"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Dry Kill Logic

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Band Photo: Dry Kill Logic (?)

Formed: 1995
From: Westchester, NY, United States
Last Known Status: Active

Dry Kill Logic Interviews and Features

Below are our features and interviews with Dry Kill Logic.


Interview With Cliff Rigano Of Dry Kill Logic

New York, City, New York's very own rough and tumble heavy metal band DRY KILL LOGIC have left a serious impression with the toughest critics in the underground since their debut in 2000. They have toured the world and back, sharing stages with great names like FEAR FACTORY and DEVILDRIVER and will soon venture out on their very first American headlining stint coming up after some European dates. With their third studio album "Of Vengeance And Violence" (Repossession Records) just making its official release today, I am very excited and beyond honored to have conducted this interview with the band's talented lead vocalist, Cliff Rigano. More...

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Kicking It With Dry Kill Logic's Phil Arcuri

New York City, New York's Dry Kill Logic has been one of the top underground metal acts since making its slamming debut with Darker Side of Nonesense in 2001 on the Roadrunner Records label. They have a solid legion of devoted fans now all throughout the world that seem to keep them moving closer and closer to achieving true legendary status in the world of heavy music. They are also one of the rare metal acts that have accomplished all these great things based solely off their music ability and not some fashionable image they needed to sell like so many others continue to do around them. With Dry Kill Logic, you always know you're in for some straight up, no holds barred, kick-you-in-the-mouth intensity and subject matter that speaks to the difficult times we live in. There is no sugar on top of your medicine with this band and that is why amid the sea of countless tens of thousands of metal bands that are trying to get to where they now are, Dry Kill Logic remains one of the King's of metal's true underground scene. I am very pleased again to share some new discussion with their drummer, Phil Arcuri.

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Dropping Some Q&A: Phil of Dry Kill Logic

Dry Kill Logic out of New York City, New York has managed over the last half dozen years or so now to keep its majestic head above the rest of true metal's competition. They have always embraced many different styles of heavy music injected with some refreshing and much needed melody. In October of 2004, Dry Kill Logic unleashed their horror-themed second album, The Dead and Dreaming, which the band says is about "addressing self-reliance, courage and the pursuit of ambitious goals." The band is currently writing new material for their third album expected for release in early June of 2006. I had the awesome opportunity recently to interview one of metal's most talented drummers, Phil Arcuri of Dry Kill Logic. More...

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