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Foul Body Autopsy

Formed: 2010
From: Leicester, United Kingdom
Last Known Status: Active

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Foul Body Autopsy Releasing New Single

Just six months since the release of "Perpetuated By Greed," Tom Reynolds (under his one man extreme metal pseudonym Foul Body Autopsy) is back again with a new single. Entitled "21st Century Fascism," the single is about the rise of the extreme right wing within modern mainstream politics.

"21st Century Fascism" was produced by Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir) and features artwork by Alan O'Neill of Zonument. The single is set for release on CD and digitally via Grindscene Records October 1st, 2016. Tom Reynolds comments:

"Not long after I finished 'Perpetuated By Greed' I wrote a song that would become '21st Century Fascism' and for some reason or another, I liked the idea of recording a single in the summer for release around the winter while I began work on the next full length. I sent a demo of the song to Russ Russell and asked if he would be interested in producing the track with me.

"A few days later Russ replied saying that he liked the track and so we booked time into his studio. For me working with Russ was an amazing experience, it was the first time I had anyone really 'produce' my work.

"He suggested changing some of the lyrics to make things fit better and also suggested an arrangement that would ultimately make the song much better than the original. The mixing and mastering is amazing and I would love to work with Russ again someday!" More...

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Foul Body Autopsy Posts New Video

The latest works of U.K. one man extreme metal outfit Foul Body Autopsy, an EP entitled "Perpetuated By Greed," has been out for two weeks and now a video comes online for the title track.

Esteemed artist Costin Chioreanu is the man responsible for the video, famed for his work with Arch Enemy, At The Gates and more. Tom Reynolds comments:

"People may be pleased to know that this video is a little more tame in comparison to the 'So Close To Complete Dehumanization' video I released with the last record. It turned quite a few heads, so it served its purpose I guess. For this release I wanted to think of something different. As it's only me in the band, you have to think of new ways to release video and hold interest.

"I could have done a performance style video, but like I said, it's just me in the band, and there's only so much you can do with that type of video. I've always liked Costin's work so I got in touch to see if he would like to work with me on creating an animated video. There's a story in the lyrics so he had plenty to work with and so I left it to his imagination to flesh it out. He came back a few weeks later and showed me what he'd done and I have to say I'm really happy with the final cut." More...

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Foul Body Autopsy Streams Full Release

The latest works of one man extreme metal outfit Foul Body Autopsy, an EP entitled "Perpetuated By Greed," is out today. And better yet, the EP is streaming in full right now! Listen in below or get your copy at Bandcamp here.

Tom Reynolds, the man behind it all, comments, "I am very proud of this record and although my music is primarily a means to channel my own creative energies, and a means to vent an inner fury, it's great that the feedback has been so good for this release and people are enjoying it. It's nice to finally see it released."

Armed with a guitar, an iPod, pencil and paper, Tom delivers "a reflection of how messed up the world is at the moment" and a message which is as venomous as the aural incursion found on this lethal EP. More...

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Foul Body Autopsy Streaming New Track

Titled "Destabilized Perception" and taken from the forthcoming EP "Perpetuated By Greed," one man band Foul Body Autopsy has released a first full track from the impending February 26th release.

Tom Reynolds, the man behind it all, had this to say: "This song is based on a short film of the same name by Adam Curtis. The filmmaker behind cerebral political documentaries 'Century Of The Self' (2002) and 'The Power Of Nightmares' (2005). The film and the song are about the contradictory vaudeville of post-modern politics."

The new EP's track listing is as follows:

1. Perpetuated By Greed
2. Enslaved The Rest Of Creation
3. Chewed Up By The Machine
4. Destabilized Perception
5. Devoid Of Humanity
6. Complete Environmental Collapse More...

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Foul Body Autopsy Details New EP

One man U.K. extreme metal wrecking machine Tom Reynolds has been making quite a name for himself of late with his incessant live appearances up and down the UK and knack for marrying a plethora of extreme metal sounds into one. Now having completed his next Foul Body Autopsy record, an EP entitled "Perpetuated By Greed," which drops on February 26th in Europe via Grindscene Records and in North America via Comatose Music.

Like all its predecessors, Tom has a message to deliver, and again, just like its predecessors, the message is as subtle as a JCB driving up a village main street. In his own words, "The concept behind the new Foul Body Autopsy record is... Everything Is Completely Fucked!."

Tom elaborates, "It's a refection of how messed up the world is at the moment, and thanks to the right wing turn in politics and in the media a mood of fear and paranoia has taken hold. There are families drowning in the sea, running from the crossfire of blood thirsty extremist death cult and a desperate amoral military dictatorship, and instead of trying to help there are governments doing everything in their power to stop refugees getting to safety. As well as that, we have national newspapers here giving people, and someone in particular, space in their rag to call these affected people cockroaches! We have a Prime Minister who says that anyone that opposes war is a 'terrorist sympathizer' and if we look across the pond things are not that much better... a man that looks like a biological car crash is running for president and most of the things he says are completely false but because most of his followers don't trust the media he can create his own insane reality and have thousands of people blindly agree with him. The future isn't looking too great."

The EP was recorded at The Parlour Recording Studio (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir, Evile) with producer Neil Haynes and features cover art from Coki Greenway. "Perpetuated By Greed" delves into environmental issues and subjects on a broader scale in comparison to "So Close To Dehumanization." The record features six tracks of blistering blackened death grind extreme metal, fast drumming, growls and pinpoint guitarwork.

The track list and cover artwork are: More...

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Foul Body Autopsy Releases New Video

In an ode to industrial farming and the animal cruelty that goes alongside it, one man army Foul Body Autopsy has released an explicit new music video for the title track from forthcoming EP "So Close To Complete Dehumanization."

"The video was shot in the attic where I work," laughs founder Tom Reynolds as he explains how his employer lets him make death metal videos. "The video follows the concept of the EP which is to shine a light on the routine cruelty that goes on in industrial farming. The song itself is about how people can turn a blind eye to the suffering that goes on in industrial farming and how it is destroying the environment, people's health, the animals and finally the mental health of the workers in the factory farms."

"So Close To Complete Dehumanization" is out today - November 4th - via Grindscene Records and the track listing is:

1. So Close To Complete Dehumanization
2. Born In To A Manmade Hell More...

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Foul Body Autopsy Signs With Ukem Records

Ukem Records has issued the following announcement about inking a deal with solo act Foul Body Autopsy:

"Ukem Records are extremely proud to announce that we have teamed up with one man killing machine Foul Body Autopsy to officially release and distribute the band's forthcoming debut full-length album.

"Set for a January 2013 release, the yet untitled album will absolutely slay and we as a label are super pleased to be teaming up with such a talented individual! Check out this video below for a taste of what to expect!"

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