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Type O Negative

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Band Photo: Type O Negative (?)

Formed: 1988
From: Brooklyn, NY, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Type O Negative Announce New Album Title

Type O Negative have issued the following update:

"Great news - the new Type O Negative opus, entitled Dead Again, has now entered the mixing process! The new disc will include an appearance by Lycia vocalist Tara VanFlower. Tentative release date remains sometime in early 2007, hopefully additional live dates may be announced around then as well. Stay tuned for word on the website street team; for now you can check out the freshly minted banners, icons, and other assorted media posted on the recently resurrected media page."

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Type O Negative Check In

The band is currently focused on completing a new album with a tentative early 2007 release date. There are currently no tour dates planned until the record is finished.

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Roadrunner Release Artwork For "Best Of" Albums

You can now view the artwork for each of RoadRunner Records' upcoming "Best Of"s that were previously announced. Follow the links below to see the artwork for each album

1. Martyr
2. Scapegoat
3. Scumgrief
4. Demanufacture
5. Self-Bias Resistor
6. Zero Signal
7. Replica
8. Shock
9. Edgecrusher
10. Resurrection
11. Cars
12. Linchpin

1. What Comes Around
2. Unreal
3. God Save Us
4. If You Still Hate Me
5. Liar
6. This Time's For Real
6. How Can I Live
8. Cleansing
9. Te Amo. I Hate You
10. What You Deserve
11. This Is War
12. Turns To Gray
13. Corazon of Mine

1. Troops Of Doom
2. Beneath The Remains
3. Inner Self
4. Arise
5. Dead Embryonic Cells
6. Desperate Cry
7. Refuse/Resist
8. Territory
9. Slave New World
10. Biotech Is Godzilla
11. Roots Bloody Roots
12. Attitude
13. Ratamahatta

1. Unsuccessfully Coping With The Natural Beauty Of Infidelity
2. Christian Woman
3. Black No. 1
4. Too Late: Frozen
5. Love You To Death
6. My Girlfriend's Girlfriend
7. Cinnamon Girl
8. Everyone I Love Is Dead
9. Everything Dies
10. Highway Star
11. I Don't Wanna Be Me
12. Life Is Killing Me

All four titles will be in stores in the US and available for download on September 12th.

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Carnivore Post Video Of Wacken Performance Online

Video footage of CARNIVORE performing at this year's Wacken Open Air festival in Wacken, Germany has been posted online at this location (CARNIVORE appears about 15 minutes into the video).

Check out pictures of CARNIVORE performing at the Wacken Open Air festival in Wacken, Germany at this location. More...

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Carnivore's First Official US Tour

CARNIVORE has scheduled the following dates in September:

Sep. 02 - Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom
Sep. 06 - New York, NY @ B.B. King Blues Club

As previously reported, CARNIVORE will perform a special warm-up show tonight (July 28) at Fontana's (web site) in New York City. They will be appearing under the name THE BENSONHOIST LESBIAN CHOIR and will be hitting the stage at midnight. Also appearing on the bill are BLUE FIRE, MACHETE, THC and JESUS KNEVIL. A flyer for the show can be found at this location.

CARNIVORE 2006 lineup:

Peter Steele (TYPE O NEGATIVE) - Vocals, Bass
Paul Bento (METAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION) - Guitar, Vocals
Joey Zampela (LIFE OF AGONY) - Guitar, Vocals

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Sepultura, Type O, Fear Factory 'Best Of' Albums

On September 11, Roadrunner Records will be releasing a set of ultimate metal albums. These "best of" collections will pull together the best material from some of metal's greatest artists. The first batch includes music from FEAR FACTORY, SEPULTURA and TYPE O NEGATIVE.

"Whether you are a huge fan of these artists and have their back catalogue, or if you want a career summary, these are a must-have for any dedicated metaller," reads a posting on the Roadrunner web site.

The details of the above-mentioned "best of" collections are as follows: More...

