"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 1988
From: New Orleans, LA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

EyeHateGod Interviews and Features

Below are our features and interviews with EyeHateGod.


Eyehategod's Mike IX Discusses Self-Titled Album

In May, the sludge lords from Eyehategod released their first full-length in fourteen years. This period wasn’t void of activity. The band released short-play recordings such as a split with Soilent Green, “99 Miles of Bad Road” EP and “New Orleans Is the New Vietnam.” But the band hadn’t released a full-length recording since “Confederacy of Ruined Lives” dropped in 2000.

14 years is a long build towards a record and they needed to make something good. Their self-titled recording proved well worth the wait. The group couldn’t have picked a better title for the record. It is the ultimate EHG recording.

It contains what one expects from EHG—heaping loads of feedback, groove and punk-addled speed. It’s a faster, more aggressive beast. It’s also the final EHG recording featuring drummer Joey LaCaze who passed away in 2013. Possibly their fastest record, it was the perfect medium for LaCaze to showcase his skills—skills that showed him at the top of his game.

Front man Mike IX Williams was in Austin, Texas to play two shows at the Housecore Horror Film Fest. Early Sunday, he played with his industrial band Corrections House and then with Eyehategod later in the evening. We found Williams in the press room with his podcast cohort Perry P. The two had completed another podcast for the Thee Garbage Men show on Core of Destruction Radio. In the following interview, Williams discusses his involvement in various bands including spinning albums on Core of Destruction Radio. He tells us about EGH’s cryptic messages, playing with new drummer Aaron Hill and being interviewed for the NOLA series on Noisey/Vice. More...

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Interview with Brian Patton of Eyehategod

Fathers of sludge Eyehategod will be heading out on the road soon to cover your town in a thick, smelly layer of toxic slime. That's what sludge is, after all. The world is waiting on pins and needles for the next album; in the making for over ten years now. This is not a Guns N' Roses deal though. The musicians in Eyehategod are very busy with their other bands like Down, Arson Anthem, and Soilent Green to name a few. I was able to catch up with guitarist Brian Patton before the tour is unleashed to talk about the upcoming album, how crazy things get on tour, and amazing shows possibly heading your way. A transcription follows. More...

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Interview with Jimmy Bower

Veteran NOLA sludge metallers Eyehategod are finally releasing an album after ten years of turmoil. Making appearances at European festivals like Roadburn and playing some shows on the American coasts, Eyehategod is heading out for a proper tour to promote the album coming out this year. I had the chance to speak with guitarist Jimmy Bower a few days before the band plays with Pentagram in their hometown and then heads off to Maryland Death Festival and the rest of thier tour. A transcribed version follows the video. More...

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Interview with Mike IX Williams from EyeHateGod

When you think of New Orleans and the underground scene, one band stands out: EyeHateGod. The down-toned, doomy sludge produced by this band isn’t only responsible for defining a local scene, but for creating a sub-genre movement. Through arrests, hurricanes, and unfaithful labels, EyeHateGod recently celebrated their 20th Anniversary, sharing the date three yeas after Katrina’s impact, to a sold out show at One Eyed Jack’s in New Orleans that had their followers lined up two blocks long, staying long after EHG took the stage. I asked Mike IX Williams, vocalist, about EHG turning twenty, the NOLA underground scene, and where IX came from. More...

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Weathering The Storm: Gary Mader Of Eyehategod

It's well known in the metal underground what true legend's Eyehategod have become, primarily due to the fact they created one of the most controversial and darkest forms of metal music ever, Sludge. Based in New Orleans, Louisiana and having formed originally in 1988, Eyehategod has made more than its fair share of social and political statements, literally going to hell and back to remain one of the most important heavy music bands ever. Despite numerous reports over the years of the group breaking up, they have truly withstood the test of time, albeit a bit worn, bloodied and bruised for the better. After 2005's Preaching the "End-Time" Message, a rareties collection, the band found themselves smack dab in the middle of a level 5 hurricane that almost permanently removed them and NOLA off the map for good. For a short period, the band itself was in search of its very own doom poet lead vocalist, Mike Williams, who was found later not to be dead but actually alive and locked up in jail. Philip Anselmo, said it best when uttering the statement, "Mike Williams is New Orleans." , ending the ongoing horror story come alive by digging into his own wallet and bailing the singer out. I cannot speak quite to the level of just how great this band is in the Rock N Roll pantheon, to be frank. For oft times, life's true great artists of their field aren't figured out and fully appreciated until they are no longer performing their craft or even alive for that matter. I am really proud to have this opportunity to interview Eyehategod's bass player, Gary Mader.

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