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Formed: 1990
From: Stockholm, Sweden
Last Known Status: Active


Ten years ago, the metal underground was abuzz as a new, sinister style crept out of the humid Floridian swamps. While the dying thrash scene valiantly stood its ground against the glam rock onslaught, death metal fought in the trenches against the influx of flannel-clad grunge loggers streaming out of the Northwest. One talented musician experienced the fight firsthand, and upon returning to his home country of Sweden, decided to form a band of his own. His name: Peter Tägtgren. His band: Hypocrisy. Today, only the burnt husk of death metal remains. And while some of the names linger on, most are still revered largely due to misplaced nostalgia. Only a few still have an impact on today's extreme metal scene. None more so than Hypocrisy.

Penetralia was released in 1992, but it wasn’t until Osculum Obscenum hit a year later that the metal community took notice, as it was the first Hypocrisy effort to combine the sonic pureness of old-school death metal with the hysterical frenzy of the burgeoning black metal scene. After Osculum Obscenum, Hypocrisy emerged with the line-up familiar to fans. On 1994's The Fourth Dimension, Tägtgren, drummer Lars Szöke and bass player Mikael Hedlund began to develop their magic formula: death metal at heart but full of variation and entirely open-ended.

Abducted established Hypocrisy as a leading force in the Swedish scene. It included the hit "Roswell 47" and defined the amorphous Hypocrisy sound. Tägtgren displayed his newfound talent for singing, and the album as a whole broke out of the limited death metal "box," exploring everything from death metal anthems, to black metal blasters, to Pink Floyd-inspired suicide ballads. Abducted served as a warning for the waning mid ‘90s death metal scene – evolve or die.

In 1997 rumors circulated that The Final Chapter would be exactly what the name implied. Tired of shouldering the burden of writing and producing Hypocrisy’s material and wanting to further develop his side-project, Pain, as well as his studio, Abyss Studio, Tägtgren decided to call it a day after The Final Chapter; however, pleas from fans, the growing success of the band and the immense fun he experienced when playing live made him continue. Riding high on renewed vigor, Hypocrisy released Hypocrisy Destroys Wacken in early 1999 followed by the experimental Hypocrisy later the same year. What once started as a pure death metal act now appealed to death, black and gothic metal fans alike. A year later, Into the Abyss was recorded in just a few weeks, an exercise in spontaneity that resulted in a display of energy so raw it proved that although death metal in its original form might have stagnated, its spirit could still drive music to exciting new dimensions.

After encapsulating their first 10 years with 2001’s 10 Years of Chaos and Confusion, Hypocrisy returns with a disc Tägtgren brazenly calls the first "real" Hypocrisy record. The band have never shied away from writing challenging material that didn’t follow a prescribed formula. Catch 22 is sure to "catch" long-time fans a little off guard as the band explores the entire range of their extensive repertoire. Modern sounds and influences meld with the traditional Hypocrisy aesthetic to make an entirely new beast – crushing, groovy, catchy and, at times, sorrowful ("All Turns Black"). Hypocrisy refuses to release cookie-cutter albums, and that may be the catch 22 for fans; expect the same repetitive formula every album, and you’re bound to be disappointed; open yourself to the unfettered creativity of Hypocrisy, and anything’s possible.

Latest Hypocrisy News

Below is our complete Hypocrisy news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Cannibal Corpse Chart Positions, New Dates Added

The new CANNIBAL CORPSE album, The Wretched Spawn, has entered the German Album Charts at #74. This is a good showing considering that many copies of the album were imported to Germany from abroad due to the more brutal artwork of that version.

In tour news, as previously reported, Cannibal Corpse will headline the No Mercy Festivals European tour which features HYPOCRISY, KATAKLYSM, CARPATHIAN FOREST, VOMITORY, EXHUMED, SPAWN OF POSSESSION and PREJUDICE. Dates are as follows: More...

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Crematory Confirmed For Summer Breeze

German Gothic metallers CREMATORY are the latest act confirmed for this year’s edition of the Summer Breeze festival which takes place August 19th - 21st in Abstgmund, Germany.


More acts will be announced soon.

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Exhumed Plan Massive Tour, Release Details

EXHUMED began a massive World Tour Thursday, February 5th. They will also circle North America and Europe supporting CANNIBAL CORPSE and HYPOCRISY throughout February, March, and April. EXHUMED's critically-acclaimed 'Anatomy Is Destiny' CD is available in fine stores now. The band will unleash the long-awaited 'Platters of Splatter' double-disc collection of early material in March.

Upon release, there will be a limited edition (1,000 copy pressing only!) 3 CD version of 'Platters of Splatter' collection available exclusively through Relapse mailorder. Watch http://store.relapse.com for up to the minute information.

Here are the latest EXHUMED tour dates: More...

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Hypocrisy, Sonata Arctica On Summer Breeze Fest

HYPOCRISY and SONATA ARCTICA are the latest bands confirmed for this year's Summer Breeze festival, set to take place August 19-21, 2004 in Abtsgmünd, Germany.