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Concert TV To Air Sepultura, Type O Negative

A handful of SPV's artists will have their DVDs featured on the CONCERT On-Demand channel during the months of July and August. The schedule is as follows:

July 1 to July 31

SEPULTURA 'Live In Sao Paulo'
TYPE O NEGATIVE 'Symphony For the Devil: The World of Type O Negative'
UFO 'Showtime'
SKINNY PUPPY 'The Greater Wrong of the Right Live'
THE MISSION 'Lighting the Candles'
LEGENDS OF ROCK: Uli Jon Roth, Jack Bruce, UFO Live at Castle Donnington

July 15 to August 15

ANNIHILATOR 'Ten Years In Hell'
SODOM 'Lords of Depravity'

CONCERT is available on Comcast (Music on Channel 1, then CONCERT), Adelphia (Free Choices on Channel 1, then Music, then CONCERT), Charter (More or Free Programs on Channel 999, then Music Unlimited, then CONCERT) and Cox (FreeZone, then Music, then CONCERT).

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Type O Negative Will Enter Studio In Early April

TYPE O NEGATIVE will enter the studio in early April to begin recording their long-awaited new album, tentatively due in September via SPV Records. The band, whose first LP, "Slow, Deep and Hard", was issued in 1991, fulfilled their contractual obligations to longtime label Roadrunner with the release of 2003's "Life Is Killing Me". That album debuted on The Billboard 200 chart at No. 39 in June 2003 after registering a first-week sales tally of 27,000 copies. TYPE O NEGATIVE's best-selling album to date is 1994's "Bloody Kisses", which has shifted around a million copies in the U.S. More...

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New Type O Negative May Feature Anselmo, Danzig

Mick Stingley of KNAC.COM recently conducted an interview with TYPE O NEGATIVE frontman Peter Steele. A few excerpts from the chat follow:

KNAC.COM: [On the upcoming DVD, "Symphony for the Devil (The World of Type O Negative)", due in the U.S. on March 14] Are you proud? Are you comfortable? Are you happy with the results?

Steele: "(pauses) Ah, you know, there is… there are some things in there that I feel should not, maybe, have been portrayed to the public. But everyone else in this band, we kind of like, voted on each other's behavior and stuff. And it was kind of known that, if everyone goes, 'That's funny, that's great! Leave it the fuck in! We don't care what YOU think!' then it stayed. There were things that Johnny did, and Kenny and Josh that they weren't really too happy about, but… 'Fuck you, we're gonna use it anyway!' So what's good for the goose is good for the gander."

KNAC.COM: I don't even know where to begin, but the concert footage… it was shot on the "October Rust" tour, or just after?

Steele: "This was shot in '99. Now I'm gonna have to back up and explain to you that when we started to formulate this video, with various footage, which, I would imagine was around 2000 or 2001, we were just gonna do a home, like a home-movie-type thing. And this footage from this show in Germany, from '99, was not even considered at the time. So it's really… it's a home movie with live footage. It's not live footage with outtakes. Simply because the video came to our attention right before we were actually gonna finalize the home video. We did some research and we found out that we could buy it; and it was 5.1 digital, and there were three cranes and twelve cameras and all this other stuff and we looked fairly, reasonably well-preserved at that time… so we said, 'All right, let's throw this in.' The entire concert was actually going to be a separate disc and then there was going to be this home movie. But then it got into cost-effectiveness of putting two or three discs into a package and all this other stuff. So we decided that, for people like me with ADD, to have a constant sensory assault, and to keep on cutting the footage and going to different things just to keep the average viewer's attention. Because I have no attention span anyway."

KNAC.COM: Well, I think that you guys have this incredible sense of humor, that Brooklyn sense of humor… I mean, you've talked about this. But I guess it gets misconstrued to a lot of people.

Steele: "It does, you know? Because we are so used to being sarcastic to each other, like even within this band. We have guests that come up on to the bus and they're horrified. 'How can you talk to each other like that?' And I'm like, 'You know what? Fuck you too!' (laughs) I've known these guys for over thirty years. I have five older sisters and I always wished that I had brothers, and God gave me these three brothers, Kenny, Josh and Johnny. But after thirty years of beating each other up and cheating on each other's girlfriends and playing hockey in the street and playing football, you know, fuckin' each other over and getting drunk and having great times — there's nothing to talk about!"

KNAC.COM: (laughs)

Steele: "There's NOTHING to talk about. Everybody has their own little corner of the tour bus, and that's it. So, you know… Brooklyn is a very sarcastic place. I like to think that I have a sense of humor and I like people with a sense of humor because one of the greatest feelings I get out of life is actually laughing at myself. Also I like laughing at other things, too; comedies, juvenile pranks and slapstick. Which of course, you saw much of that in the video. So that whole adolescent attitude really comes to the forefront with this DVD."

