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Formed: 2000
From: Detroit, MI, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Black Dahlia Murder Members Comment On New Album

Way Too Loud! recently conducted an interview with THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER's Trevor Strnad (vocals) and Bart Williams (bass). A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

Way Too Loud!: I love the cover for "Nocturnal".

Trevor Strnad: Thank you!

Way Too Loud!: It reminds me of a lot of old-school European death metal, or melodic death metal, or black metal bands.

Trevor: "It's him dude, it's Necrolord, known in the real world as Kristian Wåhlin. The same guy that did AT THE GATES 'Slaughter Of The Soul', DARK TRANQUILLITY 'The Gallery', two DISSECTION records, DARK FUNERAL 'Secrets Of The Black Arts', EMPEROR 'In The Nighside Eclipse'. We sprung for it this time. It was a little steep, and the exchange rate made it worse, because he's from Sweden. We really stoked to be represented in a way that we're all happy with."

Way Too Loud!: I heard that "Nocturnal" was supposed to be less focused on melody, and more on brutality'

Bart Williams: "I don't know about that. I think it's just as melodic, and just as brutal as anything we've done before."

Trevor: "It's further in all directions really. It's still us, but there's a couple new tricks up our sleeve. I think it's the most varied album that we've ever had. It's definitely not 10 of the same songs. It's brutal, Shannon stepped in on the kit, and this is Bart's first record with us, and he's a great bass player, and also an engineer, so having that kind of super-experienced dude in the studio is cool. We've been in the studio a lot now, and it gets easier every time."

Bart: "We're more prepared this time too."

Trevor: "Overall, I think we've been making a better record every time, and that's kind of our mission, to be the better band than we were before. I would say there's some seriously brutal shit, more extreme than anything we've ever done. It's definitely us, and it's melodic as fuck."

Way Too Loud!: Can you perhaps put into words those sideways directions your talking about'

Trevor: "There's some new rhythmic kind of stuff, there's lots of cool footwork that's different for us. There's some stuff that's more streamlined too' It's hard to explain dude."

Way Too Loud!: I know bands like to use those old cliches and everything.

Trevor: "Yeah! And I don't know what to say to make it sound like nothing anyone's ever heard before! (Laughs) But, we're fucking super-happy with it. I think it's the next step in our evolution. We consider ourselves a death metal band, but we want to make a record that has a lot of potency, that plays like a METALLICA record os something. You know, something that's super satisfying on a lot of different levels. I think dynamic wise, I don't think 'Miasma' has as much as this one has. There are some songs, that are just so for the throat. Even lyrically, we stepped it up, and there's a lot of violence. Lyrically, it's a complete return to the 'Unhallowed' style, which pretty much all the kids have been begging for us to do. So, it's cool, because the horror themes got us established in the first place. Obviously we're very comfortable in that kind of thing. We figured that since there's been so many extreme records in death metal, and metalcore, and any kind of crossover, that we just need to make a fucking death record! A real, serious-ass, murderous record. We just elated, waiting for it to leak! (Laughs) So we can hear what people think!"

Bart: "I just want to hear people's reaction."

Trevor: "We're proud fathers over here dude."

Way Too Loud!: So it's gotten to the point where people are expecting leaks?

Bart: "We always expect, I guess."

Trevor: "As soon as the promos go out, it's over."

Bart: "Then people have downloaded it, and they know it."

Trevor: "Whatever. It's part of the deal. It's part of how it goes."

Way Too Loud!: Now I heard your first demo…

Trevor: "(Makes farting sounds) (laughs) Make sure that gets transcribed in parentheses as fart sounds!" (Laughs)

Way Too Loud!: I have to say, that in my interpretation, it really captured a modern sound that a lot of bands are doing today. What led to phasing out those elements? And of course we cannot name what it is, because people always have different interpretations, and nobody of course likes to be labeled anything.

Trevor: "Well, it's metalcore as fuck, dude! (Laughs) Stop beating around the bush about it! (Laughs) We were young, and me and Brian are the only people left from that lineup. That was six years ago. We had no expectations of ever leaving Michigan, it was just for fun. Going in a more metal direction came with just playing a lot, and moving at that velocity, and not playing with so many different tempos. And we also had an influence shift. PRAYER FOR CLEANSING was an influence in the early days, that's the sounds that I think it mirrors the most."

