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Homo Iratus

Formed: 1998
From: Greece
Last Known Status: Regrouped


Homo Iratus was formed by Argyris (drums), Alex (guitars, vocals), and Kostas (guitars) in 1998, the year in which they recorded their first demo "Absence of Progress." Shortly thereafter, Jim joined the band as the lead vocalist and in 1999 they recorded the song "False Criteria," which was used on a compilation CD "Vibes From Below" by Psyclone Sinphonies. Two more lineup changes would take place still: In November of 1999, Aggelos (Angel) joined the band at bass, and later in April 2000, Kostas left the band for personal reasons.

The band entered the studio to record their first full-length album, "Human Consumes Human" in mid-April of 2000. The album marks a progression from the band's demo days, combining their blasting and guttural death volcals with churning machine-like groove and intense percussion, creating their own brand of deathcore.

The band was discovered and signed by Arctic Music Group while opening for Malevolent Creation in in Greece in early 2001 and have since played with many others such as Napalm Death, Children of Bodom, Hateplow and many others.

Latest Homo Iratus News

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Homo Iratus Is Back In Action After Hiatus

After almost two years since their break up, the Greek groove/death/grind band Homo Iratus is back together again. During the past two years, most of the band members were in other projects/bands.

The current lineup consists of many original members, including Mitch on vocals, Angelos on bass, Argy on drums and Kostas (Homo Iratus’ first guitarist) on guitars. However, there’s also another member on guitars who recently joined the band, Kostas. During the past two years following the break up of Homoiratus, Angelos, Argy and the band’s new member, Kostas, formed God of Rotors and this is how they initially decided to include Kostas in the current line up of Homo Iratus.

The band is currently trying out some ideas for new tracks and at the same time they are rehearsing older ones. All this indicates that Homo Iratus will soon record a new album, which – according to what is stated on their official page on myspace – is most likely to pick up where “Human Consumes Human” left off, and the band will probably at some point go on tour, both in Greece and abroad. However, the band hasn’t made any binding statements regarding the time when all this will happen.

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Homo Iratus' Bassist/Vocalist Quits

Bassit/vocalist Angelos of the Greek extreme metallers HOMO IRATUS has left the band. His official statement on the matter reads as follows:

"After seven years of dedicated soul deposit to HOMO IRATUS, bucketloads of fun, recordings and live shows it has come to the point where I have to part ways with the band. I did not feel comfortable with the band's new musical orientation and therefore I could not continue on playing since the change was not there for me anymore and our musical tastes where now in somewhat of a contrast. And since there's no reason of doing something you don't like as much, it was only logical to come to this.

"I'd like to thank everybody who stood by the band all these years and has helped us both as a whole and personally, our fans, all the people we cooperated with, Sifis from Wizard Live Productions, George Briggos and Eugene Tsaridis for the killer sound at recordings and shows...damn!...you're too many to mention! though last but not least a big HAIL to the guys at STU (whose walls were my home) who made the whole trip mean the world to me. Thanx guys."

HOMO IRATUS is currently seeking a new bassist. Interested parties can contact the group at homoiratushavoc@gmail.com.

HOMO IRATUS's latest CD, "Fall of the Locust", came out in 2006.

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Homo Iratus Complete Work On New Album

Greece's HOMO IRATUS have posted the following update on their official web site:

"While appearing to be in hiatus... we have been in one of the most productive seasons as a band.

"The result of long hours of work have finally materialized once more and therefore a new album is introduced.

"'Fall of the Locust' is our third full-length album which runs at 77+ minutes of music separated in 4 thematical parts of 14 musical installments in total... Evidence of all this can be found at the downloads section [of the band's web site] where you will find three full tracks in mp3 form plus two of them are also included as video clips."

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