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Band Photo: Agathodaimon (?)

Formed: 1995
From: Main, Germany
Last Known Status: Active


Agathdaimon are a melodic black/death metal band that combine the epic sound of Dimmu Borgir with the hard guitar sound of bands like Satyricon and Mayhem.

Founded in September 1995 by guitar vocalist, Sathonys and drummer,Matthias R., Agathdaimon were later joined by keyboardist Vlad and bassist Marko through ads in magazines. Two months later they were joined by second guitarist, Hyperion.

With this line up Agathdaimon recorded their first demo "Carpe Noctem" in April 1996. This got the attention of Century Media who ended up signing them. After some touring the band recorded their second demo, "Near Dark" in March 1997. "Near Dark" got many label's interest and Agathdaimon decided to go to Nuclear Blast because they offered the best support in reguards to finances and promotion.

Before recording of their debut album, "Blacken the Angel" in 1998, Vlad got stuck in Romania while visiting, the government wouldn't let him leave. So, Agathdaimon finished the album and did tours with guest musicians until late 1999 when they went to Romania to be with Vlad for the recording of the follow up to "Blacken the Angel", "Higher Art of Rebellion". "Higher Art of Rebellion" was then released in 2000 and the band was reunited with Vlad.

After touring, Agathdaimon went to work on the 2002 release, "Chapter III". After this release Vlad and Marko left the band and Agathdaimon assembled the current line up for the most recent release, 2004's "Serpent's Embrace".

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