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Apothesary Releases New Video

Two weeks out from the release of Apothesary's latest album "Accept Loss Forever" on M-Theory Audio, the Nor Cal band releases another promo video, this time for the song “You’ve Met with a Terrible Fate, Haven’t You?” once again produced by Tsunami Films.

"We're all extremely happy to premiere 'You've Met with a Terrible Fate, Haven't You?' on Bravewords! This song was one of the last to be written for the album - at a time when you couldn't force me to write much of anything,” explains guitarist Clayton Cagle.

Clayton goes on to say, “You've Met's lyrics deal with a pretty fragile point where I was struggling to find value in myself. I was stuck sort of contemplating who in my life really mattered and who I felt still cared. The list seemed short, as it usually does for someone in that state of mind, so the lyrics really serve to reflect that feeling of hopelessness I held in that moment. It was a very dark time, for sure, so I'm grateful I had a pen and a notebook to spill those thoughts onto."

Apothesary describe the emotionally charged "Accept Loss Forever" as an ode to suffering, as the album chronicles the various challenges and difficulties the group has overcome. If you missed it, the lyric video for "Tempest (Even Tide)" can be seen here. More...

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Apothesary Premieres New Lyric Video

Apothesary is gearing up to drop sophomore effort "Accept Loss Forever" via rising metal force M-Theory Audio on July 7th.

Ahead of that impending summer release date, today the band has teamed up with us to exclusively premiere a new lyric video for "Tempest (Even Tide)." The clip was created by Tsunami Films and features a guest guitar solo by Bill Hudson (U.D.O., I Am Morbid, Trans-Siberian Orchestra) - check it out below!

Guitarist Clayton Cagle comments on the new video:

"Musically, parts of 'Tempest' date as far back as 2010. Some of those riffs (albeit modified) are actually some of the earliest material I had ever written - which is special to me to reflect on. It was also a chance for Greg and I to write and arrange together; bouncing ideas off of each other in a music composing program. He and I always seem to sync up when we talk about our goals and opinions. And I have always, ALWAYS wanted a giant triplet breakdown with an ominous, tremolo-picked lead.

"Lyrically, this was the last song written for the record. At the time... I was experiencing some things that I didn't know how to handle. There were a lot of emotions that I couldn't make sense of. And because of the way the previous year of my life had unraveled, I was already in a dangerous place.

"I remember sitting in my bed one night, alone, with the substance that I was convinced was the only thing helping me (the same substance later convinced me that I was about to die, but that's another story). I was miserable to the point that I hadn't written anything in weeks but I knew I needed to do something to release that pressure. So I forced myself to pick up my notebook and just started writing down thoughts. The arranged version of that desperate night became 'Tempest.'" More...

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Apothesary Announces New Album

Fresh from a successful tour of the western U.S., the Northern California-based death metal/core quartet Apothesary has finished recording a sophomore full-length album. Titled “Accept Loss Forever,” the album has been described by the band as an “ode to suffering” and will be issued by M-Theory Audio on July 7th, 2017.

Taking advantage of a break in the busy touring schedule of his other band Hatchet, guitarist Clayton Cagle and his Apothesary band mates – guitarist/vocalist Jared Eandi, drummer Greg O'Neill and bassist Brittany Shankle – spent much of April on the road in support of 2016 EP “Sensory Overload.”

That was all just a precursor for “Accept Loss Forever,” which Cagle describes as an emotional and cathartic album that painstakingly captures the group's evolution, musically and personally.

“'Accept Loss Forever' is the true definition of 'coming of age,' as some of its material dates back to 2012 – when our average age was just 17 – and spans over half the life of the band,” he explains. “That makes these songs special, because they're the most accurate representation of our growth both as a band and as human beings. Every significant moment of our transition from adolescence to adulthood has a place on this record, and I don't know where I would be right now if I didn't have this outlet to help put life in perspective. It is my hope that the music on this record helps someone else in the same way it helped me, and the rest of Apothesary, to write. We can't thank the M-Theory team more for believing in us enough to make this release a reality.” More...

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Apothesary Releases "Elizabeth" Video

Still in support of the "Sensory Overload" EP, Northern California’s Apothesary is back with another round of tour dates and a new promo video clip. The video for "Elizabeth" is Apothesary’s first attempt at doing a proper promo clip and has an interesting concept behind it.

"We wanted to choose a song that was both powerful and reflective of our sound as a whole. The story of ‘Elizabeth’ is based around the Multiverse theory, or the concept of parallel universes,” explains guitarist Clayton Cagle. “The film follows our heroine (and stellar bassist) living multiple timelines beginning with her arrival and ending in her demise - with pieces of the overarching story being explained in each world.”

“Akin to Cloud Atlas and loosely influenced by the Hindu belief of reincarnation, it was important to us that we accurately portray the concept (without confusion) in less than four minutes,” adds bassist/vocalist Jared Eandi. “We couldn't be happier with the end result and thank Tsunami Films immensely for the incredible work!" More...

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Apothesary Posts New Lyric Video

Apothesary's new EP "Sensory Overload" is due to drop at the end of the week (June 24th) and now a lyric video has also come online ahead of that release. Check out a clip for the title track below. You can also see Apothesary live on these coming dates:

June 21 Madison WI - The Frequency w/Psycroptic
June 22 Des Moines IA – Lefty’s
June 23 Omaha NE – Lookout Lounge w/American Head Charge and Motograter
June 24 Moorhead MN – The Garage Bar
June 25 Minneapolis MN – Skyway Theater w/American Head Charge, Motograter and Soil
June 28 Ogden UT – Kamikaze’s w/Motograter More...

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Apothesary Releasing New EP

June 24th marks the release of the brand new EP, "Sensory Overload," from Nor Cal’s Apothesary. This young band, average age 21, started making music as 14-year-old friends blending their influences into something they could call their own.

Instead of just hanging out in the garage and dreaming about the possibilities, these teens started releasing independent CDs and touring the country on DIY-booked tours including shows with Killswitch Engage, Dark Tranquillity, Fear Factory, Dying Fetus, Helloween, Suffocation, Warbringer and As I Lay Dying.

Now 7 years later, Apothesary is ready to join the bigger leagues. Having the solid, original core of guitarist vocalist Jared Eandi, drummer Gregg O’Neil and guitar player Clayton Cagle (also of Bay Area thrashers Hatchet) along with new bassist Brittany Shankle, the quartet will hit the road again this summer, including dates opening for American Head Charge, Motograter and Psycroptic. In combination comes a new EP as well.

"We're beyond excited to announce our signing to M-Theory Audio! Finally, 'Sensory Overload' will see the light of day through this fabulous partnership,” states guitarist Clayton Cagle. “I've known Marco since Apothesary's Myspace days where I first asked him for feedback on our oldest material. Fast forward seven years, and he's given us advice on everything from how to get good promo, to touring contacts, to even helping orchestrate me playing in Hacher. It's crazy to think that this relationship has come as far as M-Theory releasing our music - and Apothesary couldn't be happier about it!" More...

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Apothesary Premieres New Song "1976"

San Francisco, CA’s death/thrash outfit Apothesary premieres a new song entitled "1976", taken from the upcoming yet untitled new album, which will be out in stores sometime in 2016.

Check out now "1976" below.

Explains lead guitarist Clayton Cagle: More...

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Apothesary Streaming "They All Carry Ghosts"

California's Apothesary has posted the song "They All Carry Ghosts" online, which can be heard in the player below. The track will also be posted online as a free download via Bandcamp on December 25th, 2012. For more info on Apothesary, head over to the band's Facebook profile here.

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