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Band Photo: Nightrage (?)

Formed: 2000
From: Greece
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Nightrage news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Nightrage Posts New Guitar Instructional Video

Nightrage has posted another guitar instructional video online, this time of Marios Iliopoulos playing "Being Nothing" from the "Descent Into Chaos" album. The clip was filmed and edited at NR studios by Tom D. Hellfinger. You can watch the guitar video via Seymourduncan.com or in the player below.

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Nightrage Announces New Session Member

After announcing that Snowy Shaw would be joining the band for a South Korean show, Nightrage has now issued the following update about Shaw missing the performance:

"Due to an unforeseen scheduling commitment, Snowy Shaw had to pull out from the session gig in South Korea with us. The good news is Snowy found us a great replacement in Conny Pettersson, drummer of ANATA, Revengia, and Bleed For Me.

"We have done our first rehearsals with him already, and it was better than we could of hoped. See you there!" More...

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Nightrage Tapping Snowy Shaw For Korean Show

Nightrage has issued the following announcement about recruiting Snowy Shaw for an upcoming South Korean show:

"Hey guys,

"Just wanted to make the announcement for all our fans in Korea that the wait is OVER! On August 26th we will be playing in South Korea for the first time. And to make it special we have comprised a very fun set list for you guys.

"To make it a double whammy our good friend Snowy Shaw (King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Dream Evil, Therion, Notre Dame) will be filling in for Jo at this show!! We are honored to have him behind the drums! See you there!"

Further details on the show are available over at this location. You can also check out Nightrage's recent music video for "Delirium of the Fallen" here.

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Cynic And Nightrage Come To The Rock Band Network

After a few disappointing weeks on the metal front, there's finally some new heavy music to get excited about this weekend on the Rock Band Network. These three new songs are now available for the Xbox 360 edition of the game:

Cynic – “Evolutionary Sleeper” (160 MSP)
Nightrage – “So Far Away / Delirium Of The Fallen (2x Bass Pedal)” (160 MSP)
Terrorizer – “Subterfuge” (160 MSP)

On Tuesday, 7/17/2012 (North America) and 7/18/2012 (Europe) the PS3 version of the game also gets the following track:

Asking Alexandria – “Reckless & Relentless” ($1.99)

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New Metal Songs Coming To The Rock Band Network

Rock Band players rejoice - there are finally new metal songs hitting the Rock Band network again this week! The Xbox 360 edition already has new tracks from Amberian Dawn and Nightrage, while the PS3 version will see new songs from Devin Townsend and Greek death metal demons Septicflesh next week.

These songs are currently available for the Xbox 360:

Amberian Dawn – “Circus Black” (160 MSP)
Amberian Dawn – “Circus Black (2x Bass Pedal)” (160 MSP)
Edenshade – “Another Purity Failing (2x Bass Pedal)” (80 MSP)
I, Omega – “The Ravenous” (160 MSP)
Nightrage – “So Far Away/Delirium Of The Fallen” (160 MSP)
Spires – “The Infinite Descent (2x Bass Pedal)” (80 MSP)

These tracks hit the PS3 on Tuesday, 6/26/2012 (North America) and 6/27/2012 (Europe):

Devin Townsend – “By Your Command” ($1.99)
Septicflesh – “Anubis” ($1.99)

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Nightrage Posts New Music Video

Nightrage posted a new music video for the track "Delirium Of The Fallen." The track appears on the band's latest album, "Insidious" (see review at this location), which was released last fall through Lifeforce Records. The video was filed on April 28 at the Eightball Club in Thessaloniki, Greece and was directed by Gabriel Psaltakis.