KNAC.COM: Jumping around again, "The Profit$ of Doom" — that was the working title for the last record, was it not?

Steele: "Yeah. I mean, I lie about everything, so you can't believe me. But it is the working title for right now. I don't have any titles for the songs, but I can say that the album sounds like a mixture of… let's just say… BLACK SABBATH, PINK FLOYD, THE BEATLES, DISCHARGE, THE CULT, THE CURE, MY BLOODY VALENTINE, PSYCHEDELIC FURS, DEVO and LAIBACH. So prepare to be confused."

KNAC.COM: Well… but I don't know. I feel… as a TYPE O NEGATIVE fan who has been following you guys since forever… I feel that, that description would suggest any of your records.

Steele: "It does actually, it's just that… the songs for this next album… you see it's really hard for me to be objective because I'm the songwriter. So, it's like, no mother ever thinks that her newborn baby is ugly. You know? And by that I mean it's hard for me to step outside and say what I think, but I will try. The songs are somewhat shorter, they're faster… I'm asking the other guys to actually do more of the vocals — not because I'm losing any nonexistent talent anyway — but the fact is that the other guys have really good voices and I think that they should be utilized. And, also, I've been making calls to see if people like Glenn Danzig or Phil Anselmo would want to do guest vocals or something."


Steele: "Because Johnny's very tight with Glenn, because he goes out (on tour) with DANZIG and hopefully, Glenn wouldn't have a problem with that. And (I'll try to) get a hold of Phil. And there's a female vocalist, her name is Jacqueline, she plays in this band called OTTO'S DAUGHTER from Germany, and she's got a really good voice. And some of the stuff that I've written, I believe might call for a feminine touch. So I've been speaking to her about possibly coming in and doing some vocals. But, you know… speaking of CARNIVORE… after this album is done and in the can, I just might be doing a real short CARNIVORE tour…"

KNAC.COM: You're kidding…

Steele: "… but not… with… uh… it's the original members, but it will be, like… somewhat… well-known… rock-and-rollers… that are going to be a part of this…"

KNAC.COM: Wow. Who?

Steele: "(pauses) That I can't mention right now. There's going to be down time… I don't know when this next (TYPE O) album is set to be released. I would imagine that if it's done by May 1st, the label really wants six months of “set-up” time… which I think is somewhat excessive; but when you change jobs, you know, there's a whole set of unwritten rules that nobody tell you, you just have to learn them by making a dick out of yourself. You know? And nobody tells you, like you're not supposed to piss in that toilet you supposed to shit in that toilet. Which is how jail was…"

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Type O Negative's 'Symphony For The Devil' Trailer

A trailer for the upcoming TYPE O NEGATIVE DVD, entitled "Symphony for the Devil (The World of Type O Negative)", has been posted online at this location. The DVD is due in Europe on March 20 via SPV. The track listing for the disc is as follows:

DVD: Live At The Bizarre Festival, Germany, 1999 (Dolby Digital 5.1/stereo):

01. In The Flesh
02. Cinnamon Girl
03. Waste Of Life intro
04. Too Late: Frozen
05. In Praise Of Bacchus
06. Kill All The White People
07. Cornucopia
08. Wolf Moon (including Zoanthropic Paranoia)
09. Everything Dies
10. My Girlfriend's Girlfriend
11. Are You Afraid?
12. Gravity
13. Black Sabbath intro
14. Christian Women
15. Love You To Death
16. Black #1

CD single:

SANTANA medley, approx. 6:00 minutes, featuring
01. Evil Ways
02. Oye Como Va
03. Black Magic Woman

DVD extras:

* 33 minutes "Behind the Scenes" material
* a previously unreleased interview (interviewer: Fuse TV's Juliya), 30 minutes
* gallery, containing 40 (personal) pictures
* commentary track
* bandmembers' biographies
* four animated menus

Approximate running time: 2:15 hours

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Opeth Updates On Drummer's Condition

Opeth has posted an update on their official website regarding drummer, Martin Lopez, who fell ill during the Sounds of the Underground tour:

During the first weeks of the tour Martin Lopez became seriously ill and had to fly back home to Sweden for treatment. He's currently under supervision and is doing well and we hope for a swift recovery and return to his natural habitat....behind the drums. Legendary basher Gene Hoglan (SYL, Dark angel, Death, Testament and more) filled in for Lopez during the SOTU tour for the last 16 gigs as well as participating in the video shoot for "The grand conjuration". A temporary replacement has been found in Bloodbath/Witchery/Nifelheim drummer Martin Axenrot who will take over Lopez duties until he's fully recovered.