The complete list of acts currently scheduled to appear at the festival is as follows (in alphabetical order):

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Chuck Schuldiner Tribute Album Details

Death, Slipknot and Hypocrisy members take part in C. Schuldiner tribute album. James Murphy (Death) is currently working on a project album entitled 'Within The Mind: an homage to the musical legacy of Chuck Schuldiner'. Set for release on MASCOT RECORDS in June 2004 'Within The Mind' is a tribute to one of the most influential bands ever in the history of Metal and it will feature members of Death, Slipknot, Testament, Hypocrisy, Malevolent Creation and more. So far this is the confirmed list of musicians involved in the project: James Murphy (ex Death), Darren Miller (CKY), Paul Gray (Slipknot), Mikael Thomson (Slipknot), Bret Hoffmann (Malevolent Creation), Dave Culross (Malevolent Creation/Suffocation), Ross Dolan (Immolation), Peter Tagtren (Hypocrisy), Mike Chlasciak (Halford), Terry Butler (Death, Massacre, Six Feet Under), Chuck Billy and Eric Peterson (Testament), Ryan and Chad (Mudvayne).

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Seven More Bands Confirmed For 2000 Decibel Fest

Seven more bands have been confirmed for the fifth edition of the 2000 Decibel-festival, which will be held the 21 st and 22 nd May in Bengtsfors , Sweden (180 km north of Gothenburg). The bands are Hypocrisy, Cans, God Among Insects, Grand Magus, Lefay, Månegarm and The Crown.

Already confirmed is Ablaze My Sorrow, Arise, Astral Doors, Count Raven, Draconian, Morifade, Notre Dame, Pain Of Salvation, Persuader, Tad Morose, Vintersorg and Wolf.

As HammerFall is on a well deserved break their singer Joacim Cans has taken the opportunity to record an album on his own (“Beyond The Gates” will be released in April). We are really proud that he and his band have decided to do their first live show at 2000 Decibel in Bengtsfors. We know that Joacim will be backed by his fellow band colleague Stefan Elmgren as well as Metal Mike Chlasciak (ex-Halford) on guitars.

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Hypocrisy Gets Immortal/Grimfist Drummer

Former IMMORTAL/current GRIMFIST drummer Horgh has officially joined HYPOCRISY. Horgh replaces longtime HYPOCRISY skinsman Lars Szöke, who reportedly left the band because of his unwillingness to tour for long periods of time.

"Lars still wants to play drums," HYPOCRISY mainman Peter Tägtgren explained to Norway's Scream magazine, "but not with the hectic schedule HYPOCRISY has had the last months, and still is going to have for most of 2004.

"I can't wait to go on tour with this new lineup!" Peter stated about the group's latest addition. "I think it will be so cool to have Horgh's blast beats in our songs!"

Horgh's decision to join HYPOCRISY has forced GRIMFIST to cancel their appearance at this year's Inferno Metal Festival, where they were scheduled to perform alongside MAYHEM, MY DYING BRIDE and DECAPITATED, among others. A replacement act has yet to be announced.

HYPOCRISY will be embarking on a U.S. tour with CANNIBAL CORPSE, EXHUMED and VILE beginning on February 12 in Houston, Texas.

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Hypocrisy New Album Remixed And Remastered

Hypocrisymainman Peter Tägtgren has posted the following message to the band's official web site:

"Hell-o everybody!

"We wanna thank everybody that came to the shows in Europe and the USA and supported us. This resulted in Cannibal Corpse wanting to take us out in the USA again in February/March 2004, after which we will tour Europe on the No Mercy festival.

"We will be playing new songs as well as old songs, but we need you to help us select the songs.

"And for those of you who've already downloaded the new album on the net... Great,
however, I just remixed and remastered it. I'm soooooooooooo happy that I did it,
it sounds so much better and will end up on the CD when it's out in stores 16.02.2004. Last minute as always (hypo-motto)

"Have a good one and we will see you on the road!!!!!!!!


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NJ/NY Shows This Weekend

Ok for everyone reading this in the NJ/NYC/NY/CT/PA area or wherever, there are many shows in the area this weekend. Here's the ones I know of:

December 12 @ the murray hodge hall | 58 meadow road in rutherford, nj
doors open at 5:30 pm | all ages | $9 admission
with folly, the sleeping, the number twelve looks like you,
killed by memories, dreams forever drowning

december 13 @ the cricket club | 415 16th ave in irvington, nj
doors open at 6:30 pm | all ages | $10 admission
with gotham road, the program, nothing left to mourn,
and blood simple (featuring tim from vision of disorder) More...

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Hypocrisy, Cannibal Corpse to Tour US

Cannibal Corpse, Hypocrisy, Decapitated and Vile will be teaming up for a U.S. tour beginning in mid-February.

Tentative cities/dates are as follows: More...

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Hypocrisy Set Release Date for 'The Arrival'

Long-running Swedish metal act Hypocrisy, led by acclaimed producer/Pain frontman Peter Tägtgren, have set a February 16, 2004 release date through Nuclear Blast Records for their new album, titled "The Arrival".

The follow-up to 2002's "Catch-22" was recorded at Tägtgren's Abyss studios and is set to feature "a wide variety of songs" that "have the same kind of feeling as [the group's] self-titled album ([1999's] 'Hypocrisy') but [with] more 'finesse' to it," according to Peter.

The complete track listing for "The Arrival" is as follows: More...

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