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Formed: 1987
From: Bergen, Norway
Last Known Status: Active

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Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Varg Vikernes Discusses Famous Black Metal Moments

Varg Vikernes, the founder of one man black metal band Burzum and former bassist for Mayhem, has posted a series of videos online discussing some of the famous moments in Norwegian black metal history, including his relationship with Øystein "Euronymous" Aarseth, the Mayhem guitarist who he fatally stabbed in 1993. You can watch some of the videos below.

Vikernes remains one of metal musics most infamous characters, having also been convicted of arson in 1994 for the burning of three churches and more recently being arrested with his wife in 2013 on suspicion of plotting acts of terrorism in France, though no charges were filed against them. He was later convicted of inciting racial hatred in the country and was sentenced to six months probation and a €8,000 fine. More...

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Just For Fun

Varg Vikernes Releases Fantasy RPG

I've utterly failed you Metalunderground readers - despite having books from just about every RPG system in existence and having an unending love for metal, I had absolutely no idea that Burzum's Varg Vikernes actually had his own professional role playing system out and in print, titled Myfarog ("Mythic Fantasy Roleplaying Game").

Unfortunately it looks like you can only get it at this French website and its not available through any of the usual suspects like Amazon or Drive Thru RPG.

A review of the game can be seen below, and you watch Mr. Vikernes himself describing the rules in great detail at the Myfarog website.


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Burzum's New Album Seeing North American Release

After it was already released in Europe last month, Burzum's latest full-length album "The Days of Yore" is now seeing an American release via Candlelight Records. The label comments:

"Burzum’s The Days Of Yore continues the controversial musician’s post-incarceration output of recordings. In stores September 2nd, the album follows the ambient and haunting sounds of Burzum’s most recent releases. Inspired by Varg’s extensive knowledge of European history, it continues his explorative sound and lyrical works."

Varg himself states: “It is my first step towards something new, which at the same time is as old as the roots of Europe. I try to transport the listener to the days of yore, to make them feel the past that is still alive in their own blood.”

In other Varg Vikernes news, the recent immigrant to France (who is somehow bizarrely opposed to people immigrating to France) was fined and given a suspended sentence for "inciting racial hatred." More...

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Headline News

Varg Vikernes Sentenced For Inciting Racial Hatred

After escaping charges last year for allegedly attempting to incite a massacre, Varg Vikernes has now been sentenced for inciting racial hatred in France.

TheLocal.no reports Vikernes has been fined the equivalent of ten thousand dollars and given a suspended prison sentence. Excerpts from the article are available below.

Video from outside the courtroom at the start of the trial several days ago can also be seen after the jump, courtesy of Ruptly TV.

A French court Tuesday slapped a six-month suspended sentence and an €8,000 ($10,000) fine on a Norwegian heavy metal musician accused of inciting racial hatred in his blogs. Kristian Vikernes, 41, was not present in court and neither was his lawyer as the verdict was delivered. He has denied posting racist blogs and said they were written by someone else.

Vikernes was arrested in July last year in France's central Correze region on suspicion of plotting terrorist attacks but was released after 48 hours due to lack of evidence. He was however charged with inciting racial hatred and defending war crimes on his blog. Police allegedly found racist and anti-Semitic material on his computer as well.

Vikernes had told the court he was not the author of the blogs and said a possible misunderstanding could have arisen because he communicated through a Danish interpreter when he was briefly held in custody last year. Ten excerpts from the blogs written between March and June 2013 that attack Muslims and Jews were presented as evidence in court.

Burzum's latest album "The Days of Yore" was released last month, which follows the 2013 album "Sôl austan, Mâni vestan" and 2012 release "Umskiptar" (reviewed here). More...

Read the full article at The Local.

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Varg Vikernes Seeking Donations To Sue Over Arrest

After being released without any charges filed, Varg Vikernes is apparently trying to sue the French government for his arrest on suspicion of planning a massacre, but is seeking donations from fans to afford the legal action.

Vikernes posted the message below on his blog asking for fan support via Paypal.

For an opposite viewpoint and a critical look at some of Varg's statements, you can also see what Metalsucks.net had to say about the post here.