Check out "Delirium Of The Fallen" here:

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New Metal Songs Hitting The Rock Band Network

It's been awhile since the metal was freely flowing on the Rock Band Network, but this week again sees a variety of new songs added for the headbanging crowd. The following tracks are now available on the Xbox 360 version of the game:

All Shall Perish - "A Pure Evil (2x Bass Pedal)" (160 MSP)
Fallen Angel - "Watching" (160 MSP)
Nightrage - "Wrapped in Deceitful Dreams" (160 MSP)
Nightrage - "Wrapped in Deceitful Dreams (2x Bass Pedal)" (160 MSP)
Oklahoma Caddy Shack - "Children of Brodom" (80 MSP)
Oklahoma Caddy Shack - "Children of Brodom (2x Bass Pedal)" (80 MSP)
Within the Ruins - "Controller" (160 MSP)
Within the Ruins - "Controller (2x Bass Pedal)" (160 MSP)

PS3 players can also look forward to these songs arriving on Tuesday, May 1st:

All Shall Perish - "Never... Again" ($1.99)
Anarchy Club - "Rise and Shine" ($0.99)

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Nightrage Recruits Session Guitarist

Nightrage has checked in with the following announcement about recruiting Christopher Jon as a session guitarist for the band's upcoming live shows:

"Christopher Jon from White Wizzard and Forty Winters will help us on the upcoming Greek and Demon Hunter tour filling in as a session guitarist, due to Olof scheduling conflicts, we are happy to have such a cool guitarist and cool guy on our shows playing with us."

Christopher added, "I'm stoked beyond words to be playing guitar with my close friends in Nightrage on these upcoming dates. Became good friends with the dudes on the Frets Of Fury tour back in October.

"I've been following the band since its inception back in the early 2000's. I'm honored to be able to contribute to a band that's been home to melodic death metal greats like Tomas Lindberg from At The Gates, Gus G from Ozzy Osbourne, and Marios Iliopoulos as well."

A teaser trailer for the upcoming Greek tour dates can be found at this location.

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Nightrage Posts Greek Tour Teaser

Nightrage will be embarking on a Greek tour with Psycho Choke dubbed the "Rage Through The Psycho Tour." A teaser trailer for the upcoming tour dates has been posted online and can be viewed below.

Nightrage will also be shooting a video for an as-yet-undisclosed song off the group's latest album "Insidious" on April 28th at the Eightball Club in Thessaloniki, Greece.

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Nightrage To Film New Music Video

Nightrage announced that the band will film a video for an as-yet-undisclosed song off their latest album, "Insidious," on April 28 at the Eightball Club in Thessaloniki, Greece. Directing the clip will be Gabriel Psaltakis.

Nightrage begins the "Defiant in Europe" tour supporting Demon Hunter and label mates Deadlock on May 1, 2012. For dates and venues, check out this location.

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New Metal Songs Added To Rock Band Network

The heavy metal additions have been pretty sparse lately on the Rock Band Network, and this week there are only three new tracks coming to the Xbox 360 version of the game. These songs are now available to headbang with over the weekend:

Carnifex - "Until I Feel Nothing" (160 MSP)
Nightrage - "Insidious" (160 MSP)
Strikken - "Forever in Lies (2x Bass Pedal)" (80 MSP)

The PS3 edition is seeing even less metal love, with only the following track hitting the Rock Band Network on March 27th:

Chaotrope - "Dystopia" ($0.99)

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Nightrage Posts Guitar Playthrough Video

Nightrage has uploaded a video clip of member Marios Iliopoulos demonstrating how to play the "Surge Of Pity" song, which can be viewed below. "Surge of Pity" is taken from the "A New Disease Is Born" album (reviewed here), and the clip was filmed and edited at NR studios by Tom D. Hellfinger.

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Nightrage Announces Shows With Psycho Choke

In addition to supporting Demon Hunter for European tour dates in May, Nightrage has also now announced a string of upcoming shows in Greece alongside Psycho Choke. Details are as follows:

Nightrage @ Kittaro in Athens, Greece Thursday, April 26, 2012 at 7:00pm
Nightrage @ Vox in Volos, Greece Friday, April 27, 2012 at 7:00pm
Nightrage @ Eightball in Thessaloniki, Greece Saturday, April 28, 2012 at 7:00pm
Nightrage @ BOXX in Ioannina, Greece Sunday, April 29, 2012 at 7:00pm

Further details on the run of tour dates are available via Facebook, and you can check out more info on Psycho Choke at this location.