In other news, Opeth upcoming single, "The Grand Conjuration," will be released in the near future. Included on the disc is the edited version of "The Grand Conjuration," as well as the full-length version and another edit of the "Ghost of Perdition" track. A video for edited version of "The Grand Conjuration" was shot in Los Angeles/USA with director Bill Yukich.

Also, Opeth frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt has recorded vocals for a track destined for the upcoming Roadrunner 25 years compilation CD. The song "Roads" was written by Type O Negative keyboardist Josh Silver. Mikael recorded the vocals while on the SOTU tour in Atlanta/Georgia with guitarist/now producer/engineer James Murphy. Mr. Murphy is currently working with the much talked about Death tribute CD which will include appearances from Mikael Åkerfeldt ("Pull the Plug"), as well as Martin Lopez and Martin Mendez and Peter Lindgren. More...

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Type O Negative To Release New Album In Early 2006

TYPE O NEGATIVE drummer Johnny Kelly has posted the following message on the band's official web site:

"Here's what's going on. Peter [Steele] and Josh [Silver] are currently completing their tracks for the 'Roadrunner All Stars' CD. Hopefully they will be done this week. After that, we go back into rehearsals to work on new songs for the next CD. We're shooting to have the new cd released in early 2006. There will be no tours or shows of any kind until the CD is completed and close to the release date. Other than that, I went to the movies the other night. I've been waiting for my car to get out of the shop for over a month. I washed my truck the other day. I still need to take a shower today. My 26" kick drum finally arrived for my Pearl Masterworks green sparkle kit last week but the color was wrong so I had to send it back and they're making me a new one. My LED ZEPPELIN cover band is playing in Brooklyn this weekend. Peter being dead was a hoax and there is no Easter Bunny. Blah Blah Blah, you get the picture..."

As previously reported, TYPE O NEGATIVE frontman Peter Steele will be joining the cast of the new vampire movie, "Tao of M", this month. Steele will be taking on the role of Viktor Baine, the vampire who sires Midael, another vampire who terrorizes New Orleans, played by Steve Blaze (LILLIAN AXE, NEAR LIFE EXPERIENCE). Eric Morris also stars, and members of TWISTED SISTER are slated to portray a group of "false priests" who get on Midael's bad side, according to Fangoria. James L. Bills is directing the hi-def production, produced by Milena Rimassa-Merrill and featuring makeup FX by Matt Green, director of "Vicious".

"Tao of M" is reportedly being shot by Velvet Life Productions (the production company formed by Blaze, Morris and Bills) in a joint venture with Isis Films. Shooting for "Tao of M", which is based on the half-hour indie film "Slayer Zed and the City of the Dead", began in early July, and the moviemakers are aiming for a world premiere this Halloween.

Rimassa-Merrill, President/CEO of Isis Films, took the pre-production trailer for the film, as well as some promotional material, to the the Cannes Film Festival 2005, where it was reportedly well received.

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Type O Negative Frontman To Be In Vampire Movie

Type O Negative frontman Peter Steele will be joining the cast of the new vampire movie, "Tao of M", this August. Steele will be taking on the role of Viktor Baine, the vampire who sires Midael. James L. Bills is directing the hi-def production, produced by Milena Rimassa-Merrill and featuring makeup FX by Matt Green, director of "Vicious".

"Tao of M" is reportedly being shot by Velvet Life Productions in a joint venture with Isis Films. Shooting for "Tao of M", which is based on the half-hour indie film "Slayer Zed and the City of the Dead", began in early July, and the moviemakers are aiming for a world premiere this Halloween.

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Dee Snider Remembers Keith Alexander

TWISTED SISTER frontman Dee Snider has issued the following statement regarding the passing of original CARNIVORE guitarist Keith Alexander:

"Keith Alexander lived more in his 41 years on this earth then most of us will live in our entire natural lifetime. He was as vibrant, warm, enthusiastic and positive a person as you could ever hope to meet, and I am honored to have called him my friend.