"We have had the time to think over what happened to us in this «terrorist» case, we have talked about it with others, and we realise that the «French» authorities had no reason to arrest us in the first place. We had done nothing wrong, and they never had any evidence suggesting otherwise. They shot our door open, traumatized our children, threw my pregnant wife and me in holding cells and kept us there for two-three days, placed our scared children in the care of their grand parents, completely messed up our archives with official documents and such, took my USB pens and hard drives, confiscated all our firearms, ammo, many tools, decorative swords, my helmet, two spears, my wife’s flint knives (?) and all sorts of other things too, most of them with great affection value, and they decleared that we no longer had the right to own or possess any type of weapons: everything, all of this for no good reason whatsoever.

"To make it worse the grand parents of our children tried to take them away from us. Instead of helping us out in this difficult time, they wrote a letter to a judge and tried to take our children from us, because they don’t like our lifestyle or political-religious ideas. So when we were to get our children back we had to go to court, argue and fight to have a judge tell them to give our children back. Thankfully she did, and of course I may add, but it cost us a lot, both in energy, worry and even money.

"When that was over our PayPal account was frozen, apparently because our bank account, in HSBC, was closed – on orders from their HQ in Paris, and – again – without any reason. Not without any valid reason, but without any reason at all. Marie has to open up a new PayPal account connected to another bank account, in order for us to continue to sell the «ForeBears» DVD and make a living from that. We now have an account in a new bank, so that is fixed, and now Marie has to spend several days working to transfer all our payments (for the rental house, the cell phones and such) to the new account – a task made so much harder by the fact that the police left our archive in a big mess.

"Naturally we are angry, and we don’t want not tolerate this. We want to sue the authorities for arresting us for no good reason whatsoever, doing so in the most brutal way possible and with children present, and also for without any reason taking away our right to own or even possess weapons. Marie has a crime record white as snow, so there is no reason for them to take away her right and freedom to own weapons. I have a record in Norway, from 1993 and 2003, but I have never done anything criminal in France, and I can own most weapons even in Norway if I want to, so they have no good reason to take away my right and freedom to own weapons either. Especially not when they have done so under such circumstances. More...

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Varg Vikernes Released, No Charges Filed

After being arrested in France earlier this week for suspicion of planning a massacre when his wife purchased several rifles, Varg Vikernes of Burzum has now been released and no charges have been filed.

The website Nrk.no reports (translated from Norwegian):

"The French prosecutor confirms to NRK.no that Varg Vikernes was released at 19:00 Thursday night.

"Police were unable to identify specific terrorist plans or terrorist target and Vikernes would not be prosecuted for this. On Tuesday morning, he was arrested at his home with his wife on suspicion of planning terrorist acts."

However, Vikernes will apparently still have to appear court in a few weeks for a breach of racism laws in France. Further details will be announced as they are made available.

Vikernes served 21 years in prison for the murder of Mayhem's Euronymous, as well as receiving convictions for burning four churches. He moved to France with his wife and children following his release in 2009.

Read the full article at NRK.

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Varg Vikernes Was Always a Ticking Time Bomb

This is an opinion article, not a news story, and it doesn't necessarily represent the views of the other contributors at Metalunderground.com.

My reaction to yesterday's arrest of Burzum's sole member Varg Vikernes wasn't shock, it was laughter. The guy was convicted of manslaughter and arson and the French were dumb enough to not only let him into their country on a farm far away from prying eyes but also purchase a number of firearms that he even photographed himself with. What exactly did the Gendarmerie Nationale think he was going to do? The only part of this that's shocking is that it took this long for the French to actually arrest him.

To expand on why exactly this scenario was inevitable, it's that Varg believes in the innate supremacy of all Germanic people while living in a country of Southern Europeans that also has a large Arab minority. This along with his self-imposed isolation was probably going to bring him to his breaking point.

After the British were involved in a scandal where it took them years to finally deport two radical clerics with ties to Al Queda, why would the French bother with somebody who's even more obviously a security risk? Even if the authorities were jumping the gun and there was no terror plot, Varg has to take some responsibility for his reputation. I mean, really, does this photograph look innocent to you? More...

