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From: Russia
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Grailight News

Below is our complete Grailight news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Grailight Reveals New Album Artwork

Russian outfit Grailight has unveiled the cover artwork for the band's new album, which can be viewed below. Grailight also comments:

"Today, November 1st of the first year of the Aquarian Age, in the Celtic Samhain, we decided to present, at last, to Ye All the cover of our new album 'Sic Luceat Lux!'

"The picture is made with a brush of remarkable artist Alexander Tartsus of Morning Art Studio and portrays the overall Indo-Aryan mythological images of the unity of God and Man, Light and Darkness, Moksha and Samadhi. The album is in the final stages of recording in Serbo - Moscow studio Arsafes Records.

"These guest vocalists participated in the recording: Aina (Blackthorn), Helen Bathory (Artania), Catherine (Mizantropia), Runa (Emerald Night, Aura), Varvar (Neron Kaisar) and Miron (Tvangeste). The album will contain 14 songs, the full track list of which shall be published very soon. Let there be light!" More...

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Grailight Announces New Guest Vocalist

After already announcing Varvar of Neron Kaisar, Rune from Emerald Night, and several other guest vocalists, Russia's Grailight has checked in with the following statement about another guest musician on the band's upcoming album:

"On our upcoming album 'Sic Luceat Lux' will be another great guest vocalist, who is legendary I can even say for the Russian black metal scene, whose participation in our record is significant in terms of unity of the past and the future of Russian symphonic / extreme metal.

"This is Michael Chirwa of the Prussian / Canadian band Tvangeste! He sang with his highly recognizable voice in a song that is close to all of the Slavic parts of the album."

Further details on the coming "Sic Luceat Lux" album will be announced in the near future.

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Grailight Reveals New Guest Vocalist

After already announcing three previous guest vocalists to appear on new album "Sic Luceat Lux," Russia's Grailight has issued the following statement about another guest performance:

"So, our new guest vocalist - Varvar of Bashkir symphonic black metal band Neron Kaisar! He played one conceptual and historical role in our piece, adding an unusual ancient authenticity and epic rage!"

Footage from the recording is available below, or you can hear the pre-production track "Homo Divinus" at this location.

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Grailight Streaming New Song

Russian act Graillight has posted the pre-production track "Homo Divinus" online, which can be heard below. The band also comments:

"Our new album will be called 'Sic Luceat Lux!' which translated from Latin to English as 'Let There be Light!.'

"And today, the Day of Tribog on Slavic calendar, the feast of the end of spring and the birth of summer, when for the relief the spring god of the Sun Yarilo swaps over with three-brighted summer sun god Dazhdbog - comes a New Light, in whose honour we want to symbolically give to all of Ye our new track called 'Homo Divinus.'

"This version is not from the album, but from the album's pre-production, what's on the album it is re-arranged and decorated with additional goodies." More...

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Grailight Reveals Third Guest Vocalist

Russian act Grailight is in the process of recording new album "Sic Luceat Lux," and the band has now checked in with the following statement about another guest musician:

"Thus, our third guest vocalist - Helen Bathory from Voronezh symphonic black metal band Artania. She performed the evil part in one of our most mysterious and darkest songs, adding color and theatre to the piece!"

Grailight also recently announced appearances by Rune of Emerald Night and Aina of Blackthorn. More...

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Grailight Announces Guest Vocalist For New Album

After announcing a guest spot by Aina of Blackthorn on upcoming album "Sic Luceat Lux," Grailight has now checked in with the following update about another guest vocalist appearance:

"So, our second guest vocalist - gorgeous Rune of Emerald Night and Aura. She performed one song - with very finest epic parties presenting the Princess of Singing! Beautiful, strong, and unique."

Further details on the upcoming album will be announced as they are made available. You can find more info Russian symphonic act Grailight via Facebook here. More...

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Grailight Reveals Guest Vocalist For New Album

Grailight (featuring Demether of Arcane Grail) is currently working on new album "Sic Luceat Lux," and the band has now checked in with the following announcement about recruiting a guest vocalist:

"As we promised: to present you our first guest vocalist - it is a great Aina of Blackthorn. Aina - owner of one of the most unusual and mysterious voices in the global extreme metal.

"We recorded with her two tracks, one of which - big surprise. And no doubt, she added to the sound of our new album a mysterious and frightening atmosphere of the ancient witching mysteries!" More...

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Grailight Reveals New Album Title

The new project Grailight, featuring Demether of Arcane Grail, has checked in with the following announcement about an album release:

"Our new album will be called 'Sic Luceat Lux!' It will consist of the 14 beautiful pieces inspired by ancient pre-Abrahamic culture of Europe: culture, traditions, literary and musical heritage of the nations of Europe with Indo-Aryan origin and blood.

"The album shall tell by singing of Euterpe about all that once led our ancestors to the Light and True Gods, rejecting evil, hatred, fratricide... led ancestors, and now must lead their descendants - Us, onto the Path of Enlightenment and Purification.

"Forward into the New Age of Aquarius, upon the wreckage of religions, for building a New Golden Age of Man! Let there be light! Sanguis, Honor, Amor!"

For more info on Grailight, head over to the band's Facebook profile here.

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New Project Grailight Recording Debut Album

Demether Grail, formerly of Arcane Grail, has issued the following announcement about starting a new project titled Grailight:

"Due to various personal and creative contradictions, and to mark the beginning of the New Era of Aquarius, Demether Grail and Tymon decided to leave Russian symphonic melodic death metal band Arcane Grail and open a new chapter in their musical life called Grailight, continuing and developing the tradition and style inherent in the AG. With the new line-up, in the faces ov:

Demether - Vocals
Tymon - Guitar, Keyboards
Radmir - Bass
Kain - Drums

"Order shall enter at February 11th in the Buddhistic New Year (the final start of a new calendar year and a new era in the whole world!) Arsafes Records to record the debut full-length album, the title of which will be unveiled in the near future.

"The album will have a lot of guests, but most importantly, they promise - You will hear the best music they can create within and outside of style Symphonic Extreme Metal! In our community a lot of updates, videos from the studio and etc. will be coming very soon. Sanguis, Honor, Amor!!!"

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