"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Andy Winter

From: Norway
Last Known Status: Active

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Andy Winter Explains The "Incomprehensible"

An eclectic slice of all things metal, Andy Winter's new album "Incomprehensible" (reviewed here) features an array of guest musicians from Europe and North America. The disc sees contributions from members of Madder Mortem, Starofash, Agalloch, Tristania, Novembers Doom, and more, making this a must-hear for fans of just about any style.

Excited to share "Incomprehensible" with the world, the mastermind behind the project conducted an interview with us, diving into how these tracks came together with musicians scattered across the globe working in tandem.

The verbose Winter discusses the tight-nit Norwegian musical community, how people will likely interpret the lyrics differently from one another, and his own history in the metal scene. More...

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