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Headline News

Varg Vikernes Arrested In France

Update: Vikernes has now been released and no charges have been filed.

Euro News (see article at this location) has reported that Burzum's Varg Vikernes has been arrested in France on what authorities have called "suspicion of planning a massacre."

Vikernes' wife had legally purchased four guns, but suspicions had already been raised when the manifesto of Anders Behring Breivik, the man responsible for killing 77 in Oslo two years ago, had reportedly been received by the musician. French authorities searched his home for weapons and explosives and the prosecutor has deemed him "likely to prepare a large-scale act of terrorism.”

Vikernes served 21 years in prison for the murder of Mayhem's Euronymous, as well as receiving convictions for burning four churches. He moved to France with his wife and children following his release in 2009.

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Separating Art From the Artist

I personally find the idea of putting people on a pedestal to be incredibly naive and childish. At some point, whoever you idolize as being perfect will turn out to have some sort of horrible character flaws that you'll never be able to forgive. People are human, and with that comes not being perfect. Hence why I'm able to say that I don't mind somebody's offstage behavior as much as I do the actual music. In the same way, I don't care about lyrical themes that embrace politics that I disagree with. More...

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Frostwork Streaming Burzum Cover

Frostwork has issued the following announcement about streaming a Burzum cover track online, which will be appearing on an upcoming tribute album:

"Ave Brothers and Sisters! Frostwork's cover of 'Dunkelheit' which will be appearing on 'Forsvunnet Filosofem: A Tribute to Burzum' is now uploaded on Reverbnation and Official Facebook page.

"Please follow this link to listen and to share and support the Uk underground! Please keep posted for more Frostwork related news very soon!"

You can also check out the artwork for the band's new album "Lore Of Winter - Ealdspell" at this location.

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Burzum Reveals New Album Release Date

The new album from Varg Vikernes' Burzum, titled "Umskiptar," will see North American release on May 22nd. Finding inspiration from the verses of famous Scandinavia poem “Voluspa,” "Umskiptar" is a return-to-roots album. Says the controversial musician: “The vocals are more important than on any previous album with a total of 66 stanzas making up the album’s lyrics.”

The following press release was also issued by Candlelight Records:

"Umskiptar expands Burzum’s ongoing influence of Nordic folk, but for this album adds more traditional heavy metal, signature Burzum composition, and a keener emphasis on vocal delivery – once again presented in Vikernes’ native tongue. Umskiptar (or Metamorphoses) follows the historical story that details the creation of the world and its end as dictated to Odin, a recurring character in Bruzum’s lyrics. Umskiptar follows 2011’s Fallen."

The "Umskiptar" track listing is as follows: More...

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Burzum Reveals New Album Details

Burzum, the one man black metal band spearheaded by infamous musician Varg Vikernes, has announced that a new studio album, entitled "Umskiptar" (Metamorphoses,) will be released this May through Byelobog Productions. The album was recorded in Grieghallen Studio in Bergen in September 2011. All the lyrics on the album are taken from a Norse poem named, "Völuspá." The English translation of the lyrics can be found in Vikernes' latest book, "Sorcery And Religion In Ancient Scandinavia." You can check out the tracklisting and artwork for the album below:

Blóðstokkinn (Soaked in Blood) (1:16)
Jóln (Deities) (5:51)
Alfadanz (Elven Dance) (9:22)
Hit helga Tré (The Sacred Tree) (6:51)
Æra (Honour) (3:58)
Heiðr (Esteem) (3:02)
Valgaldr (Song Of The Fallen) (8:03)
Galgviðr (Gallow Forest) (7:16)
Surtr Sunnan (Black from the South) (4:14)
Gullaldr (Golden Age) (10:20)
Níðhöggr (Attack From Below) (5:00) More...

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Re-recording Metal - For Better or for Worse?