Way Too Loud!: That's certainly a band you'd want to be naming, because they were doing it before everybody else.

Trevor: I think they're good records, and cool for what they are. It's a piece of time. We're all into hardcore too. We came up in a hardcore scene, and we were just playing shows with whoever back then, and we kind of do that now! We take whatever opportunity comes our way, and try to branch out to kids, because so many young kids just don't know what the fucks going on. So we try and go out and recruit some kids, because they're stoked about this shit! There's a whole new turnover of kids into extremity, and it seems to be coming to a boil with the whole deathcore explosion with JOB FOR A COWBOY. There's a lot of stuff between metal and hardcore that's been crossing in ways that it never had before. The blast beat is kind of being revered by youngsters as something to grab onto 'Oh, that's crazy!', the same way breakdowns was the hot thing in the last five years or whatever. It's an interesting time, and we're interested to see what happens. We just play what we want to play, and don't really think too much about it. We used to fight to be called a death metal band exclusively, but it's no longer important to us. We don't care what they're calling us!

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Breaking News

Watch Wacken Open Air Live Online 8/3-8/4

For those of you missing Wacken Open Air, several band performances, interviews, and other footage is being streamed online during festival hours. Keep in mind that Germany is 6 hours ahead of US Eastern Standard Time, so make appropriate adjustments when arranging to watch your favorite band.

Intended Stream Schedule (subject to change)

Extended Schedules, including the Headbangers Ballroom, can be found at the following locations:

Friday, Aug 3
Black Stage
23:00-00:15 DIMMU BORGIR
02:00-03:00 APO.REITER

True Metal Stage
21:15-22:45 BLIND GUARDIAN
00:30-01:45 ICED EARTH

Party Stage
(4am EST)11:00-11:45 BLACK DAHLIA MURDER
23:00-00:15 SCHANDMAUL
02:00-03:00 SAMAEL

Saturday Aug 4
Black Stage
(5am EST)12:00-12:45 SONIC SYNDICATE
13:55-14:40 MOONSPELL
16:00-17:00 DIR EN GREY
18:45-20:00 DESTRUCTION + guests
21:45-23:00 IMMORTAL

True Metal Stage
12:50-13:50 SACRED REICH
14:45-15:45 STRATOVARIUS
17:15-18:30 RAGE
20:15-21:30 TYPE O NEGATIVE
23:15-00:30 IN FLAMES
02:00-03:00 SUBWAY TO SALLY

Party Stage
12:00-12:45 DISILLUSION
16:00-17:00 DIMENSION ZERO
18:45-19:45 NORTHER
21:45-23:00 STORMWARRIOR feat.Kai Hansen
00:45-01:45 HAGGARD

Headbanger's Ballroom Notable mentions:
18:10-18:40 SWALLOW THE SUN
21:25-22:10 MOONSORROW

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The Black Dahlia Murder Post New Song Online

A brand new THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER track, entitled "What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse", has been posted on the group's MySpace page. The song comes off the band's new album, "Nocturnal", due on September 18 via Metal Blade Records. The follow-up to 2005's "Miasma" was recorded with Eric Rachel (who mixed "Miasma") and was mixed by Jason Suecof, who has previously worked with TRIVIUM, CHIMAIRA, DEVILDRIVER, GOD FORBID and BURY YOUR DEAD, among others. A video clip THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER performing a new song, entitled "Virally Yours", live at the Bled Fest 2007 on May 5 at the Skateland Complex in Westland, Michigan has posted at YouTube.

"Nocturnal" track listing:

01. Everything Went Black
02. What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse
03. Virally Yours
04. I Worship Only What You Bleed
05. Nocturnal
06. Deathmask Divine
07. Of Darkness Spawned
08. Climactic Degradation
09. To a Breathless Oblivion
10. Warborn

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER vocalist Trevor Strnad told MTV.com in January that"Nocturnal" will be "definitely in the same vein as our older stuff. Nothing drastically changed. It's just more tasteful, and some of this new stuff will be faster than the last record. . . There's going to be a lot more soloing than we've done previously. This record's a bit more European-sounding, I think. More so than we already were, if you can imagine that. The solo stuff has a black metal-ish flavor to it. We messed around with that a little bit previously, but some of the songs have a major DISSECTION kind of feel to them."