"I first met Keith while doing research for my movie 'StrangeLand'. He was a body piercer, brander and cutter at The Gauntlet in NYC and recognized me as I was browsing in the waiting area of the shop. Openly proffessing his status as a hardcore, original S.M.F. and fan of myself and TWISTED SISTER, he offered to help me with my research by inviting me back to witness an actual peircing he was about to do. I seized the opportunity for some first-hand experience. I was treated to the artful execution of a 'Prince Albert' which I was soon to find out was a male genital piercing. I was off to the races on the 'StrangeLand' screenplay. More...

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Danzig US Tour Dates Announced

GLENN DANZIG and his band DANZIG will kick off a month-long North American tour on February 18 in St. Louis, MO wrapping up in Anaheim, CA on March 15 (full itinerary below). The 19-date trek will feature Glenn Danzig/vocals, Tommy Victor/guitars, Jerry Montano/bass, and Johnny Kelly/drums, and is in support of Danzig's latest album, "Circle of Snakes," released in September 2004. Type O Negative's Kelly drummed for Danzig on previous European tours, but this will be his first full U.S. tour with the band.

"Circle of Snakes," Danzig's ninth album, features several cryptic tunes that are psychological in nature, tunes that allude to the struggle between the good and evil within us all, and is a return to the simplistic brutality of the group's 1988 self-titled debut. "Circle of Snakes" Is introspective and challenges the listener to bring a part of himself to it, to interpret its meaning. As Danzig said, "Life is a constant battle, surviving daily life and the battle within yourself."

In addition to the release of "Circle of Snakes" and the winter U.S. Tour dates, Danzig has completed "Black Aria II," the follow up to 1993's "Black Aria" which reached the #1 position on Billboard's Classical chart. "Black Aria II" focuses on Lilith, a mythical figure and Eve's predecessor as the first wife of Adam who has come to symbolize female independence and rebellion. It is said that Lilith was banished to the desert, had sex with demons, brought plagues to the Earth, and, taking on the form of a serpent, seduced Eve to eat the fateful apple. "Black Aria II" was produced by Danzig. An early summer 2005 release on Danzig's Evilive label is expected.

Danzig is also in the process of writing the screenplay for a film adaptation of "Gerouge," one of the comic book titles distributed by his Verotik publishing company; the film will mark his feature film directorial debut. "Gerouge" takes place in New Orleans at the turn of the 20th Century, and word is that it will be "full of zombies, snake rituals, and some of the most gruesome scenes ever put on film." Rainstorm Productions is producing the feature, no release date has been set.

Confirmed "Circle of Snakes" tour dates are as follows: More...

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Type O Negative Drummer To Tour With Danzig

According to a posting on DANZIG's official web site, TYPE O NEGATIVE drummer Johnny Kelly will once again be filling in on drums for DANZIG on their upcoming tour. Kelly had previously played with DANZIG on their 2002 European trek for "I Luciferi" and two "Blackest of the Black" West Coast shows in May 2003.

In other news, DANZIG have announced that they will be scheduling several European dates beginning in late March. Exact cities and dates will be announced soon.

Also on the DANZIG-related front, Glenn Danzig has completed work on his "Black Aria II" project, the material for which had apparently been written for five years. The album is expected to be released in late spring. A video shoot for one of the tracks may precede the album's release.

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Joey Jordison Doll Being Auctioned For Charity

An 18-inch autographed Joey Jordison (Slipknot) doll, created as a fund-raiser for Raven Nicole Robinson, a four-month-old girl born with a hole in her heart, is currently being auctioned via eBay.

This collectible doll is a miniature replica of the "Vol. 3" tour suit, which includes cargo shorts (with actual pockets) with elastic waistband and miniature jacket with elastic cuffs and velcro closure as well as the correct insignia on jacket. Suit is made from the same material (100% polyester) as the ones worn by the band. Patches are made by a combination of hand and machine embroidery. Left front leg of shorts is a piece from Joey's *ACTUAL* stage costume.

To view pictures of the doll and to get more information or place a bid, click here.

Members of Iron Maiden, Andrew W.K., Murderdolls, Type O Negative, Disturbed, Poison, Guns N' Roses, AC/DC, Orgy, Danzig, Fear Factory, W.A.S.P., Bang Tango, Quiet Riot, Beautiful Creatures, Cinderella, Lynch Mob, Danger Danger, Ministry, Misfits and Great White will all participate in an all-star concert at the Beverly Hills Hard Rock Café on Jan. 20 to raise money for Robinson. For more information on the show or on Raven's situation, go to RavensHeart.org.