Back in 2005, Dimmu Borgir was a band still basking in the unholy success of its latest outing “Death Cult Armageddon.” And yet instead of launching into a new opus for fans to consume the band members decided on a new approach; they would re-release an early and often praised album (“Stormblåst”) by completely re-recording it, updating the sound with modern production and slap “MMV” on the end. There had of course been prior examples of bands making this choice, but it was perhaps here that best truly crystallized the new era of metal re-recordings. No doubt you have heard of similar re-recordings in the same vein, perhaps most recently Gorgoroth’s “Under the Sign of Hell 2011” or Burzum’s “From the Depths of Darkness”? Perhaps not, but that’s what I aim to uncover for you here. More...

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Black Metal: The Shoegaze Wave

Back in 2005, Alcest released a two song EP called “Le Secret,” a gem that eventually would cause a stir in the hornet nest that is the black metal community. If you didn't gather by the title, Alcest is a French band, and one masterminded by front-man Neige. With a strong pedigree in the French black metal scene, Neige was a musician who not only came forward in the 00s with multiple acts in Alcest and Amesoeurs, but also made contributions to essential French albums from the likes of Mortifera and Peste Noire. While Norway and the adjacent Scandinavian realms are often thought of as the wintery fortress of black metal, the French have long held their own with a melancholic and melodic take on the genre including the infamous Les Légions Noires whom you can read about in a previous Metal Underground Sunday Old School article.

So, what was so special about Neige’s little two song EP? Well for one it wasn’t little at all. It was nearly 30 minutes long and an infusion of 90s shoegaze, post-rock, and perfectly distilled black metal. More...

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Varg Vikernes To Release New Book In December

Varg Vikernes, the infamous musician behind the notorious one man black metal band Burzum, has announced that he will be releasing a new book entitled, "Sorcery And Religion In Ancient Scandinavia," which will be released on December 5th.

According to a press release, his fifteen year research on the subject "has culminated in a book in which the outspoken and often divisive author challenges many of the widely held views of contemporary culture and its history. The passionate and in-depth text provides an absorbing insight into the thoughts of this most notorious of musicians. Sorcery And Religion In Ancient Scandinavia makes fascinating reading and will be of interest not only to black metal and Burzum fans, but also to those with an interest in Norse mythology or European history and social commentators."

"Sorcery And Religion In Ancient Scandinavia" will also available in a special edition hardback – limited to 2000 copies. Bound in high quality arlin material adorned with silver print, and presented in a debossed, matching slipcase.

Varg also recently raised yet another controversy by releasing a public statement about the terrorist attack in Norway in July.

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Burzum Comments On Terrorist Attack In Norway

Varg Vikernes of Burzum has posted a blog entry online detailing his thoughts on the recent terrorist attack in Norway, in which a government building was bombed and at least 76 people were killed at a youth camp. Anders Behring Breivik is the primary suspect in the attack, and he is currently in custody. News reports have cited Breivik's anti-Islamic and anti-immigration stances as possible motives in the attacks.

Vikernes had the following to say:

"Many argue that Mr. Breivik was in fact executing orders from Mossad, to punish the Palestine-loving Marxist-governed Norway, but first and foremost to create a false banner for misinformed right-wing extremists to unite under, and that what he was doing was a "false flag" operation.

"His manifest is vast, some 1500 pages, and he is pretty thorough in both what he says and what he did. There are a few facts that doesn't make sense to me. How can he list all the problems caused by different Jews in our history and yet fail to mention even one of them with a single word in his manifest? He attacks the symptoms of the disease Europe is suffering under, but not the cause of the disease.

"He is a Freemason too, and that certainly doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Freemasonry is international Jewry at it's worst; they too are working for a de-construction of all nations on Earth, and to build a global Hebrew temple, enslaving us all under the will of the Jews and their servants, the Freemasons. Well, this explains why he doesn't say a word about the creators of all the different religions and ideologies now set up to fight against each other.

"He is a Christian too. Now, in a sense that does make sense, but why does it make sense? The Jews created Christianity as a religion for non-Jews to follow, so that they too would become worshippers of their Hebrew false 'God,' so that the unruly Pagan Europeans would become servants and a powerful tool for the Jews. Whether the Jews created Islam too, or whether they just saw an opportunity coming when it was created is not known, but we do know that the Jews have always promoted conflict between these two religions and indeed they still do. When the Christians grow too strong the Jews support the Muslims to weaken the Christians. When the Muslims grow too strong the Jews support the Christians to weaken the Muslims. They often support both sides too, if both sides are too strong, and they often do in secret. Christians then kill Muslims, and vice versa, whilst the Jews laugh safely in the background, profiting from it all. More...

