released on January 30th, with proceeds going to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank to assist efforts in aiding those affected by the Louisiana floods of August 2016.

The compilation features a range of exclusive tracks from acclaimed metal acts as well as Louisiana DIY mainstays, including The Body & Full of Hell covering Devo, Thou covering Neil Young, special live tracks from Sumac and Old Man Gloom, and a solo live recording by Mike Scheidt of Yob.

Thou drummer Joshua Nee comments: “I spent the better part of three weeks after the flood driving around neighborhoods looking for homes to help out. Every day after work and pretty much all day on the weekends was spent gutting damaged homes. A practice space we had been sharing with a slew of other bands was totally wrecked, and countless bands I know had their spaces and equipment destroyed. More...

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Sumac Premieres Pre-Release Full-Album Stream

Sumac - formed by Aaron Turner (Isis, Old Man Gloom), drummer Nick Yacyshyn (Baptists) and bassist Brian Cook (Russian Circles) - premieres the pre-release full-album stream of the band's upcoming new album "What One Becomes", which will be out in stores June 10, 2016 via Thrill Jockey Records.

Check out now "What One Becomes" in its entirety below.

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Southwest Terror Fest V Reveals Full Lineup

Having announced dozens of bands over the past several weeks, the full lineup for Tucson, Arizona's Southwest Terror Fest V: Houses Of The Unholy is now complete, and all ticket options for the festival are now available.

For the fifth installation of the annual even, the Southwest Terror Fest will overthrow Tucson October 20th through 23rd, with forty-five artists from across the U.S. and Canada converging on five stages, including venues 191 Toole, Club Congress, The Flycatcher, and Gary's Place. The full lineup consists of:

Thursday, October 20th - Early Show @ 191 Toole
10:30 - end - Sumac
9:10 - 9:55 - The Body/Full Of Hell
8:00 - 8:40 - Kowloon Walled City
7:00 - 7:30 - Generation Of Vipers
6:00 - 6:30 - North
9:55 - 10:30 - Theologian/Lament Cityscape
8:40 - 9:10 - Senior Fellows
7:30 - 8:00 - Waft
6:30 - 7:00 - Via Vengeance More...

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Sumac Premieres New Song "Rigid Man"

Sumac - formed by Aaron Turner (Isis, Old Man Gloom), drummer Nick Yacyshyn (Baptists) and bassist Brian Cook (Russian Circles) - premieres a new song entitled "Rigid Man", taken from the upcoming new album "What One Becomes", which will be out in stores June 10, 2016 via Thrill Jockey Records.

Check out now "Rigid Man" below.

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Old Man Gloom Announces U.S. Shows

Old Man Gloom has announced a string of East Coast tour dates this coming September, which will see the band level the following cities and veneus:

09/03 – Brooklyn, NY @ St. Vitus
09/05 – Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop
09/06 – Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle
09/07 – Toronto, ON @ Lee’s Palace
09/08 – Montreal, QC @ Bar Le Ritz
09/09 – Boston, MA @ The Sinclair More...

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Psycho California Announces 2015 Lineup

Psycho California has announced the headliners for this year’s event: Cult of Luna (May 15th), Sleep (May 16th) and Pentagram, who will perform "First Daze Here" in its entirety (May 17th).

"2015 is going to be a slow year for Cult of Luna. However as much as we are musicians we are also fans,” said Cult of Luna’s Johannes Persson. “Evaluating if the offer to play Psycho California was worth dusting off our instruments was not hard after looking on the line-up. Being on the same bill as Pentagram, Sleep and a festival packed with the best bands around is a privilege in itself and we’ll try to live up to that honor."

The lineup for Psycho California is: Sleep, Pentagram, Cult of Lune, Kylesa, OM, Earth, Russian Circles, Bedemon, Conan, Wrench, Eyehategod, Indian, Earthless, Pallbearer, Stoned Jesus, Old Man Gloom, Cave In, Acid Witch, Truckfighters, Tombs, Bang, Electric Citizen, Coffinworm, SubRosa, Eagle Twin, Mammatus, True Widow, Anciients, Bellwitch, Dead Meadow, Lord Dying, Death By Stereo, Radio Moscow, Ancient Altar, Samsara Blues Experiment, Atriarch, Elder, Mothership, The Well, Deathkings, Wo Fat, Rozamov, Destroyer of Light, Highlands, Bloodmoon, Slow Season, Goatsnake, Crypt Trip, Wrench, Lords of Beacon House, Tumbleweed Dealer, Sinister Haze, Blackout, Red Wizard, Banquet and Loom.

Festival interludes will be provided by Housecore Records’ artist Author & Punisher and vinyl DJ set from Bob Lugowe (Relapse Records) and Sean Pellet (Last Daze Here).

Previously announced early bird tickets sold out immediately. Tickets for the festival are on-sale this morning with both a 3-day pass ($149.50) and a 3-day VIP pass available ($256.66)

VIP packages include a 3-day festival pass, a signed screen print concert poster by David D’Andrea, express entry via artist check-in booth, access to artist VIP lounge, a limited edition Thief X Obey festival tee, a Psycho record bag and patch as well as access to a complimentary craft tequila bar, premium microbrews and artisan snacks. More...

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Old Man Gloom Announces New Album

Profound Lore Records has issued the following announcement about releasing a new album from Old Man Gloom:

"Everyone’s favorite band in the entire universe, namely Old Man Gloom, have completed work on their new album 'The Ape Of God.'

"In what will present itself as some of the most engaging and triumphant work that the simian worshiping collective of Aaron Turner (Isis, Mamiffer, SUMAC), Nate Newton (Converge/Doomriders), Caleb Scofield (Cave In), and Santos Montano have conjured to date, 'The Ape Of God' comprises itself of songs that range within the realm of the eclectic, noisy, ambient and experimental with of course the gargantuan steamroller heaviness that plows and forges its way through this work of monolithic sonic art.

