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"Black II" Details Announced

For it's second year, "Black" - Vancouver's assembly celebrating everything black metal - is being held at the Rickshaw Theatre on June 10th.

This year's event will have an art exhibition of black metal culture featuring works from Kevin Eisenlord and lord of logos Christophe Szpajdel. In addition to showcasing black metal art, Szpajdel will be hosting a very special live art performance piece plus will be joined by Youtube sensation Vegan Black Metal Chef for a live cooking segment on stage along with serving a vegan buffet (wrist bands will be sold for the buffet at $10).

There will also be a short documentary showing about Christophe Szpajdel and his work over the years in the black metal community. Closing the night's festivities will be local black metal band Svneater. Full details are available here. More...

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Vegan Black Metal Chef To Appear At Veg Fest

Remember the Vegan Black Metal Chef and his hilariously titled "Seitanic Spellbook?" Turns out the dude is still cooking up some metallic and delicious non-meat dishes. He'll be appearing at a vegetarian festival in L.A. this coming Sunday and just issued this update via Facebook:

"People of Los Angeles! I invade your veg fest at the end of this month on April 30th. Come learn how to burn food and babble incessantly about things. I shall be there all day at my booth and at select times for a cooking demo and panel discussion which are on this website. Be there.... it's free." More...

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Vegan Black Metal Chef Crowd Funding New Cook Book

Remember the vegan black metal chef? He's finally crowd funding a new cookbook with a twist - every recipe will have a full video. You can contribute to the campaign via Kickstarter here, and the chef himself comments:

"It is time to summon the greatest do-able vegan cookbook of all time. This will be an ultra visual, multimedia cookbook to teach amazing vegan cooking with a fist full of metal. Each and every recipe in the book will have an accompanying video. You will be able to scan a QR code to summon the video for anything in the book.

"I want this to be the most fun vegan cookbook possible that teaches easy vegan cooking in a modern real world context. Since I am also highly into personal development and mysticism... The book will be peppered with the most useful aspects of what I have learned from that world as well.

"I am not really into cookbooks. I don't like measuring shit, I don't like rigid rules, and I don't like people telling me what to do. This cookbook is made for the person that does not like to use cookbooks in mind.

"First, The book is concept based. You learn a concept, see one full write-up (with pictures every step along the way) on how to use that concept (the recipes). Then you are shown many ideas for dishes that can be made using variations of the same concept.

"For example, with the concept of mixing vegenase (vegan mayo), vinegar and spices many things can be made. You are shown a full write-up on how to make vegan ranch dressing. Then taking the same concept, you are shown briefly how to make cole slaw, potato salad, jackfruit chickun salad, eggless egg salad etc. Of course, there is a video for each and every one of those." More...

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More Metal Songs Added To The Rock Band Network

Rock Band players: there's still more achievements to be earned and demon goat basses to be unlocked, and this week there's a smattering of new metal on the Rock Band Network to play along with. For those rocking on the Xbox 360, you now have access to these songs:

A Life Once Lost - “Madness is God” (80 MSP)
Ava Inferi - “Onyx” (160 MSP)
Chaotrope - “Synesthesia (2x Bass Pedal)” (80 MSP)
Deception of a Ghost - “American Terrorist (2x Bass Pedal)” (160 MSP)
Fail Emotions - “Transformation Pt. 1” (80 MSP)
I See Stars - “Filth Friends Unite” (160 MSP)
The Dillinger Escape Plan - “Widower” (160 MSP)

PS3 players will instead get two new tracks on 3/12 (North America) and 3/13 (Europe):

Dir En Grey - "Hageshisa To, Kono Mune No Naka De Karamitsuita" ($1.99)
Vegan Black Metal Chef - "Make the Sauce" ($0.99)

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New Rock Band Network Songs Available

This week's Rock Band Network lineup is pretty sparse on the heavy stuff, with only two tracks a piece for both the Xbox and PS3 versions. Xbox 360 players now have these two songs available:

Anarchy Club - “All the Fires Burning” (80 MSP)
Vegan Black Metal Chef - “Make the Sauce” (80 MSP)

PS3 players instead get access to these tracks 1/22/2013 (North America) and 1/23/2013 (Europe):

Francisco Meza - "Rage and Pain" ($1.99)
Chaotrope - "Chiasm" ($0.99)

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Just For Fun

Vegan Black Metal Chef 4: Hail Seitan

The fourth installment of Vegan Black Metal Chef has been posted online, titled "Hail Seitan." Seitan is wheat gluten for those of you who do not know.

In this episode you will learn how to make 3 seitanic dishes.

1) A seitanic udon noodle stirfry
2) A seitanic curry
3) Bbq seitan sandwiches

We've followed the Vegan Black Metal Chef's recipes in our "Just for fun" section and you can get more information on the recipes at veganblackmetalchef.com, although there's nothing about this one on there just yet.

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Vegan Black Metal Chef Launches Official Website

Florida's "Vegan Black Metal Chef" Brian Manowitz has launched an official website for his ongoing series of recipe videos. On his website Manowitz offers the following explanation on why he choose to use vegan recipes for his black metal themed cooking show.

"The fast reason I tell people why I am vegan is that I do not believe in the exploitation of animals. Exploitation in this case means that the animal suffers for our benefit. Most animals raised for food live in what I would consider a darker hell than one even I could ever imagine. The best parts of their lives is their moment of death.

"Chickens live in tiny cages [amongst] mountains of shit, Cattle live in crowded factory farms on cement floors. Pigs live in crowded pens, or if its a female that has just given birth, live in tiny 'gestation crates' where they can not even turn around. Turkeys are given so many hormones that they grow too fast for their bones to support them. Of course not each and every animal is treated like this, but it is such the majority case that its time to bring consciousness to this area and decide if we want any part of it once and for all."

You can read the "Vegan Black Metal Chef's" in depth response to choosing a vegan lifestyle at this location, with the first episode - featuring a vegan version of Pad Thai - in the player below.

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Just For Fun

Vegan Black Metal Chef Posts First Episode

The vegan black metal chef has posted his first episode online, detailing how to make Pad Thai the black metal way. You can check out the clip below.

A message from the vegan black metal chef himself about the episode reads as follows:

"This is a complete walkthrough on how to make the best Vegan Pad Thai Ever! I tried to only use ingredients that are easily available. Tamarind paste or soup base is the only odd one in there. It can easily be purchaced at an asian grocery store...but Wal Mart might even have tamarind something. Even Tamarind Nectar will probably work. Just use less or no extra water. You can also substitute some coconut milk for some of the water.

"There will be no 'recipe' given, watch the video to see the amounts, learn the concepts, and give it a try. To me Recipes intimidate people and take away your aspect of creation. They are ok in some respects, I just don't know many people that make things from recipes.

"Btw, all of the armor is rubber, not leather. All music and video is made by the Vegan Black Metal Chef (Brian Manowitz). Enjoy and Make this!"

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