Lyrically, Strnad said the record will be "more horror-oriented" than "Miasma". "As far as gore and death and stuff like that goes, I mean, that's all been done — into the ground," he said. "I am just trying to do something like that, but with my own flavor to it. There are still ways to repulse people out there — I just need to figure it all out."

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER is also working on its first DVD release, which Strnad hopes will include footage documenting the making of the band's next record.

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The Black Dahlia Murder Comments On Upcoming CD

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER has commented on their upcoming release "NOCTURNAL":

“Hey troops, Trevor here from The Black Dahlia Murder. Just stopping by to tell you about our new album, Nocturnal, which is currently being mastered. From the songs, to the artwork, to the sound quality itself, we could not be more pleased with the results... We are all feeling like proud fathers over here. The album was recorded by Eric Rachel at Trax East, and mixed by Jason Seucof at Audiohammer... it sounds absolutely crushing. It should be just a couple of days before we post a new song on the myspace so you guys can have a taste of the carnage to come. In the mean time, we are gearing up for global destruction... ahem, our tour of the European Festival circuit, as well as our return to the UK. We are very excited to play at Wacken and are very honored to have the opportunity to play in front of so many metal heads. Not to mention our US tour in the fall in support of Cannibal Corpse... on which we will be debuting some new material. Come out and support extreme metal!!!!”

Here are The Black Dahlia Murder's upcoming tour dates: More...

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Demiricous, TBDM Plan September Releases

Demiricous and The Black Dahlia Murder are both plotting tentative September release dates through Metal Blade for their respective new albums. While Demiricous have yet to announce a title for their upcoming effort, The Black Dahlia Murder have settled upon "Nocturnal" as the name for their new album.

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Check Out The Black Dahlia Murder's New Cover Art

You can check out the cover art for THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER’s upcoming new album, Nocturnal, online here.

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Metal Blade Announce 25th Anniversary Tour

CANNIBAL CORPSE will headline the Metal Blade Records 25th Anniversary Tour which will also feature THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, THE RED CHORD, GOATWHORE, and AEON. The first tour dates to be released are as follows:

September 7 - Houston, TX @ The Meridian
September 11 - Albuquerque, NM @ Sunshine Theatre
September 14 - Hollywood, CA @ House of Blues
September 16 - San Francisco, CA @ Slim’s
September 17 - San Francisco, CA @ Slim’s
September 26 - Saint Paul, MN @ Station 4
September 29 - Detroit, MI @ Majestic Theatre
October 4 - Philadelphia, PA @ The Trocadero
October 5 - Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom
October 11 - Orlando, FL @ House of Blues

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The Black Dahlia Murder Post Live Video Online

A video clip of Detroit-based extreme metallers THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER performing the new song "Virally Yours" live at the Bled Fest 2007 on May 5 at the Skateland Complex in Westland, Michigan has posted at YouTube. The track is expected to appear on the band's follow-up to 2005's "Miasma", due later in the year via Metal Blade Records. Mixing the effort will be Jason Suecof, who has previously worked with TRIVIUM, CHIMAIRA, DEVILDRIVER, GOD FORBID and BURY YOUR DEAD, among others.

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER vocalist Trevor Strnad told MTV.com in January that"Nocturnal" will be "definitely in the same vein as our older stuff. Nothing drastically changed. It's just more tasteful, and some of this new stuff will be faster than the last record." More...

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Robot Mosh Fest Announced

The fifth annual Robot Mosh Fest will take place on Friday, June 29th and Saturday, June 30th at Skate World in Hartland, WI. Below are all the bands confirmed for the fest. More information can be found online, and tickets can be purchased here.