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Maiden, GNR Members To Appear At Benefit Concert

Members of Iron Maiden, Andrew WK, Murderdolls, Type O Negative, Disturbed, Poison, Guns N Roses, AC/DC, Orgy, Danzig, Fear Factory, W.A.S.P., Bang Tango, Quiet Riot, Beautiful Creatures, Cinderella, Lynch Mob, Danger Danger, Ministry, Misfits and Great White are among the musicians that have reportedly been confirmed to appear a benefit concert on Thursday, January 20, 2005 at the Hard Rock Café in Beverly Hills, California to raise funds to pay for the surgery and medical treatment of Raven Nicole Robinson, a two-month-old girl born with a very large hole in between the right and left pumping chambers of her heart.

According to a posting at RavensHeart.org, "[Raven's] condition is called Ventricular Septal Defect. Large ventricular septal defects cause problems, as the pressure in the right side of the heart decreases, blood will start to flow to the path of least resistance. This leads to congestive heart failure and must be treated. The most important sign of congestive heart failure is the baby's growth.

"Babies who have significant congestive heart failure will have failure to thrive and will have difficulty maintaining a normal weight gain in the first few months of life. Such is Raven's case, at birth she weighed 7 lbs. 7 oz. She is now [four] months old and struggles with every swallow; [Mother] Misse often feeds her with a medicine dropper and anticipates the usual vomiting that follows. Raven has just reached 8 lbs. She is on numerous medications to try and prolong her life until surgery."

Read the full article at RavensHeart.org.

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Type O Negative U.S. Tour Cancelled?

Type O Negative appear to have cancelled their previously announced U.S. tour with Amorphis. Although the group have yet to issue an official statement on the matter, a posting at the Northern Lights (Clifton Park, NY venue) web site had attributed to cancellation "to an illness in the band." It should be noted, however, that this posting has since been altered, and all references to an "illness" within the group have now been removed. More information will be made available soon.

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Amorphis Guitarist Says Fill-In Vocalist Is Great

Amorphis guitarist Esa Holopainen has posted the following update on the group's official web site:

"A good time to inform [everyone] that the rehearsings with JP Leppäluoto [Charon singer and fill-in vocalist for Amorphis' upcoming U.S. tour] goes further exellent. We have been now two days in rehearsing flat and the result is great, JP has improved the band with a great talent and his voice matches perfectly to AMO-songs so no worries. Also people who are sceptic about how the old tracks are going to be performed will be surprised..."

Amorphis will be hitting the road with Type O Negative in support of their most recent CD, "Far From The Sun", beginning in early October.

Amorphis supporting Type O Negative:

Oct. 07 - New Haven, CT @ Toad's Place
Oct. 08 - Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
Oct. 09 - Johnson City, NY @ Magic City Music Hall
Oct. 11 - New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
Oct. 12 - Allentown, PA @ Crocodile Rock
Oct. 13 - Wantagh, NY @ Mulcahy's Rock & Roll Sports Bar
Oct. 14 - Montreal, QUE @ Café Campus
Oct. 15 - Philadelphia, PA @ Theatre of Living Arts
Oct. 16 - Clifton Park, NY @ Northern Lights
Oct. 18 - Toronto, ONT @ Kool Haus
Oct. 20 - Cleveland, OH @ Odeon
Oct. 21 - Toledo, OH @ Headliner's
Oct. 22 - Detroit, MI @ Harpo's
Oct. 23 - Columbus, OH @ Newport Music Hall
Oct. 24 - Cincinnati, OH @ Bogarts
Oct. 26 - Flint, MI @ The Machine Shop
Oct. 27 - Springfield, IL @ The Warehouse
Oct. 28 - Minneapolis, MN @ Quest Club
Oct. 30 - Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave / Eagles Ballroom
Oct. 31 - Chicago, IL @ Metro / Smart Bar
Nov. 01 - Sauget, IL @ Pop's
Nov. 02 - Kansas City, KS @ The Beaumont Club
Nov. 05 - Lake Buena Vista, FL @ House Of Blues
Nov. 09 - Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
Nov. 10 - Winston-Salem, NC @ Ziggy's
Nov. 11 - Washington, DC @ Nation
Nov. 12 - Pittsburgh, PA @ The Rock Club
Nov. 13 - Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom

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