"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 1997
From: Surrey, United Kingdom
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Forefather News

Below is our complete Forefather news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

Wodfreca Records Closing Down

Wodfreca Records, which included among its roster Hrafnblod, Frostwork, and Cruelty’s Heart, has posted the following announcement online about closing down:

"As most of you know, Wodfreca Records was soon to cease its operations. Originally this was planned for after the release of ‘Ealdgesegena – A Tribute to Forefather’, but unfortunately due to a seeming lack of interest and my inability to get any form of confirmation from most of the artists whom originally agreed to take part, I must regretfully now cancel this CD. I apologize to the five or six bands that did confirm, and were already underway with their recordings. I hope these covers will still see the light of day.

"No further copies of any Wodfreca release will be made available through this label. Each was limited to only one hundred, and in the case of Cruelty’s Heart, just fifty. Each was outstanding in its own right, and the artists are free to re-release these albums, or otherwise use the tracks on them, in any way they see fit – so do not despair if you did not manage to get a copy during the label’s brief flurry of existence.

"I’d like to wish each artist that worked with me the best of luck for the future – Hrafnblod has unfortunately ended, and there are extremely limited copies of their last release, a split with Ulfarr left at UKEM Records. Gareth is working on other projects, I believe. Frostwork and Cruelty’s Heart have both now signed with UKEM Records, and a split is planned featuring them both. Aethelruna, my own project, is indefinitely on hold."

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Forefather's Sixth Album To See U.S. Release

Forefather's sixth album "Last in the Line" will finally see a U.S. release. Metalhit.com, under license from Seven Kingdoms Records, will be issuing the album in July of this year. Almost all the tracks from this British band's "Last in the Line" have been uploaded to YouTube, where you may stream them. Below is an upload of one of Forefather's songs from the album, "Doomsday Dawns." Forefather, hailing from Surrey, has been around since 1997. Most of its catalogue has been released by Hammerheart/Karmageddon records. "Last in the Line" and its predecessor "Steadfast" were both originally issued by Seven Kingdoms Records.

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Metalhit.com Posts Free Folk Metal Compilation

Metalhit.com is out with their latest free compilation - this time a folk metal comp. U.S. residents can download it for free on Amazon.com. Others can check it out on Metalhit.com.

Here's the tracklisting for the folk metal compilation:

1. Claim the Throne "Set Sail on Ale" (2:43)
2. Skadi Fferyllt "Following" (4:20)
3. Forefather "Steadfast" (5:06)
4. Halgadom "Mysterium des Blutes" (4:11)
5. Heorot "Pyha Simasali" (4:59)
6. Leshak "Firtree's Bark" (2:38)
7. Manegarm "Dodens Strand" (5:05)
8. Obtest "From Generation to Generation" (4:26)
9. Sig:Ar:Tyr "Blood of the North" (7:35)
10. Skyforger "The Ancient Oak" (4:40)
11. Temnozor "Silent be the Wind" (5:58)
12. Velimor "Fog"(6:24)

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Download A New Forefather Song Online

The new FOREFATHER MP3 single "Summer's Flame" is available for download from metalhit.com. See the front page, or search their mp3 store for a preview and purchasing. "Summer's Flame" will be available at other digital download sites (iTunes, Amazon Mp3, eMusic, etc.) in the coming weeks.

The English summer had arrived and the sun was in full strength and Wulfstan had an old melody lying around that he fancied having a fiddle with. Athelstan joined in and the result is new MP3 single "Summer's Flame," available now.

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MetalHit.com Announces Free Compilation, Releases

Metalhit.com, the first all-digital extreme metal label, has launched their extensive Mp3 download store featuring over 3,000 songs of high-fidelity, unlimited preview, DRM-free Mp3s. The store features titles from underground labels like Avantgarde, Red Stream Rec., Sevared Rec., Lacerated Enemy Rec., Crematorium Rec., Deathgasm Rec., Hammer of Hate, Negative Existence, Stygian Crypt and more.

New Exclusive Releases from Metalhit include:

ORTHRUS "Tyrants of Deception" - Debut release of dark and melodic black/thrash metal with epic guitar solos and shredding riffs.

WOLFSSCHANZE "Transcend the Flesh" - Oppressive and agonizing black/doom metal.

Visitors to Metalhit.com can also download a FREE 18 band compilation featuring artists like Mirrorthrone, Zemial, Forefather, Gortuary, Behexen, Diabolic and more.

Metalhit titles are also available worldwide through all fine digital retailers (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon Mp3, Rhapsody, Napster and more).

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Forefather Begin Mixing New Album

England's FOREFATHER has issued the following update:

"Over the last week we have been re-recording a few parts on the [forthcoming FOREFATHER] album that we felt could be improved, and also adding some things. Over the next week we hope to have a mixdown to approve. We will keep the album and track names secret for the moment but we can say there will be 11 tracks at a running time of approx 58 minutes."

A preview of the new CD artwork, which was created by Martin Hanford (BAL-SAGOTH) is available at this location.

FOREFATHER's fourth album, "Ours is the Kingdom", was released in May 2004 through Holland's Karmageddon Media. The CD was recorded at The Croft Recording Studio in England and features artwork by C.A. Interactive (MORIFADE, SKYFIRE).

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Forefather Wrapping Up Recording New Album

England's FOREFATHER has issued the following update:

"The recording of our new album is in the final stages. All that's left to finish is the vocals. Then the laborious task of mixing can begin. We should have a first mix to evaluate around mid-July.

"The artwork for the album is already done. This time we worked with Martin Hanford (BAL-SAGOTH). Check out the preview here."

FOREFATHER's fourth album, "Ours is the Kingdom", was released in May 2004 through Holland's Karmageddon Media. The CD was recorded at The Croft Recording Studio in England and features artwork by C.A. Interactive (MORIFADE, SKYFIRE).

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Forefather Writing New Material

Forefather are already in the early stages of writing new material for their 5th album. Furthermore, keep an eye out in the coming months for the Folkearth album "A Nordic Poem," for which Athelstan & Wulfstan have contributed the music to the track "Rhyming With Thunder." The Forefather brothers also contributed a cover of Burzum's "'Beholding the Daughters of the Firmament" for a Burzum tribute album, to be released by German record label Perverted Taste.

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