Friday, June 29th - 3pm

The Black Dahlia Murder
A Life Once Lost
Dead To Fall
From A Second Story Window
Russian Circles
Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza
After The Burial
Tower Of Rome
Lye By Mistake
Shit Outta Luck

Saturday, June 30th - 1pm

Cephalic Carnage
Cattle Decapitation
Ion Dissonance
The Faceless
Beneath The Massacre
As Blood Runs Black
Veil Of Maya
An End To Flesh
With Dead Hands Rising
Plague Bringer
Winds Of Plague
Beneath The Sky
Born Of Osiris

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The Black Dahlia Murder Announces New Drummer

Following a lengthy search, The Black Dahlia Murder has announced the addition of drummer Shannon Lucas to their line-up. Lucas has previously done time in All That Remains, among other bands. Here's a statement from the group:

"Well, after 4 and a half months of grueling searching we are extremely happy to announce that Shannon Lucas has joined the Black Dahlia fold. He is an extremely sick player, as many of you already know, and we can't wait to do the next album together. We also would like to thank everyone that tried out for the band, we had the chance to jam with some amazing dudes throughout the process."

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New England Metal and Hardcore Fest Lineup

The lineup has been announced for this year's New England Metal and Hardcore Festival. The event will be headlined by black metal act Dimmu Borgir and feature performances from Bury Your Dead, Kylesa, The Devil Wears Prada, 100 Demons, Nora, The Human Abstract, Death Before Dishonor, Dead Hearts, Unearth, Shai Hulud and many more.

The New England Metal and Hardcore Festival take place at the Palladium, located at 261 Main Street in Worcester, Mass.

The full lineup is as follows (in no particular order): More...

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Metal's Darkside Vol. 2 Details and E-card

On this the 2nd volume of Metal’s Dark Side, sexy host Jasmin St. Claire guides you through even more uncensored videos, intense interviews, and extreme bonus footage. From back stage at the Key Club in L.A., to the NAMM Music Conference and other major summer music festivals, St. Claire invades the minds of metal legends such as Rick Hunolt & Gary Holt (Exodus), Sharlee D’Angelo (Arch Enemy), Paul Romanko & Brian Fair (Shadows Fall), Trevor Strand & Brian Eschbach (The Black Dahlia Murder) and more.

The track listing follows:

  • Shadows Fall - Interview with Paul Romanko & Brian Fair

  • Suffocation - Interview with Terrance Hobbs & Frank Mullen Suffocation - Video: “Surgery Of Impalement”

  • Exodus - Interview with Rick Hunolt & Gary Holt Exodus - Video: “War Is My Shepherd”

  • Deconstruct - Interview with Vanessa, Joe & Skitz Deconstruct - Live Footage: “Deeper Down”

  • The Black Dahlia Murder - Interview with Trevor Strand & Brian Eschbach

  • Arch Enemy - Interview with Sharlee D’Angelo

Bonus Footage:

  • Fight Paris - Video: “Complete Heat”

  • Firewind - Video: “Tyranny”

  • Suffocation - Bonus Interview

The DVD, which runs 71 minutes total, was slated to hit the streets January 30. An e-card for "Metal's Darkside Vol. 2 - The Deeply Disturbed" has also been posted online.

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Iced Earth Confirmed For Wacken Open Air

ICED EARTH is the latest act confirmed for Wacken Open Air 2007, scheduled for August 2nd - 4th in Wacken, Germany.

Acts on the bill now include: More...

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Wacken Open Air 2007 Confirm Lordi and Mendeed

LORDI and MENDEED are the latest acts confirmed for the Wacken Open Air 2007 (www.wacken.com) is scheduled for August 2nd - 4th in Wacken, Germany.


More details as they become available.

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More Additions To Party.San Open Air

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, RED HARVEST and GRAVE have been confirmed for have been confirmed for this year's edition of the Party.San Open Air festival, set to take place August 9-11, 2007 in Bad Berka, Germany. The festival billing is shaping up as follows (in alphabetical order): More...

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Finntroll Confirmed For Summer Breeze Festival

FINNTROLL has been confirmed for the tenth-anniversary edition of Germany's Summer Breeze festival, set to take place August 16-18, 2007 in Dinkelsbühl. The festival billing is shaping up as follows (in alphabetical order):


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Crematory Confirmed For Summer Breeze Festival

German gothic metallers CREMATORY are the latest act confirmed for the 10th Anniversary of Germany's Summer Breeze Festival, which scheduled for August 16th - 18th in Dinkelsbühl, Germany. Acts now confirmed for Summer Breeze 2007 include: More...

