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Beauty In The Suffering

From: Chicago, IL
Last Known Status: Active

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Beauty In The Suffering At Walker Stalker Con

Beauty In The Suffering, the newly launched electronic-rock studio project from producer DieTrich Thrall (Marazene), will bring its message in the form of zombie apocalypse themed electronic rock to Chicago for Walker Stalker Con 2014.

Walker Stalker Con, to be held from now until March 16th at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, marks a landmark, if somewhat inevitable, path-crossing of "The Crazies" - the kickoff single and name given to the bands emerging fanbase - and The Walking Dead's "Walker's" - the name given to the zombies in the number one rated television series on AMC.

Said Dietrich: "Very excited to be attending the convention and the incredibly awesome opportunity to cross paths with thousands of fans of zombie culture. We will be sneak-peeking our new music and zombie video trilogy at our booth so make sure you stop by and say 'hello'."

Walker Stalker Con commented: "Walker Stalker Con is the fruit of The Walker Stalkers Podcast with James & Eric. The podcast began with an amazing trip to Senoia, GA where James & Eric were able to view the set of The Walking Dead and meet the incredible actors from the show.

As a result of this experience, a podcast began and then the idea of a convention focused around recreating that same experience with the cast and crew of the show, along with talented actors and artists from other zombie shows, movies and art."

Walker Stalker Con is not just a convention. It is a fan meet-up and an opportunity for each guest to come away feeling like they've had an amazing experience and became part of a greater community of zombie lovers! Walker Stalker Con is three days of events, panels, and experiences that zombie fans won't find anywhere else!"

Beauty In The Suffering world premiered their debut song and zombie music video, "The Crazies," in November and December 2013.

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Beauty In The Suffering Streaming Video

Beauty In The Suffering, the newly launched electro-metal studio project from producer DieTrich Thrall (Marazene), has released the lyric video for their debut single "The Crazies (The Zombie Song)" - the ultimate zombie apocalypse party/rally as told from the perspective of the zombies.

The track originally premiered on FEARnet and is available for download now at the band's Bandcamp page. Check out the FEARnet.con premiere of "The Crazies (The Zombie Song)" at this location and below, or stream it over on bandcamp.

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Beauty In The Suffering Announces Single Release

Beauty in the Suffering, the newly launched electro-metal studio project from producer DieTrich Thrall (Marazene), will release the band's debut single, "The Crazies," on November 5th, 2013.

Two years in the making, "The Crazies" marks the first new material released by DieTrich since Marazene's 2011 cover of the Motley Crue track "Live Wire" and subsequent final single "Welcome to your Holiday."

After spending the majority of 2012 locked away in his personal studio writing, arranging, and programming 40+ songs, DieTrich emerged for several minutes to announce his new project only to dive back into a 15 hour marathon studio session with drummer Chris Emery of American Head Charge. Other announced studio special guests include Aaron "Monty" Montgomery (Trapt), Angel Bartolotta (Dope, Team Cybergeist), Chris Telkes (Nocturne, The Razorblade Dolls), And Provo Provenzano (Skinlab, Rikets).

Provo has also been the engineering force behind the project. Said Provo: "Beauty in the Suffering is one of the most exciting projects I've worked on lately. DieTrich is insanely precise in the studio and has a great vision for where his songs need to be and the diy ability and attitude to get it done right. DieTrich has also brought in some amazing studio musicians to help round out a unique and catchy collection of gritty and electronic based tunes. I can't wait to get these songs out for the world to hear!" More...

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Beauty In The Suffering Announces More Guests

Beauty in the Suffering, the newly launched electro-metal studio project from producer Dietrich Thrall (Marazene), have announced several more contributors to the band's growing list of special guests.

Drummer Aaron "Monty" Montgomery of platinum rockers Trapt will contribute drums on "The Plea," a track expected to appear on the band's debut full-length album. Said Monty, "Had a blast working on this project and in particular ‘The Plea.’ Awesome track with kick ass industrial rock drive that has the melodies to match. Watch out for these guys!"

Current The Razorblade Dolls guitarist Chris Telkes has contributed guitar on the band's announced debut single "The Crazies." Chris is perhaps best known for co-founding the industrial rock band Nocturne and Lacey Connor (VH1's Rock of Love). Beauty in the Suffering is expected to announce a release date for the digital single in the coming weeks.

Skinlab guitarist Provo Provenzano will add guitars to "Reveille." The track is the the expected second digital single from the band expected in the Fall. Provo has also been the engineering force behind the project with tracking taking place at Pirated Sound Studios and Bell Lab Recordings, both located in the Oklahoma City, OK metro area.

"Beauty in the Suffering is one of the most exciting projects I’ve worked on lately.” Provo commented. “DieTrich is insanely precise in the studio and has a great vision for where his songs need to be and the diy ability and attitude to get it done right.”

