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From: Finland
Last Known Status: Active

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Coventhrall Posts "In These Halls" Clip

Finland's Coventhrall has released the track "In These Halls" from the album "Legacy of Morfuidra." Give the song a listen through the video clip below. The band also comments on the lyrical concept:

"From the Episode I - 'Morfuidra,' we could get to know both the planet and the people of Morfuidra as well as the secret they are hiding - the powerful technology that almost destroyed their civilazation in the past. The Episode II - 'Dreadnought,' introduced the Scavens - the space pirates from a distant galaxy, moving in a huge spaceship called Dreadnought. The threat to the Morfuidra comes from the nooks of hyperspace and the Elders are now searching for the man who will be able to protect the good citizens of this secluded planet.

"The Episode III - 'In These Halls,' continues the story of choosing a great and a noble man whose task will not be an easy one to fulfill. All the people of Morfuidra are gathered in a shelter where they can hide themselves from the threats coming from the Dreadnought. When they are all together in the ancestral meeting place, the process of selecting the right man begins. This is the one and only way to save their precious world. The Elders bring the items of blight from the holy sanctuary so they would find and show the chosen one among the citizens. The objects start glowing and going all in one direction - towards Avatar. The gods made their choice and people of Morfuidra are now full of hope, Avatar will bring peace to their homeland. Now his mission regards bravery and faith since he must find his way through the enemy fleets and go to the Emperor to bring his attention to the threat caused by the Scavens." More...

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Coventhrall Posts New Track

Finland's Coventhrall has released new track "Dreadnought" from the "Legacy of Morfuidra" album, due out today - July 2nd. Check it out in the player below. The following press release was also issued about the album:

"Coventhrall's debut 'Legacy of Morfuidra' is truly a concept album. It tells a story of a hero, sent out on a perilous journey to seek for help against a fleet of the space pirates - Scavengers, lusting for the Morfuidra's technology which is so powerful, that even the native inhabitants themselves had to hide it after it had almost destroyed their entire civilization.

"In the Episode II, the peaceful life on Morfuidra is being disturbed by the invasion of the huge'n bulky mothership 'Dradnought,' which arrives from the nooks of the hyperspace. The ship sends out a squad of smaller fighters on the planet to cause terror among the Morfuidran people.
Something must be done to prevent this from happening. The council realizes that the elders' dreams are about to come true - the dark future of Morfuidra is now about to unfold..." More...

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Coventhrall Streaming New Song

The Finnish metal band Coventhrall released the first track from its debut album "Legacy of Morfuidra," which is streaming below and now available on all major digital platforms. The track is the video episode of "Morfuidra," along with a prologue introducing the concept and the the story.

Coventhrall┬┤s debut "Legacy of Morfuidra" is a concept album, telling a story of a hero sent out to gain help against a fleet of scavengers lusting for their powerful technology. One that is so powerful, that even the people of Morfuidra themselves had to hide it away after it almost destroyed their entire civilization.

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