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Nightrage Posts More Guitar Footage

Nightrage has posted another guitar instructional clip online with Marios Iliopoulos demonstrating the song "Being Nothing," taken from the band's second album "Descent Into Chaos." Check out the clip below, or find the previously posted video clip for "The Tremor" at this location.

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Nightrage To Support Demon Hunter

Nightrage and Deadlock will be supporting Demon Hunter on a handful of European dates in May. Details are available via Facebook here or in the tour poster below. Dates are as follows:

01.05.12 Germany Stuttgart @ Universum
02.05.12 Switzerland Luzern @ Schüür
03.05.12 Germany Bochum @ Matrix
04.05.12 Belgium Brussels @ Magasin 4
05.05.12 UK London @ O2 Islington Academy2 More...

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Nightrage Posts Guitar Instructional Footage

Nightrage has posted footage online of guitarist Marios Iliopoulos demonstrating how to play the song "The Tremor," taken from the "Sweet Vengeance" album, which was filmed and edited at NR studios by Tom D. Hellfinger. Check out the footage in the player below.

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Nightrage's "Photograph" Cover Streaming On Web

The Def Leppard cover of "Photograph" by Greek melodic death metal masters Nightrage is streaming on YouTube. The song was the bonus track on the Japanese pressing of "Insidious" which was released this past October through Lifeforce Records. A review of the album can be found at this location.

Check out "Photograph" here:

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Nightrage Posts Tour Recap Video

Nightrage has posted a tour recap online for the recent Frets of Fury tour in the U.S./Canada with Firewind, Arsis, and White Wizzard. You can check out the tour recap video in the player available below.

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Arsis Posts New Video Inviting Fans To Tour

Melodic death metal artists Arsis posted a video of bassist Noah Martin of ARSIS inviting fans to the band's "Frets Of Fury" tour with Firewind, White Wizzard and Nightrage. Tour dates are posted below.

Check out the video here:


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Nightrage Gives New Album Track-By-Track

Marios and Antony of Nightrage have checked in with the a track-by-track breakdown of the band's new album "Insidious." You can check out Metalunderground.com's review here, or read the band's description below:

"So Far Away: This would be part one of three instrumental tracks for the album. Short and to the point. Reminds me of a triumphant funeral dirge. Marios' trademark guitar melodies all over the place on this one.

"Delirium of The Fallen: This is a bit different for the band as an opening song. We have always in the past had the typical 'blast beat' type song open the album. We tried to go in a different direction here. This song kind of has it all. Crazy solos from Marios and Olof, an emotional vocal section by Apollo from Firewind, and a very catchy chorus.

"Insidious: This is for me the best song I've ever done. Not only is it heavy as hell, but Tomas Lindberg recorded and sang vocal melodies and lyrics I wrote. A true honor and a great friend to the band. The song as a whole never stops destroying everything in its path.

"Wrapped In Deceitful Dreams: Another catchy chorus type song. Gus G shreds along with Marios on this one. Tom from Evergrey laid down a clean section for this one. The original way was just a spoken word from me. Marios then had an amazing idea in the studio for Tom to take the lyrics and basically freestyle. It took the man five minutes to lay down these amazing vocals! The one thing I wanted as a singer to change on this record were the clean vocals. I had done my thing on wearing a Martyr's Crown, and this time I felt the need of a new flavor.

"Hate Turns Black: This is one of the first songs we wrote for this record. To me this song takes you on a great ride. Very old school Gothenburg feel in the pre chorus and a traditional metal feel on the rest. This is Nightrage to the bone. More...

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