“Real talented and cool bunch of guys who I am beyond thrilled to have on board the very first Beauty In The Suffering songs – the tracks they sent us have been top shelf embellishment.” Dietrich offered. “Provo has been been my weapon of choice in helping me realize these tracks at the level I always heard them in my head so a very big kudos to him for that as well.”

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Beauty in the Suffering Working On New Material

Beauty in the Suffering - the newly launched electro-metal sutdio project for producer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist Dietrich Thrall - is officially in mixing mode for music the band plans to introduce to fans starting this fall with the release of "The Crazies."

"The pace is quickening as we begin the jog towards fall - these are exciting times and I am extremely happy to be with you all in the here and now," commented DieTrich.

The band is currently locked away with Skinlab guitarist Provo Provenzano at Pirated Sounds Studio located in Oklahoma City, OK mixing the first three songs which will drop this fall. The band will immediately follow up the digitally released singles by beginning production on a full-length debut album with a release date targeted for sometime in 2014.

After spending the majority of 2012 locked away in a personal studio writing, arranging, and programming 40+ songs, Dietrich began laying the foundation for a new musical manifesto. Chris Emery of American Head Charge was immediately recruited and quickly tracked 7 songs in a marathon 15 hour drum session while Angel Bartolotta contributed drums for "The Crazies."

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Beauty In The Suffering Gives Update

Beauty In The Suffering, the newly launched electro-metal studio project from producer, multi-instrumentalist, programmer, and vocalist Dietrich Thrall (Marazene), has posted a studio update confirming that Dope/Team Cybergeist drummer Angel Bartolotta will contribute drums on at least one track called "The Crazies." The following is the announcement on the band's official web blog:

Hey everybody! Quick update here. Very pleased to be able to announce that Angel Bartolotta of Dope and Team Cybergeist is on board for at least one track that I am currently calling "The Crazies". I have wanted to work with Angel for a long time and so I am very excited to hear the final results! As soon as we get them in our paws I get to go in and throw down guitar, bass, and vocals. 'The Crazies' is one of the tracks on my shortlist to formally introduce everybody to Beauty In The Suffering's music. We're shooting for a spring release so fingers crossed! Thanks again for all the amazing support!

 photo ANGEL_B_BITS_drop_B_-_013013_CC_zps2790e7d3.jpg

Drum tracking took place on January 30th at Redline Recording Studio in Venice, FL with engineering by Jason Schmidt. Commented Angel:

After spending the last 7 years writing and bringing in guest musicians for my Team Cybergeist project, it's cool to step off to the side and be a guest on someone elses track for a change. Plus it's a cool song, which made it even more fun to play on. I'm excited to see what Dietrich [Thrall] does with Beauty In The Suffering!

 photo AngelDrummingCC_zpsd0705467.jpg

Angel Bartolotta behind the kit

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Beauty In The Suffering Issues Update

Beauty In The Suffering, the newly launched electro-metal studio project from Marazene producer Dietrich Thrall, has posted a studio update including stills of the band's recent recording sessions at Bell Labs Recording in Norman, OK to the band's official website. The shots feature drummer Chris Emery of American Head Charge and Skinlab guitarist Provo Provenzano, who engineered the marathon (15 hour) session. Thrall offered the following update on the recording session:

Hello to everyone. Quick update here on what's been happening..

Had my friend Chris Emery lay down some drums. Managed to get 7 of the 14 Beauty In The Suffering songs we were aiming for. Very pleased we got that far. Was a pretty crazy session overall in terms of how many tracks we were shooting for. We just dove right in and got as many as we could before our ears threw in the towel.

Provo Provenzano was ace behind the board! The picture with all three of us is from about 10 hours into the 15 hour session. More pictures in the days ahead. Very happy with everything overall. Can't wait to get started on the rest of the tracking! Thanks as always for your support!


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DieTrich Thrall Forms Beauty In The Suffering

Marazene producer, multi-instrumentalist, programmer and vocalist DieTrich Thrall has launched a new electro-metal studio project, Beauty In The Suffering. The full statement posted on the website follows:

Beauty In The Suffering is an evolving concept I came up with years ago that best described a sense of optimism during some bright spots of an otherwise massive struggle against overwhelming odds. Music I have been writing and expressing over the last several years has been uniquely intimate in reflecting those struggles and I am very excited about putting out some fresh ideas that represent the here and now.

Beauty In The Suffering deals with universal themes of love and loss, defeat and resolve, and struggle and triumph. Everybody has moments where the road looks impossible to pass. But somehow little by little we manage through our own inner strength and the purposeful placement of fate, chance, and karma. We emerge wiser and with a deeper understanding of ourselves and of our place in the world and the beauty we glean from the suffering we have endured can never be denied.

This is a journey I accepted long ago. I wear the scars of my personal triumph over my struggles with pride and I stand ready to face new challenges. And, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, this is a new beginning. I thank you all for standing by my side during some very difficult years of active-inactivity. The future is wide open and full of nothing but payoff.

DieTrich (pronounced Dee-Trick) is best known for his co-founding and co-visionary role in the industrial-metal band Marazene (later called Marazene Machine).


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