"Basically what one can only expect from the legendary and influential Old Man Gloom, who made their glorious return several years ago to an unsuspecting public with their 'NO' album after an eight year hibernation period.

"To be officially released on Nov 11th on CD/digital via Profound Lore Records and on 2xLP via SIGE, and once again recorded, engineered and mixed by longtime conspirator Kurt Ballou of Converge with mastering done by Brad Boatright of Audiosiege, some tracks set to appear on 'The Ape Of God' include ‘Fist Of Fury,’ ‘The Lash,’ ‘Shoulder Meat,' and ‘Arrows To Our Hearts.’" More...

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Old Man Gloom Posts Video Teaser

A documentary is on the way titled "Old Man Gloom: Here Is a Gift for You," and today a teaser trailer has been posted online, which can be seen below. Profound Lore Records also comments:

"The new Old Man Gloom album will come out this fall. It's beyond crushing and massive. In the meantime, to conspire with the album's release, filmmaker Kenneth Thomas made a documentary on them. Check out the trailer." More...

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Headline News

Hydra Head Records Closing Its Doors

Aaron Turner of Hydra Head Records has issued the following announcement about deciding to call it a day:

"Hydra Head Records has never been a smooth-running operation. We've spent the majority of our existence excitedly scrambling from one thing to the next, taking on more than we could ever possibly hope to achieve, and never quite finding solid footing in the midst of our self-induced whirlwind of chaos. Though not every second of doing this label has been enjoyable, it has been a very rewarding and meaningful project for me, and I hope for many of the other lives to which it has been directly connected. The fact that it has lasted close to two decades at this point is astonishing, and much has changed during that time - the lives of those directly involved with running the label, the bands and artists we've worked with, and the nature of the music industry itself. Though many of these changes have been positive, or at least illuminating, the impact of our history and current industry circumstances are culminating into a slow and somewhat painful death for the label. It certainly isn't an entirely unforeseen event, but we didn't think it would come quite so abruptly, or (perhaps naively) ever.

"The decision to pull the plug has not been an easy one, and in some ways is a not a choice at all. The simple fact of the matter is we've been running on empty for a while now and cannot afford to keep our doors open for much longer. Years of imbalance between creative ideals and financial realities, personal problems amongst the label operators, an unwillingness to compromise our aesthetic standards, a tendency towards releasing challenging (i.e. unmarketable) artists, and the steady decline of the music industry in general, are amongst the chief reasons for our inability to continue. It is a harsh but undeniable reality, and one which we are attempting to confront with as much integrity and grace as is afforded by the circumstances. More...

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Zozobra Set To Release New Album

Zozobra, featuring Caleb Scofield (Cave In, Old Man Gloom), will be releasing a new album on July 22nd via Hydra Head Records. Titled "Bird Of Prey," the effort was engineered and mixed by Aaron Harris (of Isis), who also plays drums on the album. The band comments:

"'Bird Of Prey' will be out on Hydra Head Records July 22nd. Or at least that's what the contract says. If not, I'm sure our lawyers will have a field day shitting on the label's faces. This time it features Aaron Harris of Isis on the skins. Aaron also engineered and mixed the record. At only 10 grand a song you can't go wrong with that guy. Also, Mark [Thompson] told me to keep this brief but the record was going to be released under the name Heatseeker but it's not anymore, so if any of you heard about that just go ahead and forget it happened."

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Old Man Gloom Tour Plans Changed

Old Man Gloom, a project featuring members of Isis, Converge and Cave In, amongst others, have abolished their previously-announced touring plans. A statement from the band regarding this change follows: "Due to unforseen events in the gloom camp, our upcoming west coast SxSW tour will be postponed until further notice. We promise, it will happen at some point. whoops.
the institute"

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Old Man Gloom To Release New Album "Christmas"

The Old Man Gloom Simian Alien Defense League -- comprised of delegates from Cave-In (RCA), Isis (Ipecac Recordings) and Converge (Epitaph) -- delivers its fifth sonic dissertation, Christmas on Tortuga Recordings on Tuesday, August 24th.

Response from fans of OMG and its respective outfits has been unanimously enthusiastic regarding this immense 13-song album that took three years in the making. The wait has certainly been worth it. The songs are so musically diverse, Christmas seems to continually shift moods and styles, while retaining a slinking, syrupy depth throughout. From the crushing force of epic opener "Gift" -- think Meddle-era Pink Floyd meets Isis -- to the flowing effluvium of "Something for the Mrs", to twisted psych of "The Volcano" and art-punk of "'Tis Better to Receive" the album showcases the quintet's incredible talents and mixed palettes. Equal parts Skullflower, Neurosis, Black Dice, Pink Floyd and Mens Recovery Project, OMG's latest edict has something for every fan of unusual and extreme music.

In OMG's typical tounge-in-cheek fashion, Christmas details man's myriad gifts to Mother Nature -- and the incalculable repercussions thereof. Apes and chimps unite to fend off the "rewards" of civilization, but man's capacity for avarice and cruelty knows no bounds. Mass insurrection results in a battle for the ages. Evolution, as they say, is just a theory. But, this much is true: the only good human is a dead human.

Old Man Gloom -- the effigy of Zozobra that is ritually burned in Native American culture to cast off all ill will of the year -- is stuffed this time around with guitarist/vocalist Nate Newton(Converge), bassist/vocalist Caleb Scofield (Cave-In), electronics specialist Luke Scarola, drummer Santos Montano and guitarist/vocalist Aaron Turner (Isis, et al.)

This album would make a fantastic sidebar to coverage of forthcoming releases by Converge and Isis, due this fall.

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