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Burzum Streaming New Song "Vanvidd"

Infamous metal act Burzum is set to release the new album "Fallen" on April 5th in North America. Burzum is now streaming a new song from the album, titled "Vanvidd," via Stereogum at this location. You can also check out Metalunderground.com's recent "Sunday Old School" column on Burzum here.

The "Fallen" track listing is as follows:

1. Fra Verdenstreet
2. Jeg Faller
3. Valen
4. Vanvidd
5. Enhver til Sitt
6. Budstikken
7. Til Hel Og Tilbake Igjen

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Burzum Posts "Fallen" Song Samples Online

Audio samples have made their way online from the forthcoming full length album from black metal icon Burzum. The new album, titled "Fallen," is set for release on March 7, 2011 through Byelobog Productions. You can check out the short audio samples below:

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Sunday Old School: Burzum

Given the news earlier this week that Burzum would be releasing a new studio album in March, it seemed as good a time as any to take a look back at the band, and it's sole member, Varg Vikernes, who has in the past been called, "The most evil man alive" by the media. Whether or not Vikernes is the Darth Vader of metal music is open to interpretation, but the fact that many people have claimed to enjoy the music of Burzum, while proclaiming to hate the man himself, is proof that Burzum really is one of the best bands from the Norwegian black metal scene.

Vikernes formed Burzum in 1991, shortly after leaving the death metal band, Old Funeral, of which he was the guitarist. Two demo tapes were quickly recorded and caught the attention of Øystein Aarseth, the founder of the Deathlike Silence Productions label and also the guitarist of Mayhem, in which he used to the stage name, Euronymous. Aarseth decided to sign Burzum to his label and work on the self-titled Burzum album began shortly afterwards, with Euronymous guesting on the track, "War," performing a guitar solo. The album saw a release in 1992, making Burzum only the second band to have a record released by the label. After the release of the album, Vikernes became interested in recruiting musicians so that Burzum could perform live, going so far as to bring in Emperor bassist Samoth. Samoth would not stay in the band long however and only recorded on the "Aske" EP, after which Vikernes had no interest in transforming Burzum into a live band.

Now on his own again, Vikernes recorded a wealth of material from 1992 to 1993, the first of which to be released was the album, "Det son engang var," in 1993. Around this time, Vikernes was also recruited to perform bass duties in Mayhem, though he still composed and recorded music for Burzum. Unbeknownst to anyone however, "Det son engang var" would prove to be the last album Vikernes would release as a free man, as he was arrested later that year for killing Øystein Aarseth, his Mayhem bandmate. The reasons for the muder remain debated but Vikernes claims that he went solely to hand over an unsigned record contract, and retaliated after Aarseth attacked him first, climaxing in a fatal stab would to the head. He was convicted in May 1994 (the same month his album, "Hvis lyset tar oss" was released) and sentenced to twenty one years imprisonment, which is the maximum length of a prison sentence in Norway. In addition to the killing of Aarseth, Vikernes was charged with burning several Norwegian churches, something he claims he was wrongly convicted of. More...

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Burzum To Release New Album In March

According to Plastic Head, the distributor of Burzum material, the notorious one man black metal band featuring Varg Vikernes will be releasing a new album on March 7th. You can view the front cover artwork below. The album will be entitled "Fallen" and has been likened to the previous Burzum record, "Det Som Engan Var."

Speaking on the album, Vikernes stated: "Musically Fallen is like a cross between Belus and something new, inspired more by the debut album and Det Som Engan Var than by Hvis Lyset Tar Oss or Filosofem. The sound is more dynamic – we mastered the album as if it was classical music – and I was more experimental than I was on Belus in all respects. Lyric wise it is similar to the debut album, in the way that it is more personal and focuses on existential issues, but the mythological undertone known from Belus is still there. I have also included some ambient tracks – a short introduction and a longer conclusion."

The tracklisting is as follows: More...

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