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Black Dahlia Murder Looking For Another Drummer?

Justin Donnelly of The Metal Forge recently conducted an interview with THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER guitarist Brian Eschbach. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

On how well the current incarnation of the band is holding up on the road:

"It's pretty gruelling on the road sometimes, and since the release of 'Miasma', we've hardly been home for any great length of time. Sometimes it is a hard road, and other times it's not. It takes a certain type of person to do this full-time. If you can go without a lot of things, you can do this touring thing very easily. But if you're after security, it's not particularly the right place to be in. We made the couple of newer members (bassist Bart Williams and drummer Pierre Langlois) we found join the band as permanent members back in April. Prior to that, they had been playing with us for the whole year pretty much. So since April, things were looking pretty solid for the band. That was until recently. We'll be probably looking for another drummer pretty soon, because Langlois is not exactly into doing the whole road thing. Our previous drummers (Cory Grady and Zach Gibson) were let go because they weren't taking the band as seriously as the rest of the other band members were. This time it just happens to be different. We're extremely happy with the way Langlois plays. We wished that this was something that he really wanted to do, but it would seem that he would rather go home and be a civilian. It hasn't been made official yet, but between all of us in the band, it's been the hot topic of conversations with him. I think after being on a pretty regular tour schedule, he knows what this life is like, and he doesn't really want that. We'll just have to see what happens."

On plans to write and record a new CD:

"After we're finished doing the dates down there in Australia, we'll be off the road until we put out a new album. We plan to head into the studio in March. At this point, we have a lot of ideas, along with a couple of songs pieced together. It's hard to tell people that they shouldn't expect anything too different, because that's exactly what I would have told them leading up to the release of 'Miasma' after 'Unhallowed'. But then a lot of people have told me countless times that they're two extremely different albums. So I don't think I would be able to give you a good statement anyway! (Laughs) I think there's an element of progression from our last album in a sound sense. But again, it's hard to tell you much at this stage. We're just doing what we do, and trying to create better songs. Hopefully there will be some progression there. We just hope to write some songs that we really like, and songs that fans will enjoy once the new album is out. That's all we can do."

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The Black Dahlia Murder To Head Down Under

Fresh off the very successful Hatebreed tour where The Black Dahlia Murder was direct support and an incredible set at LOUD PARK Festival in Japan where the band played in front of over 7,000 kids; BDM are now preparing to take their ferocious live set down under to promote their sophomore album Miasma to their Aussie fans. Once the band returns from Australia they will head home to continue working on their 3rd full length release which will be out the summer of 2007. In other news the band’s final video for the album Miasma is Statutory Ape, just made its premier on Saturday 10/21 on Headbangers Ball. If you missed HBB this last weekend you can go to YouTube.com or Yahoo.com to catch the band slaying the audience at Sounds of the Underground and running amuck with The Ape!

Here’s what madman and death metal vocalist extraordinaire Trevor Strnad had to say about the tour with Hatebreed, the band’s set in Japan, and the premier of their latest video Statutory Ape.

“The Hatebreed tour was indeed a lot of fun and was a brutal package. All five of the bands were very cool guys and we had an absolute blast touring with them… Although Jamey Jasta almost poisoned Brian and I with his heavy handed bar tending skills. Oh and we love Gary Holt in a very platonic metal-man way.

As for our stop in Japan, it was an honor to be playing at the biggest metal festival of all time in Japan. The reaction was something that we never could have expected. The energy of the crowd was unbelievable and it was great to feel so much metal in the air in one place. We can’t wait to come back to Japan and follow up this successful performance.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Statutory Ape video that we shot this summer on the Sounds of the underground tour. You can see how much fun we had on the tour as well as our honorary mascot The Ape. The video will premier this weekend on Headbangers Ball and is also available on YouTube.com and Yahoo.com so check it out.”

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First Bands For Next Year's Wacken Revealed

CANNIBAL CORPSE, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, RAGE, TYR, JBO and AMORPHIS have been confirmed for next year's installment of the cult Wacken Open Air festival, set to take place August 2-4, 2007 in Wacken, Germany. The billing is now shaping up as follows (in alphabetical order): More...

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